This is a parody of the Phineas and Ferb episode, "Night of the Living Pharmacists."

Chapter One: The First Transformation

Glumshanks welded a piece of metal to a large laser-like machine. He lifted up his protective face shield and called, "It's ready, Lord Kaos."

Kaos laughed evilly. "Excellent!" He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. He had a good feeling about this plan.

"Yeah, uh, could you maybe tell me what the plan is now?" Glumshanks requested.

"You see, Glumshanks," Kaos explained, "everyone knows that the Skylanders are the most powerful beings in all of Skylands. Ergo, I will use this device to make them my minions! Then I, Kaos, shall finally rule over Skylands!" He pushed his butler out of his way as he inspected his machine. "Out of my way! I wanna see what this baby can do!"

Glumshanks just rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, out a grassy field - where the Skylanders would often go to train, due to the vast amount of space - Wrecking Ball ran with all his might. "Spyro!" He called in distress. "Tell Hot Dog to stop chasing me!"

Hot Dog was hot on his trail, repeatedly crying out, "Ball! Ball!" in excitement.

Wrecking Ball ran behind Spyro, who glared at the fire dog and called, "Heel, Hot Dog!" Hot Dog skidded to a stop in front of him. "Sit." Hot Dog sat. "Stay."

Hot Dog narrowed his eyes. "Oh, you did not just put me in a sit-stay."

Spyro ignored his annoyance. "Hot Dog, how many times do I have to say it? Wrecking Ball is not an actual ball. He's a Skylander."

Hot Dog's ears drooped. He hated reprimands. "But, he's round and colorful..."

"So are a lot of things, but doesn't make them balls or chew toys or bones."

Realizing something rather embarrassing, Hot Dog swallowed thickly. "Uh, speaking of bones..."

Spyro and Wrecking Ball jumped in surprise, when Funny Bone's head popped out of the ground, and the skeletal dog started gasping for air. Spyro and Wrecking Ball glared at a guilty Hot Dog.

"Nevermind," Hot Dog muttered in shame.

Spyro sighed. "Hot Dog, dig him up."

Hot Dog nodded. He dug so fast and hard that he ended up sending mounds of dirt flying behind him. Funny Bone crawled out of the hole and looked behind Hot Dog. Hot Dog around but wished that he didn't. Spyro and Wrecking Ball were half-buried. Spyro fixed him with an irritated look, but Wrecking Ball was blissfully digging. A blue butterfly-like creature flew out of the dirt.

"Look!" Wrecking Ball piped. "I found a winged sapphire!"

Kaos grabbed the controls of his machine. He pressed a few buttons, but Glumshanks noticed this and panicked. "Lord Kaos! That's not-"

Kaos shooed him away. "I know what I'm doing."


"I know what I'm doing!" The machine started sparking. "Uh, is it suppose to do that?"

The machine fired a single blast and then exploded, sending Kaos and Glumshanks flying across the room.

"Hot Dog, I understand that you are a dog, and you behave as such," Spyro explained. "There's wrong with that, but you have to learn to keep your instincts under wraps."

Suddenly, the fire dog caught sight of a green beam heading straight for Spyro! He barked incoherently in panic.

"Hot Dog, use your words," Funny Bone requested.

Pain shot through Spyro as the beam made contact with him, and he fought against the blackness that was threatening to swallow him. Wrecking Ball, Funny Bone, and Hot Dog stared in horror, as their leader's entire being sparked with purple electricity and contorted into-

"Kaos!" Wrecking Ball hissed.

It was true. Spyro looked exactly like Kaos, but with eyes that faced opposite directions.

"He did something to Spyro!" Funny Bone exclaimed. Hot Dog growled in anger.

Kaos-Spyro walked mechanically up to them. "Lots of me," he said in a monotone-version of Kaos' voice. He touched Wrecking Ball and Funny Bone, who became engulfed in purple electricity and morphed into Kaos', as well.

"Lots of me," the three Kaos' said repeatedly.

Panicked by the sudden turn of events, Hot Dog barked loudly and ran off to find help.

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