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Chapter Three: Fixing the Problem

Glumshanks turned around and stared in horror at the Kaos behind him. "Lots of me," it said. It chuckled. "I'm just kidding. It's me."

Glumshanks sighed in relief. "Lord Kaos. I never thought I'd be so happy to see you."

"Likewise," Kaos replied, not noticing the underlying insult. "But, seriously, how do we get rid of all those me's."

"But, I thought you were excited about having an entire army of yourself?"

Kaos rolled his eyes and scoffed. "I was, Glumshanks. But, they don't do anything but wander aimlessly, touch people, and say 'Lots of me.' One of me is enough, thank you very much."

Glumshanks thought for a minute. "You know, if we can fix the device, but reverse the polarity, we should be able to turn everyone back to normal."

Kaos waved his hand to silence the butler. "Quiet, Glumshanks! I'm trying to think." He snapped his fingers. "I've got it! We'll fix the device, but reverse the polarity!" Glumshanks facepalmed. "That should turn everyone back to normal!"

Glumshanks rolled his eyes. "Brilliant plan, sir."

"Indeed it is." He grabbed the doorknob, but the door wouldn't open. "What? Why isn't this opening? Oh, if those me's locked us in here..."

In fact, the Kaos-zombies did just that. "Less of me," they said, as one of them jammed a chair against the closet's doorknob. "Less of me."

"Oh, sure, turn on your creator," Kaos called sarcastically. "You guys are all cliché!"

Meanwhile, a few Kaos-zombies approached the damaged machine. One closed the door behind it, and they all touched their necks, reverting back to the forms of three Skylanders, Flynn, and Cali.

"Nice cloaking-devices, Sprocket," Cali praised. "Okay, here's the plan: Sprocket and I will fix that machine. Something tells me it's what caused this mess in the first place. Hot Dog, Roller Brawl, Flynn, you guys guard the door. Make sure no Kaos's get in."

With a cocky smile, Flynn put his arm around Cali's shoulder, much to her annoyance. "Don't worry, Cali. I promise nothing bad will happen while I'm around." Some Kaos-zombies were heard outside, and Flynn jumped into Cali's arms and screamed.

Cali dropped him. "Let's get to work."

"I'll scope the place out," Roller Brawl said.

Hot Dog stopped her before she left. "You can't go out there alone! I'll come too."

Roller Brawl nodded. "Okay." They left the room.

"Those two have been gone for a while." Sprocket noted later, worried for her friends.

Cali shrugged. "Well, the machine's almost finished, so if they're Kaos, then we can fix them. I hope."

Flynn flinched at the moaning coming from behind the door. He slowly opened it and was relieved to find Hot Dog and Roller Brawl staring blankly at him. "Oh, it's just you two."

To his horror, their bodies suddenly contorted into Kaos-zombies. "Lots of me."

Flynn slammed the door shut. "We lost two more," he squeaked. He gasped and pointed to the window. "Look!"

The girls turned and saw dozens of Kaos-zombies crash through the window. "Lots of me. Lots of me."

Sprocket frantically worked on the controls. Cali ordered, "Hurry, Sprocket!" She yelped as a zombie touched her and she began transforming. "Lots of me."

"No, not Cali!" Flynn called in dismay. Anger surged through him. That was the last straw. "That's it! I've had it with all of you! Sprocket, you finish this!" He pulled off his shirt and ran off. "Come and get me, Kaos! Fresh meat!" One of the zombies touched him. "Lots of me."

"Why the heck would he take off his shirt?" Sprocket wonder aloud. She shrugged and closed an open panel.

"Lots of me." A Kaos-zombie touched her.

"M-must p-p-press." Sprocket stammered, managing to press the on-button just before she transformed. "Lots of me." The machine sent a shock-wave throughout Skylands.

Later, Roller Brawl, Hot Dog, Sprocket, Cali, and Flynn met up in the village. "Looks everything's back to normal," Cali commented. "Well done, team."

Flynn once again wrapped his arm around Cali's shoulders. "Why, thank you, Cali. You know, every team needs a brave, masculine member to succeed, and I-"

"I can kill you eight different ways." Cali told him.

Flynn quickly removed his arm from her shoulders and took a few steps away from her. "Right. Got it."

"You know," Roller Brawl said, "it occurs to me that we haven't seen the real Kaos once throughout this whole incident."

"Hey, she's right," Sprocket confirmed.

"Yeah," Hot Dog said. "I wonder where he was all this time."

Meanwhile, Kaos and Glumshanks were still trapped in the closet. "I have an idea." Kaos stated. "I saw this on TV once. All we have to do is ram into the door hard enough to open it."

Glumshanks looked at him like he was more insane than usual. "Lord Kaos, I don't think-"

"On three!" Kaos positioned himself in preparation for running. Rolling his eyes, Glumshanks did the same. "One, two, three!" They ran into the door, which didn't budge. "This may take a while."

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