End of October-Early November

"What is your favourite season touka-chan?"

"Hurm? Does it matter?"

Kaneki always tried so hard to start a conversation with this one particular hot tempered teenage ghoul right in front of him every time they have the same shift together at Anteiku

"Well mine would be winter! Probably because I was born in December hahah"

Kaneki not even sure why he laughed at his own statement, he don't think it's funny either

"Huh seems legit to me, mine would be summer?"

"Ah is touka-chan's birthday during the summer?"

"Uh yeah, 1st July to be exact"

"I see, what a pity it's has already past maybe next July I would buy a birthday gift for you"

Kaneki's smile always look so warm and sincere

"We barely know each other, why would want to buy me a gift? Don't waste your money on me"

"So we would know each other well of course, that's obviously the purpose"

"Ugh you always makes no sense"

Kaneki just smile on touka's comment and still trying to make a friendly conversation with the not so friendly ghoul

"So for my gift preparation, what do you like touka-chan? You seems to like rabbit I guess? You even have a rabbit sweater, it looks good on you by the way"

"Could you please shut up for a second? And don't simply compliment people!"

Touka seriously has no idea how to handle compliment, she just bad at it bad in every human behaviour but she at least noticed that this is her chance to understand human personality or characteristic or whatever it was called for from this previous human who were now a half ghoul

'Maybe I shouldn't be that harsh on him'

"So urm, what date is your birthday on December?"


"Why are you not answering me?"

"Eh I though you asked me to shut up, I guess a second has passed"

The metal spoon that touka was holding now was bend

'Ah I really makes her angry didn't I?'

"Its ….its on the 20th December!" Kaneki sweat nervously

"Who cares anymore!?" Touka shouted and leave the break room

Summer next year-30th June

'Rabbit ghoul on rampage huh?'

Kaneki thought while looking at the date

'Huh what a coincidence, tomorrow is 1st July I probably will look something decent a gift for her, I can't keep on breaking promise can I?'

The next day-1st July

"Banjou-san, I want to go to that shop"

Pointing at the gift shop near by the hospital

"Oh yeah, sure go on"

Kaneki entered the gift shop and look around for a while and stop when he caught a rabbit keychain dangling at the corner of the shop with the rest of other animal's keychain

'She used to have something like this before isn't she? Somehow I don't see it anymore after she fought that investigator…maybe she has lost it during the battle'

Without thinking much kaneki grabbed the rabbit keychain and paid at the counter

"Is Hinami-chan visited touka at the library?"

"Yeah, I think that what hinami-chan said this morning, are we going there?"

Kaneki nodded, he doesn't need to see her face to face just to give this little birthday present and hoping hinami would walk around the library hallway or

'I know that face, that is touka's besfriend right? Yoriko'