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Optimus managed to pin down Megatron with his foot. He aimed his charged cannon at the Decepticon leader's head.

"Optimus, please no more!" begged Megatron, "grant me mercy, I beg of you!"

"You, who are without mercy, now plead for it?" scoffed Optimus, "I thought you were made of sterner stuff."

Just before Optimus could fire, he suddenly heard a cannon fire from a distance. The shot quickly hit him in the side, causing him to shout in pain as he collapsed to the ground. He turned his head and noticed that it was Shockwave who shot him. Megatron seized the chance and freed himself before he aimed his cannon at Optimus.

"I would've waited an eternity for this," sneered Megatron, "it's over, Prime."

Just then, Elita, Bumblebee, Arcee and Smokescreen showed up and saw that Megatron was about to finish off their beloved leader.


Elita and Arcee attacked Megatron, taking him by surprise. While the Decepticon leader was distracted, Smokescreen and Bumblebee helped Optimus stand to his feet.

"Sentinel made it out, sir," assured Bumblebee, "his mission was successful."

"Thank you," smiled Optimus, "how is your progress on the drones in the city?"

"What drones?" smirked Bumblebee.

"We took out most of them," added Smokescreen, "Ironhide and the others are looking for the rest."

"For now," nodded Optimus, "we should deal with subduing Megatron."

Just as Arcee and Elita cornered Megatron, they suddenly noticed shots hitting the Decepticon leader, even if they didn't exactly fire at him. They turned to notice…

"Your time is up, Lord Megatron!" sneered Starscream.

"You Pit-accursed traitor!" shouted Megatron.

"Ok," muttered Arcee, "this just got really weird."

"You take the Space Dorito," suggested Elita, "Big, Dumb and Ugly is mine."

Optimus managed to recover from the attack as Arcee charged at Starscream. He stepped towards Elita and Megatron, catching their attention.

"In that case," proposed Optimus, "we take him on together."

"Agreed," nodded Elita.

Optimus and Elita began fighting Megatron as Bumblebee and Smokescreen charged at Shockwave, dodging his flail every time he swung it at them. Suddenly, the Decepticon leader managed to grab Optimus by the neck and was about to rip it off, but Elita quickly shot Megatron twice in the head, causing him to loosen his grip as he collapsed to the ground. The Autobot leader waited to see if Megatron would get back up and attack him, but he didn't. It seemed apparent that the shots killed him.

"You leave me no choice, brother," sighed Optimus.

Optimus focused his optics on Elita.

"Thank you for saving my life," smiled Optimus.

"You're welcome, Optimus," replied Elita.

Optimus and Elita looked around and noticed that the Decepticons began to retreat as the Autobots gathered around the Decepticon leader's corpse.

"We took care of the drones," reported Ironhide, "should I contact Sentinel?"

"Please do so," nodded Optimus.

Optimus noticed that Prowl was carrying Jazz's corpse, which was missing his head and his arms.

"Jazz," whispered Optimus.

"I'm sorry, Optimus," explained Prowl, "but I couldn't save him."

"We will arrange a funeral for our fallen comrade," replied Optimus.

Just then, Sentinel arrived and allowed Bailey to hop out before transforming into his robot mode.

"But at the same time," continued Optimus, focusing his optics on Lennox and Epps, "we have gained new ones. You honor us with your bravery."

Just as Optimus finished speaking, the Autobots noticed that surviving civilians began approaching the Autobots with curiosity.

"Hey," called a civilian, eyes focusing on Bailey, "isn't that Tiger Fang?"

"Huh?" warbled Bailey.

"Oh, Primus," groaned Sentinel, "how are we supposed to explain what happened to these humans?"

"Don't worry," assured Epps, "we'll come up with something."

Bailey beckoned Sentinel to kneel down to her level.

"Is something the matter, Bailey?" asked Sentinel.

"When we get done with dealing with the publicity," requested Bailey, "can we head back to the base and pack up my things so I can be there for Sophie?"

"We'll have to discuss that with Mearing," answered Sentinel.

Sentinel glanced around the area.

"Besides," continued Sentinel, "I'm not sure if we'll be able to explain about this incident."

"Not to worry," assured Lennox, "the government has that covered."

Sentinel noticed military vehicles arriving at the scene, which meant Lennox was right. Soldiers and police officers swarmed the area while Sentinel pulled out the small control panel.

"I suppose we'll return to base," agreed Optimus.

After Sentinel teleported the Autobots to base, he and Bailey headed for Mearing's office.

"…We have the situation under control now," explained Mearing, "but we'll have to confront the higher officials at some point."

"Thank you, Mearing," replied Sentinel, "but I have a request: I would like to accompany Bailey so she can be there for her sister."

There was a moment of silence as Mearing thought over the question.

"All right," nodded Mearing, "if Megatron is indeed dead, then I suppose it is safe for Bailey to visit her family. But, I have a feeling that your war is not over, so I'll have Optimus notify you of any Decepticon activity."

"Yes," assured Sentinel, "but I know Optimus can lead the Autobots in my absence. And I thank you for your kindness."

Sentinel led Bailey out of the office and outside the hangar, where Optimus was waiting.

"Are you really going to leave for Cybertron?" asked Bailey.

"We could," answered Sentinel, "but based on what Mearing said, I highly doubt that the Decepticons would leave Earth alone."

"So the war is far from over," sighed Optimus.

"That's why I'd like you to keep Decepticon activity under control while I'm away," requested Sentinel, "Bailey wants me to accompany her while she visits her family."

"I won't let you down, Nasutn'on," nodded Optimus.

"I'm so proud of you, Optimus," smiled Sentinel.

Sentinel pulled the small control out of his subspace compartment and handed it to Optimus.

"Now," continued Sentinel, "if you'll excuse me, I must help Bailey pack up."

Sentinel led Bailey into the medical bay, where she handed the other bracer to Ratchet so he can return it to Akane when she recovers. They returned to the elder Prime's living quarters, where Bailey packed up her clothes and some of her games along with her wallet, her chargers and her hairbrush among many things. She pulled out her smart phone and began calling Clayton.

"Hey, Clayton," sang Bailey, "how are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine," replied Clayton over the phone, "did you see the news about the attack at New York City?"

"Not really," said Bailey, "I was going to let you know that I'm going to be away for a month or so."

"Why?" asked Clayton over the phone, "what happened?"

"Sophie attempted suicide yesterday," explained Bailey, "and she's currently at the hospital. I was going to head over to my family so I could be there for her."

"Seriously?" exclaimed Clayton over the phone, "that sounds horrible! But I understand how you feel. Ok then, I'll tell Olive and Fred about the news."

"Thanks, Clayton," smiled Bailey, "I'll see you later."

Bailey hung up before focusing her eyes on Sentinel.

"I told Clayton that I'm going to be away for a while," reported Bailey.

"Oh, good," replied Sentinel, "and I suppose you're ready to go?"

"Yeah," nodded Bailey, "and after I visit Sophie, maybe I should register for my classes."

"What do you mean?" asked Sentinel.

"I have to take one more year worth of classes before I can earn my degree," clarified Bailey, "I'm planning to get into the video game industry, so I can help make video games."

"Ah," mused Sentinel, "I can see why that career fits you."

Sentinel scooped up Bailey, allowing her to stroke the smooth wires that made up his beard. She could hear him making the deep purring sound that accompanied this action, so she gently pressed her lips against his. Not surprisingly, he shifted his lip plates ever slightly to return the kiss as he closed his optics. After a moment, they broke off the kiss and the elder Prime set her down onto the ground.

"So," asked Sentinel, "where does your family live?"

Bailey gave Sentinel the details of the location of her family's residence.

"All right," nodded Sentinel, "let's head over there, shall we?"

A month and a half has passed since the major battle in New York City. Bailey, Sentinel and her parents would spend some time at the hospital to keep Sophie company, even when she was still in a comatose state. At the moment, Sophie just woke up while Bailey, Sentinel's holoform and Nigel were in the hospital room with her.

"Hey, Sophie," smiled Nigel, "are you doing ok?"

"Am I….in heaven?" whispered Sophie.

"No," answered Bailey, "you're still in the land of the living."

Sophie focused her eyes on Bailey, even if her vision was rather blurry.

"Why am I still alive?" asked Sophie.

"Because there is still hope for you," assured Sentinel.

"How can there still be hope for me when my friends ditched me?" objected Sophie.

"Because they don't know you better than you do," replied Sentinel.

"Besides," added Bailey, "we're still here for you, no matter what."

"Oh," smiled Sophie, "thanks, sis."

"So are you going to try therapy sessions like your mom suggested?" asked Nigel.

"Maybe," nodded Sophie.

Bailey gave a soft smile in relief, confident that Sophie would make an excellent recovery.

That evening, Sentinel and Bailey drove to the countryside where no one could see the elder Prime's robot mode. Sentinel sat down with Bailey in his lap as they gazed at the stars.

"The stars sure look pretty," smiled Bailey.

"Of course they do," nodded Sentinel.

Sentinel pointed at one star.

"Rigel," continued Sentinel.

Sentinel pointed to another star.

"And Betelgeuse," concluded Sentinel.

"Yep," agreed Bailey, "my first boyfriend also had a collection of astronomy books and he would let me read them sometimes. I honestly enjoyed reading those books."

"So did I," replied Sentinel, "I loved astronomy from a very young age. I always wished I could travel to the stars...and now I have!"

"Wow," chirped Bailey, "you are so lucky!"

"Of course I am," chuckled Sentinel.

Smiling, Bailey embraced to Sentinel as he gently stroked her back. After what happened to be a long moment of silence, Bailey heard her smart phone go off, prompting her to answer it.

"Who is it?" sang Bailey.

"It's me, Akane," replied Akane over the phone.

"Oh," chirped Bailey, "hi, Akane! How are you feeling?"

"I feel better now," answered Akane over the phone, "Optimus told me that you helped Sentinel recover the bracer. I am proud of you for that."

"Yeah," agreed Bailey, "and now the AllSpark is complete."

"Do you know when the Autobots are going to return to Cybertron?" asked Akane over the phone.

"I honestly don't know," answered Bailey, "why do you ask?"

"Cosmosis is currently developing technology that is friendly to the environment," explained Akane over the phone, "I was wondering when we should return the AllSpark."

"I'll talk to Sentinel about it, ok?" assured Bailey.

"Thank you, Bailey-san," smiled Akane over the phone.

Bailey burst out in laughter for a brief moment.

"Did I say something funny?" asked Akane over the phone.

"It's the way you're addressing me," replied Bailey, "but nothing offensive, I swear!"

"That's all right," smirked Akane over the phone, "I'll let you get back to what you were doing."

"Ok, bye," nodded Bailey.

Bailey hung up before focusing her eyes on Sentinel.

"Akane called," explained Bailey, "she was asking how I was doing."

"Oh," replied Sentinel, "perhaps we could join your family for dinner soon?"

"Yeah," nodded Bailey, "Mom said that we're eating out at Applebee's."

"Let me know when you're ready to go," advised Sentinel.

Sentinel and Bailey continued to gaze at the stars for only a little while. After about several minutes have passed…

"Ok," called Bailey, "I'm ready to go."

"All right," acknowledged Sentinel.

Sentinel let Bailey jump off his lap before standing up to his feet and transforming into his alternate mode. She hopped into the Rosenbauer Panther and buckled up. After that, the elder Prime drove down the road until they reached the city, determined to locate the Applebee's. Bailey knew that the war was not over yet, but she knew for certain that now the Autobots have the AllSpark, there is still hope. Maybe the war will end someday and the Autobots will restore Cybertron. For now, Bailey and Sentinel can just enjoy the peace they have before they're supposed to return to base tomorrow.

All right, readers! This is the last chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading this fic. It'll be a while before I begin writing the sequel.