The Boston skyline hadn't changed much.

The government buildings still stood tall and proud. The marathon, despite everything, was still open to runners. The politicians still tried to outspend and out maneuver each other to stay in office.

It all went on – just the same as it had done years ago.

Despite the plane wreckage on a snowy mountain and the saving grace of a virtual season seven, the people, the characters of the Boston morgue and police, still operated on the pages of fan fiction and in the hearts of the viewers that loved them.

And it was on the roof of the morgue they gathered one more time.

"She was driving force, you know," Garret said. "The real driving force behind getting us off that damn mountain."

"I know," Jordan replied quietly. "They all worked hard, but she by far worked the hardest . All that editing? That would have driven me nuts inside a hot second."

"It's hard to believe she's gone," Nigel joined in, coming up to stand beside Garret, Jordan, and Woody. "I mean…she's always been there."

Nodding solemnly, Woody agreed. "Yeah. She may not have written about us any longer, but that group that did? They're solid. They still keep in touch. And they're grieving the loss."

"When the creators deserted us, she stepped in. You know they still get asked about that Virtual Season 7," Bug added. "And that was years ago. She's even mentioned in our section of Wikipedia. "

For a moment, the small group stood silent, gazing into the dark sky of the cold Boston night. The stars twinkled and for a while, just a moment, it seemed as if the traffic stilled and the world slowed down for a second as the heavens welcomed a new occupant – one full of wisdom and banter and terrific recipes and travel advice.

It is with great sadness that the writers of Crossing Jordan Virtual Season Seven announce the passing of the driving force of that project.

Kelly M. Knight died October 31, 2014 due to complications from cystic fibrosis. She leaves behind her loving husband, parents, siblings, and many, many loving friends from all over the world.

If you've read Crossing Jordan fan fiction or the Virtual Season Seven, you know Kelly as Nynaeve1723. Her writing is wonderfully clever and her grammar is flawless. When NBC pulled the plug on Crossing Jordan after six seasons, it was Kelly who contacted the rest of us about writing and "producing" a virtual season seven to tie up all those hanging loose ends that were driving the fans crazy. Without Kelly, VS7 would not have been the success it was.

Writing VS 7 with Kelly was like a perfect, golden bubble in our lives. For a short time we got the chance to right all the wrongs that were done to our favorite show and give our characters true closure. And all the time we had a great fun with each other and loved poking our fingers in the eyes of the powers-that-be. All too soon the bubble burst, and we were done.

None of this would have been possible without the vision and determination of Kelly Knight.

She will be deeply missed.

As I stand on a mountain top
as the great bird approaches
she is small in my sight
but grows larger on approach
until I am blessed with the full sight
with her graceful wings,
proud countenance and good company
all too quickly she grows small again
on the horizon
and disappears from view
and I call out
"There, she's gone!"
But there are other mountaintops beyond me
and at the precise moment when I note the great bird's
departure from my view
I know there are new eyes taking up the sight of her
and fresh voices calling out
"Here she comes!"

With much love to Kelly and her family~

The staff and crew of Crossing Jordan, Virtual Season Seven

Writers: Bourbon, jmkw, madambeth, mecedeme, NCCJFAN,

Artists: Almost-Something, BigCJFan, Emma, Harborrunner

Spoiler Maven: SamLover

Public Relations: Jilly

Host: Kaleigh's Justice