The meeting.

In his den sat the Kistune leader. Not many would asume this tiny fox would be the strongest being in the world, with it barly reaching two feet tall. most of the kistune didn't like to live in the realm of the summons, since most of the races hated the Kistunes. The Toad, Slug, and Monkey's were okay with them, but did not out-weight the negative emotions sent to them by the others. Back in the den you can see the Kistune dreaming happily, with his ears flat against his head, his tail twitching every few seconds. He was rudely awakended by the loud yips and growls that could be heard from the entrance of the forest.

There are very few people, summons and human alike, that would look for the Kistune contract and race in the large hidden ninja village, Konoha. They lived in the not very used training ground 44, The Forest of Death. It suited them quite nicely, what with all the giant animals to hunt, and the springs for water. It was childs-play to stay away from the humans, with their natural ability to cast illusions, they could easily aviod the silly ninjas. At the entrance you could see a beautiful woman walking cheerfuly down the beaten path. She stood at a shorter hight of 5'4, she had long black hair that went down to the small of her back, with noticeable red highlights at the ends. Across her chest was what seemed like a black and red bra, barly containing her sizeable chest, it showed quite a bit of cleavage, and left her smooth toned stomach bare to the world. She also had a short black skirt that stoped a bit above mid-thigh. She was walking around bare-footed aswell, but dispite that they still looked soft. Her skin seemed to shine in the mid-afternoon sunlight, giving her an almost unnatural beauty.

What she didn't see however were the two Kistune watching her as she walked, one was a tiny little thing, just about one and a half feet tall, with blue fur and dark red eyes, what was really popping out about this young kit, was her tree tails that swayed behind her. She was talking to the large wolf-like Kistune to her right. " We need to tell boss about this one, something doesn't feel right." she said. "Yes, Kimiko, she has such a powerful aura, i've not sensed one this powerful since boss's last fight" said Oki. Oki was the third most powerful of the Kistune clan, he was also the second in command. He would normally be passed off as nothing but a big wolf, with his gray fur and all, you'd have to look twice to notice his eight tails trashing about. "She just smells of trouble." you could hear the caution in his slightly growling voice. They didn't know the woman could hear them though, and missed the slight smirk she wore. She was just about making it to a fairly good sized clearing when she flaired her chakra. What she did next though was what confused the two the most. "Oi! Wheres the rumored Nine-Tails, he's suposed to live here! I've been looking for, like ever!".

You could hear the pout in her cheery voice. Her chakra was so massive that it gave Kimiko and Oki pause, before they showed themselves, growling and baring their fangs at her, Kimiko was slightly less intimidating due to her small size. ' The level of chakra this human is letting out is almost as much as Kurama, it should be impossible for just a human to have this much!' thought Oki. Kimiko was not so patient with her thoughts, "Who the hell are you?! How do you have so much chakra for just a human! Who and what are you!" she growled. You could clearly hear the malice in her voice. She ignored the question, "C'mon, where is he! I need to talk to him!", she was whinning now. "What do you want with the boss human? We don't speak to your kind." Oki spoke calmly, but the malice was still heard. She looked at Oki confused for a good few seconds, before smiling happily "I'm no human silly!" at this she sprouted two red fox hears on the top of her head, along with a long red fox tail, waving about in joy. "I'm a Kistune!". When she did this, Kimiko and Oki where shocked, being the smarter and more mature of the two, Oki got over his quicker. Turning to Kimiko he said in a quiet voice "Go get the boss, he's going to want to hear about this." She looked hesatiant for a while, before nodding slightly and dashing off to go find her boss.

Within minutes Kimiko was at the mouth of his den, she was panting a bit but she managed to get out her message. "Boss! Boss! We have a Kistune female in hybrid form asking for you! It seems really important." Her answer was a quiet huff from his nose, he clearly didn't deem this as important as she did. He was busy dreaming damnit! He was going to get that fucking rabit this time! Seeing the reaction she got, Kimiko sighed, before using her tails to kock him over, waking him up in the process. "I've known about her since she stepped foot into our forest, young one. She is powerful, but nothing Oki couldn't have handled." His voice was deep, but full of power and wisdom beyond what a normal fox kit should have. "What was so important that you had to wake me up?" The lazy drawl wasn't missed by Kimiko. "She says she has news for you-" seeing as he was about to interupt she raised her voice. "And only you." she said it tiredly, used to his behavior already. "Fine, fine, i'll meet with the vixen, shall we go then?"

By the time the boss of the Kistune and Kimiko got to where the vixen was, she was coverd on all sides by atleast fifty Kistune. "You can stand down now guys, she wont be a problem." The voice of their boss easing their tense nerves. "Yes! You're finally here!" They could all hear the joy and excitement in her voice. "I'm you're mate! And you're equal! You can't have a mate less powerful than you right? I'm also a Nine-Tails, so that makes me your mate!" You could hear the humans inside their homes with how quiet the forest got. "Might I know the name of my equal then?" He said lazily. He ignored the mate comment, greater females have said the same, only to fail.

What really got him was the equal comment, he might not show it, but he was proud of his title and unrivaled. "My names Ahri! Nice to meet you koibito." The way she purred that word send an involentary shiver down his tails. "Naruto no Kyuubi" He said in a more attentive tone. He wasn't going to let her know that she had gotten a reaction out of him, if she was going to claim to be not only his mate, but his equal, he was going to pay more attention to her. "If you really claim to be my equal, then show me your tails. I want to see them." He said slightly more demanding than he should have. She didn't seem botherd by it though, and quickly showed her other eight fluffy red tails. "Hows this love?" Naruto had to wonder how she could go from such a bubbly attitude to one so husky and seductive tone in the flick of the tail, out of all the thousands of years hes been alive, hes yet to hear a vixen talk to him like that. "Would you mind showing me your hybrid form koibito? I'd like to see my mate in his true form." She finished with that purr again. Damnit, don't let her get to you Naruto, you have to stay strong! He thought. She was kneeling down infront of him, to look him in his golden slitted eyes. In a poof of smoke his fox form was gone, and what graced Ahri's sight would make her cream herself for many moons. The one thing that stood out to her though, was how massive he was. He stood at atleat 6'8 feet tall, and his body reminded her of a wierd fellow she met in her travels of Lightning country by the name "Raikage". His skin was much lighter though, and he had the same wisker marks that she did on his cheecks. His spikey bright golden hair fell down his back, almost like the main of a lion, and all he had on were ripped pants, he was also bare-footed like herself. It was not widely known, but the Kistune race didn't like to wear clothes. They felt confined and didn't like how hard it was to move in them.

He looked down at her with a lazy look, his nine golden tails swaying about to the current of the breeze. "Well? Do you like what you see?" He asked, his deep, lazy voice seemed to wake her up from the trance she was in. Damnit! she thought to herself. He's hot!

Thats where we'll leave off! So how did you like it? I'm not to sure if it's good, or attention catching, but it's something to do! Since Warlords of Dreanor is comming out soon, I might not be able to upload alot, but I probably wont abandon this story, it's really fun to write! See ya next time! -Scrub