Biker Bar

B&C are not together Beckett is living together with Josh.

"Ok Rick I'll eat and chill and give you time to think. Tomorrow after work I'm going back to my apartment. I'll wait for you to make the next move."

"Ok lets order in and you can pick the movie." After eating and watching a movie they again went to bed alone again.

Chapter 4

Double Trouble

Kate awaken to the smell of coffee, and bacon. Walking to the kitchen she saw Rick cooking breakfast.

"Is they any coffee left?"

"I just made a fresh pot. Help yourself, the eggs and bacon are just about ready. Toast is on the counter."

"Is this last meal for the soon to leave?"

"It I'm sorry I was so confusing last night. Kate I need time to reason out everything we said last night. As I said last night you hurt me deeply with what you said , I need time to decide if I can trust you again.

You do not need to leave the loft. Really I would feel safer if you stayed. It your decision to make.

So for now lets eat and go to the 12th."

"Ok Rick lets eat the go to work and take time to process our feelings.

Arriving together they each went about their jobs. Castle started working on the financials and Beckett went into the Captains office.

Over an hour later Beckett came out of the office and walked over to her old desk and spoke to Castle.

"Castle I'm being transferred to head up the patrol until a new Lieutenant is assigned in a week or so. Lieutenant Martin was promoted to Captain of the 99th. Please see me before you go home."

"Sure thing Lieutenant. Have a good day."

Beckett walked to the elevator and descended to the first floor. Castle never looked up.

Seven pm at the Castles loft.

Castle was just finishing making supper. The door chimes sounded and he walked to the expecting Beckett.

"I gave you the key so you could avoid ringing the bell."

He pulled open the door with a smile on his face only to get struck in the face.

"Surprise ass hole. I'm going to fuck you up for messing with my property, you f-king sissy."

Rick is unprepared for the attack. A punch to the face then to the gut cause him to fall on the floor.

As Josh reached out to grab him all the lesson on self-defense came rushing to his body and mind. He garbed Josh's arm and used Josh's momentum he rose to his feet quicker than Josh expected.

Caught off-balance he tried to step back. Bad for him castle had held on to his arm. Castle stepped up to the side of him and pulled Josh's arm thru an arch to the top of Josh's head. At that point a snap was heard. Josh fell away from Rick, a look of sheer terror came across his face. Dropping the arm Rick kicked out with his leg dropping Josh on the coffee table a second snapping sound was heard. Josh stayed down crying and swearing at Castle. Castle next open his phone and pressed the speed dial for the NYPD.

"911 Emergency what is your emergency?"

"This is Richard Castle I was just assaulted by an intruder. I need an ambulance and a sector car ASAP please."

"Will you stay on the line Mr. Castle I have your address. Is you life in danger?"

"Not at this time."

"Is the intruder still in your apartment?"

"Yes he is."

"Do you know who the intruder is?"

"Yes it Josh Davison. I can hear the Police coming down the hall."

"Please give the first officer your phone Mr. Castle."

The first officer entered the loft with his weapon drawn. Castle held his hands up in the air for the officer to see. Taking the phone to the officer, he stepped back.

"911 officer Mc Manus badge number 454176."

"Officer Mr. castle made the call at sever ten (7:10pm). C/O an intruder. Mr. Castle listed as an employee of the NYPD at the 12th preicent,I'm clear now this operator 778164."

About three minutes later two Para-medics entered the room. Castle told then to treat Josh first as he was hurt more.

At seven-thirty Beckett entered the loft.

"Lieutenant who call you?" The first officer asked?

"I'm a friend of Mr. Castle and his family.

"What happened here?"

"A man attacker Mr. Castle as he open the door expecting a friend. The intruder hit Mr. Castle several times. Then Mr. Castle defended himself and the intruder is injured, and Mr. Castle called 911."

"Do you know who the intruder is?"

"A Mr. Josh Davidson, he on his way to St. Michael's ER."

"DR. Josh Davidson?"

"I did not know he is a doctor, he was crying and swearing too much."

"He is a doctor and my X boyfriend."

Kate walked away from the officer and called IA to report the unpleasant incident, as Castle, and she worked for the NYPD.

Beckett took Castle to the ER to have him checked out. They never said a word to each other the entire ride. At the ER they took Castle to an exam room in the back.

A half hour later Martha and Alexis arrived.

"What did you do to my dad now detective?"

"Josh tried to beat up your dad. Your dad defended him self and hurt Josh. I was still at work. We do not work together anymore Alexis ."

"How hurt is your boyfriend, detective?"

"He is my Xboyfriend and he has a broken arm and a torn shoulder. The shoulder is so bad he may never be a surgeon again."

"I can not say I'm sorry for him, or you. How is my dad?"

"A few broken teeth and a sore gut is all. They ar just waiting for a special dentist to arrive."

"I want to see him now."

"Thru that door room 12 on the right.

He thru me out but I waited for you to arrive to tell you the official story. Bye for if you need anymore information I'll be at my apartment."