Biker Bar

Chapter 6

What happen to Beckett

"Detective Beckett is missing and we found some of her things at a landfill, but no body.

A half hour later A bright red Jag pulled up to the yellow tape. Out stepped a tall regal man with a very worried look on his face. Castle walked slowly over to Gates and the boys. He has a feeling he is not going to like what Gates has to say.

"Hello Captain what things of Beckett's do you want to me to see?"

"Look at these things and tell me if they may belong to Detective Beckett."

Castle looked at the blouse and slacks, tear appear in his eyes.

"I remember Beckett wearing both the day she bought them the day she returned from DC."

"Are they also Beckett's?"

Gates showed him the torn underwear.

"I have never seen them on Beckett. I have seen them in the wash when she spent the three days at the loft after Josh threaten her a few weeks back."

"Ok Captain where is her body?"

"That Mr. Castle we have not found yet."

"Where is Josh? I'm sure he did this to Kate he said he would destroy her, and cut her to pieces."

Castle has tears in his eyes and hatred in his heart.

"As of fifteen minutes ago we were unable to find him. I have issued a APB. "

"I do not want to be around here when or if you find her body."

He starts to walk away then returns to the group. Castle turns back to the group.

"Just an observation, as a crime novelists, her shirt, and jeans appears that she removed them with out help. I.E. they are not torn or ruffed up.

Her underwear on the other hand, looks like she did not take them off herself, not willingly that is primly she fight with someone. Some trying to rape her. Seeing as you found them with out her, she lost the fight and it looks like she may have lost much more.

I'll be at my loft, please keep me informed, of any development."

With tears in his eyes, Castle walked back to his car and drove off.

Five hours later Esposito called him to tell him that Beckett's car was found in Toronto Canada, and no body was found at the landfill.

So the FBI and RCMP were now on the case.

Finding Beckett's car was the last piece of information that was to be found for the next eighteen months(18).

After searching on his own for a year and finding nothing, Castle end his search and started to accept the idea that Kate was dead.

Castle wrote one last Heat book in which Nikki disappears never to be found. That Heat book 'Lost Heat' was the last book he wrote in the series.

He moved to San Francisco into a home high on a hill.

Eighteen month after Lt. Beckett went missing the RCMP notified the FBI, and the NYPD that they found and arrested Josh Davidson in Alberta Candia at two am(2) this morning.

Castle made arrangements to fly to Alberta. He called his old friend who was a high official in the RCMP.

As Castle's private jet set down on the private airfield, a RCMP cruiser pulled aside it. Rick and Kate's father disembarked and entered the car. A short drive to the central holding cell and Rick greeted by a RCMP officer with four thick gold stripes.

"Richard it's so good to see you again."

"Jon it is good to see you also. I wish it was a better reason."

"Richard what do you know about this Josh Davidson?"

"Josh was Kathryn boy friend just before she disappeared. He attacked me in my home. In the fight he injured his shoulder. He can't do surgery anymore.

He made threats to her that was over heard by others, He said he would destroy her, and tear her apart."

"Well he was working as a MD in a small clinic just outside Alberta. A retired NYPD cop recognized him and called it in and followed him to his home."

"Have you searched his home yet?"

"Up here we need a Magistrate to investigate the need to issue an order."

"Would if help if the FBI stated that he is a suspect in a murder of a police officer?"

"I do not know? Do you have the Horse power to get that done?"

"Yes I do, I have a friend who's married to the greatest Forensic Anthropologist in the world."

"Dr. Temperance Brennan-Booth right?"

"She works for us also. Make your call please."

Rick placed the call, it was only 8am on Saturday morning in DC.

"This Deputy Direction Booth. To whom am I speaking?"

"Rick Castle, Seely I need your help ASAP."

"Sorry your cell said unknown. What can I do for you. I'm sorry for loss of Kate."

"That why I'm calling Booth . I'm in Canada, Alberta exactly. The RCMP just arrested Kate's Xboyfriend. Up here you need a Magistrate to invertergate before applying for a search warrant."

"Who do I call Rick?"

Booth heard talking in the background.

"The number is 213/556/4545, The person is Deputy Commissioner William Van De Clift."

"I'll call you right back."