I present to you my latest brainchild. I'm a huge fan of the Persona series, especially Persona 3, which I've played more than 10-12 times. I just couldn't accept the ending that the protagonist got. And hey presto, I had an idea for a HP/SMT crossover :D

Yes, I've come across The Crimson Lord's own crossover. I like it, I follow it, but I promise you this one is quite different. The universes, for one thing :P But a lot more too.

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Dark blue feathers fluttered around them as they stood, bleeding but defiant. He looked upon Nyx, standing mightily in the backdrop of the moon. She - was it a she? He could not tell, for the voice was distorted, even as it spoke to them at that moment, utterly confident despite the damage it had taken.

"You struggle in vain,"she intoned, and her mighty wings cut through the air as she drew them around around her, and the Moonless Gown adorned her black figure once more. He exhaled once, and tightened his hand around Lucifer's Blade to stop it from shaking. Metatron loomed to his left, his body peerlessly sculpted armor, his wings of steel thrumming with energy as his golden robe fluttered about him.

"At the breach we stand, and His fire shrouds my blade. Stand strong, my master. Tis almost at an end."

He nodded at his persona, only to be interrupted by the harsh, grating of another entity standing at his other side. An overwhelming smell of brimstone assaulted his nostrils as Beelzebub floated besides him.

"All this fightin' getting me all fired up! That arrogant bitch thinks she can cause more carnage than the mighty Beelzebub? We'll rip her face apart."

He smiled slightly, amused as he always was by Beelzebub's speech despite the seriousness of the situation. A third entity stood at his front, the vanguard of his attack. Shiva towered over him, and now glanced back upon hearing the talk.

"Be silent, you putrid fly. I wield the right of destruction. I decide when the world must be renewed once more. This upstart seeks to usurp me? My eye will burn down her arrogance."

He sighed, looking at his comrades as they healed themselves and the others. They could not see the by-play, his personas were seen by him alone. Already he felt like his head would shatter, his body exacting punishment from him for manifesting multiple personas at once. He accepted the punishment, but did not let it control him.

"Humanity called for Nyx," he said, knowing they needed to hear something - anything to bolster them for what would be the final push. They looked at him, panting hard, Iori resting on one knee as he struggled to regain his strength.

"Thanatos told us that Nyx was beyond comprehension. That nothing could stop her from carrying out her task. Yet here we are, forcing her to use all her strength. Humanity may have called Nyx. But that is precisely why we will not fail today. If humanity has the power to bring her here, it also has the power to send her back."

His voice never rose, remaining as calm as if they were merely at the mall. But he forced all his conviction in his words, feeding it to his teammates. It worked, as the spark in their eyes got a little brighter. Their hands grew a little steadier. Their knees trembled a little less.

Together, they charged at Nyx one last time.

"The time has come," boomed Nyx as a crimson light emanated from her, the power already pressing on him a little. He stumbled, but kept charging, Lucifer's Blade thrumming with delight as he channeled his power.

"All shall perish."

How could one be everywhere at once? It was a phrase he had always pondered, unable to understand the implications of it. He knew that the mind was an endless sea of potential. How else had he manifested beings of such incomprehensible power? And yet the idea of a being not being located had never seemed plausible to him.

And yet, nothing could better describe his current existence. He remembered his friends, how they had made the final push that shattered Nyx's form. He remembered how he had been drawn to Nyx's very core, even as his friends shouted and tried in vain to get on their feet and pull him back. He remembered the chrysalis of golden light that had awaited him.

He remembered the terrifying feeling of helplessness as he threw everything he had at it, to no avail. Metatron, Shiva, Beelezebub. Eventually they all faded against the assaults the chrysalis laid on him, and he fell to his knees as the terrifying words Thanatos had spoken to him finally sunk in.

Nyx cannot be destroyed.

He had been ready to give up then, his hand letting go of his blade, which seemed to melt into nothingness. The golden light shone before him, defiant in its existence, taunting him with his failure.

"Don't give up! We have to believe him!" came Akihiko's voice, reaching him even in the heart of darkness.

"Take my life if you must!" cried out Mitsuru. The girl who had shown him what it meant to love, while he had showed her what it meant to live.

He gritted his teeth and stood shakily on his feet, only to be struck down yet again by a wave of deathly energy.

"He's not alone! I won't let him die!" came Iori's voice, strong with determination. Even as he lay close to death, a small smile flickered across his face. This was the same Iori who had been jealous of him, who had resented his power. When Iori had finally made peace with himself, he had emerged a hundred times stronger for it.

He stood again, now glaring with fierce determination at the golden light.

"I will not fall," he had told the pulsing chrysalis, speaking for the first time, even as a great power overwhelmed him, his instincts telling him what had to be done. Even as his friends cried out their support, he pointed a single finger towards the very heart of Nyx.

"If you will not die, I will seal you," he had said and unleashed the newfound power within him in torrents, seeing only a blinding blue light before all was dark.

Now, where was he? He had known that sealing Nyx would cost him his existence, at least existence as he knew it. He still existed, his memories, his personalities. But where was he? He had given up on finding an answer long ago, resigned to the feeling of just...existing forever. It was an empty feeling.

"Makoto Arisato," came a voice, and a great power seemed to rush through his surroundings. Where there had once been everything and nothing, there was now the Velvet Room once again. He was sitting upon the dark blue couches, and before him sat Igor, who looked the same as ever with his long nose, bulging eyes, and pointed ears.

"You abided by the contract you made with me. You took responsibility for your actions," he said with his peculiar voice, studying him as if he was a fascinating specimen. Then again, Igor had always looked at him that way.

He simply looked at Igor. There had been no questions, only statements. There was nothing for him to say.

Igor looked at him for a few more moments before cackling with laughter, "I see you have not changed."

Still he held his silence. Igor grinned widely, exposing immaculately white teeth. He began to speak once more.

"Your contract is considered completed. Your task, however, seems to have undergone...complications."

At this he sat a little straight, a questioning look in his eyes, "Have I not sealed away from the world. She cannot approach it any more."

Igor spread his arms expansively, and for the first time he noticed that Elizabeth was not in the Velvet Room, as she always was.

"There is a small problem with what you said. Nyx can no longer approach your world, you see."

He raised an eyebrow, but stopped any protests. The past year had convinced him of the existence of the seemingly impossible, if nothing else.

"Yes, I see you have arrived at the answer. There are other worlds."

"And Nyx has chosen another?" he asked, his voice now tense. His sacrifice now seemed meaningless.

Igor seemed to have divined his thoughts, for he raised a white-gloved hand in a placating manner.

"Your efforts were not in vain. You sealed away a majority of Nyx's power. She is no longer the exalted being she once was. But her consciousness still exists, and she is still bound to her task."

"To answer the call of death," he completed, his voice now expressionless.

"Indeed. But now she cannot force her will upon any world. Now she must move in the darkness, speaking gilded lies and empty promises. She must bend men to her will and have them accomplish her task for her."

He frowned and steeped his hands together, another line of thought occurring to him.

"You brought me here now, when it seems as if you could have done so at any time. There must be a reason. What is it?"

Igor's smile dimmed, and his pose seemed to draw in a little. "No, not at any time. The only reason I can do so now is using the weakness in the structure that Nyx left when she tore through."

"The weakness in the structure of what?" he asked, confusion lacing his tone.

"Why, do you not remember what I told you when you first came here?" asked Igor, and his voice was now playful, "Between dream and reality. Mind and matter. That is where you have been since sealing Nyx away. And that is what she used to reach another world."

"You wish for me to go there," he said, as realization dawned upon him. Igor dipped his nose sharply, and spoke with a sad tone.

"Your old world is lost to you now, my friend, and you and Nyx are still bound together by destiny. But beyond that, you now have an opportunity before you. Will you take it?"

He thought for a moment, and realized there was nothing to think about. He thrived around social links, even though he seemed to be cold and detached to most people.

"I will. I am not accustomed to leaving tasks half completed," he said firmly, and stood up.

"Excellent," smiled Igor and he too stood, "You will retain your personas, but the Velvet Room will not exist in that world. Nor do persona wielders, aside from yourself. Whether it stays that way depends on you."

The needle of the clock above them suddenly began to go haywire, moving at speeds his eyes couldn't even follow. For the second time, he felt something rush through him, and the world dissolved before his eyes.

(A/N: Death refers to the embodiment in Harry's world, Thanatos refers to Makoto's persona. Easy way to distinguish between them)

Now he stood in what appeared to be a deserted train station, though this looked much different from the subways he had seen in Japan. A hooded figure stood before him, its skeletal fingers clasping a gleaming scythe.

You are not supposed to be here it said, it's voice giving away nothing.

Before he could say anything, a persona pulled at him from within his mind, wanting to be released at that moment. He obliged, and Thanatos emerged from the sea of his soul, floating in front of the cloaked figure. It did not stay in its usual form, however, but immediately morphed into an identical form of the cloaked figure.

His eyes widened, and he realized that he was standing in the domain of this world's Death.

An aberration has entered this world. The balance will be disturbed said Thanatos, speaking to the cloaked figure.

The balance is broken even now with his presence replied Death, showing no visible surprise at seeing another version of itself.

Do not feign innocence. You see what he is. He is no mere human. Besides, we have a way of doing this without upsetting the balance, do we not? said Thanatos, waving his fingers. A small portal appeared before them, and he beheld a small, black-haired child curled up and sleeping in what looked to be some sort of closet.

He was to be Master of Death. I have waited long for one as worthy as he will become retorted Death, and now its voice was laced with anger.

Do you not see the person before you? challenged Thanatos, stepping closer to Death There is already a Master of Death here. My master.

Death stood silent for a while, and then spoke again Very well. The aberration must be erased. Destruction cannot happen out of child is already close to death by starvation. I was merely...refusing the call.

Death reached out his hand, and it seemed to move through the portal effortlessly. He grasped something from within the boy and pulled, before withdrawing his hand. The portal faded.

"Where am I?" said the boy weakly, now awake and standing before them. He looked at the boy's starved frame, his emerald eyes, and what appeared to be a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. Thor stirred in his mind as he beheld the scar.

He knelt before the boy, knowing that neither Deaths were capable of explaining the situation to a child.

"You are dead, child," he said, and then mentally hit himself. Perhaps one of the Deaths would have done a better job after all.

The child's eyes widened, "B-But why? I did everything Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia said. I-I washed the dishes, did the lawn…"

His eyes flashed with anger as the child continued to list his labor. The number of things he detested were very few. These relatives sounded like one of them.

"It is nothing you did wrong," he said gently, "But now you have a choice. You see, you were alive because you had something really important to do. But you can go and see your parents now, if you like. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

The boy's gleaming eyes looked up at his, radiating both fear and hope, "B-But what about the really important thing?"

He smiled thinly at this, knowing that this had been what Thanatos had suggested. "I'll do it for you. You deserve to see your parents."

The child moved suddenly, and he found himself clasped in a weak grip as the child cried.

"Now now," he said hesitantly and patted the child's head.

"I-I wanna see my parents," came the child's voice, muffled from being pressed into his chest.

"You will," he said and looked at both embodiments of death. Both raised their hands simultaneously, and a train chugged into the station, gleaming magnificently. Two people stepped out from the train. The first was a man, dark haired and bespectacled. The other was a beautiful red-haired woman, her eyes the exact shade of Harry's eyes.

"Go to them," he said, and watched as the boy hesitantly walked towards his parents and took their hands. They climbed onto the train again, and the train began to move slowly. "THANK YOU!" came the boy's voice, and then the train was gone.

He sighed turned around, only to find that Death had disappeared. He was alone with Thanatos now.

"I suppose it's time," he stated, and Thanatos dipped his head.

The child's body held a poisonous soul leech. I have removed it. That is all I can do now, my master. You will succeed. Now, it is time for you to go.

And for the third time, the world spun around him once more.

He came into awareness once more, and this time, it was a truly disturbing feeling. His body felt so weak, so incapable. The days he had spent strengthening himself through swordplay and exercise seemed like a dream now, as he lifted bone-thin arms into the dim light that shone above him.

The air smelled of must, sweat, and tears, and his clothes seemed to be meant for someone three times bigger than him. Even as he pushed himself into a standing position, his muscles protesting as he did so, a loud voice rang throughout the house.


"I've had warmer welcomes to a new universe," he muttered, smiling thinly to himself as he opened the door and guided himself to the kitchen. Things would begin to change, and they would change soon.

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