Did you ever see a girl who took your breath away when she passed you on the street?

Seen a girl smile, and known that everything was going to be okay from that simple action?

Have you seen a girl crying outside and wanted to do nothing more than make her happy?

Yeah? Now did you keep her close? Or did you let her go?

If you can answer any of the first questions with a positive response then props to you. I have... and she was perfect.

Aria had huge sky blue eyes that lit up a room when she was happy and turned you to stone if she was upset. She was a punk rock kid and followed the life with her whole heart. Passionate was one of the many words you could use to describe her.

Of course something had to go wrong.

Aria was mad at the world. She would snap if you chewed to loud, talked back, or used the word no. She was stronger than me and used that to her advantage on a regular basis.

How was I to know that when they say love hurts they don't mean it like that? It was the way of life for me. That is until the world broke in and took it all away.

You would think I would be reaching a point by now right? I mean you have been reading long enough.

At this point in time however I was pretty freaking lost.

Lost in a system that the government thought would keep me safe. I was a sixteen year old lesbian. I was already messed up. I mean sure my step dad was abusive... and my mom was to sick to help. At least I knew what to expect.

Now there is all this talk about a half sister.

I have never met my dad. Don't even know his name actually. My mom named me after her... but she died. There were people around all the time... I guess someone finally noticed there was something wrong with my step dad.

Is this making any type of sense yet because I'm confused.

Let's start over.

Hi! My name is Joselynn Jean. I am sixteen years old. My mom just died and they are searching for family members to put me with. I guess they found one. Apparently I have a long lost sister named Shane McCutcheon. Well this should be interesting.