Biker Bar

B&C are not together Beckett is living together. Kate goes out for a ride on her new bike and stopped at a biker bar.

Inside the old dusty 'biker bar' it was warm with large biker bodies. Some of them in need of a bath many weeks back.

Outside it was growing cold. Thirty bikes are parked outside. Some of them gleaming like jewels, other as dirty as their riders. Into this rode a shiny, new 2014 Harley soft tail in bright blue livery. The rider dressed in complete black leather stopped the bike and parked the 781 lb bike close to the door. Stepping off the bike the rider appeared tall, this is added by the heels on the heavy boots.

As the rider removed the helmet it became obvious that the rider was a woman. The long brownish hair framing a model's face.

Stepping thru the door the woman undid her leather jacket. Pausing a moment to adjust to the warm room air, she removed her jacket. Unencumbered by the heavy coat it was clear that the body was equal to the face of a model.

Looking around the large room seeing no one she knew she walked to the bar. That walk is watched by every male who could see thru the crowd. The woman's muscles seen to flow thru the tight leather pants. Reaching the bar she spoke.

"I'll have a shot of vodka straight please. Has Josh been in yet?"

"You mean Doc?"

"Yes that him."

" Don't tell him I told you but he's out back with the blond who use to ride with 'Wolfe man.'

"Good I never asked. Double up that order."

"My pleasure."

The woman finished the two shots and then walked slowly to thru side of the room. Finding an empty table she sat down. Pulling her cell out she pressed a speed dial number.

"Hello Kate what up?"

"Just chilling out on my new bike."

"When are you getting home?"

"Oh maybe an hour. It's getting cold out."

"Want to cuddle in an hour or so?"

"Sure I'll warm up the bed. Oh and Josh just do not wake Castle when you come in. I wore him out earlier."

"Kate what Is Castle doing in you house?"

"He's resting in my bed. I told you I wore him out, but it was fun."

"Kate are you saying you are in bed with Castle?"

"Not anymore right now I'm riding my bike now."

"You f..king whore."

"Oh Josh looks who talking I can hear that blond cunt breathing in your ear."

"Kate I'm coming home and I'm going to kill Castle and beat the shit out of you."

"I'm waiting I just about to go for round two with Rick. Bye, bye Josh."

Kate disconnected the call. She punched in a new speed dial number.

"Castle, what do you need Detective Beckett?"

"Rick I need a place to stay for a few days."

"Well Miss Beckett you are always welcome in my home so come on down."

"Thank you Castle I'll be there in about an hour."

"No problem Beckett, I'll let the doorman know you are coming."

"No questions about why I need to stay at your place?"

"No questions Beckett from me."

"Thank you Rick."

She hung up and turned her attention to the door at the back.

A few minutes later the door open and a man still tucking his shirt in his pants flew out. He's distracted and did not see the woman stick out her leg tripping him.

Josh was sent flying to the bar room floor, rolling like a toy dog. As he stopped he turned onto his back to see what caused him to fall. Looking he is face to face with his girlfriend.

"Kate what the hell?"

"Your fly is still down, let he help you with it."

She reached down and reached into his pants and gripped onto his manhood, and pulled it out of his pants.

"Oh, oh so sorry. I thought it was a string it's so small.

"You bitch, you did that on purpose."

"Maybe , maybe not. You'll knew and you'll never get in my pants ever again. So long jerk and get out of my apartment by the weekend.."

Kate took that moment to kick Josh in the nuts, just for good measure.

As she was leaving a round of applause started up. Several of the bikers gave her a high-five as she left.

An hour later she knocked on Castle's door.

"Well welcome Detective Beckett your room is ready."

"Smart ass Castle, but thank you."

"How about a small glass of wine before bed?"

"Just a small glass Castle? Getting cheep?"

"I only wanted to relax you not seduce you."

"Since when Castle?"

"Since you had Motorcycle boy move in with you."

"Well that not a problem anymore so give me the big glass. I'll tell you why in the morning if I'm still alive."

So they drank a few glasses of wine and went to bed, alone.