A cool summer breeze blows through the window of a small bedroom, as a young teen with dark locks packed her belonging into boxes in a rush. Her hair in a loose braid and her emerald eyes reflected sadness and grief. She dreaded this day, in the matter of hours, her sister would arrive taking her room and home, so she pack everything including all song books and items so that the selfish girl could not claim them.

A small smile crept its way onto to the girl's face at the thought of moving in with her best friend, Jacob. Even if her father had kicked her out, the thought of eating dinner and spending countless evenings together with Jacob was enough to make her smile. However, this happy thought was quickly replaced to the very reason or person in this case, of why she was moving in the first place: her sister Bella. The two of them never got along, always arguing and competing for their parents' attention. Bella would always win, of course. Finally, she'd had enough and decided to get out. Their parents always favorite Bella, so she wouldn't be missed, she figured. With huff, she slammed the door of her soon to be former bedroom and made her way down stairs.

In a small district just five miles down an Indian reservation, preparations being made for a bonfire party and Jacob was getting the spare room ready for his friend. He's remembered the phone call his dad got about his friend Jess. Her first car, an old pickup truck was a gift from their father, but now it belonged to Isabella. Jacob scoffed at her name. She ruined Jess's life. She hadn't even arrived, yet the sheer thought of Bella made his stomach churn. Tonight, however, was a special occasion, Jess's birthday.

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