Wow I am starting chapter nine and its only been a couple days since I started writing and today i think i am adding two chapters. Neat.

The Planet: Conversation after Shane and Joselynn leave.

"Shane has been left to take care of an abused teenager?" Bette asks with a tone of disbelief. "Who in their right mind would do this?"

"I think it might be a good thing Bette," Tina says but is quickly interrupted by Alice.

"Did anyone else get reminded of a particular writer we knew? I mean seriously, All that hair and the soft, scared, broken personality?" She said quickly.

"I don't think she is like Jenny, Alice." Max replies. "She is just a kid, I mean she needs help, and she definitely doesn't deserve to be pinned with a label of someone who ruined most of our lives."

"He's right Alice, we can't do that to her." Tasha agrees, "I've been around kids like that, they come through the station all the time, she seems to be a bit better than most of the kids there. They usually end up in pretty bad places or getting into drugs."

"Well we aren't gonna let that happen to her. She's family now, we will make sure she does well and adjusts." Kit says enthusiastically.

"I agree with Kit, Joselynn isn't going anywhere. Shane loved having Shay around and while Joselynn isn't Shay she is going to do the best she can to make sure Joselynn is okay." Helena adds, "We will help in anyway we can."

"Well, she needs to see a psychiatrist." Alice adds.

"I agree." Bette says "She is still growing and learning and who knows what has happened to her. We don't even know for sure if she was telling the truth, but we need to find a way to get her help."

"But she doesn't want to" Tina and Tasha say almost at the same time.

"If she doesn't want to talk she isn't going to." Tasha says seriously.

"What if we find someone that is good at working with kids, but she has no idea that they are a professional." Alice suggests.

"Oh no, Alice, not another one of your schemes, you saw how this turned out last time." Helena said with a slightly raised voice.

"No... this time maybe she could be right." Tina agrees with Alice.

"Well of course I'm right." Alice says making Tasha laugh softly.

"Who do we know though?" Bette asks.

"Well there's Jaimie." Helena offers.

"No." Both Tasha and Alice say.

"What about Carmen. I mean she has a big family, with lots of kids it could work." Alice suggests.

"No, Carmen is to emotional, plus I doubt we could get her around Joselynn often enough to make it worth it." Bette says seriously.

"Didn't Molly take Psychology?" Tina asks.

"Oh she would be perfect!" Helena exclaims.

"But how are we gonna get her to be around at all?" Kit asks

"Molly is still in love with Shane." Bette replies. "It shouldn't be hard at all."

"But we don't know that, and what if Molly is seeing someone. We don't need to hurt anyone to do this." Tasha added .

"Well I really don't know who else we could suggest." Max states.

"Papi." Tasha says.

"Papi?" most of the table replies and looks at Tasha like she is crazy.

"Look, hear me out, Papi may seem like she is a bit crazy and not the best influence but she is amazing with kids. She always has been." Tasha explains.

"But Papi and Shane never really got along." Tina says.

"No, they really, really didn't" Kit adds.

"If we tell Papi about Joselynn she will tone it down a bit. She is completely different around kids I swear." Tasha says.

"Well, if it will get her talking, and she won't know about it... Papi... may be our only option." Bette states in a very final tone.

"I have a terrible feeling this is going to bite us in the ass." Helena said as the conversation moved on to other things...