Valerian Nights Chapter 3:Selkies and Demons, and Monsters, oh my!


"I don't understand." After three hours of discussion and several (read: twelve) ignored phone calls to Luc's cell, they were no closer to figuring out what mysterious creature caused the deaths of the children in Gravity Falls. "Why did this start now? Has whatever it is been dormant? Or what-it just got here?" The resident paranormal hunter was getting a little testy.

"I have no idea, Dollface. That's why I called you here." Luc sighed, "I'm working several other cases and I just started to pick up on the pattern, except, this matches nothing that's ever happened in the States." The Demonology professor pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose, a habit formed of frustration.

"How can you not know? This is what you study!" Dipper growled. All he wanted to do was find out how this thing was killing.

"I study demons, Dipper. This isn't a demon. Or a spirit, for that matter. No spirit can make something like a body disappear and leave what it leaves. Not in my experience." He motioned to the corkboard, "Salt water?" He chuckled, "Is a Selkie killing these kids?"

Dipper paused at the mention of his real (well, his most popularly used) name. Luc rarely became angry enough to not use nicknames. The case affected him more than he had previously thought. "I don't think a Selkie did it, no. We aren't close enough to the ocean for that." Dipper closed his eyes, thinking. "But," He glanced at the notes, and then began to shuffle through police reports, before looking at the map, studying the pushpins that marked where each fight had been found. "It looks like all of the bodies were found within a half-mile radius of water. That could mean something, right?"

Luc rolled his chair over to where Dipper was, pushing him away and he looked at the police reports and the corresponding places on the map. "That's...something to start on. We probably can't do anything for now though." He looked at the clock. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he had started, the heavy sound of 'Stairway to Heaven' rang out in the silence. His face contorted, annoyance coming back, as it did every time that particular theme played. "For the love of all that's holy!" He shouted, leaving Dipper in shock. Luc never shouted. The devilish man picked up his phone and glared at his former student, blue eyes weary, "Get out, Dollface, I made copies of all the notes and reports for you. If you need anything, email me, this phone call might take a while." Dipper nodded and collected the stack of notes from the cabinet the professor had pointed to. As he was about to leave the office, Luc called out, "Oh, and Dipper," The young investigator paused, "Never ignore my calls again." Not bothering to tell the angry doctor the truth, Dipper beat a hasty retreat, but not fast enough to hear the beginning of what he inferred to the the very long phone call his friend had referred to.

"Really? Thirteen calls? Are you two completely useless without my assistance?"

With that, Dipper let the door fall closed behind him, thankful the King of Hell (remained unproven) was at least civil to him.

Dipper had, at Mabel's insistence, stopped for groceries (mainly cake mixes and fruit) and was now boredly waiting at the gas station while his older than dirt car fueled up. He would later thank his lucky stars for that, as he got to overhear some teenaged idiots (had he really ever been that stupid?) talking about the other mystery haunting the small town.

"Dude, bullshit! You did not see someone in the ghost house!" One yelled, blue dyed hair falling over his eyes in some fashion that was sure to be youthful rebellion.

"I swear I did!" The red haired girl replied, indignant. "There was some dude in the house with us, me 'n my girl, I mean, he looked straight out of 'The Phantom of the Opera!' It was totally weird!"

Dipper jolted a disjointed memory passing through is memory, "Ah, all things in time, Dipper dear…" It was gone seconds later, and Dipper found himself running towards the teenagers.

"Wait a second!" The teens paused, and turned to face him.

"What's up, guy?" The short redhead asked.

At the same time, the boy scowled and said: "I didn't do anything, old man."

Dipper paused to look momentarily indignant at being called old, he was only twenty-two, for Christ's sake! "I wasn't accusing you of anything, kid." He turned his head to meet the girl's green eyes. "You saw a guy in the mansion in the woods? The haunted one?"

She stared at him. "You're Dipper Pines, right? The mystery debunker?" Seeing his nod, she continued, "Yeah, there was a blonde dude in the house. He looked pretty pissed, and me and my girlfriend booked it out of there."

"Did he say anything? Ya'know, something like his name or whatever?"

"Nah, he just stormed into the front room and looked angry." She checked over both shoulders, before leaning in, "I think he might have not known we were there. It was weird, there was a huge-ass shadow behind him. He looked normal-ish, for a guy channeling the eighteen hundreds, but his shadow had horns, and wings." She leaned back again. "I decided to get the hell out of dodge. I wasn't about to risk my ass and everlasting soul over a bet for twenty bucks and free pizza."

"Oh," Dipper looked disappointed, "so that's all?"

"Yeah, sorry Mister Pines, I wish I had more to give you." She looked at her phone and jumped. "Oh no, mom's gonna kill me, come on, Damien!" She began to run away, the taller kid - Damien, Dipper's mind supplied - in tow. "Listen, if I remember anything else, I'll post it on your messageboard! My username's Nyx-the-Chaotic!"

With those final words, the girl raced around the corner, and was gone. Dipper, though disappointed, was happy he had a lead to follow on the other strange occurrence in their small burg.

The demon roared, normally blue eye going a beastly red. That impudent thing thought it could invade his newly claimed territory. He would teach it. No one survived the Dream King's ire. This impudent milksop was no exception. With those final thoughts, he let his consciousness drift into the Mindscape to search out a food source, he would need it, for the plan he had brewing. 'It takes so much effort,' he lamented, 'to manifest outside of this old house.' But, soon, it all would be fixed, his plans were coming along quite nicely, enemy creature notwithstanding.

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