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" - Speech
' - Thoughts

Kates P.O.V

I was woken up by my farther. He said we were going to see Humphrey. Hearing this I got up instantly and ran to the car.

"Hurry" I shouted to my parents who seemed to be moving at a snail pace.
"Hold on. Were locking up." My mum replied.

'oh. Locking up. Why did I not think of that?' I questioned myself.

After my parents got in the car and started it, we were on our way to see Humphrey. On our way there I started to think about what happened.
The numerous warnings I failed to listen to, The transformation, the screams and bites and the Pain.

'Wait!? The Transformation!' I started to panic. 'My parents don't know! Nor do the police! What are we to do'

We finally arrived and a officer escorted us to Humphrey. Before we entered I asked if I can talk to Humphrey alone for now. My parents and officers agreed, so I went in.

Humphreys P.O.V (When he was found)

Police found me and took me in. I never said a word. If they asked me a question I would not answer. They put me in a room. They left me alone.

The room had 1 door, 1 table, 2 chairs and 4 grey, Plain walls. The walls had no windows or mirrors.


I was waiting for a visitor apparently. I had no idea who would want to see me. I have no family and only one person who knows me, Kate.

'Why would she want to see me after what I did?' I asked myself.

As I sat there in the corner, head on my knees and hands on my head, I heard footsteps. They stopped out side and I sniffed. I could smell four different people. One was a Police officer and the other three were Kate and her mother and farther.
A few seconds later I heard the door open and close and I knew Kate had just come in as I could now smell her the most.

"Humphrey?" Kate asked. She sounded concerned.
"Kate? Help me!" I pleaded in a whisper.

I gave up right there. I gave up on life. I'm all alone. No one to talk to. I could easily kill myself right here, right now. Just turn my hand into a wolf paw and slash my throat open. But I'm not going to do that. There is CCTV in here so... If they see what I am it won't be pretty... for them.

The next thing I know is that I'm being hugged from the side. It seems Kate has sat down next to me and Is hugging me from the side. I hugged her back.
Kate started crying as I felt something falling onto my back.

"I'm sorry Kate! I shouldn't have done that."
"Shhh. Its ok. I don't blame you."
"Don't leave me Kate. Your all I have left. I'm so alone. Help me!" I pleaded.
"I won't. I love you Humphrey."

Kate Started to sing a song to me. Her voice was Beautiful. ( watch?v=hdSfkpiRmAI)

"You hear my voice call out to you"
"It takes control, what can you do?"
"Follow me wherever I go"
"You don't have to be on your"

Hearing this started to cheer me up.

"So hold me forever"
"Let's stay together, never let me go"
"So hold me forever"
"I'm lost without you, won't you take me home"

By now I was crying whilst looking into her eyes. Kate closed the gap and our lips met and my god. My life feels changed. I feel alive again.

"Humphrey. I had no idea what you meant to me until a week ago. You are everything to me now. I love you." Kate said. Then went back to singing.

"Maybe were on another planet"
"Maybe were all insane"

"Maybe were on another planet"

'Another planet? Oh... Like I'm not from this world being half wolf and such. But insane? Like this doesn't exist' I thought.

"And I reach towards the sky"
"The world you see inside me eyes"
"And you know you've been here before"
"Always with me, you're never alone"

"Oh the world is nothing compared to you." I said.

"So hold me forever"
"Let's stay together, never let me go"
"So hold me forever"
"I'm lost without you, won't you take me home"

"So hold me forever"
"Let's stay together, never let me go"
"So hold me forever"
"I'm lost without you, won't you take me home"

That was the end of the song.

"That was Beautiful Kate." I complemented.
"Thanks. That was the first time I ever sand in front of someone before." Kate replied.
"By the way Kate."
"I love you too."

Our lips then locked together for the second time that day.

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