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luffy and youya are running from their home to town. playing who can run faster. youya was way ahead of luffy and poor luffy was not happy about it so he tries to stretch his arm and grab her but he misses and his arm comes back and hits him, and he falls over on to his butt. and youya go's on running ahead. luffy gets up and starts to run again.

time skip

in town

youya got to town first with luffy right behind her. " i win!" yells youya. and give's him a big silly smile.
"no fair." huffs luffy crossing his arms in a childish way and stomps his foot.
"is to fair you big baby." says youya with a huff and crossing her arm just like luffy did.
"IS NOT!" yells luffy uncrossing his arm and getting in youya's face.
"IS TO!" yells youya uncrossing her arms and putting her forehead on luffy's to stare him down.
luffy pushes his forehead to hers to make her go back some so he can stare down at her. then youya hits luffy on the head and he then tackles her to the ground. they go into a fight of biting, kicking, punching and screaming some things kids should just not say. that went on for a good bit till they got tired. luffy and youya were on their backs trying to breath again.
"truce?" asks youya taking a deep breath.
"truce." says luffy trying to do the same.
once their breathing again they get up and walk to the fish store.
"we want to buy some fish mr. storekeeper" says luffy and youya in unison with big smiles on their faces.
"hey luffy, youya you two look like you'er in a good mood today so did the pirates leave you two behind again, either way you two can't swim anymore." says the store keep with a smile on his face and leaning over the counter.
"that's alright we'll just be pirates who don't fall in to the sea." says luffy looking up at the man.
" yeah we wont fall in." says youya also looking up at the man.
"after eating the gum gum fruit i'v become happier. look" says luffy grabbing his face then stretches his cheeks with a smile.
" yeah and i like being half cat. look what i can do." says youya who does a backflip and lands on her feet with her hands up in the air.
" what's so good about that, maybe the whole village thinks that's cool, but what good does it do, having a rubber body or a cat's abilities," (a.n: i know you know who this is and what he looks like) says the chief of the village walking up to luffy and youya with an annoyed look on his face.
"chief" says the store keep standing up straight.
"i'm gonna tell you two again luffy, youya i will not let you become pirates" yells chief pointing his finger at them.
luffy and youya puts their fingers in their ears and sticks their tongues out at the man.
"it'll ruin this town's reputation, the captain may look like a reasonable person but don't hung out with him again!" yell chief still pointing his finger at them.

time skip

at party's bar

luffy and youya are sitting at the bar with some milk and chatting with makino.
"they've been away for awhile now, luffy, youya do you two feel lonely." says makino cleaning a glass
"nope we haven't forgiven them for time with the bandits yet, right youya?" says/asks luffy.
"yep not forgave them yet.'' says youya as always on luffy's side.
"we overestimated shanks, i thought he was a tough pirate, what a disappointment." says luffy laying his head down on the bar.
"yeah he's a big chicken." says youya doing the same thing as her brother.
"really i think that if someone can laugh it of after being picked on are pretty tough." says makino.
"that's because you don't understand there are time when a man should fight back." says luffy.
"right us men should fight back." says youya sitting back up.
"umm youya you do know your a girl right?" ask makino with a worried look on her face.
"i'm a girl?" ask youya with a confused look on her face.
"yes you are a girl like me, not a boy like luffy." says makino with a smile on her face
"ooh so that's why luffy says i'm his sister and not his brother." says youya now smiling.
then there was the sound of the door opening
"excuse me." says a man walking in to the bar. luffy and youya look back to see who it is
"ah...!" go's luffy and youya in unison with shocked faces.
higuma and his men come walking in "well looks like the pirates aren't hare today. it sure is quiet, we'er back." says higuma as him and his men take over all the tables
"what are you waiting for we're customers! BRING US SOME SAKE! yells higuma banging his hand on the table and with a smug look on his face.

time skip

out side

makino was running to the chief with youya under her arm "CHIEF HURRY SOMETHING BAD HAS HAPPENED!" yells makino still carrying youya under her arm.
" what's wrong makino what's this fuss about and why are you carrying youya like that?" ask chief now with a worried look.
"luffy was kidnapped by the bandits!" Yells makino grabing the chief's arm and running with him in tow and youya still under her arm kicking, punching and screaming at makino to let her go.

with higuma and the bandits

all of the bandits are out it front of the bar standing around luffy who is on the ground
"what a interesting boy." says one of the bandits
"yep, seem like kicking and punching won't do any harm to it." says another bandits
"hey go save luffy." says a man from the town who is hiding from the bandits.
"but they are bandits we could get killed besides luffy messed with them in the first place." says the another man hiding from the bandits higuma grabs luffy face and stretches his cheek out
"damn it apologize to me right now you bastard!" yells luffy trying to punch higuma.
higuma moves his hand out of the way of luffy's fist and pulls on luffy's face more
"oh a rubber boy, huh, who would have thought such a thing exists in this world." says higuma picking up luffy by his stretching cheek and throwing him to the ground again
luffy looks up at higuma with a look of pure anger on his face "damn it you'll be sorry for this.'' says luffy still looking at the man.
"a different type of human if i sell him to a circus i can sure get a lot of money." says higunme with his hand on his chin.
luffy get's up with a stick in hand and starts to run at higuma
"HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" yells luffy trying to hit higuma with the stick.
"what a strong brat." says higuma while he kicks luffy back to the ground and he stomps down on luffy's face with his foot and leaves it there pining luffy down.
"we were just having a good time drinking and talking, did we say something that pissed you off." ask/says higuma with his foot still on luffy's face.
"YES YOU DID, APOLOGIZE NOW DAMN IT!" yells luffy trying to get out form under higuma's foot.
"luffy sure is hot-headed why in the world did luffy start trouble with them." says another man hiding from the bandits
"MOVE YOUR DAMN FOOT YOU DAMNED BANDIT!" yells luffy still trying to get higuma's foot off him.
"LET THE KID GO!" yells chief standing about a ft from the bandits with all the bandits looking at him now.
"i don't know what luffy did to you and i don't want to argue with you but i'm willing to pay so please let him go." says chief on his knees with forehead on the ground.
"let me go so i can kick his butt and save luff!" yells youya still under makino arm and makino is standing about 4 ft back from the bandits.
"as one would expect it's the elders that know the proper way to deal with any situation." says higuma with his foot still on luffy's face.
"but it's too late!, you can't save this little brat now, because he really makes me angry when a weakling like him insults me it makes me so angry!" yells higuma stomping his foot down harder on luffy.
"it's your fault, you wild baboon!" yells luffy still under higuma's foot.
"fine, i'm not gonna sell you, i'll kill you instead." says higuma taking his sword and putting the blade down on luffy's neck.
"LUFFY!" yells makino still holding youya.
"pl...please!, let him go!'' yells the chief still on his knee's.
"LET ME GO HIS GOING TO HURT LUFFY!" yells youya trying to get out of makino arms.
"i was wondering why no one welcomed us at the port, so this is why?" says shanks walking up from the port with his men with him.
his face had a shadow from his straw hat and a cold look on his face.
"captain!" says makino in shock.
"hey you guys are the bandits from the other day?, luffy! what's wrong ?, isn't your punch as strong as a pistol's fire?'' ask shanks walking in front of the bandits.
"shanks save luffy please save him!" yells youya who starts to cry still in makino's hold.
"SHUT UP!" yells luffy now glaring at shanks still under higuma's foot.
"pirate, why are you still here are you going to clean up this whole town this time?" says higuma with a very creepy look.
"i suggest that you leave right now, if you get any closer i might have to open fire" says higuma with one of his men getting out his gun then pointing his gun at shanks's head and some how standing next to shanks.
"didn't you hear !?, you were told to go away, do you want to get shot!?" says the man with the gun and a smug look.
"well since you pulled out your gun i guess we'll have to fight now.'' says shanks with a smile on his face.
"huh what you say?" asks the man with the gun.
"i said don't use a gun to scare people." says shanks pointing at the gun.
a BANG rang throughout the town, the man who had a gun to shanks's head falls to the ground and the fat man from shank's crew had some meat in his mouth and his gun out and had just shot the bandit.
"AHHH! now you've done it." yells one bandit with shocked looks.
"damn it that was dirty!" yells another bandit.
"dirty don't make us laugh do you think we're saints or something." says one of the red haired pirates.
"the people standing in front of you are pirates." says shanks with out his smile.
"SHUT UP THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" yells one of the bandits.
"listen well bandits, you can through food or sake at me or even spit at me, i can laugh it off, but!... I DON'T CARE WHAT REASONS YOU HAVE! I WON'T FORGIVE ANYONE WHO MESSES WITH MY FRIENDS!" says/yells shanks with a scary look on his face.
"sh.. shanks." says luffy
"GO TO HELL!" yells all of the bandits getting out there swords and charging at the red hired pirates.
"let me deal with this i can take care of them myself." says a older man with long black hair in a low ponytail and smoking a pipe and his refusal in his hands. he takes his pipe out of his mouth and puts the flame in to one of the bandits face.
the bandit falls back with his hands on his face crying out in pain. then the older man take his gun and uses it as a bat. beating up all the bandits with out shooting his gun.
"don't overestimate yourselves bandits."says the man putting his pipe back in his mouth and now pointing his gun at higuma.
"it you want to fight us you better get a fleet of marines to back you up." says the man with the pipe still pointing his gun at higuma.
"...wow..." says luffy "amazing." says makino still not letting youya down.
"cool." says youya not crying anymore but still wanting to go save luffy.
"...ahhhhhhhhh wait a minute this little brat messed with us first!" yells higuma trying to save himself.
"it doesn't matter after-all there's a reward on your head." says shanks walking towards higuma.
higuma grabs a ball like thing and throws it on the ground a puff of smoke comes out of it hiding higuma in it.
"smoke bomb!" yells shanks covering his eyes.
"COME WITH ME YOU BRAT!" yells higuma grabbing luffy.
"UWA LET GO OF ME!" yells luffy trying to get away. then the smoke clears up.
"LUFFY!, OH NO WE GOT CARELESS HE TOOK LUFFY WHAT SHOULD WE DO!?" yells shanks with his hands on both sides of his face panicking.
"...sigh that captain." says the man with a pipe.

out on a small life boat on the sea.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA looks like i got away who would think that a bandit would escape by boat well i only used you as a hostage but you're useless now i've killed 56 people who messed with me before you." says higuma
"GO TO HELL!" yells luffy trying to hit higuma who moves out of the way.
"ha good riddance." says higuma who then kicks luffy out of the boat and into the sea.
"damn damn it you said they're cowards but you didn't have the guts to fight them damn it!" yells luffy as he is trying to keep his head out of the water.

flash back in the bar

"remember the expression on those pirates faces the other day" says one of the bandits.
"he didn't even say anything after getting hit by a bottle what a gutless coward." says a another bandit.
"when i see a chicken like that it makes me so mad i really wanted to kill him, pirates only know how to act cool." says higuma.
"SHUT UP!" yells luffy who is being held back by makino and youya.
"huh?" says higuma now looking at luffy.
"let it go luffy." says makino still holding luffy back.
"yeah luffy his is not worth it.'' says youya trying to keep her brother safe.

end of flashback. back at the small boat

"ha ha ha ha ha ha" go's higuma
"ahhh...i c...can't... s...swim." yells luffy still trying to keep his head out of the water.
the water begins to shake, softly at first, only making a few ripples. as it intensifies, waves begin to from from the middle of a ripple.
the waves come crashing into luffy, pushing him against the boat, nearly capsizing the tiny vessel. suddenly, a massive serpent surfaces.
the enormity of it almost unfathomable.
water dripped from its white and blue fins, its wet black scales glistening in the sunlight.
silently, it peered down at luffy and higuma with its massive red eyes. the waves push luffy far from the boat and the sea-king .
"wh...where did it come from!" yells higuma looking up at it in fear. the sea-king opens it's mouth and it's head went down and ate higuma and his boat.
"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" yells higuma one last time.
the serpent then sets it's gaze on luffy. "SOM...SOME...BO...BODY ... HEl..HELP...M...ME!" yells luffy still trying to keep his head out of the water and now trying to get away.
the sea-king go's for luffy with it's mouth open. the sea-king chomps down on something flash. what's in it's mouth is not a whole body.
the sea-king looks back where luffy is and see's a man with red hair and luffy in his arm.
"get lost." says shanks with so much hate that the look in his eyes was more then enough to send the sea-king swimming away in fear the water settles down and it's like it didn't happen.
"thanks luffy, makino told me about everything thanks for sticking up for us." says shanks in a calm voice and with a smile on his face,
then he says while trying to get liffy to stop crying. "oh come on. boys don't cry. " "BU...BUT...SH...SH...SHANK...SHANKS...YOUR ARM !" yells luffy still crying and now grasping shanks's shirt. shanks's arm was gone from saving luffy.
"it's nothing, it's just an arm, as long as you're alive." says shanks trying to comfort luffy.

[ the reason shanks didn't take luffy and youya with him is that the sea is an unpredictable place it's not something that someone can control so it's no place for kids but luffy and youya understand now how great shanks truly is and they hope to be just like him in the future]

time skip

at the docks

the red hair pirate are getting ready to set out to sea.
"you're really leaving this time!" yells luffy and youya in unison looking up at the man.
"yep we've stayed here long enough it's about time to move on, are you two upset?" ask/says shanks looking down at the two kids with a smile. "yeah but we won't force you to take us along anymore we'll become pirates ourselves." says luffy standing with youya.
"yep we will be great pirates one day." says youya looking to her brother.
"heh i wouldn't take you two even if you begged me, you two don't have what it takes to become pirates ." says shanks sticking his tongue out at them.
"YES WE DO!" says luffy and youya in unison.
"one day we'll find our own crew that is way stronger than yours and then we'll find the world's biggest treasure!, and then i'll become the king of the pirates" yells luffy looking to shanks's crew.
"yep and i'll be the princess of the pirates!" yells youya with a big smile.
"oh...! so you want to be bigger then us huh?, well then." says shanks putting his hand on his hat and taking it off and putting it on luffy's head luffy and youya begins to cry.
"this hat is my gift to you luffy, this is my favorite hat, you know, when you become a great pirate in the future you'll have to return that hat to me" says shanks who starts to go to his ship for them to leave for good.
"those two are going to be big" says the man with the pipe.
"because they remind me of my early years." says shanks getting on the ship with his crew.
"PULL UP THE ANCHOR, SET THE SAILS!" yells the pirates. and going out to sea their friends from the village watch as they go past the horizon.
luffy and youya crying their eyes out.

[and the two's journey began here 10 years later at the same port]

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