Summary- After being put through too much and having been stabbed in the back on too many times Harry decides to take a trip through the veil. Hoping his death would give him more peace then his life ever did. Only to find out once he had passed through the veil that the title of master of death is very much a real on and that not only that, but it wasn't his time to die. Instead Death makes a deal with one where he is reincarnated, in another work, with all of his memory intact. But how will Harry deal with a world where there are gods, where he is half-god, where he has a twin named Percy Jackson. Better yet how will this world deal with Harry, especially since he still the Hallows and his magic?

Disclaimer- I do not ow anything of Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, nor do I make a profit off of either one of them.

Chapter one

Harry stared at the people in front of him with emotionless eyes and a dead look clear on his face. One that seemed to have gotten even icier as he continued to listen as they tried to explain, and to make an excuse, for what Harry had just recently found out.

As he did this, Harry couldn't even bring himself to feel like screaming at them in rage and letting them all know that he already knew every word out of their mouths was nothing but lies. That it had been honesty been nothing but lies, for year. Not only that but Harry had known the real truth for a while know.

But, honestly, Harry couldn't bring himself to care; he hadn't for a while now. He had just wanted to see how they would attempt to justify what they had done to him. Especially when it was all thrown in front of them while others were around and there wasn't a way, they could deny it; like they would have otherwise.

In the end, it could easily say that they were doing a poor job at it and Harry could feel himself sinking deeper into the abyss of emptiness that he had been on the edge of for the last year of so. Getting close and closer as his so-called friends went from stuttering excuses to screaming at him that it was all somehow his fault.

Hearing this last bit, and feeling rather disgusted that they were trying to blame him for what they had done, Harry could feel a spark of annoyance make its way through the detached state of mind was in. Something that caused him to quickly raise an eyebrow had to ask, in a rather dry tone but biting at the same time.

"And pray tell, just how is this my fault? Did I somehow make you drug me? Did I make you steal from me, or did I somehow make you backstabbing traitors before I even met you? I would really love to know just how I did this, please tell me." After saying this Harry grabbed a nearby water and began to slowly sib it, eyebrow still raised, as he once again started to listen to their excuses.

You know for someone who had been called the smartest witch of her age, Hermione really wasn't good at justifying her action. Though neither were Ron, Ginny or Molly for that matter, but Harry already long since known that about them. It was something that was rather hard to miss after knowing them for as long as Harry had.

After listening to their pathetic attempts at defending themselves and seeing that the people in front of him were getting ready to start cursing him; having given up with the explanations. Harry decided it was best that he left.

Besides he could feel something building up behind the emptiness that was currently cloaking him and making him feel rather numb for the last couple of months. Something that caused Harry to get the feeling, that he would want to be long gone, and far away from the traitors, when whatever he was feeling did finally break through the nothingness he was currently feeling.

This in mind Harry pulled on his magic and after tearing down the wards that were around the Barrow, apparated out of there. Letting loose a small, almost bitterly amused, chuckle at the screams the traitors in front of him released as he did this.

Harry, once he was away from everything, felt like a damn of some sort in his mind had just been completely obliterated as all the emotions that he hadn't been able to feel before came rushing at him all at once. Leaving him drowning in feelings of Rage, depression, resentment, exasperation, betrayal, heart break, disbelief, shock, incredulity, and indignation. All mixing into one destructive toxic mix, that pulled him under like the waves of a stormy sea.

Harry feeling overwhelmed and like he was actually being drowned by all these emotions collapsed down to his knees. Before letting loose an absolutely bone chilling howl as he tried to pull, and failed, to pull himself together.

After all, even if he had known about it, finding undeniable prove that the majority of his life, the happiness in his life at that, had all be fabricated and a ploy to control him was enough to completely break him. Or at least put him in the situation he currently was in.

Harry after letting out the emotional outburst out felt drained, not empty, not emotionless, just completely and utterly drained. Harry couldn't recall a time, outside the time he had spent in Voldemort's loving tender care, that he had felt worse, and even than that was debatable. As this pain was nearly pure emotional and seemed to just go that much deeper because of it. At least in the dark lord's hands he had been expecting at least some sort of pain.

Swallowing, Harry started to sink into a deep dark sea of self-loathing, as in the back of his head a voice started to speak up. Questioning, and making some of his negative thoughts start to make their way into the forefront of his mind.

Thoughts such as, what if it was all something about him that made things turn out like they always did for him? What if there was something in his very being that made people either betray him, completely hate him, or worst of all die on him.

This last thought, of those dying on him, caused Harry to recall a certain death; that even now had a serious effect on him. One that had turned out to be one of the more life changing deaths out there at that. Not only in the emotional pain that it caused him but the actual changes that had occurred after said death. In fact, it was this death that led Harry down the path that ended in his current situation to begin with.

Thinking like he was, caused Harry to recall the death of his godfather, Sirius in great detail; including just what had supposedly killed him. After thinking on this Harry couldn't help but wonder what had really happened that day? He couldn't help but ponder just what really happened beyond the veil, as knowing what he did now caused Harry to doubt what the headmaster had told him as he had all the reason in the world to lie; if only to keep Harry on the path he wanted Harry to be on.

At the same time as he was thinking this Harry had another thought, what really was there here to stop him from going to find out the truth about the veil in the first place? And if it did lead in death would it really be that bad, as honestly what did he have here keeping him tied to this place. As he knew that with all the connections, and with the sheer number of people involved with what was going on, it was highly unlikely he would get free from the tangled web that he was currently entrapped in anyway.

But Harry knew that before he did anything remotely like find out if Dumbledore was right about the veil or not, he first needed to get a couple of things done. Things like, see if the veil would really kill him like the majority of this Wizarding world seemed to believe, then certain traitors weren't going to get a single knut off of him.

As while he knew that there wasn't a whole lot he could do to see actual justice for what they had done, seeing how corrupt the wizarding world was, not to mention just how many people seemed to be in the headmaster's pocket, would still let him get his own little piece of personal vengeance for what had happened to him.

Something that was possible because of just who would be handling it, as unlike the majority of the wizarding world, Goblin's wouldn't let any one of the traitors manipulate it to the way they wanted it to go. This meant before Harry went and did anything he would first need to get to Gringotts, the wizarding bank, and update his will.

Knowing this, Harry couldn't help but the thankful, that unknown to the Weasley's and a certain Ganger, he had been forgiven by the Goblin nation for what he had been forced to do during the war, and had even been able to move to a neutral setting when the Goblins were concerned.

Opposed to the rest of the wizarding world, who were still as a majority, on the negative side of the Goblins; some a lot more so then the others. Which to Harry great fortune included not only the headmaster, whom the Goblins utterly loathed, but also the majority of all those that were also in said headmaster's pocket.

Once Harry reached Gringotts and had nodded politely to the Goblins guarding the door of the bank, as a show of respect to them. Harry went up to a specific desk, knowing from pervious experience just where to go; knowing the Goblins preferred it that way as it made their work go just that much quicker. As to the goblins time was equal to money and they didn't like wasting time or money for that matter.

At the same time as he did this, Harry couldn't help but feel a bit grateful that he had apparently made it to the bank during its slowest hours and that because of that said bank was nearly completely empty.

Meaning less people knowing that he was there and less people to report to the headmaster that he was there in the first place. Hell, if he was lucky enough the headmaster would have any idea about just what he had done until the very end; when it would hurt him the most.

Harry once he reached the desk and saw that the goblin at the desk was looking at him, waiting to see just what he wanted. Seeing as said goblin's desk really wasn't on most people went too often; and more often than not, not more than once like Harry was currently doing.

Seeing this look and seeing that said goblin was starting to get irritated at the fact that Harry wasn't speaking, despite the fact that Harry hadn't even been there for a minute. Harry decided that it would be best if he speak up and speak up quickly.

After all he did want his plan to go as smooth as possible and irritating the goblin that was going to help put it into motion wasn't the way to do so. This in mind Harry looked at the metal name plate on the goblin's desk, making sure he was saying the name in question correctly rather then assuming, and in a rather form tone began to speak.

"Hello, Resolverupturer, I am here to have the Will I wrote up a little over a year ago rewritten. I have found out some rather vital information that changes everything I had first put in my will."

This said Harry waited to see what Resolverupturer was going to say. And after seeing the look in said Goblin's eyes got a sinking feeling in his gut that he really wasn't going to like what was going to be said to him. This feeling was proven right when the goblin in an almost amused tone told him.

"So, it seems you finally found out about all that did you. Well we did warn you about it all as best we could without breaking the confidentiality agreement the Goblins were forced to make all those years ago. If you didn't want to heed said warning, then there really wasn't much we could do for you; despite the small amount of standing you may have among us."

Harry hearing this felt his eye twitch and had to take a deep breath before he could continue. Wondering all the while that if this was how they treated him, when he was considered neutral, then how horrible were they to normal witches and wizards while they were completely unaware of it all. Or worse to those the really did loath.

"Yes, Resolverupturer I should have listened to the warnings I was given by this nation. I am willing to listen now. In fact, I am very much willing to pay for the goblins nations help in making sure that certain thieves get some very much goblin styled justice." Something he said must have been akin to the magic words because the grin that Resolverupturer gave Harry sent shivers straight down his spine, and that was before said goblin began to speak.

"That sir is something the goblin's would be delighted to do, even more so when we are paid the correct amount." The purr that was in the Goblin's tone when he said this had Harry once again shivering.

But before he could let this get to him, Harry remembered why he had come in the first place. Well besides getting some much-needed revenge, and that was to rewrite his will. Which if he thought about it also planned into his revenge plan as well; even if this was something he'd be completely in control of. So, with that in mind Harry started speaking with the goblin again; enjoying the growing grin that was making his way onto the goblin's face as he did so.

"Well sir goblin, I would be happy to pay the price you are asking but first I would love to get my will sorted away. This way if anything were to 'mysteriously' happen to me. Then certain people wouldn't be able to use things they didn't have before to attempt to get away from their justice. Not only that, but with what I have planned for my will, it will be something very similar to rubbing salt in their wound when they find out." This said Harry watched as the Goblin pulled out the parchment that the Wills were supposed to be written on and urged Harry on; obviously eager to see just what Harry mind had come up it.

Harry seeing this, resisted the urge to cackle slightly before he leaned forward and began to explain just what he was planning on doing to the Goblin. Which had the unfortunate, and hair-raising effect, of cause the Goblin to cackle evil his self; as he took in everything Harry was planning on doing. Which rounded up to basically all but empty all the money he had in the banks and split in between the goblins and several other originations that wouldn't benefit the Weasley, or the wizarding world, in the least bit.

In fact, it would actual hurt the majority of the Weasley's as it would enable a lot of different people to sudden have the information or money need to call in the debts certain members of that family owed them; included the goblin nation with a certain dragon incident. As Harry had only paid his part of the damages that had been done; leaving the rest for the others as he hadn't been the only one who had done so; and the escape hadn't even been his plan to begin with.

Then as an added insult, as well as a way to get what they had done to him out in the open in a way that they wouldn't be able to cover up easily, Harry had also left the vaults, he had just emptied, to the Weasley. Vaults which when they opened them would be when all the revenge would start.

Because inside that vault was only seven silver coins, the sign of a traitor in both wizarding and Goblin ways. With that being only the beginning of all what Harry had planned, because if he could read the goblins grin right, which he was quite sure he could, then the traitors would be begging for a death to get away from the shame of everything long before the Goblins were ready to grant them that request.

Harry seeing this look could honestly say that he did almost feel sorry for his exfriends, almost but not quite, instead Harry found himself looking forward to whatever was going to be thrown at them. Even if he knew he wouldn't be there to see it all happen.

Seeing as what he did have planned and the fact it was his will, and there for his supposed death, that was going to be what set everything it to motions. Speaking of what he had planned, Harry really needed to get going and set said plan into motion. Before certain someone's found him and put an end to said plans before they were even set into motion.

That in mind, Harry once again nodded politely to the goblins around him before heading out of the bank, for what he knew was for the last time. Knowing this, and knowing it also meant that it would probably mean that this was also the last time that he would ever walk through Diagon Alley as well.

Realizing this, Harry took a deep breath before decided to hell with it, it wasn't like this place had meant anything to him in the last couple of years; besides perhaps a new prison is. That in mind Harry took off in a dead run to his new destination. A smile, a real smile at that, making itself at home on his face for the first time in at least a year.

It didn't take Harry long to make it to the Ministry, nor did it take him long to get to the room that the veil was in. Making Harry have to shake his head at the pure stupidity of the wizarding world.

Seeing that only a couple of years ago several teens, still in school at that, had managed to easily break into said room and yet they still did nothing to improve their defenses after this. Hell, there had even been a fight between the dark Lord and the Headmaster in this place and they still hadn't changed anything about it; besides repairing the damage said fight had caused that is.

Think on this for a bit Harry had to shake his head again, because if anything it was easier to break into this place then it had been before. Mostly because he had already been there before and could remember the pathway he had taken before; his mind refused to let him forget it given what had happened there.

But then again, the simplicity of finding the same pathway, as well as the lack of guards, just screamed to Harry that this really was just like the wizarding world. Something that made Harry think that he really should have known this. Seeing how as until they didn't have an actual chose in doing so, the majority of the wizarding world had stuck their heads in the sand about Voldemort. Honestly to Harry it seemed the sane side had all died out with the end of the war; the first war before Harry's actual birth at that.

Feeling a bit odd about this last thought, even if he did strongly believe that it was correct for the most part, Harry decided that it would be best if he got his mind off of that train of thought, and instead work with the advantage that he had been given.

This in mind, Harry quickly headed toward the veil wanting to go through with his plan before he could start second guessing himself. Or for that matter, before his luck could kick in once again and somehow, despite the fact that it wasn't being guarded, someone found out he was there; by pure chance.

Thinking on this, Harry rushed towards the fluttering veil that had first stolen his godfather from him and without a second of hesitation threw himself into its depths. As he did this, Harry shuttered slightly as he felt a sudden bone numbing chill go down his spine and complete darkness covering him from head to toe; leaving it impossible to even seen the nose on his face as this happened.

That is until it all suddenly disappeared, and Harry began to feel as if he had suddenly been enclosed in a large startlingly warm hug. Something that felt more comforting and safer than anything that he could ever recall feeling before; or at least as far back as he could remember This feeling caused Harry to snap open eyes that he didn't even recall closing.

Once he did this Harry would only stare wide eyed at what was in front of him. Because it looked that he was no longer in the pitch-black innards of the veil; far from it in fact. Now instead of the void of darkness he had entered when he had first thrown himself into the veil, Harry found himself in a small but absolutely breath-taking wooded area. Not only that but he wasn't alone this place.

Seeing this Harry felt a spark of hope enter his chest, hoping that somehow that the person in the area with him was actually Sirius. Only to feel a biting disappointment when he took a closer look at the person in front of him and noticed that he in no way could be Sirius. For on the man was way too tall, and for another despite how powerful his godfather may have been the man in front of him was in a-whole-nother league. In fact, Harry never felt anyone as powerful as this man in front of him; he even made Voldemort and all his power seem like an annoying nit in comparison.

Harry seeing this felt the disappointment he had just been feeling disappear and be replaced by a strong sense of weariness. As he began to wonder just where he was and just who the man in front of him was. Because Harry was sure that he was no longer in the veil, if he had every really entered it to begin with, and the man in front of him was most certainly not human. The pure otherworldly feel the man gave off, and the fact that the long black cloak he was wearing seemed to part of his very being, showed Harry that much.

Swallowing slightly, and wondering just where he was Harry started to head towards the otherworldly being knowing that the only way he would be getting answers was from him; even if Harry wasn't quite sure how to feel about this.

Gathering all the courage he could, Harry made his way toward the man and once he reached him Harry asked him. Keeping his tone as polite as he could, knowing from experience good manners could mean the difference between life and death.

"Excuse me sir, would you, if you don't mind that is, please tell me where I currently am. Because I feel like this is no longer the veil and was wondering if that perhaps I was brought to this place for a reason."

Harry was rather startled when after asking this the figure gave a good natured, deep from the belly, laugh. Startling him enough that he almost didn't hear the answer that he was given; almost.

"I think I really chose correctly when I picked you for all of this, both polite but not afraid to ask what is necessary. You will need that when you get to where you will be going." Hearing this Harry felt his eyes go wide and felt even more questions beginning to form in his mind. As well as a good deal of anger at the fact that someone else was once again trying to control his life.

But before he could even voice any of these, something Harry got the feeling was a good thing because what he had been planning on saying, the being continued on. This time truly answering Harry's earlier question as well as the other question that had begun to form in Harry's mind.

"I guess you could call me death, at least that is what the people from your dimension seemed determined to call me…though I have been known as many more different names some so far from death as you could get at that. And before you ask, what I meant when I mentioned picking you for this I meant when I allowed you to find and use my Hallows, I ended up choosing you for something like this." There was a slight pause in this before the powerful being in front of him, continued on.

"However, do not let that childhood story fool you in any way, as there is no way you are the Master of death or anything remotely close to that. As death has no master, it has been here since before the beginning of time and will continue to be so until the end. How that ever got twisted into the tale of the Hallows I will never know…most likely some power hunger fool who wanted to believe it or similar to that; it wouldn't be the first time something like that had happened."

Here the being, who told Harry that he was called Death but alluded to the fact he was something more, seemed to glare off in the distance for a bit. Before looking back at Harry and upon seeing his confused, if no slightly terrified face, shuffled a chuckle before continuing.

"Now I see you are confused about the letting part I said about the Hallows correct? Well, unlike what that child's tale says the Hallows weren't made to show the master of anything. Rather they were made by me so that I could find the best….I guess you say fitting help for something I need. Those Hallows made you my legacy someone who will be my hands and mouth among the world I am sending you to." Here 'Death' saw that Harry was about to start freaking out and raised a hand to stop him before continuing on; again grinning at the look on Harry's face as he did so.

"Now before you freak out about that or think that I am somehow going to control you through those Hallows know two things. That is not allowed and that I wouldn't do that to you. I also want you to know that going to the new world will not only help me but you as well. What I mean by this is the fact that yes, I will be sending you to another world to be my hands and mouth; I am also giving a new chance and a-whole-nother life as I do this. One where you will be born with a brother, a twin brother at that, and have a chance for happiness. One that you wouldn't have in this world. At least not without losing even more and even than it wouldn't be as great as the happiness that is possible for you in the world that I am sending you to "

Again, Death paused as he let what he was saying sink into Harry's head and upon seeing that Harry no longer looked anger about he was being told, but rather exited, 'Death' continued on.

"Now I can't tell you a whole lot about the new world you are going to be sent to or what is going to happen that makes it so I needed you to be my hands and mouth…that is something that is against the natural rule of things there…and here for that matter. But I can tell you that this world is completely different, yet strangely similar to the world you came from. I can also say that you will have a rather large…family or you will more so in the future, and that in the future your life will get more difficult….but to contradict that you will have a twin brother who will be with you every step of the way, you will have powers, as well as your magic…though that may change a bit given all the circumstances. Also, because I want you to be best prepared for everything, plus I think it would be funny, I am making sure that when I do send you to this new world you will also have all you memories included."

Then while Harry was absorbing all the information he had been told, and before he could really react, he found himself falling through another void; one that 'Death' had opened with a wave of his hand

As Harry disappear into the void, heading to this new world, attempted to take a closer look at 'death curious as to just what he may look like only to end up being highly confused as what he saw once he did this.

Because all he could see from underneath that pitch black cloak that seemed to make up death were eyes that looked like they were made up of the constellations; something that both highly confused Harry and for some reason also sent a shiver of fear down his spine. Something told Harry that whatever that being was he both was and wasn't death and something more on top of that. Something that had Harry highly confuses as what was more than death?