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"Are we just going to ignore that Toni managed to run a company without a PA!" Clint asked.

"Shut up Katniss!" Toni said, smiling at the look of mock sadness on his face. Upon seeing that look, Loki started snickering, then Thor joined in, and eventually all the Avengers were laughing.

"Why do I date you?" Natasha wheezed at Clint.

"Who knows?" Loki said, smirking.

After all the Avengers had stopped laughing, Steve strode over to Toni with purpose.

"Toni, I would like to apologise for my atrocious behaviour before this… adventure" he said staring her in the eye.

"Steve its fine" Toni said, startled by the serious look on his face.

"No it is not. I made some bad assumptions about you and your past." He said, starting to well up a bit. "And I ruined your birthday" he added looking at Toni with the expression of a small child. Toni raised an eyebrow as all of the avengers watched in tense silence.

"Well you did do all of those things" Toni said slowly "should I forgive him?" she asked turning towards Loki and Pepper.

"Why are you asking me?" Loki asked raising his eyebrow.

"Something about you plundering my brain and then showing up to fix our team makes me trust you" Toni shrugged. Pepper smiled at Toni and nodded to indicate her approval. At being told he was trusted, Loki smiled a pure and happy smile. He looked like a child on Christmas and far from the maniac who invaded New York. He quickly wiped the look of his face.

"Forgive him" he said quickly looking down. Toni looked back at Steve,

"Jury's out, your forgiven" Toni quipped, smiling at Steve who sighed in relief before smiling back at her. Loki watched the scene thoughtfully.

"I have made a decision" he said loudly to gain the attention of the now chatting Avengers.

"What is it brother?" Thor asked stepping towards Loki who rolled his eyes at his brother's concern.

"The outcome I intended has already happened… so there really is no point to watching the rest as you are all aware of the events, if not the details." He finished looking over them all.

"Wait. You were going to show more of my life?" Toni asked disbelievingly, "Why?" Loki shrugged,

"I underestimated the soldier's guilt" he said.

"You thought I could watch all that and still need to watch more to apologise" Steve asked, looking offended. Loki had the decency to attempt an apologetic look, it was unsuccessful but succeeded in making Clint laugh.

"Is no one else concerned that there was more to watch?" Bruce said, looking over at Toni exasperated. "Why must you have so many issues?" he muttered rubbing his temples. And glancing reproachfully at her as if it was her fault.

"That is not my fault, I did not ask for the issues" Toni said throwing her hands up in a mock surrender.

"Well, sometimes you do ask for them" Nat said carefully, trying not to sound frustrated.

"You, shut up" Toni said pointing at her. "If the incidents that I assume are the ones going to be shown are correct, then I did not ask for them!" She stated defiantly.

"So now what?" Clint asked standing up and shaking the popcorn cornels off his shirt. Loki raised his eyebrows at the pile of cornels now on the floor.

"How much popcorn did you eat?" Loki asked incredulously.

"Shut up and answer the question" Clint scowled. Loki smiled, amused,

"Now I send you all back to where I got you from" he said. He turned to Pepper, "That means you will be going back to Japan" he said apologetically. Pepper just shrugged tiredly. "Are you ready?" Loki asked, his eyes starting to glow green. Pepper kissed Toni quickly and then turned back to Loki and nodded. She started to glow brightly and then vanished.

"Impressive Lokster" Natasha said smirking.

"I will mix up all of your body parts if anyone calls me that again" Loki growled, "now get read-"

"What about you?" Toni interrupted. "Where are you going?" she asked looking at him with a somewhat motherly concern. The look of shock on his face was childlike, he recovered quickly though, putting on a mask of indifference.

"I'm going back to where I can do no harm" he said softly. Bruce snorted,

"Says the guy that invaded New York." He said looking at Loki mistrustfully. Loki returned this look with a glare.

"Brucy calm ya farm and Loki you are not going anywhere" Toni interrupted, stopping the argument before it started. "Loki you are coming back to the Avengers tower, with us" Toni said crossing her arms in an attempt to keep Loki from arguing. It didn't work.

"I'm sure that earth wants me back" Loki snorted, "I did invade New York, remember?" he said bitterly.

"Earth doesn't need to know you're back" Toni said smirking conspiratorially. "You can disguise yourself when you need to and the Tower has top notch security to prevent you from being noticed" she said enthusiastically

"Even if that is true," Loki allowed, "I don't think the rest of your team want me back." He finished glancing around at the other Avengers somewhat sadly.

"They owe me." Toni said dismissively, not noticing the raised eyebrows this statement earnt her.

"A) not all of us owe you and B) we do not owe you enough to let him back to where he can scheme up more ways to take over the world" Nat said harshly.

"Told you" Loki said pointedly.

"Clint," Toni said whirling around to face the archer, "what colour were Loki's eyes during your little brainwashing incident?" Toni asked innocently.

"Blue" Clint said confused at the seemingly random question. Toni nodded before turning to face Thor.

"Thor, you and Loki go way back, what colour are his eyes?" Toni asked.

"Green" Thor said looking confused at Clint's answer.

'I'll leave you to ponder that," Toni said to the collected avengers, "Now Loki, magic us back to the tower!" Toni said, dramatically turning to Loki, who was smiling shyly.

"I can't say I think that this is a good idea" Loki warned half-heartedly, his eyes already starting to glow.

"I don't care" Toni replied smiling. Green light enveloped the Avengers and a few seconds later they were all deposited ungracefully onto the floor of the Avengers tower. "Jarvis! How long have we been gone?"

"You have not left the tower Miss" Jarvis said, puzzled. There was a moment of silence before they all simultaneously burst out laughing. "Did I make a joke Miss?" Jarvis said but was drowned out by the laughter.

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