Author's Note: Short little Ino/Sakura friendship vingette because I love their friendship so damn much.

Ino can't help the smile that's stamped all over her face as she curls and pins Sakura's silky pink hair. She's come so far so fast, and sometimes Ino wonders how they've managed to make it here at all. There were many times, she muses as she twists strands of hair, when she thought Sakura would break.

But Sakura is the strongest kind of flower, the one that gets cut but grows back taller and straighter. Ino is proud to be in the same bouquet as this woman, proud to call Sakura her best friend. Their friendship may have withered, but it never died. She clips the final section of hair.

Now they're here and hours away from Sakura's wedding to the boy they used to fight over. It was a stupid thing to fight over and ruin their friendship, but Ino can't regret it because it made Sakura the woman she is today: a person who's not afraid to fight for who she loves.

Ino sees the way that Sasuke looks at her best friend now, and Sakura's radiating happiness is her victory too. She doesn't want Sasuke like that, not anymore, so it's effortlessly easy to be happy for the girl who deserves so much. Maybe someday Ino will get her happy ending too. But right now, she is beyond proud to stand beside Sakura as she pledges her love and her life.

"I call godmother rights," she teases as she whirls the chair around so Sakura can see her reflection in the mirror. Sakura smirks. "Of course, pig. That also means you're the first one we call to babysit."

Ino yanks and adjusts the white fabric over Sakura's finally-expanding chest and returns the smirk. "You're on. Your kid will love me better than you in no time."

Sakura anxiously turns and examines her mirror image. "Do I look okay? Do you think Sasuke-kun will-"

"Shut up, you're beautiful." Ino pins a white peony behind Sakura's ear before pulling her into a tight hug. "I love you, Forehead Girl. You know that, right?" Sakura fights tears. "Yeah. I love you too, Ino-pig."

Ino pulls away and straightens. "Then let's go get you married."