A.N. So in the last few chapters Lily gathered a bit of hate and anger but that's fine, Lily isn't my favourite character I've ever written. Humans are selfish creatures and Lily is at the end of her rope. Everybody makes mistakes and regrets and there will be some more explanation to those wrong doings in chapters to come. Enjoy the chapter.

Disclaimer: JKRowling owns Harry Potter.

I sit at the small kitchen table clutching my tea. It feels strange to sit in the small but unbelievably clean and tidy kitchen. Even the houselves don't get things this sparkly and they have magic! I wonder how many hours she spends cleaning the house, if her OCD has gotten worse over the years. We've both been sat here for the last ten minutes not saying a single word, not even daring to breathe too loudly. The awkwardness of the atmosphere is almost choking.

"Err... where's Vernon?" I say finally, trying to break the stagnant silence.

"Work" she says shortly. "...James?"

"Same...How's er David-"



"...He moved out."

I take another sip of the tea.

"You have two don't you?"

"Yes... Charlie and and Harry."

"How are they?"


"Did you have any more?"

"No ... you?"


I drink more tea and we sink back into silence.

I sigh deeply. I have no idea what to say, but then because she's the last person that would care or tell anyone about it, I blurt it out.

"I'm having an affair."

Her cup stops halfway to her mouth and both her eyebrows raise in shock. I feel the need to get it off my chest, tell someone about it, the shambles that my life has become. I feel the need to explain, and then it all comes pouring out and it feels good. I couldn't stop even if I wanted to.

I tell her about Harry's disappearance and Charlie's traumatic school years. I tell her all about how I've become disillusioned with James and my indiscretions with Severus. Throughout it all, she doesn't say anything, she just listens. I realise how much I've missed this, people believing my opinions and thoughts mattered. I thought she would, but she doesn't judge.

By the end of it all I look up to find her staring in to her cup on the table.

"Dudley's in jail" she says suddenly.

This time it's my turn to be surprised.

"Drugs, and assault...five years."

She looks away, staring at the far wall. Her eyes look watery, I want to reach over and grab her hand but I know she won't appreciate it. It takes a lot for her to open up like this and I may never get another chance, so I stay silent and wait for her to continue.

"I think we spoiled him, doted on him too much. Vernon encouraged him too much to stand up for himself, to not say no. He became a bully."

"We were called in many times to school, poor grades and even poorer behaviour. I always blamed it on the teachers and the other students just wanting to get him in to trouble. I just didn't want to see it. My son the bully."

She lets out a sob and it pulls at my heart. All this time I thought she was living her perfectly 'normal' happy life. My sister is just as somber and regretful as I am, it's a sadness that seeps in to my bones and makes even the smallest thing tiring.

"The neighbours all talk, about that 'nasty boy from 4'. They say that he's a layabout, a scoundrel, that he's a menace on society and it's a good job he's locked up. But the worst thing is I can't dispute it, I can't deny it because he is all of those things. He's become all the things I feared he would."

In these moments, we're not friends or competitors or rivals, hell we're barely even sisters. We're just two lonely sad people seeking the company of each other. It's comforting.

I notice the time when the steadily growing shadows almost swallow the kitchen in the dying light. I've been here several hours and if I stay any longer I'll be late for dinner with Harry.

"I should go"

"Yeah, Vernon will be home soon anyway. He's still not so big on magic."

I grimace remembering the prank Janes pulled on Vernon at Petunias wedding. It was another reason for why she began to resent me.

As I make my way to the door I turn back around and squeeze her in a hug. I haven't done this since I was still a child. She's bonier than I remember and a lot taller. When she doesn't respond, I quickly let go.

"You should leave here, the wars back on."

"We were fine last time remember."

"Yeah." I smile weakly and step out of the door.

I'm halfway down the drive before I feel her hard frame barrel into me. She squeezes me in a hug of her own, and it coveys to me all the things she is unwilling to admit to me out loud.

"Goodbye Lilly"

"Bye Tuney."

I walk to the end of the drive and turn around to wave goodbye to her before dissaperating, but she's already gone inside. A moment later and I disappear as well.