I met my older sister Karai when I was three. She was three years older than me. Well she was my half sister from what I had been told my entire life before I learned from Karai herself it was a lie. I was happy then before I met my father. I knew right from when I laid eyes on him that he was a bad person and I should run while I had the chance. When I was six I hated my life, father forced me to train with him and would beat me if I did something wrong. Mother also became abusive, blaming for father beating her and screamed that I should never have been born. She left us when I was six and the only one I could turn to was Karai.

"Please help me Onee-chan…" I whimpered grabbing the hem of her sleeve. She looked down at me and she knew I was in pain. She looked around to make sure that no one would see and hugged me. She stroked my hair holding me closed to her.

"Its okay Kyo-chan. I'll take care of you." She said in my ear. She took the place that my mother had left and became my only friend. Karai kept light in my world, keeping me from falling into despair. Still when father took her to NYC with him, it was the first time in a long time I had felt completely alone. Yes, father was no longer there to torture me, but I was still a prisoner. Father did eventually call for me to come to NYC and the torture began again, but Karai was there to care for me.

"Have you met anyone interesting?" I asked one night shortly after I had arrived. I could tell the answer was a yes since she slightly blushed at the answer. We never had any chance to make friends or talk to boys at least, so this was a rare opportunity to actually act like normal girls.

"Kind of. He's a mutant turtle and Father wants him, his brothers, and sensei dead." The room was silent for a bit while I processed the "mutant turtle" part, but I'm not surprised at father wanting the guy dead. We would talk about this guy "Leo" whenever Karai came to my room to visit. One night though I found Karai in the dojo beating up a bunch of foot ninjas. I could tell she was hurt.

"What's wrong Onee-chan? Did father finally kill that Leo guy?" I asked waiting for her to say yes, but the answer turned out to be no.

"It was reverse. Why?! I told him I hated this stupid feud, but…." She bit her lip trying to keep in tears. I wrapped my arms around her, but she pushed me away. After this father's torture got worse and her stopped feeding me, leaving me to starve. Karai was there to help like always, she brought some japanese food call pizza gyoza or something. She would then rant about how much she hated Leo, but I knew she still liked him. Things were what in my world is normal until I her she was locked up.

"Father, why is Onee-chan locked up? Father answer me!" I shouted causing myself to get slapped. He locked me up in my room after that. I have no idea how long I was in there, but one night changed my life forever.

"Kyo-chan. Kyo-chan wake up!" I heard a voice say while shaking me. I sat up rubbing my eyes. Karai was staring at me through the darkness, her golden eyes seeming to glow.

"You have to get out of here now! I going to take care of Shredder and I need you to meet me at this location." She said urgently shoving a piece of paper into my hand.

"What do you mean take care of father? Karai what's going on?" I said standing up. She instantly shot me down.

"He's not our father. Not mine at least…" My eyes widened in surprise. Karai, my older sister, father's favorite, was adopted?! She then continued to shove stuff into a bag and handed it to me. We agreed to met at the location afterwards, but it never happened. I decided to follow her just in case and the upcoming events became my worst nightmare. Karai got mutated! She told me about the Kraang and their mutagen. I learned to fear it and hope nothing bad like that would happen, but it did. I was now alone and had nowhere to go. My mother was who knows where and didn't care about me, my father….I never wanted to go back there especially after he caused Karai to be mutated. Run away….the one thing I could finally do for the first time in years.