Kunoichi Friendship Drabbles Series
Title: Busted
Summary: Hinata hits an unexpected snag in her wedding preparations.
Characters: Hinata, Hanabi, Sakura, Tenten, Ino, Kurenai
Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999.
Note: I know that in canon she wears traditional Japanese wedding garb. Not in this fic, because otherwise this wouldn't work.

"Oooh, Hinata, you lucky girl. This is the best part of getting married."

Ino sighs in pure bliss as they enter the bridal shop. Behind her, Hinata and her sister-slash-maid-of-honor Hanabi pass through the door, followed by Sakura, Tenten, and Kurenai. None of them have ever had an excuse to be in a store full of luxuriant wedding gowns before, and they gaze around in slack-jawed awe.

Standing slightly back, Kurenai smiles sadly. Noticing this, Hinata turns and pulls her old sensei in for a hug. Kurenai pulls away, shaking her head.

"Today is your day, pretty girl. Don't worry about me." She smiles reassuringly at Hinata and guides her over toward a dress rack.

The other girls have already scattered across the store, oohing and aahing over fabrics and lace and sparkles. They yank dresses of a myriad styles off the racks: mermaid gowns, ball gowns, sheath dresses. Some are lace, some are tulle, and others are silk. Some are sleeveless with keyhole backs and others are long-sleeved and conservative.

Hinata looks around, completely overwhelmed. But she is spared the effort of digging through the racks herself by the reconvergence of her friends, who have brought her no less than twenty-seven wedding dresses to try on.

Hinata looks at the large pile in dismay. There are so many...

Hanabi grins and ribs her sister with her elbow. "You ready?"

Ino sorts delicately and shoves the first dress into Hinata's arms. "Of course she's ready, she was born ready. Why wouldn't she be, she's been in love with Naruto for forever, and this is the day she's been waiting for!"

Hinata frowns. "I'm just happy that Naruto-kun returned my feelings..."

But Ino doesn't hear a word of this as she shoves Hinata into the dressing room.

As Hinata is changing, the girls sort through the dresses, arguing over their favorites. Ino insists that a silk mermaid dress would look fabulous, with a giant diamond pin sitting on the hip. Sakura tells her she's being ridiculous, and that Hinata would look best in a delicate lace dress. Hanabi declares that they're both wrong, and that her sister should wear a large, poofy ball gown like a princess.

Meanwhile, Tenten lifts one of the tulle dresses between her fingertips, staring at it like it's a live snake. Making a face, she drops it back into the pile. She digs for a minute, and then finally finds one that she's least offended by. It's a simple one-shoulder silk sheath dress, and she holds it in front of herself for inspection.

"Oooh, Tennie's got good taste!"

Kurenai smiles to herself as the other three girls gather around Tenten, who is looking uncomfortable around all the finery. As they start gushing over the dress, the changing room door opens a crack and Hinata peeks out.

Ino whirls around. "Well don't be shy, let's see it!"

Hinata turns bright red and shakes her head. "I don' think that's a good idea."

But Hanabi yanks the door open, and they all gasp as Hinata falls out. She's still bright red as she straightens herself and smoothes out the wrinkles of the dress. It's a tight-fitting mermaid gown with glass beads sewn all over the dress. The neckline is a deep v, plunging down past her breasts.

And that's where the problem lies.

Ino makes a face. "Yeah, that's not gonna work."

A chorus of "Definitely not." "Nope." and "Oh dear." follow Ino's declaration of failure.

Poor Hinata's breasts are spilling out of the gown, the fabric stretched too tight and unable to cover an adequate amount of her ample chest. She covers her chest with her arms self-consciously.

Sakura steps over to the pile and picks out a lace dress with a high collar and short sleeves. "My turn to pick!" She smiles and hands the dress to Hinata, who accepts it and turns back to the dressing room.

After a few minutes of waiting and the distinct sounds of struggle coming from inside the small room, Hinata sighs and calls for help. Hanabi shrugs out of her jacket and joins her sister.

"Oh wow, yeah, she's stuck in this thing," she calls. The other girls, less well-endowed, snicker good-naturedly.

After a few more minutes of struggle, Hanabi calls out again. "Hey guys, this one isn't going to work either." Sakura frowns. "Why not?"

Hanabi snickers. "We can't get it down over her boobs."

"Hanabi!" Hinata's voice shrills.

"Sorry, not sorry," Hanabi sing-songs.

The girls pass another dress to Hinata through the door. This time it's one of the poofy ball-gowns with a sleeveless bodice and a sweetheart neckline. A few more minutes pass and Hanabi can be heard sighing disappointedly through the door.

Ino scowls. "What's wrong with this one?"

"Well, we've got the opposite problem with this one. She's got the skirt on just fine, but we can't get the rest of it up over her boobs. There's too much of her." There is a snicker followed by a loud "Ow!" as Hinata pinches her.

Ino is not about to give up. "Bring her out and I'll see what I can do."

"Ino, I don't really think that's such a good idea."

But the blonde never takes no for an answer. Jerking the door open, she pulls Hinata out. The poor girl has her arms crossed tightly over her chest, and the fabric of the bodice is bunched up just beneath her arms. Ino glares at the dress. "I'm gonna make it fit."

"Ino-pig, that's not how it works-"

"Shut it, Forehead, I know what I'm doing."

With that, Ino grabs the dress and starts yanking upward, startling Hinata into a loud screech as the blonde knocks her arms out of the way. It's a disaster of a tug-o-war as Ino repeatedly tugs on the fabric, which refuses to stretch to accommodate Hinata.

"Pig, you're going to rip it!" Sakura screeches, grabbing at the dress to pull it out of Ino's hands.

"I said shut up! I've got this!" Ino snarls, yanking harder.

Poor Hinata is caught between them, her chest swinging wildly as they fight over the fabric.


Everyone in the room freezes and all heads swivel toward the door, where Naruto is standing looking very, very confused. Hinata, whose chest is exposed, screams and bolts into the changing room.

There is a chorus of screams of "GET OUT" by all of the kunoichi, but Naruto stands there dazed with glazed eyes. "Hinata-chan was..."

"GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT, YOU IDIOT," Sakura screams and pushes him out the door, "AND YOU WILL FORGET YOU EVER SAW THAT."

"Yeah," he says distractedly, "sure thing, Sakura-chan." He wanders off down the street, unnoticingly bumping into people along the way.

Huffing, Sakura turns back to the inside of the store. The other girls are gathered outside the dressing room door, trying to console Hinata.

"I forgot I was supposed to meet him for lunch," she wails.

"Hina baby, it's okay," Ino coos, "It's nothing he's not going to see anyway."

Hinata wails louder.

Tenten frowns. "We should just come back later. Obviously this isn't working out right now."

The other girls grudgingly agree. But Hinata pops out and shakes her head, her lavender eyes determined. "No, hand me the one you picked out, Tenten."

Surprised, Tenten hands it over.

It doesn't take long for Hinata to get this dress on, and as the door opens there is a collective gasp. The dress hugs her curves perfectly, not too tight either on the hips or the chest. It fits snugly and flows down to the floor in a cascade of simple, unembellished silk. A simple, diamond-studded belt is the gown's only adornment.

"OH MY GOD, YES. THIS IS THE ONE." Ino shrieks, tears in her eyes.

"Hinata, you look beautiful." Sakura, too, is crying, hands covering her wide smile.

Hanabi, choked up, doesn't say anything, but pulls her sister into a tight hug.

Hinata turns to Tenten, "Thank you, Tenten. You really do have great taste." Her smile is brilliant. The weapons mistress blushes and shakes her head.

Kurenai comes forward then, holding out something in her hand. Hinata takes it, and it turns out to be a silver pendant necklace. She looks questioningly at her sensei.

"You'll need something borrowed, remember? Asuma gave this to me." She nods at the necklace. Hinata stares at it in awe. "But it's so precious to you, I couldn't-"

But Kurenai shakes her head. "I insist."

Ino breaks in then, wrapping an arm around Hinata's shoulders. "Well, there's something borrowed, and I've got your something blue." She winks mischieviously as Sakura pulls out a paper bag from behind a chair. Ino grabs it from her and hands it to Sakura.

"This one is from me and Forehead Girl. Try not to have too much fun."

Hinata turns ten different shades of red as she pulls out a matching lacy blue bra and thong. "Um...thank you?" Ino smirks and Sakura just shakes her head.

"That's what friends are for."