Hello guys, it's me again with a new challenge for you!

Now this one is a bit different... Okay a lot different, geez, can't you let a guy try to minimized the size of his requests?

*cough* Anyway, i'm sure you guys have AT LEAST heard of the story "FIRST MALE NIN" by Nightmares Around Winter, correct, if not, i'm very sorry for you, and you, who are fans of StarCraft, must've also had AT LEAST heard of the story "Legacy of The Overmind" by Abyssal Angel.

So this challenge is like this:

1. This has to be a Naruto/Massive Harem.

2. Orange Must be a color for Naruto's Zerg, it doesn't matter if it is a primary collor or if it's just the details of their bodies that are orange.

3. The female population of Konoha, loves Naruto, while the male population wants his head on a spike. (blunt aren't i)

4. has to have genderbends, meaning characters that normaly would have been males are female

5. All the Bijuu are female as well.

6. Some musics throw in are acceptable and advisable

7. This HAS to be a M rated story, meaning, lemons! (i know, i know, i'm a perv)

8. The Zerg when not in battle, are as docile as a puppy

If you don't understand or can't grasp what i'm asking of you guys, just read the stories i mentioned, it'll be way easier than me trying to explain.

So, i received an advice that to facilitate the challenge to you guys, i should do something akin to a summary, well here goes nothing:

Naruto is kidnapped by a rouge kunoichi by a male citizen of Konoha, where afterwards, the man begins to beat him and then plunge a knife in Naruto's chest and throw him into a river, before naruto dies, the kyuubi offers him a chance to survive, he accepts and gains all the powers from the Overmind, after recovering from his near death, Naruto and Kyuubi start learning what new things he can do, build the Zerg Sawrm at his image and use then to a better purpose than simply bein the "Scourge of the Universe".

so, this is it guys, hope someone try it this time around.