Chapter 2

Lavi's POV

We were walking down the hallway talking about what we thought our next assignment would be when Allen went silent.

"Moyashi-chan?" I questioned as I looked at my dear friend. I continued this until he seemed to snap out of it and look at me.

"Are you…" "I'm fine Lavi, don't worry about it" he said rubbing the back of his neck gingerly.

This was probably the 10th time that day and he had noticed that every time it took him a bit longer to come back to reality.

I shrugged after quickly checking to see he was himself before we continued down the halls to Komui's office.

We were headed around a corner when we saw Kanda walking out from another hall way. I smiled.

"YU-CHAN!" I yelled as I ran up to him only to be met with mugen at my throat. 'Seriously… how many times do I have to make your acquaintance' I thought as I put my hands up in a surrender, only then did I notice that he had moved his eyes to Allen who was behind us.

After a few seconds he turned back to me and pressed the tip of his sword to my neck.

"Don't. Call. Me. That." He said with a deathly glare in his eyes.

After a short bit of that, we all headed towards Komui's office; but… just as we again began to walk, a chill ran through the air and then a loud thud was heard from behind us.

Kanda and I turned around swiftly only to be met with Allen on the ground, his skin changing to an ashen grey and beads of sweat forming on his face.


Normal POV

Allen was on the ground, beads of sweat littering his face and his breaths coming in short gasps.

Kanda saw a finder who was just passing by and ordered him to go get Komui and tell him that something was wrong with Allen. The finder obeyed.

"Allen-chan can you hear me!? OI ALLEN!" Lavi yelled as he shook his friends shoulder; he got no reply.

Allen's breathing was coming out in short, ragged gasps and his body temperature seemed to climb by the second. His skin color was shifting from its normal pale complexion, to an ashen grey then back.

As Lavi looked closer at his friend, he saw that his forehead was bleeding and proceeded to remove his white locks from his face. Tiny stigmas were etching themselves into Allen's forehead and Lavi also noticed how his left arm was jerking violently around.

Behind Lavi, Kanda was trying his best to figure out what to do about the situation. That's when it stopped. Allen's breathing evened out and blood stopped pooling out the tiny stigmas. Allen's left arm had stopped moving and it looked as if Allen was in a deep sleep.

That was the last time they saw Allen awake for a while.

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