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"Allen… hey buddy you listening to me?" asked a childish voice that Allen recognised as Lavi. He looked up to see the red head looking at him worriedly.

'Hu? What was I doing again?' thought Allen as he tried to figure out what was going on. He shook his head and turned to his best friend who continued to look at him worriedly.

"I'm fine Lavi, what were you talking about again?"

"Allen… you've been blanking out a lot lately…" Lavi said as he studied the silvet (yes Allen is officially a silvet) who stood in front of him. "It's getting more constant to."

Allen looked him over and thought of what his friend had said. 'Leenalee had mentioned that to. But I don't remember any of it. Kanda also said I did the same thing when we were sparing together' Allen thought as he tried to figure out what was going on.

"I'm fine Lavi" he said a fake smile plastered on his face. The young bookman just frowned and began walking again, making sure Allen was right beside him.

He had been paying closer attention to the silvet and had noticed his constant blanks and the ever so constant sight of Allen's skin flashing a ash grey. It worried him to no end knowing that any day now, Allen could no longer exist.

What he failed to notice as well, was that tiny crosses started to appear on his forehead; but they were so light, that none of them had seen them, not even Allen himself.

'The time will soon come dear nephew, time will soon come' said an eerie voice in the back of Allen's mind making the silvet shiver.

Kanda had just entered the same hallway when he saw a quick flash of ash grey and then Allen shivering and looking behind him. Even if he didn't say it, he was deeply worried about the silvet, more than the others.

But as all of the black order continued on with their days, they failed to notice the two Noah's who constantly kept watch on Allen; they had seen the constant changes of his skin color, and had also seen the tiny stigmas appear on the young child's forehead.

"Soon we can take Allen, right Tyki?" said Road in a sing song voice as she watched the boy she had been so fascinated by walk down the hallway.

Tyki looked at the silvet and noticed how his body was beginning to sway. He smiled his Noah smile and looked to his neice.

"Yes indeed; very soon" he said as he and Road disappeared into the shadows.

Allen's head began to feel fuzzy and he realized that he wasn't walking straight either. He was about to say something to his companions when he felt a warm tug surround him.

"Nighty Night Allen" was the last thing he heard before he blacked out.

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