Viola! To my fans out there who thought I was being lazy in the Danganronpa department...well I was XP but mostly because I was creating MY MASTERPIECE! *dun dun duuuuun* Due to fanfiction having a lack of possible links and such, please type in the words below to the story (hopefully after I spaced them they'll appear X/ i'll fix if necessary). Instead of your old boring Fanfic without any pretty pictures or interactions, I took it up 10 notches and created a full game version of my first chapter/Court ^^ Please enjoy, and review at the end of it all with your thoughts and opinions :D! Its even full of those wonderful resemble more of the actual game ^^...yeah...that's why...

"Oh, and for anyone who hasn't used the Aceattorney online thing before, in order to save, you need to save it and then place a bookmark. Otherwise, you'll have to start all over again X/ to fast forward and skip parts if you need to start all over, just hold down Enter until you come around to the part you left off :P

Enjoy! My first AceAttorney Online Interactive Fic ^^!

To access it, since FFs too painful to let me leave a FREAKING LINK X(, please type in the following (I need to leave periods to allow it to show all the detail- whenever a period IS needed, I'll place a * mark instead):


Make sure you spell it exactly or it won't work! (again, don't use periods after each letter/symbol of course unless there's a * symbol- ffs annoying that way X/. Also might take awhile to load or not connect at first, still working on perfecting that)

For those it does work for, enjoy ^^!