Summary- After being put through too much and having been stabbed in the back on too many times Harry decides to take a trip through the veil. Hoping his death would give him more peace then his life ever did. Only to find out once he had passed through the veil that the title of master of death is very much a real on and that not only that, but it wasn't his time to die. Instead Death makes a deal with one where he is reincarnated, in another work, with all of his memory intact. But how will Harry deal with a world where there are gods, where he is half-god, where he has a twin named Percy Jackson. Better yet how will this world deal with Harry, especially since he still the Hallows and his magic?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry potter or Percy Jackson nor do I make any many off of either of them

Chapter Seven

By the time that they had all gotten to their final stop on the bus, and after Harry stopped having his inner freak out about having possible angered the fates of the world he was now in. Both Percy and Harry had decided that, despite the fact they didn't want to hurt their friend's feelings about doing so, they really didn't want to wait for Grover to take them home.

Something that was mainly because Grover had been acting to weird sense the bus had finally gotten started back up, and he still hadn't stopped looking at them like he was planning their funeral somehow. Something that had really started to get to Harry as there was only so much mournfully staring and sighs, he could take.

Though much to Harry surprise, he really didn't have to convenes his brother to do this in the first place. As Percy himself had brought it up once Grover had headed to the bathroom after they had gotten off the bus in the first place. Something both brothers knew was going to happen as Grover didn't have the strongest of bladders; especially when he got more emotional.

Not that Harry had really argued against this, as he had been planning on doing so since Grover had first suggested waiting got him. Though at the same time even if Percy had been the one to suggest leaving before Grover got back Harry still made sure that they both even hurriedly headed off to their home, and to their mother, before Percy could second guess what they were doing.

After a quick trip with a taxi both brothers found themselves at the home they had lived in for the last couple of years. Seeing as they had moved into it shortly after their mother had met Gabe, and one that Gabe claimed as his own; even if it was their mother that had been paying for everything out of the money she earned. Seeing as all the money that Gabe earned went only for himself and the hobbies he had; hell a good chunk of their mother's money went toward Gabe as well.

One both Percy and Harry entered the house they had been calling home for the last couple of years, the found themselves pausing slightly before both of them opened the door. As they were both eager to see their mother once again; after all a whole school year was long enough away from her in both brother's mind.

Unfortunately, as they opened the door, they weren't greeted by their loving mother like they had hoped; like they had wanted. But instead what met them was a sight that had Harry clenching down on his magic so it would lash out like it so wanted to. Like it had so many times before when he hadn't cared to control it enough to stop it from lashing out.

As, as soon as they had opened the door, they were instantly hit with the scent of stale beer along with a heavy cloud of cigarette smoke. As both Harry and Percy saw, Gabe and his friends drinking, smoking and playing a game of what looked like Poker in the middle of rather trashed living room. Taking no care to clean up after them self and being rather oud and obnoxious at the same time; reminding Harry nastily of his uncle Vernon in his life as Harry Potter.

It seemed at the same time they had saw him Gabe had also noticed that they were there as well, and he wasn't any happier about them being there than they were about him being there either. For it was with a sarcastic tone, with the distain he felt for them barley even hidden, that Gabe greeted them with.

"Well if it isn't Percy, and the pretty boy bastard." After saying this Gabe put down his cards to glare at the twins. Whom he hadn't really liked when they had first meet and grown to loath after getting to know them as the children in question did give Gabe the respect, he felt he deserved.

At the same time, it was rather obvious that Gabe hated Harry more than he hated Percy, but that was probably because Harry more often went out of his way to make Gabe's life as miserable as possible.

While Percy on the other hand, only seemed to taunt him before keeping out of his way to stay with their mother. Seeing as there was a reason everyone knew that out of the two twins Percy was by far considered the nice one, while Harry was known as the one who was the most fiercely protective one; almost sadistically so too a degree. At least as long as you earned his hard-won loyalty he was. Though this didn't stop Gabe from continuing with what he was saying with.

"Hey either one of you got any money?" Harry hearing this, stopped his brother from saying anything and answered before Percy could say anything.

"No money that we have would be willing to give to you…unless you want to play us for it?" This caused the others Gabe was playing with to protest. As they had long since learned from experience that Harry seemed to either have the devils luck when it came to card games, or if not that was much better at cheating then they were at catching him seeing as they always seemed to loose a good deal of money to him when Harry did play.

Meaning they really didn't want to play cards with him again; not if they could help. Not even for whatever money that Harry, or Percy may have on them was worth letting Harry in on their game. Something that Gabe seemed to reluctantly agree with as he angrily gestured for both Harry and Percy to leave while angrily snarling out.

"Just get out of here you smug bastards, and don't get any ideas about anything now that your back. I know you've been kicked out of that school of yours…and I saw the fact your grades dropped as well... couldn't get that smug girly brother of yours to cheat for you any longer could you?!"

Harry hearing this clamped down tighter on his magic, pushed down on his more elemental geared powers and literally pulled his visible fuming brother into their room. If only to stop his brother from attack Gabe like he clearly wanted to do; like he really wanted to do for that matter as well. All the while wondering just what their mother saw in the…man to begin with.

As Harry did this be made sure to have something planned later for Gabe for what he had said, something he would be sure to go off when they had possible deniability and Gabe couldn't try to send them away or scream at their mother about it.

Until then they would just have to do their best to ignore him and do some smaller things to drive him utter insane; something Harry had a lot of skills in doing. Seeing as he had been doing if for the last couple of years, secretly enough that Harry felt their mother didn't have that big of an idea as to just what Harry had been doing; or at least hopefully she did.

Once they were in their room, which they saw that once again Gabe had taken it over and made said room his so-called office. While at the same time either shoving both brothers things out of the way or otherwise taking it over with his own junk; making it seem like it was originally his.

Seeing all of this, and after shoving some of the garbage Gabe had on his desk onto the floor, Harry couldn't help but wonder why Gabe seemed to think he needed an office, or as he sometimes called in his study? Because as Harry had seen Gabe had really never been one to actually do any type of work in said room.

In fact, the so-called office, looked like he had done anything he could do to stomp out the fact it was originally Percy and Harry's room. As now it was covered in boot marks, old car magazine and for some reason Gabe had also made the room smell strongly of his nasty cologne; which he never really wore but had around all the time.

All and all it was something that made Harry wrinkly his nose in disgust about. Just looking at it, and seeing the amount of damage he had done in the time he had, Harry knew he was going to have to use a little of his magic, unknown to anyone but him and Percy to air out said room and getting all of Gabe presence out of said room. And he would have to do it before either him or Percy went to sleep that night; otherwise Harry felt that nether him or his brother would be wiling to sleep in said room.

In fact, Harry was about to start doing just that, as well as get their own things out of the closet it had all been shoved into by Gabe, when he heard a very familiar and very much missed voice calling out to them.

"Percy, Harry, are you two here?" This caused both brothers to quickly make their way out of their mess of a room and rushed over to where the heard their mother calling for them. Neither one feeling even an ounce of shame in doing so, as they both had dearly missed their mother.

What greeted them when they did this was their mother Sally Jackson looking at them with love clear in her eyes. Honestly in Harry mind, Sally Jackson was one of the very few pure amazing women in the world; in either world he had lived in for that matter. In fact, ever since he had met her Harry had put her right up there with his originally mother Lily in that regard.

But at the same time even more so, as Harry honestly knew her better than he had ever been able to know Lily Potter. As he found out that, Sally's past wasn't so great in itself. But even despite this she still managed to so selfless; so loving.

Seeing as Her own parents had died when she was five, then she had been adopted by her uncle, whom Harry could tell from the ay she brought it up really didn't are for her much. Making her seem just all the more kind with the fact that despite the fact her uncle hadn't cared for her growing up Sally had still given up her dream to be a novelist, to help said uncle when he had fallen ill.

Then to top it all off just when things started to look better for Sally as she had fallen in love with someone; and had even begun to start her schooling once again Only for their father, to become 'lost at sea' once Sally had become pregnant with them. Leaving their mother stopping her schooling once again as she instead took up different jobs to help raise them over the years; without said father's help in that regrade.

Something that had Harry both fuming and loving his mother all the more as she never once blamed either him or his brother for what had happened. If anything, despite how troublesome he knew both himself and his brother was, their mother had loved them both with all her heart. Even with the fact they had been expelled from every school they had gone to and seemed to be regularly attacked by some sort of creature every once in a while.

Harry was knocked out of his thoughts about his mother when him and Percy got into their mother's view and she, with slight tears in her eyes, began to speak. Wrapping both brothers in a comforting but near rib crushing hug as she did so.

"Oh, Percy you've grown even taller, and Harry so have you… and have you done something with your hair it seems different…is it longer or did you get it cut?"

As she said this Sally fan her fingers through said hair and keep both boys in her hug; letting both of them get her sugary warm scent that just screamed home to Harry. And let him ignore the fact that Percy was sniggering slightly at him as Harry all but melted as his mother ran his finger though his head; remarkably like a cat being petted.

As Harry let himself relax into the hug his mother was giving him Harry was reminded of the fact that his mother was currently working at a candy dhow called sweets of America as he breathed in the soothing scents of chocolate, licorice, and other candies she usually brought home for them. Her little free samples she had gotten for both Harry and Percy. a tradition she really hadn't changed sense she had started Percy with his blue candies and Harry with his green ones.

Candies that both Harry and Percy where currently eating as they both sat at her side just enjoying the fact that they were both with their mother once more. As they did this, they both also began to tell her about the things that had happened since they had last seen her.

Or at least telling her some of the things that had happened. They hadn't brought up the museum incident or the fact that they wouldn't be allowed back to the school next year; no at the moment they were keep it light and soaking in each other's presence. Or at least they were when Gabe interrupted to peace as he shouted out.

"Hey Sally, how about some bean dip huh?!"

Hearing this Harry gritted his teeth slightly really not liking how Gabe was talking to his mother. Speaking to her like she was some kind of servant, and at the same time wondering just when he had really started do so; seeing as before they had left for school Harry had made sure to put the fear of revenger in Gabe's head to make sure he respected his mother.

But, at the same time, seeing the look in his mother's eyes decided to ignore it for now. Something he could see that Percy was biting his tongue as he fought to do the same as well. Instead they tried to bring back the mood that had been between the three before, as Harry began to talk about the more recent things that had happened. Hesitatingly bring up the museum and wonder just what he should say about that. Something that his mother seemed to notice immediately as she asked them.

"What happened, did something that scare you happen there?" Only for both brothers to instantly agree, without a word being actually said between them, that they didn't want to worry their mother about what had happened. Which was why the both of them replied with an identical.

"No mom, nothing happened." Even as after doing so, Harry felt guilty for lying to his mother. Made worse by the fact she seemed to have trusted them with what they said as she didn't push them and instead told both her children.

"I have a surprise for the two of you, were going to going to the beach." This as something that exited both brothers and before anything else could be said Percy excitedly asked.

"Montauk!?" Which earned him a smile from their mother as she replied.

"Three night. same cabin."

This got everyone smiling and Harry was about to say something when the door opened as Gabe entered the room in a huff while demanding.

"Bean Dip, Sally! Didn't you hear me earlier!?"

Harry hearing this felt his earlier anger rise back up and double. In fact, he was about to say to hell with hiding the powers he had and both curse as well as crush the man in front of him. Only to freeze from doing so with a look from his mother. A look that Harry hated as it basically screamed at both Harry and Percy, 'be nice to Gabe, just until we leave for Montauk!' So, forcing back his anger Harry listened as his mother calmly told Gabe.

"I was on my way to do so…we were just talking about our trip. " This seemed to be something that Gabe wasn't expecting as his eyes narrowed and in a rather demanding tone asked.

"The trip you were serious about that!" Harry hearing this felt a growl build up in his chest, one that got worse as the scene in front of him played out. As he heard Percy mutter out that he knew Gabe wouldn't let them go, as he heard his mother placate Gabe by telling them that she would be making him a seven layered dip, and that the money for the trip would be coming out of her clothes money. And a growl that he didn't bother to hold back when he saw how smug Gabe was about that fact.

Only for a hand the land on his shoulder as he let loose said growl trying to both calm him down and to stop him from growling after the slightly retreating Gabe. A hand that Harry knew just form the touch alone was his mother.

Something that caused Harry to look up at his mother and seeing that she was once more telling him to bear with Gabe. Knowing this Harry took a deep breath and while swearing he'd make the man pay later on when his mother wasn't there, settled for glaring at the man instead.

Warning him with his eyes that he shouldn't demand anything else from his mother or that he would face sever consequences if he did try. Something that Gabe seemed to actually take to heart as instead of demanding anything else Gabe instead said.

"Alright take you trip, but I want that dip…and there better not be a scratch on my car!" hearing this and seeing Gabe turning away to leave Harry gave a dark grin. Then unseen by anyone else case a certain revenge geared spell on the man before he began to help his mother pack for the trip they were going to; after all they really wouldn't want to be there when said spell did kick in.