Springs rebirth

Ruby walks silently through the hallway, eager for rest. Her body shows a parallel with her thoughts and she stifles a burgeoning yawn.

Yang and Blake walk alongside her, hand in hand. The partners are exchanging meaningful glances in the low lighting. Ruby supresses the urge to roll her eyes.

Young she may be; ignorant she is not.

"Race you!" She says childishly, sticking her tongue out for good measure.

Blake and Yang both look amused, lifting an eyebrow in synchronicity. Yangs eyes look thankful.

She doesn't wait for a response. In a blur of fluttering rose petals she departs their company, heading for the dorm.

She slows down as she approaches, her fatigue not encouraging her use of highly draining speed. She hears a distinct crack of something falling, but dismisses it, walking leisurely to her room.

A shaft of light, beaming from the shattered moon strikes her face. She stops to admire the moon.

'It looks... sad.' She thought, but soon dismissed it as the ramblings of a tired mind. She approaches her dorm door, seeing light pooling underneath and swings it open smoothly. Her mouth is open to speak but she is silenced when she takes in the nightmarish sight in front of her. The room is frozen over, everything covered in a layer of gleaming ice, poured forth from the source.

Her partner glows softly in the moonlight, beautiful long silver hair flowing gently as she swings slowly to and fro from the bannister, noose tied firm around her neck.

Ruby cannot comprehend anything, she does not know how much time passes. Her revery is broken when Weiss's foot kicks out feebly.

"WEISS!" She screams, rushing forward to save the life she hadn't known was in danger.

Ruby doesn't hear the door open.

In the last minute she had jumped forward, cutting the noose suspending Weiss from the bannister away. Ruby had caught Weiss who had fallen horribly limp, like a puppet with its strings cut. She had laid her down quickly, taking in her breathless form.

She didn't even register the moment she had started to resuscitate Weiss. Her lips pressed against Weiss's, whose own were so immensely, terrifyingly cold. Her hand found its way to her partners sternum, compressing viciously in order to encourage the breath she wanted restored in her unmoving form. The recycled air comes out visibly as she presses.

She barely tastes the tears on her lips as her mouth meets Weiss's once more.

"Oh hoh~! Look what we ha-" Yang begins, looking at the form of her baby sister bent over partner. The rest of the words die in her throat as Ruby pulls back and starts compressing Weiss's chest, breath misting the air. Her eyes widen in comprehension as she takes in Weiss's sprawled form, elegant limbs splayed across the floor. Hair disheveled and free. Ice spreading in all directions form her prone body. Noose loosely hanging around her neck.

"Oh my god." She breathes.

"Oh no. No, no, no, no!" Blake says beside her, hands clasping firm around her mouth. Her eyes are burning with quickly forming tears and her ears pinned flat against her skull.

Yang snaps from her horror struck state and brutally rummages through her bag, looking for her scroll.

Ruby leans forward to exchange breathe with Weiss again.

"Oh my god. Oh shit, oh my god." Yang punches in a series of numbers. The scroll beeps ineffectually and dies. Yang screams her rage. "NO!" Throwing and shattering the fragile machine against unyielding stone. She reaches forward, ready to dive in Blakes own bag when a sound stops her.

A stuttering gasp leading to a small, hacking cough.

Her head snaps up in time to see Ruby collapse on Weiss's waking form in a low, keening wail.

Weiss's throat burns as she takes in a great, heaving breath, chest aching from lack of oxygen. The cold air irritates her damaged throat further, eliciting a harsh cough as she struggles to come to equilibrium. She hears someone sobbing.

Her first thought is that isn't dead.

Her second is that there is something on top of her.

She opens bleary eyes to take in the form of Ruby, her partner, wrapped around her midsection crying heavily.

"Ru-by?" She says hoarsely. Wide, red rimmed silver eyes flicker up to meet hers. Tears flow freely down Ruby's face as she moves forward.

"Weiss!" Ruby whimpers, shaking violently as she wraps her arms around heiress's torso, head buried in the crook of her neck. "Oh my god, Weiss!" Ruby cries openly. Before she can truly grasp the situation she feels more arms encircle her.

Pressed firmly to her back, head buried in her hair is Yang. On the other side is Blake, also hugging her fiercely.

All three of the girls are openly crying.

"Wha- I don't - I-" Weiss stutters but is cut off by Yang.

"What were you thinking?" Yang utters furiously. Weiss is startled to see crimson eyes levelled at her own.

"She wasn't." Blake says, half hugging, half squeezing to punish the young heiress. Ruby continues to sniffle and cry.

"Where the hell did this come from, then?" Yang demands. Weiss flinches slightly, eyes flickering to the desk. Yang notices the movement and stands up swiftly, stalking over the desk.

Weiss retreats within herself as she watches. Yangs eyes zip over the neatly ordered stacks, pausing at the thick paper letter. She picks it up gingerly and scans its contents.

A furious chocking sound makes it's way out of her mouth as she finishes.

"I am going to kill him." Yang says seriously, furious voice sounding ice cold, a vast disparity between her rapidly heating aura which is quickly melting the ice. Blake gives Yang a questioning look, threading her hands through the silent Weiss's silver hair. Yang hands over the letter and the faunus reads at breakneck pace.

She growls deep in her throat, fangs bared and ears pinned. "I am going to eat his heart." Blake says gutturally. Ruby disengages, still breathing heavy, eyes wet with tears but sticks a hand out for the letter. Blake promptly hands it over.

Weiss remains utterly unmoving.

Ruby drops the letter in her lap, hands shaking. Her eyes meet Weiss's. The heiress is shocked at the seething rage in eyes usually so innocent.

"What the fuck were you thinking you idiot." Ruby says harshly. All of the other occupants of the room were too disturbed to hear Ruby swear for the first time to reply, until the silence became thick, apprehensive.

"I just... I have no family anymore, no one who loves me. And everything, my entire life! Everything I've worked for was to make my father happy..." Weiss says, tears in her eyes. Ruby's eyes bore into hers.

"You idiot." Ruby says. "And you think Jaune is stupid?" She says fiercely.

"What?" Weiss asks confused. Before she can even register what is happening a pair of soft, warm lips meet hers. Strong, sleek hands tangle in her hair, tilting her head back to deepen the kiss. It's slow, languid and full of promise. Full of...

"I love you, you idiot." Ruby says against her lips, breath splaying across her face.

Weiss feels her eyes burn and throat constrict in the intensity of her emotions.

"I love you too." She says truthfully. Ruby gives her a small smile and leans in for another kiss. Soft and sweet, dancing warmth across her lips.

"Me too!" Yang says, hugging them both. Both girls give a surprised yelp. "And you do too have a family. You'll never stop being a sister. And I think you'd make a pretty good Xiao Long, if you wanted." Yang says, eyes wet. Blake joins the impromptu cuddle.

"Or a Belladonna. I've always wanted a little sister." Blake says softly, arms around her most beloved people.

Weiss feels her mask crack then shatter under the strain. The letter, the day, her attempted suicide and now the love, warmth and acceptance of her new family. She begins crying in earnest, hugging them close.

The icy grip on heart is melted and forced away when Ruby leans forward and utters the sweetest words she has ever heard.

"Better yet, stay with me and one day I'll make you a Rose."