In the year 2035, scientists were warning the public about greenhouse gases and global warning. The government was on high alert for terrorist threats. There was mass panic about the resurgence of yellow fever. So the Ámáttugr were the last thing we needed.

Ámáttugr. An old Norse word for fearsomely powerful. And fearsomely powerful they were. When the world had its eyes turned to the sky for life from other worlds, the Ámáttugr came from below, from the depths of the ocean. Unfathomably big, with unearthly strength, the Ámáttugr would rise unpredictably and destroy a few oceanside cities, eventually falling to unceasing bombing and aerial gunfire.

After Tokyo had been flattened four times, the UN called a conference to discuss the problem. It was a typically American idea that promised to save the human race- the creation of equally strong, equally big robots to fight and take down the Ámáttugr as they appeared.

The Drengr Initiative is where I come in. The government started looking for physically and mentally strong people to pilot the Drengrs. And obviously, that… wasn't me. I took on a job with the Drengr Academy as a technician, and was given a front row seat to the drama, intrigue, and occasional horror the Academy drew.

If the Ámáttugr were demons from hell, we were angels. Angels in giant metal Rock'em Sock'em Robots, but angels nonetheless. When others were shielded in Ámáttugr shelters, we were hunting the Ámáttugr down. When others believed the Ámáttugr undefeatable, we were taking them down. When others were ignorant, we were knowledgeable. When others feared, we fought.

We are Drengr. We are unstoppable.

(Hi guys! This is my first story for HTTYD, and my first multichapter fic in a looooong time. Obviously, this is a Pacific Rim AU. This chapter is very tell-not-show, but I was trying to mirror the first part of the movie, where Raleigh is telling us about his world. This chapter is written in first person, but the rest of the story will be in third person. Expect multiple pairings and unpredictable updates. Thanks for reading!)