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Down in the depths of the Hidden Leaf Village sat two of the most curel men in the entire country. Orochimaru and Danzo sat faceing each other, they were discussing something one of Danzo's Root Anbu had found out. "You've been searching for the Kistune clan for quite some time now haven't you, Snake." Said Danzo. The glee in Orochimaru's eyes was easily noticeable, "Why yes, I have, do tell me you have something useful to me." Orochimaru hissed, it was silky smooth as always. Danzo had a slight smile as he replied. "Yes I do. Even someone as smart as you never would have guessed that they would be hidding out inside the Forest of Death ne?" He said it smugly, happy he got his desired reaction out of the snake like man. Orochimaru frowned heavily in thought What is he talking about?! I've looked for those damned animals for years! It's said they are the only creatures, human or otherwise that can counter the Uchiha Genjutsus! he snarled in his mind. He quickly got his himself under control though, "I see, if the legends are true, the boss summon is the only Nine-Tails said to exist. What do you want for this information?" Orochimaru knew Danzo wouldn't just give him this without something in return for it. "I would like for you to help me in sealing the Nine-Tails, Draw him out if you will, so I can create the ultimate defense and offense for the village." Danzo was clearly happy with how this turned out, if the visible smirk was anything to go by. "I don't see why not, as long as I get one or two of the kits to experiment on".

Ahri rose to her full hight, not that it did much to Naruto. She barly touched his soulders with the top of her head. She got herself under control from the shock of seeing his hybrid form fast, "I have come to challange you for not only the right of being your mate, but the title of Queen of Kistune, I've trained for millennia for this fight. Just because you're bigger than me doesn't matter!" She shouted, she clearly ment what she was saying though, you could feel the killer intent and chakra rolling off her in waves. Naruto looked at her with slightly widened eyes. I never would have thought i'd see the day when someone other than Kurama could give me a decent fight. He paused for a minute, thinking deeply about what she said. "Okay, I wil fight you, no matter the outcome though, win or lose, we will both accept what is to come, deal?" he said, dispite his inner shock, he kept his lazy attitude. She smiled brightly at him, and quickly got ready to transform into her full Kistune form, however before she could Naruto stopped her. "Not here, the human village is to close, we will cause unnecessary death. Come, we will have our fight outside the village." he said quickly, not wanting to harm the humans who have unknowingly housed them for generations.

When Orochimaru sensed the massive flux of chakra he was almost scared out of his mind, but due to his experience as a ninja, as well as being a sannin, allowed him to keep his calm outward apperance. "It appears we will have your jinchuuriki sooner than planned Danzo." He said, trying to keep the excite ment of getting the Kistune illusions under his thumb out of his voice. Danzo gave a curt nod. "I have just the idea for the container." He snaped his fingers and a blank masked Anbu flickered into the room. He was holding what looked like a baby blanket. Orochimaru raised an eyebrow at the sight. "Might I know who's child this is? She seems very powerful for one so young." Indeed she did, being only 1 week old she had more chakra than an average chunin, this was Izuko Uzumaki, daughter of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. They gave her her mothers last name to stop anyone from hurting her, Minato being the Hokage and the hero of the Third War gave him many enimies. "Yes, Kushina is on a mission, and Minato is busy with Hiruzen and Jiraiya working on a new barrier seal for the village. They wont know what has happend untill it's to late." He was eying Izuko with such hunger it even gave Orochimaru pause. "We should get going, we don't want to be late to the battle." He said.

About 5 miles out of the village you could find Naruto and Ahri in their true forms. Even in the giant Kistune forms, Naruto still towerd over Ahri by atleast 20 feet. "Are you ready Ahri? Just remember you asked for this!" Naruto yelled, being in his true form gave his voice a heavy preassure that was not there before. Instead of answering him, Ahri lunged at him, bitting one of his tails and throwing him on his back. Not slowing down, she pinned his neck with her paw, grinning down at him. "How's this, Love? I hope you're this easy to dominate while we're making our first kit." She purred huskily into his ear. Naruto narrowed his eyes, not liking the dominating comment one bit. He used two of his tails to rap around her neck hoisting her up and off him. In a show of strength he threw her through the forest, knocking down a good 500 feet of trees and rocks in the process. He growled lowly at her, raising his chakra and blowing a massive stream of bright yellow fire at her. She dodged easily enough, but was not prepaired for when his head slammed into hers with such force her vision turned black for a few seconds. Shaking her head to clear the spots Ahri started to form her chakra infront of her mouth, she condensed it to an amazing level before eating it, and blowing out a violent beam of white at Naruto. His eyes widened before he used his tails as a shield. When the smoke cleared, we find Naruto glaring at her through the slight gaps in his make-shift tail sheild. "I guess I should take you more seriously now." He growled. He jumpped at her, sinking his teeth into her neck, before throwing her over his back. While she was getting up, he used his tails to pin her to the ground."You have fought well, it has been well over 400 years since i've had to use this much chakra and physical strength, i'm afraid you have lost little vixen, but you have put up a great effort." The way he said it made her feel slightly better, but not much. If i'm going out, i'm atleast taking him with me! she yelled in her mind. right when he was breathing flames on her, she shot another chakra beam into his mouth. His eyes widened before their world was engulfed in white.

The sceen Orochimaru and Danzo walked in on was amazing to say the least. Hundreds of feet of forest were leveled, and there were fires burning everywhere. "Look, over in the middle!" Said Danzo. In the empty space of forest was the hulking form of Naruto, he was kneeling over the tired form of Ahri. "You did well, vixen. I acknowledge you as not only my mate, but my equal. From this point onwards you shall be the queen of our clan. You will be by my side forever." He said quietly, he couldn't remember a time when he was last this tired. Ahri smiled weakly, having used up all her chakra she couldn't even hold her hybrid form, her ears and tails hidden from veiw. Yes! she thought All of my training was not for nothing! When Naruto sensed four humans comming there way, he quickly tried to stand, only to fall back to one knee. Damnit, I must have used more chakra than I thought.

Danzo smiled seeing the nine tails draped across the ground, the two golden fox ears flat agains't his head in exhaustion. "Looks like we found our pet Orochimaru. He must have foght this young lady. Bring me the child, we must start the sealing before he regains his power!". Orochimaru looked at the girl on the ground, she barly staying concious. "What should we do with her? For her to be so powerful to take down the Nine-Tails, whos said to be a god, is not small feet." Danzo looked at her, and got another hungery gleam in his eyes. "We shall take her to Konoha, she will be used to train our little toy until shes ready to destroy the other villages on her own." He said. Naruto's eyes hardend, he wasn't going to let these filthy humans touch his new mate. Using the last of his powers, Naruto touched Ahri's chest, aswell as the ground. Seals spread out at an impossibly fast rate, and before Orochimaru or Danzo could react, she was gone. With the last of his powers gone Naruto fell onto his back, all of his chakra gone. Orochimaru smiled evily at this. "Okay Danzo, use this seal on him, it will seal his will away and he wont be able to do anything but give the girl his chakra." Danzo nodded slightly and put the seal on both Naruto's and the sleeping Izuko's chests. His eyes widened when he felt the pull on his life force. He quickly spun around to see Orochimaru holding a handsign and smirking. "Ohh please Danzo, you old fool, did you really think I was after some small kits? I wanted the Nine-Tails all along, with him in my army, nothing will stop me from being the strongest!" He laughed. Danzo had no time to retaliate, his life force quickly draining, he fell to the ground with a dull thump.

Sensing the apporching shinobi, Orochimaru cursed to himself. I'm going to have to leave her here for the time being. I will just have to bide my time to get her, if it means leaving this dump later rather than sooner, so be it. A few years won't hold me back to long. he thought smiling.

When Ahri woke up next, she was in an unfimiliar place. It was clearly a hollowed our cave, with a grassy spot she was laying on The bed she guessed. She looked to her right and saw Kimiko looking at her, not blinking. "Um...yes?" She said awkwardly. "Wheres Naruto-sama?" she said bluntly. At that she rememberd what happend before she was revers summoned from wher their fight ended. "Some humans were planning on sealing him! We have to help him!" She tried to get up, but she found out she couldn't even move her fingers. "What the hell! Why can't I move damnit!" She shouted. Kimiko looked at her sadly, "Can you tell me what happend after your fight? Who won?" At this Ahri started to tear up at remembering what her new mate had said. She told Kimiko about it and what happend. "I see, we wont be able to go up agaisn't the full might of a human village without our Nine-Tails. We will wait untill you are at your full strength untill we meet with the humans about getting our boss back. Untill then you shall be our leader." Kimiko said without emotion. She was heartbroken to hear that boss was gone, not to mention what his brothers were going to think. "I will have our fastest messanger send for Kurama, we will need his help for getting boss back." At the mention of the unknown name Ahri blinked. "Kurama? Whos that?" She asked dumbly. "Kurama is Naruto-sama's younger brother, and second strongest amongst us Kistune. He has been sent on a hundred year vacation, he was kind of a downer to be honest." She said the last part with a sigh. "Once he retruns, and you are at full power, we will get Naruto-sama back, thats a promise!" Kimiko said. Ahri smiled at her, feeling a little better about what happend with just her words.

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