Touken week day 1: Coffee/Cooking

Author note: I'm so late at this! Well better late than never right? This is my 1st fic I ever write, comments and criticism are much appreciate

All characters credit to Ishida Sui-Tokyo Ghoul Mangaka


Short break at Anteiku

"You…piece of shit"


"I'm not talking about you"

"urm ok"

Crickets' sounds

"Fuck it, I don't understand a thing"

Touka closed the book that she's holding angrily

"What did the book do to you touka-chan?"

"Don't mess with me kaneki, I'm really not in a good mood right now"

"Hahah ok ok, but maybe I can help? You know that I'm always good with books"

Touka look into kaneki's eyes really deep and she's snap

"Right, you were human before so you must know how to cook right?"

"Well I'm not a good cook but I did cook for myself sometimes to survive"

Kaneki picking up the book and reads the tittle

"A recipe book…"

"Congratulation, you can read"

"Is this related to school? Do you have any upcoming cooking test or something?

"You're partially correct, yoriko actually wanted to help me with the cooking but I can't go to her house without knowing anything cooking related right? I will look so dumb and she probably will grow suspicious on me"

"Well it's pretty normal for high schoolers not to know how to cook actually, they won't suspect you anything"

"I was right, talking to you won't help anything"

"Oh come on touka-chan, I really can help you with cooking! well….a simple dish is all I can do anyway so nothing fancy and makes you easier to remember, how does that sound?"


"Right, any idea what you want to cook?"

"Don't ask me question that I can't answer, all those human food look so gross to me"

"I guess we can try on karagee the deep fry chicken, the size comes in handy since its bite size so if someone ask you to eat it I think you should be fine"

"Alright then, when are you free? My house or your house?"

"Tomorrow should be fine, my place? Since I still have the ingredients to make it"

Sunday arrives

"Don't get so near to the stove touka-chan! The oil will 'jump' on you"

"Will what?"

"Look to check the right temperature you can use any wooden utensils and place it in the oil, if there's small bubbles forming around it, it means you can deep fry the chicken now"

"uh um"

"Oni-san, I can't see a thing"

"Ah right hinami-chan, come here closer"

Kaneki lift hinami up a little to show the 'bubbles'

"I guess you have form a little muscle huh?"

Kaneki laughed sheepishly and put down hinami on the floor

"What's next? What are those things for?" pointing at the flour, beaten eggs and panko

"Right before you could deep fry the chicken, sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper both sides and cute it into pieces like this"

Touka and Hinami look at kaneki with full attention especially touka who tried to memorised every single steps that kaneki made

"Then you coated the chicken with the flour first, then into the beaten eggs and lastly the panko, now deep fry the chicken into the frying pan…like this"

The sizzling sounds somehow make the ghouls anticipating with the whole human's cooking method

"Then what?"

"Then you turn the stove to low-medium heat so that the chicken meat will fully cook before its get burn at the outside"

Touka nodded

"To spice up the cooking you take the flour a little and place it….here"

Right on top of touka's nose

Vein's popping right at the corner of touka's forehead, she grabbed the nearest utensils it happens to be a knife to cut the chicken and chase kaneki around the kitchen

"Wooh touka-chan that is dangerous, I'm sorry…I'm just joking! Forgive me!"

"Oni-chan! Onee-san! Smoke coming out from the frying pan!" cried hinami not knowing what to do


Kaneki and touka stop running around and rushed to the stove










"urm what?"

Touka snapped from her daydreaming

"You have been staring at my karagee for so long….is something wrong? You always like my karagee don't you"

"Ah sorry yoriko I guess…I will try something else today"

'Karagee reminds me of those memory….him especially' Touka thought

NOTE: The cooking scene taking from the actual cover chapter(which I can't remember which chapter) where kaneki is cooking something while touka and hinami was amused by it