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It got so tiring, the waiting. With every miserable second that passed all that he thought of was the future, what it would be like when he was aware again. It had been so long, and he yearned for the touch of a human, yearned to finally find a mate. The centuries had come and gone, and yet, here, awaiting to be unleashed, the nameless, faceless demon would wait for a millennia, as his form became human, and he was no longer a nameless, faceless being of shadows and dreams...


"...And here we have the EMF meter, which will keep track of interferences of electrically charged objects within the electromagnetic field of whatever area it is placed in..." The young man seemed perfectly happy swamped among the cameras and electrical equipment, and, having used technology like it since he was a preteen, one could surmise that he should be. As he went down the list of a quick overview of the more common machines that would be used in his experiments, he was already thinking of what the so called 'supernatural being' could be.

"So, today I'm in the Kanto region of Japan, my last stop on the list before I head back to the States. The homeowner Kiku Fujiwara has been experiencing some supernatural activity, mostly in the form of banging on the walls and a coldness in most of the rooms of the house." The shaggy-headed twenty-something was speaking into a camcorder, the footage of which he would upload to his site when the case was over with. Not that it would take a long time to solve, it was fairly open and shut, probably something completely average. With these thoughts fresh in his mind, the man started his walk around the house.

The case was very much average, just a damaged foundation in an old house, where the pipes in the walls had come loose and were hitting the walls when the water was used. The coldness came from the faulty heating in the kitchen, and bedroom, far from the rest of the house, which the self-proclaimed 'ghost debunker' chalked up to a blockage in the air vents. As he explained his findings to the camcorder he signed off with his signature line: "Well, another mystery solved and pleasant hunting to the rest of you investigators, I'm Dipper Pines, and I'll see you all back in the States!" With that said, Dipper closed the camcorder and adjusted his hat. Asia had been fun, the people there took the supernatural to a whole 'nother level, but he missed his family and couldn't wait to go back to this sister' house to finish off vacation.

Reaching for his phone, Dipper texted Mabel, his twin, the news. A few seconds had barely gone by before his phone blared out the lyrics to an ABBA song, and yes, it was perfectly acceptable to listen to a girly Icelandic pop band as an adult male, stop judging him. Dipper braced himself, answering the phone, holding it a safe distance from his ear, as Mabel shouted happily from the other end. "Hey bro-bro~!"

"Hi Mabel, so, I should be home by tomorrow afternoon, if everything goes right." Dipper skipped straight to business as he walked down the street towards a bus station.

"Yay! Things were getting pretty interesting around here, we need you to make it boring again!" Dipper was about it complain about sisterly abuse, when Mabel squealed excitedly, before continuing on from her comment, "And by interesting, I mean, a random mansion appeared in the woods, and I mean, like, it just appeared there, and the teens are already saying it's haunted! All the tourists are asking if it's going to be a new thing for the Mystery Shack, but we, me and Grunkle Stan, I mean, want your opinion on it. We haven't been there yet, but I've seen it from the outside, it looks older than Stan, and that's saying something!" She laughed loudly, and Dipper sighed, he hadn't realized he had missed his twin that much.

"And it just...appeared there? Like, no one else was around, no newcomers in town?" Dipper was skeptical about the whole thing, a house appearing out of nowhere? That was impossible, right?

"Yeah! One day it was perfectly empty woods, the next, there was a three story mansion, isn't that weird?!" Dipper was about to reply, when Mabel, apparently done with the talk of the supernatural occurrences that were oh-so-common in Gravity Falls, Oregon. "Oh! Dipper, Inari and Waddles are finally getting along!"

"Really?" The young man doubted that. Inari, Dipper's 'pet' of sorts was a magical Japanese fox called a Kitsune, a mythological (or at least thought to be) creature known for it's infinite wisdom. Inari, however, being a six-tailed Kitsune, was still a baby by magical standards. Dipper had come to possess the small bundle of purple fur when a particularly nasty spirit that had inhabited an old store of antiques and oddities, cursed a stuffed fox, and thus, Inari was born. Inari loved most of the creature he met, humans included, however, he absolutely hated Waddles, and no one could pinpoint why. Dipper found the hatred entertaining, but Mabel always tried her hardest to make them friends. "So, what makes you think that?"

"Inari isn't being mean to Waddles, he's just sitting there and letting Waddles lay all over him! Oh-Wait a second-" Dipper heard a muted conversation from the other end of the phone, and then Mabel was back on the line: "Sorry Dipper, the last tour group is here, I gotta go, talk to you later bro-bro!"

"Bye, Mabel." As Dipper reached the bus ready to take him, to the nearest international airport, he glanced at his watch, only 10 AM and it already felt so late. This was going to be a long flight.

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