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in a small seaport there is a small peaceful village where a pirate ship landed one year ago

hay luffy, youya what are you doing up there?"

"we are not joking this time we've had enough we'll prove it for all of you to see" ,says luffy and youya in unison.

luffy is a young boy about 7 years old his wearing a white shirt and brown shorts and flip-flops he has black hair and big brown eyes. youya is younger than luffy at 6 years old she has bright red hair and her left eye is gold with her right eye being blue. she is wearing a long sleeved blue dress and blue dress shoes.

"ha ha ha lets see what you two got, go for it." says shanks the captain of the red hair pirates. then luffy puts a knife right under his right eye and youya does the same but under her left eye. all of the red hair pirates jaws drop.
"ouuuch it hurts." youya says. "owwwwwwwww!" luffy yells. "idiots what the hall are you two doing!" yells all of the pirates.

time skip

at party's bar

"let's drink up and celebrate to luffy's and youya's craziness wooohooo!" cheers all the red hair pirates "ga ha ha ha drink drink drink up yeah! sake sake we need some sake out here woohoo!" cheers all the red hair pirates again
'it did not hurt one bit!" yells luffy with tears in his eyes and a runny nose and siting at the bar.
"yeah not one bit!" yells youya with tears in her eyes and also siting at the bar.
"LIARS DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!" yells shanks sitting at the bar too.
"i'm not afraid of pain at all next time bring me out to sea i want to be a pirate!" yells luffy
" me too i want to be a pirate too!" yells youya.
"you two can't handle being pirates not being able to swim is a pirate"s greatest weakness" says shanks.
"as long as i stay on the ship i'll be fine and besides my fighting is pretty good too!" yells luffy with a mad look on his face. "and i'v been training all this time my punch is as strong a pistol" says luffy way too proud of his self.
"pistol ..wow.. really?" says shanks leaning over the bar with a tone of not believing it.
"WHAT KIND OF A TONE IS THAT!" yells luffy all kinds of mad.
"yeah luffy is strong he can do it and so can i." says youya being proud of her self and luffy.
"luffy, youya you two seem unhappy, be happy to face anything ,yeah being a pirate is great the sea is so wide and deep you can go to any island and seek adventure nothing greater then freedom." cheers the red hair pirates with a bit of dancing the can-can.
"don't gave them these dumb ideas guys." shanks says scolding the men.
"but it's the truth." cheered the pirates back at their captain.
"hey captain why don't you take them with us one time it's not a big deal." says one of the men.
"yea i agree." says another one of the men.
"yeah we want to go!" yells luffy and youya in unison getting up from the bar being happy.
"well then next time the two of you stay here let them take your place." says shanks not caring and starts to eat his soup.
"we've said enough lets drink." the two men say going back to what they were doing.
"hey what kind of friends are you!" yells luffy mad at the men for getting there hopes up and youya stomping her foot at them.
"the most important thing is that you two are too young wait at-least another 10 years and then i'll reconsider taking you two out to sea." shanks says and pointing his spoon at them.
"darn it shanks let me tell you we are not kids anymore." yells luffy way to mad sitting back at the bar.
"we are not kids." yells youya sitting back down at the bar too.
"don't be mad here have some milk." says shanks while sitting down two glasses of milk for them.
"ok thanks shanks." says luffy and youya in unison while taking the glasses and starts to drank it.
"ha ha ha ha ha ha you two really are kids how funny." says shanks while laughing.
"what a dirty trick." yells luffy while youya just go's on drinking her milk.
"humph i'm tired i even cut myself today and he still won't agree." says luffy getting back up form the bar with his milk.
"shanks is a meanie." says youya also getting op from the bar.
"luffy, youya you two should try to understand captain's feelings." says one of the older men while smoking a pipe.
"understand shanks's feelings?" luffy ask's
"how does understanding his feelings help?" ask's youya.
"well after all he is our leader he knows that being pirates is interesting but he also knows that a pirate's life is hard and very dangerous. do you understand he doesn't tease your ambitions of being pirates." says the man with the pipe.
"i don't understand shanks just takes us for idiots." says luffy stomping his foot.
"yeah that's right shanks is a big meanie." says youya always on luffy's side.
"can't swim." says shanks out of no where at the two with a funny look on his face and putting his hand over his mouth.
"see!" yell luffy and youya in unison.
"captain you seem to be happy as always." says makino the bar owner coming from the back room with a barrel of water.
"yep making fun of them is my joy." says shanks leaning back on the bar.
"hey!" yells youya while stomping her foot again. all luffy does is point his finger at him with a mad look on his face.
"he really is very happy." says the man with the pipe.
" luffy, youya would you two like something to eat." asks makino going behind the bar.
"yeah i'll pay for us with my treasure!" yells luffy all happy sitting back down at the bar again sitting next to shanks.
" yeah luffys buying." yells youya sitting back at the bar too. right next to luffy.
"what treasure you're lying again luffy.". says shanks waving his hand at the boy.
"NO! i'm definitely going to be a pirate then i'll pay her with the treasure i find." says luffy with a knife and a fork in hand.
"yeah we'll be pirates and pay miss makino back and then some." says youya all happy with a knife and fork also.
"ha ha ha i'll be waiting." says makino with a smile.
"hehe hehe." laughs luffy with a big smile on his face.
"yep." says youya also with a big smile on her face.
"here you two go enjoy." says makino giving them some meet and potatoes.
"yeah food!" yells luffy who starts to eat right away.
"yeah thank you miss makino." says youya also starts to eat right away.
"shanks?" ask luffy looking at shanks.
"what is it luffy?" ask shanks
"how long are you going to stay?" asks luffy while fighting to bite off a bit of his meet.
"well it's been almost a year since we used this town as our base i plan on setting sail couple more times then we'll leave this town and go head north." says shanks while he finishes off his food.
"oh.' says luffy while giving up the fight with his meet by just putting the whole thing in his mouth and giving himself a monkey' face along with the food. "a couple more times huh?... then we'll learn how to swim by then." says luffy with his mouth full.
"yeah we'll be swimming by then." says youya with a mouth full of potatoes.
"alright good-luck." says shanks.

shanks was not looking at luffy at all and was drinking same sake when luffy finds a box on the bar that has two fruit in it he was going to eat them both but he knows that youya loves fruit so he lets her have the small one "youya look at these fruit they look yummy, here you take this one." says luffy giving youya a funny but yummy looking fruit.
"wow it looks so good can i really have it luffy?" ask youya taking the fruit from luffy.
"yeah there is two of them so you get one and i get one." says luffy not eating all the food that he can see for ones.
just as they take a bite there was a bang and the door to the bar went flying through the room and a lot of ugly men walks in.
"excuse me." says the man who knocked the door down. the the whole bar went silent
"hehe so this is what pirates look like this is the first time i'v seen pirates they look pretty dump to me." says the ugly man again as he walks up to the bar and putting a hand on the bar.
"we are bandits we'r not here to cause any trouble we just wanna buy 10 barrels of sake." says higuma the leader of the bandit gang with a creepy look on his face.
"oh i'm sorry we are out of sake." says makino with a fake smile on her face.
"oh then what are they drinking is it water?" says higuma pointing at the red hair pirates.
"it's sake but that all we have sorry sir." says makino still with a fake smile.
" i'm sorry looks like we finished the sake here but if you don't mind you can have the last bottle." says shanks holding the last bottle up for higuma to take.
higuma then hit the bottle making it brake and all of the sake to spill all over shanks. now the red hair pirates, luffy and youya are looking at the now wet shanks and the bandits who are smiling like they own the world. "just who do you think i am? don't take me so lightly one bottle is not enough." says higuma with a mad look.
" oh man now the floor is wet." says shanks with a sad look.
"see this?" ask higuma holding up a wanted poster for all to see.
"my head is worth eight million Berries i'm one of the prime fugitives here and i'v killed 56 people before you cocky bastard, now that you know who i am don't mess with us again after all mountain bandits and sea pirates don't mingle very well." says higuma with a whole new creepy look.
shank just bent down and starts to clean up the broken glass not caring what higuma just said.
"sorry about the mass makino. do you have a mop?" says/asks shanks now crouched down on the floor cleaning up the glass.
"ah! it's alright i'll clean it up." says makino worried and scared at the same time.
then higuma takes his sword out swinging it across the bar braking all the open bottles of sake and almost hitting shanks but shanks let himself fall back on his butt so he did not get hurt
"well it seems like you really enjoy cleaning now you can enjoy doing it more." says higuma as he walks away
"later you bunch of chickens." says higuma as him and his men leave the bar.
"are you alright captain did you get hurt?" ask makino now crouch down in front of shanks.
"no i'm fine." says shanks
"phew." goes shanks
"ahhhhahahhhhhah our captain looked so silly he fixed you up good captain." laughed his crew
WHY! ARE YOU LAUGHING!" yells luffy a foot from shanks with youya next to him.
"huh?" asks shanks now looking at the two kids who look mad enough to scream but only luffy is screaming.
" yeah." youya says staying on luffy's side.
"look i know how you feel but it's just a bottle of sake there's nothing to get worked up about." says shanks with a smile.
luffy grabs youya's arm and start to leave.
"oh come on don't go luffy, youya." says shanks and grabs luffy arm ,luffy's arm stretches and everyone does a spit-take
"WHA HIS ARM IS STRETCHERING THAT'S...NO WAY YOU!" yells shanks standing up with a scared look on his face
"ahhhhhhhhhhhh what is happening to my arm!" yells luffy is so scared he is shaking.
"ahhhhhhhhhh i have a tail!" yells youya holding her new tail in her hands. the crew and shanks all looked at the girl and there it was a tail and ears on top of her head. a fat man from the crew ran to the bar and grabs the box luffy got the fruits from.
"there gone the gum gum fruit and the cat cat fruit we took from the enemy is gone!" yells the fat man
"WHAT!" yell the crew and shanks in unison.
" luffy, youya did you two eat the fruits from this box?" ask the fat man holding the box up for luffy and youya to see.
"yeah i ate one and youya ate one." says luffy a little confused.
"they were the gum gum and cat cat fruit. there two of the fruit of the devil and one of the rarest treasurers of the sea whoever eats the gum gum fruit well turn into a rubber man and whoever eats the cat cat fruit well turn to a half cat half human and well never be able to swim!" yell shanks at luffy and youya
"whaaaaat! you'er kidding riiiight!" yells luffy with his jaw drop.
"this is all luffys fault" crys youya with tears in her eyes and falls on her butt crying.

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