"Leo let me go with you." I whined pulling on his arm. It had been a couple weeks since I started living with the turtles and I had seemed to become part of the family. Raph was still unsure about me, but he had started showing a liking towards me. Now the Kraang portal in Donnie's lab had opened and Mikey went in it. Leo and the others were going to go, but I wanted to go with.

"No Kyo, its not safe and we don't have enough oxygen tanks for you to come along. Just stay with Splinter." I huffed and they went through the portal. I decided to go see what was on tv when I paused in front of the guys' training dummy. I stared at it and noticed that it kind of resembled my father. Anger built inside me from what he had done to me for all those long years and I attacked it. I did all the moves I knew on the dummy, hoping it would cause him pain. So he would know my pain and anger towards him. That I was strong!

"You are a very good fighter Kyo." I jumped at the sound of Splinter's voice. He seemed to of been watching me for a while now and was impressed.

"Really." I said a slight smile coming across my face. No one had ever told me that, not even Karai. She didn't like that father forced me to fight.

"If you want I could do some training with you while the boys are gone." I nodded eagerly and followed him to the dojo. It started off with me showing him what I knew from father's training and we worked our way there. About 10 minutes later the guys were back.

"Hey that was fast." I said as Leo and the guys came into the lair. I froze and grabbed Leo when I noticed they weren't alone. A giant mutant was behind them, he seemed scary. Leo noticed my fear of the mutant quickly and reassured me.

"Kyo this is Leatherhead. He is a friend of Mikey's." I nodded and came out from behind Leo and stuck out my hand towards him.

"Konichiwa Leatherhead-san." I said nervously with my best smile I could muster. He from what I could tell smiled back and shook my hand.

"It is nice to met you Kyo." He said in a rough, but friendly voice. At this I truly smiled, he was a friend and not a foe. The next few days though were full of tension, the guys said that the Kraang would invade the city soon and they were planning for it like it was war. The day of the invasion started like the past few days; Leo and Donnie were arguing over what should be done and I was doing training with Splinter.

"Guys!" April shouted from the entrance to the lair. It sounded urgent and we all ran to the front room of the lair. A girl with black and purple hair was with her. This made me uneasy.

"April why did you bring a stranger to our home?" Splinter asked sternly. When April mentioned foot clan, I got a very bad feeling. Before Splinter could respond to this the girl started saying turtles over and over, then turned into a robot. I screamed in terror and portals started appearing all around the lair.

"Kraang capture the turtles, the rat, and the girl to bring them to Shredder!" The robot said and I froze with fear. No they can't take me back! They just can't! I told myself falling to my knees. A robot came towards me, its hand reached out to grab me. I was too frozen in fear to move. Splinter came out of nowhere to my aid, destroyed the robot, and pulled me to my feet.

"Leonardo! Take Kyo and the others and get out of here! I will hold them off!" I looked up at him and tried to protest, but Leo grabbed my arm and pulled me with him. Next thing I knew we were in the sewers far from the lair.

"We need to get out of the city!" Leo shouted at Donnie. Donnie wanted to take the mech, but Leo wanted to get out of the city.

"You're leading us to disaster!" Donnie shouted. I held Leo's arm tightly, not waiting to separate. A Kraang portal appear near us and we were attack. Donnie got his arm hurt and we were out numbered.

"Mikey get them to safety! I'll lead them away!" Leo shouted waving his katanas trying to get the Kraang's attention.

"NO!" I screamed trying to run to Leo, but Mikey held me back. Tears formed in my eyes as Leo ran and disappear and I was lead away.

Eventually we made it to April's apartment where her dad was freaking out. I sat in a corner alone worrying about Karai, Splinter, Leo, Raph, and Casey; those two were gone before the lair was attack and we haven't been able to contact him.

"Their going to be fine." Mikey said sitting beside me. I turned away from him not wanting to talk about it. Mikey tried calling Leo again, but he didn't pick up. We all sat in silence for a while until Mikey's phone rings. We all jump and looked at Mikey eagerly.

"Raph! Hey you're okay! You need to head to April's place okay." Mikey said continuing to talk to Raph, but I slunk back in my corner. It wasn't Leo. Leo come back soon. I said hoping Leo would somewhere hear me.

Leo's POV

The group of foot bot had me surrounded, but I had to get to the other and find Splinter. I had to protect them. I fought them with all my might and when they were gone, I thought I was in the clear.

"Fire!" Shredder shouted to the foot bot archers. Uh oh I told myself as they fired. I quickly evaded the arrows and fought hard.

"I want to fight Shredder!" I shouted looking up to where Shredder and his cronies stood. I want to make him pay for what he did to Karai, to Kyo I said bitterly in my head. I continued to fight, but I began to get tired and they weren't letting up. Suddenly a footbot grabbed my leg and I fell into a cold pool of water. I looked up to see Shredder standing above me.

"Finish him." Shredder said coldly and his cronies attacked.

Kyo's POV

"Casey! I thought I had lost you forever!" April said as Raph and Casey burst into the room. I gave a small smile to Raph, but it quickly faded. Leo had still not returned and I was worried.

"Guys, Leo is still out there somewhere in the city…." At that something was thrown through the window. I screamed when I realized the the limp body was Leo. I ran to him shaking his shoulder.

"Leo?! LEO?!" I screamed tears falling down my face. Why?! First Karai, now Leo! Why?! I asked myself as I continued to shake him, but to no eval. A hand was placed on my shoulder, I looked up to see Donnie.

"He is knocked out Kyo, shaking him might just make his injuries worse." I stopped shaking him, but held his hand firmly. Mikey came over and gasped, then pointed at Leo's shell.

"Guys, his shell is cracked." I felt the blood drain from my face when I saw the crack. Why can't anything good last when it comes to me?! To us?! It all because of Shredder! We have to take him outI told myself getting up. Leo's katanas lay on the floor near him and I picked them up. It was time to show how strong I really was.

"Turtles to come out and face us." The one known as Tiger Claw shouted. Footsteps could be heard getting close to the apartment, they were trying to trap us.

"We have to leave." Raph and Casey together lifted Leo and headed to the door. Razhar was already there. Mikey filled with anger about Leo attacked him and I followed. I took out as many Foot bots as I could with Mikey and Donnie. When we were outside, April's dad lead us to some van.

"THis was the party van back in my day." He said with a smile, I did a palm to the face at the weird fact. Suddenly mutagen covered April's dad and he became some pink, plant thing. KRaang Subprime had found us too. We piled into the van and Casey stepped on the gas, driving away from the alien. I sat next to Leo's unconscious form and held his hand again.

"I should have gone with you Leo. I'm sorry for acting weak when I'm not. I should have done something then need to be rescued. I'm just a coward." I said quietly knowing that he wouldn't hear me. We finally stopped at a garage and Donnie gave us a pep talk.

"Okay Leo can't be move, so he will stay in the van. Casey is going to go look for his dad and sister in the van with Leo. The rest of us are heading back to the lair. After that we find Splinter and leave the city. Got that?" We all nodded.

"Take good care of Leo." I said to Casey before he drove away. He nodded and reassured me with a front toothless smile. In the lair, Donnie told us we could grab one sentimental thing. I went to Leo's room and grabbed my blue cap. I place it on my head and started to leave the room when my eyes fell upon a picture I hadn't noticed till now. It look like it was a picture of the guys when they were little, I gasped when my eyes landed on Leo. He wore a blue cap on his head, the same one I was wearing.

"Leo, after all these years it was you?" I whispered to the picture. I closed my eyes and looked back on that fateful day.

"You stupid brat get back here!" My mom had gotten mad at me again and this time I ran. She hadn't taken me with her to New York back home in America to get away from father. I don't know why she took me with, probably to take her anger out on me. I ran out of the hotel we were staying at and ran down the streets.

"Get back here!" My mother yelled as she grew nearer. I knew I had to get away from her and some how I ended up in the sewers. I ran through the tunnels, not having a clue where I was going and before I knew it I was lost. Exhausted I sat down and cried. I don't know how long I was there until I heard footsteps.

"Who's there?" I said whimpering. Was it mommy? I asked myself fearfully. The footsteps got closer and stopped. In the dim light I could see dark blue eyes of a little boy with a blue cap on his head.

"Why are you crying?" He asked. I wanted to tell him the real reason I was down here and crying, but something stopped me.

"I'm….I'm lost. Can you help me?" I whimpered. He didn't say anything, just stood there like he might have been thinking.

"Okay. Come on." I saw his dark form melt into the darkness and I had to run to keep up with him. It was about ten minutes of me running after him and nearly losing sight of his form when we finally made it to a ladder that lead to the surface.

"Thanks." I said turning, but he was still standing in the shadows. I found this strange.

"Why are you hiding?" I asked and he seemed to jump at bit at this. I tried to walk over to him, but he shouted at me to stop. I froze, not sure if I should be worried or scared.

"Close your eyes." He said quietly and I covered my eyes with his hands. I heard him step closer to me, then I felt something placed on my head.

"So you can remember me." I opened my eyes and he was gone. I grabbed what was on my head and saw that it was his blue cap. I smiled, it was the first thing I had been given as a gift since I started living in Japan.

"THANK YOU! I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU!" I shouted gleefully down the tunnel.

"Guys! I know where Splinter is!" April's shout pulled me out of my flashback. I started for the door again, but I stopped and grabbed the picture. April lead us down the sewer tunnels and kept saying that we were getting closer. Suddenly shouting could be heard and we ran to the source of the noise. On the other side of a barred wall were Splinter and my father fighting.

"Get out of here." Splinter said sternly to us as they fought. Me and the other shouted words of encouragement to Splinter. Soon Splinter threw father into the wall and father crumpled to the floor.

"Lets get out of here." Splinter said walking towards us. The smile that had appeared on my face disappear when I saw my father coming in from behind.

"Watch out!" I screamed, but it was too late. Splinter was struck down and father was dragging him away. Everyone started shouting, trying to get him to stop. I had no idea what to do.

"Please stop! I beg you stop!" I screamed tears forming. Father did pause and look at me, then said the words that I had feared the guys hearing since we met.

"Why should I daughter?" I fell to my knees and SPlinter was thrown into the swirling waters and disappeared. Raph was shouting and Mikey had to hug him to calm him down. Soon the attention was on me. Raph was full of rage, but I didn't look at them. My eyes were frozen to the spot where Splinter had once been.

Third Person POV

"Kyo why did you turn on me like Karai? You had potential, but you were weak and refused to become strong." Shredder said looking at a picture of young Kyo and her mother. He remembered the day he met her mother.

"Oh I'm sorry." A woman said as they bumped into each other. Her sparring gear was now everywhere on the floor of the dojo. She looked just like Teng Shen, but she had sparkling blue eyes. Her name was Asamai and she was a japanese American. Her mother was American while her father was Japanese. Shredder and her became friends, he like her because she reminded him of Teng Shen. No one could take Teng Shen's place. Before his fight with Splinter Asamai left heading back to her home in America.

"I need you to find Yamada Asamai." Shredder said. Raising Karai wasn't a simple task and he knew Asamai would love to help, also she would be able to take Tang Shen's place. A few week later he got a call from Asamai and she had surprising news.

"I had a baby and she's yours." This definitely surprised Shredder. He had his another kid to take care of if Asamai came.

"She looks exactly like me, but she had your eyes." His eyes widened at this, his daughter then would be a spitting image of Teng Shen. Maybe this could work, she would make a good Kunoichi He told himself. When he met his daughter he was disappointed, she was firce like Karai. She was weak.

"If she had been a boy then she wouldn't be this way." So her name became Kyo. Shredder worked hard to make her a warrior, but nothing he tried worked. So he had to use force. beating her gave her motivation to do it right, but Asamai didn't like it.

"I was wrong Asamai was nothing like Teng Shen, Teng Shen would have been okay with it and her child would have been strong not weak, but Kyo….she is just like Teng Shen. Still she chose Splinter and the turtles just like Teng Shen." Shredder tore the picture and threw it into the flames.

"I will get you back Kyo. You will be a warrior for me."

Kyo's POV

"Why did he call you daughter? Don't tell me you are his kid!" Raph said starting to yell. I slowly nodded, knowing I couldn't hide it any longer.

"Yes I am. I'm Kyo Oruko and the one known as Shredder is my father." I said in a strangely calm voice. I was then roughly grabbed by my collar and pinned to the wall. Raph's anger shown in his eyes.

"So what?! You just made up that whole story about Karai so you could spy on us huh?!" He yelled and I felt tears form in my eyes.

"No. I never wanted this to happen. I didn't want you guys to even learn my secret this way. Splinter said that he would tell you when I saw fit and…." Raph punched me in the gut and dropped me.

"Sure Splinter knew, you really think we'll fall for your lies monster." Raph shouted at me. Tears dripped from my face as I looked to Donnie and Mikey. Donnie had his back turned to me and Mikey wouldn't me my eye. Did they not trust me either?

"Raph stop it." April said helping me onto my feet. Her eyes were stern and serious.

"We're not leaving. We have to take out the Kraang. We own it to Splinter. And fighting with Kyo isn't going to help." Raph grudgingly nodded. Donnie called Casey and told him what happened, then left me there for Casey to pick me up. I hid there for a long time til he showed up.

"Is Leo okay?" I asked quietly, but he didn't answer.

"Just get in." Casey harshly said and I started to head for the back when he stopped me.

"No! You sit up front! Your not allowed anywhere near Leo shredder's kid." Tears started to form in my eyes again, but I nodded. After a while we rescued the other from Kraang Prime. I ended up staying upfront with April and Casey. Casey didn't want me anywhere near him so I sat by the window. It seemed everyone had turned against me so far except Leo, Splinter, and April.

"I guess I am like you Kyo Sohma." I whispered to the wind.

"I cursed to be treated like a monster."