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Chapter 10: Conversations and New Mission!

Last Time

Naruto sighs at the realization that when he gets back to the Senju Compound he is going to be having a long overdue conversation with his cousin and her friends, then tomorrow he will have to make good on his promise and turn Satsuki into a Demoness.

Realizing all of this the only thing he can think is, The life of a Demon Lord is never easy or boring. Well I guess its finally time to get some answers to a few questions I've had since first meeting Tou-sama. With that in mind he and his ladies vanish from the room, heading straight for the Senju Compound and some much needed proper introductions and answers.


Senju Compound

20 Minutes Later

Naruto Yoko-Inutaisho and his companions appear outside of the gate to his current home. The red-haired Demon Lord decides to do something he hasn't done since becoming a Demon, he makes a familiar cross-shaped seal and says, "Shadow Clone Jutsu" as another Naruto appears next to him. He hands Satsuki over to the clone as he goes up to the gate and unseals it, as it swings open and he leads the group inside. When they get to the house he turns to everyone and speaks, "Clone take Satsuki-chan up to one of the guest room's and take care of her wounds. The two of you follow me, I can sense my cousin and her friends in the living room." The clone salutes to him, "Whatever you say Boss." While Tsume and Kasumi nod their heads, and they all head into the house.

Once inside they take off their sandals as normal, with Naruto himself taking Satsuki's from her, earning a grateful smile from the Uchiha Heiress, as the clone takes the injured girl upstairs and Naruto and his 2 ladies head for the living room. When they get there they find Azami and her friends there along with Anko, as the only male present in the room has a hand-print across his face and the Half-Snake demoness is glaring at him, while the other three girls are laughing.

The red-head clears his throat to get everyone's attention, and causes different reactions, firstly Azami stops laughing and becomes serious seeing her cousin, while the twins look at him in suspicion, and the monk looks slightly scared. Anko however seeing her man smiles widely and bounds over to him, throwing herself in his arms with a cry of, "Naru-kun!"As he catches her and she snuggles into his chest, he looks down at her and asks, "I'm happy to see you as well Anko-chan. Can you tell me why you were glaring at the monk and why does he have a hand-print on his face?"

The dark haired woman pouts, "That pig made a pass at me. He grabbed my hand and asked me to go to dinner and bare his children." Naruto shakes his head, and looks right at Miyatsu, "Monk-san in the future I would suggest not making passes at the women in this house as I can assure you that every woman who lives here is my mate. If you do not heed my warning then you wont like the consequences." The Monk shivers slightly at the look in the red-heads eyes and nods his head. Naruto then turns to Azami, "Hello again cousin. I hope you and your friends have been comfortable while waiting for me."

The silver-black haired girl nods her head, as her dog ears twitch, "Yeah, you have a pretty swanky home here, though I'm curious what that Vajra symbol means, as far as I know the Dog Clan symbol is different." The red-head nods his head as he turns to Kasumi, "Kasumi would you make everyone some tea and snacks please?" The blue-haired girl bows at the waist, "Yes Naruto-Sama, right away." With that she heads over to the kitchen while the rest take seats around the Living-room, with Naruto taking a seat in a plush chair, with Anko and Tsume taking seats on the chair's arms.

Seeing this Azami clicks her tongue, "Seems you've been busy collecting women cousin. Dad said your old man was similar once he let go of his drive to take Tessaiga and Naraku was finally dead." Naruto snorts at that, "Yes your father. How is Inuyasha-Oji? On top of that who are your friends and how did you all get to the Leaf?" The half-demon girl smiles as she responds, "Tou-san and Kaa-chan both are just fine. Mom is the local priestess, while dad makes money exterminating stray demons with uncle Miroku and Aunt Sango. These three with me are their children, the twins are Maiyu and Yuri and the Monk is Miyatsu, they're my best friends. As for how we got here, The Bone Eaters Well."

Tsume and Anko both snort at this, while Naruto stops from doing the same due to the knowledge given to him about his Uncle and Aunt through both Sesshomaru and Kurami. Just then Kasumi comes in with a teapot and multiple cups and begins to pour and hand out the tea. Once everyone has a cup the red-head speaks again, "I see so besides inheriting your father's demonic blood and powers you also inherited your Mother's ability to travel through space and time using the Bone Eaters Well. If that's so then why come here? Why look me up?"

Azami giggles slightly, "Well part of it has to do with the fact that I've grown up hearing about uncle Sesshomaru and his wives, and dad even told me about you, so I always wanted to meet you. Problem was you and your parents were missing, sucked into a time vortex, meaning you could have been anywhere in time. So my friends and I figured we would use the Bone Eaters Well to go on an adventure trying to find you, and here we are. Also we needed to get away from our parents and their shadows." At this all four get slightly sour looks on their faces. The red-head takes a sip of his tea before he responds, "I see. Well as you are family your more then welcome to stay here with me and my mates. Your friends can stay in one of the smaller houses in the compound, I'll send some clones to clean one up."

All four smile gratefully at him as the dog-girl says, "Thank you Naruto-Itoko. We really appreciate it." The Demon Lord waves her off, "Your thanks is not required Azami. Answer me this, how is it that you are a Half-demon? From the memories of my parents your mother is an extremely powerful Priestess, powerful enough that her powers should have purified your demonic blood in the womb." The silver-black haired girl's eyes sparkle at this question, "The answer to that is actually very simple. Grandpa's blood in dad was to strong to be purified. So because of that her powers couldn't purify my demonic blood and I was born Half-demon like dad, even though now dad is a full Daiyokai."

Naruto's eyes widen slightly at this, as inside the seal so do Kurami's, however the teen quickly regains his composure as he asks, "How did that happen?" The older girl takes a sip of her tea before responding, "This is really good tea. It was through the plot of a Human actually. It happened when I was 6, there was this Human Lord who took an interest in Kaa-chan, and offered her the chance to become his wife, all she had to do was abandon me and Tou-san, ofcourse she refused and put a sacred arrow through his shoulder for his trouble."

Naruto nods his head at this, knowing from his father's memories how Kagome had a fiery temper when angered. Azami looks down as she continues, "The arrow made it impossible for him to ever use his right arm again and that was his sword arm. Not only could he no longer fight but his pride had been wounded, so he devised a way to get back at Kaa-chan, and what he decided was to have her killed by my Tou-san." At this Maiyu and Yuri sit down close to her and wrap their arms around her in comfort, as Miyatsu tightens his grip on his Shakujo.

The dog-girl continues her tale, "To facilitate this he decided to use his contacts on the continent to gain a potion that could turn good men into mass murdering psychos and bad men into worse men. I don't know all the details about it, but what I do know is once he got the potion he paid someone to slip it to my Tou-san, which they did in his drink while he was in another town taking care of some rouge demons. What it did to him though was completely unexpected. The potion had the ability of latching on to the darkest or lightest emotions and dreams in a persons heart and making whatever it is come true."

This causes the Demon Lord to raise his eyebrow, "So in essence, if the drinker's greatest desire is to become immortal It will make them such?" The girl nods her head, as Kurami says inside of his head, "I know of what she speaks Naru-chan, Its corrupted water from the pool of Immortality in Shangri-La. In theory a person drinking it who wishes for immortality would gain it, however it would come at a terrible cost. Were they human it would transform them into a hideous monster, whatever monster most reflects the amount of darkness in their heart. They would live a cursed immortal life."

As this is going on Azami continues her story, "For my Tou-san his darkest emotion has always been his hatred for the fact he's Half-Demon, and his greatest desire was always to be a Full Daiyokai. The potion did its work, latching on to those two things, purging the human blood from his body as he slept and increasing the power of the Demonic blood left over. When he woke up the next day he had elf-like ears like Sesshomaru-Oji, as well as much greater power, strength, speed, everything. However he also had greater bloodlust and the desire to sever all ties to his humanity, meaning Kaa-chan and their friends."

At this the 3 siblings all have looks of intense anger on their faces while Azami begins to cry. Miyatsu decides to continue where his friend left off, "He made it back to our home village and proceeded to fight with our parents. Mom and dad kept trying to reason with him, but he wouldn't listen, just kept trying to kill them with his claws. In the end Kagome-Oba-chan had to take action, she shot him in the chest with her most powerful sacred arrow. The purifying power of the arrow managed to lift the bloodlust and he returned to his normal personality, asking for forgiveness before passing out."

Azami raises her head at this with a look of vindictiveness on her face, "After Kaa-chan pulled the arrow out, she gave Tou-san first-aid, when he was healed he apologized to everyone again and then they figured out how he got to be full demon and who was responsible. So together they raided his castle, destroyed his army, and sent him off to rot in the dungeon of his rival. Ever since then Tou-san has been a Full Demon now and since you and Sesshomaru-Oji aren't around has taken the title of Demon Lord of the West." Naruto scoffs at this, "He will never be the Lord of the West. That title belongs to me and me alone, and one day will belong to my eldest son whenever I have children and die."

Miyatsu snorts at this, drawing everyone's attention to him, "I don't see you lording over anything at the moment, except for your ladies." Naruto shakes his head at this, "How little you know. I'm already in the process of taking over the Leaf from the inside. All the Major clans will belong to me sooner or later. I will make every single nation in the Elemental Nations swear their fealty and loyalty to me in time. However that does not concern you Monk. Now Kasumi will prepare dinner, while we all go and freshen up, there are 3 normal bathrooms on the second floor, use them." With that he gets up, wraps his arms around Tsume and Anko.

However right after that Tsume kisses his cheek and steps out of his hold, "Sorry Naru-Kun but I can't stay. Gotta get home to the Pups and make sure Kiba didn't get himself too injured during the Invasion. Come by later and we can have some fun." She gives him a saucy wink before she turns to walk away, swaying her hips as she goes, causing him to growl and reach out and spank her rear. She giggles at this as she heads out, and everyone goes their separate ways to wash up.

Hyuga Main House

Clan Head's Office

Hiashi Hyuga can be seen sitting behind his desk, going through paperwork as usual. Suddenly there is a knock on the Shoji door as the voice of one of the branch house members floats through the paper, "Hiashi-sama, I have brought Hinata-sama and Hanabi-sama as you have instructed." The brown haired man sighs as he signs one last paper and replies, "Good work Ko, send my daughters in." He proceeds to stare straight ahead as the door opens and his 2 little girls walk in, they proceed to sit infront of his desk with there legs under them and their hands in their laps.

As he looks at them he can't help but to think about how different the two look, Hinata being purely their mother with her light skin tone, lavender tinted eyes, and blue hair, as well as her kind and caring nature. Hanabi is mostly him, with her long brown hair, and normal white eyes of the Hyuga clan, as well as her more tan skin tone, and serious attitude. However it's not just their looks that are different, their personalities are completely different as well, Hinata being exactly like Hitome, kind-hearted, loyal to her friends, however her shyness does not come from her mother but infact from himself, as he was just as shy as she is now at her age.

Hanabi's personality is like a mix of himself now and her mother in the past. Like him she is a serious person, trying to achieve perfection in everything she does and mostly succeeding despite only being 7 years old. However like her mother she has great confidence in herself and much loyalty to family, especially to her elder sister as Hinata is the person Hanabi loves most in their family.

Hinata seeing their father staring at them becomes slightly nervous and decides to speak up, "Um... You called us Tou-sama?" The Hyuga clan head snaps out of his thoughts and looks towards his oldest, he nods his head and replies, "Yes I did. The reason for that is not what you both are perhaps thinking. I did not call you here to strip you Hanabi of the title of Heiress of the clan, and bestow it once again upon you Hinata. I called you here to inform you both that I have set up your future marriages." This news shocks both of them as their eyes widen, however they quickly hide it, as Hanabi's face goes back to normal, but Hinata becomes downcast and looks down so that her father does not see the sadness in her face.

Hiashi continues on, "It has been decided that you shall be wed to the same man. Hinata you will be first and it shall happen whenever he feels ready to take you as his bride. Hanabi you will have to wait until your at least 15 for him to marry you." The girls nod their heads, however Hanabi knowing her sister's love for a certain Demon Lord asks, "If I might Tou-sama... May I ask who exactly is our betrothed?" The man actually smiles at this, much to the shock of his girls as they have not seen their father smile since their mother died, "I am glad you asked Hanabi-chan. Your Betrothed is the man responsible for the defeat of Orochimaru and the 1-tailed Demon in the invasion. Your betrothed is none other then Naruto Yoko-Inutaisho."

At this news Hinata's head snaps up to look at her father in both shock and pure happiness, as she gives him a look almost asking if its true, to which he nods his head. At his nod Hinata smiles that same smile her mother used to get and launches herself over the desk at him, tackling him in a hug, "Thank you Thank you Thank you Tou-sama! I'm so happy that I get to be with Naruto-kun and not some stranger!" These actions cause Hanabi to shake her head in exasperation and mutter, "Have some control Onee-sama."

While Hiashi just wraps his arms around his eldest, smiling down her, "Your welcome Musume. I know that I haven't been the best father to you since your mother died. I have been hard on you, pushing you harder even then Hanabi, and part of the reason for that was to make you stronger so that you could survive in this world especially after that kidnapping attempt. The other part of it was because of how much you remind me of your mother."

Hinata looks up at him at this with curiosity in her eyes, "Do I really remind you of Kaa-sama?" He nods and replies, "Yes you do very much so. Not only do you look just like Hitome, you have her kindness and softness. Hanabi however inherited her confidence and I wished for you to have that same confidence, not the shyness that you inherited from me." The 13 year old blinks at this, "From you? But your not shy Tou-sama... Your strong and confident just like a clan head should be." He chuckles at this, "Yes thats true, I am now. However when I was your age I was a shy boy, infact most of my shyness was directed at girls, especially your mother. It was your Uncle Hizashi who forced me to ask Hitome out for the first time, and when I did I stuttered most of the way through the invitation."

Both girls giggle at this, imagining their strong and proud father stuttering like Hinata infront of their mother as a youth. Hiashi smiles warmly for the first time in a long time as he continues, "Luckily for me your mother said yes, she said she thought I was cute so we could give it a try. I'm glad that she did because that started our relationship, which ended up in our marriage and gave me the 2 most precious things in the world to me... My 2 beautiful daughters."

At this Hanabi gets up and comes around the desk to join her sister in hugging their father, and this is the scene that Neji stumbles on when he comes to let them know that dinner is ready. Hiashi noticing his nephew lets go of his girls, stands up and says, "Well now that that is out of the way, Hinata you have permission to go to your betrothed whenever you like to get to know him alot better. Also I expect you to continue with the training you've been doing recently as it will help you to master your mother's Juken style." At this he takes a scroll out of his desk drawer and hands it to Hinata, which has kanji on it, the kanji for Water Fist, causing the 13 year old to smile. The family then head to the dinning room to have dinner.

Hokage Office

Sitting in the office can be found 4 people, the first is Hiruzen Sarutobi sitting behind his desk, puffing on his pipe. The second is a familiar spiky white-haired man in a red haori and geta sandals is Jiraiya, who is sitting in the window. The last two people are Sarutobi's former teammates, Homura and Koharu, the reason for this little meeting is to discuss an important topic, as the 3rd speaks, "Now the reason I have called you all here is because there is no doubt in my mind that the Leaf needs a New Hokage, one who is younger, and stronger then I am. Now ordinarily I would suggest Jiraiya here, as it was he who I offered the position of 4th Hokage to before he passed it on to Minato. However I know that he will never accept it."

The white-haired man looks serious as he replies, "Damn straight I wont accept. I'm not cut out to be Hokage, enjoy my freedom to much, not to mention I'm the villages Spy Master, and my Intel is important for the continuation of the Leaf." All three elders nod along to this, however the retired Kunoichi Koharu asks the question, "Then who do you suggest we make the next Hokage? Certainly not that Demon Inutaisho." The old Monkey Summoner chuckles at this, "No not him. Although he has the power required, and probably the experience due to the memories of his father and the 9-tails, I very much doubt he'd want the position anymore. No the person we have in mind is a Sannin like Jiraiya and Orochimaru, and was born and bred to be Hokage. I am ofcourse speaking of my final student, Tsunade Senju."

At this the adviser's eyes widen, while Jiraiya smirks, as Koharu states an obvious fact, "Will she take the position though? You know that she has not been back in the village for almost 20 years. On top of that she has made her view on the Hokage Position very clear. How will you convince her to return Hiruzen?" The 3rd just smirks at this, causing his two former teammates to gain suspicious looks, "Actually that will be quite simple, as I will be sending Jiraiya and Naruto to retrieve her. I think once she finds out her Godson is alive she will return, and if not then Naruto can be very persuasive." He replies. Homura just shakes his head at this, "Excuse me if I don't have any faith in your plan Hiruzen. That boy has no true loyalty to this village, how do you know that the first moment he steps foot outside it he will return instead of traveling where he pleases as he pleases?"

Jiraiya glares at the older man for this comment, "Naruto maybe a Demon Lord, but he is not a traitor. He was raised in this village, and he has chosen several Mates who are Kunoichi of the Leaf so I would say his loyalty to the village is assured. In any case He's alot like me, if he does leave the village to journey across the Elemental Nations then he will always return here eventually, It is home after all." Sarutobi nods along to his student's sagely words, while Koharu and Homura still seem skeptical, however they let it ago and agree to the 3rd's plan.

Inuzuka Compound

Main House

Later that Night

The Inuzuka family can be seen sitting around the living room doing various things, Kiba is on the floor playing with Akamaru while still in his ninja attire. Hana is laying on the couch reading a book on anatomy, however she's wearing her nightly attire which consists of a pair of blue short-shorts, and a tank top that leaves part of her midriff exposed and really accentuates her breasts, while her hair is down and spread out behind her. Tsume is sitting in the recliner sipping some tea, she is wearing a pair of tight, grey sweat-pants which really show off her shapely ass, as well as a black T-shirt that has the words "Queen of the Pack" across the chest.

As they sit there just enjoying a quiet night for once there is a knock at the front door, Tsume noticing neither of her children getting up to answer it sighs and places her cup down on the coffee table. "I'll get it, seeing as you pups have decided to be lazy tonight." Standing up she walks over to the front door and opens it to find Naruto standing there. Upon seeing her Mate and true Alpha she smiles in joy and leaps at him, locking her lips to his as he wraps his arms around her waist and they begin to kiss with passion. After a few moments they break apart, leaving Tsume breathless, and its at this point that Naruto moves her out of the way and catches a brown haired bullet.

The brown-haired bullet turns out to be Hana who looks at him with joy, "Naruto-Kun!" She proceeds to take her mothers place, smashing her lips to the red-head's, and giving him his second passionate kiss in the span of a minute. After separating from the younger Inuzuka woman, he smirks, "Well this is quite a nice welcome, Mother and Daughter greeting me with passionate kisses." He slips off his boots and steps into the house proper with both women taking each of his arms and leading him into the living room. Tsume sits him in the chair she just vacated and proceeds to sit in his lap, while Hana sits on the chair arm and glares at her mother slightly.

Kiba seeing this goes red in rage and stands up, jostling Akamaru as he does, "What the hell are you doing here Dobe?! Kaa-san why are you sitting in his lap?! Hana-nee why are you all over him?! I want answers dammit!" The two women glare at the boy, causing him to wilt slightly at their looks but still maintain his angry look. Naruto chuckles and decides to answer him, "I'm here Kiba for one reason and one reason only. I have come to finalize the deal made between your mother, sister ,and myself, in that I have come to take them fully as my Mates. So in words you can understand with your small brain, I'm here to bed Tsume-Chan and Hana-Chan and claim them as my women."

Tsume and Hana both can't help but to shudder at his words and the images now playing in their heads at them, while Kiba goes slack jawed and as red as a tomato before steam pours from his ears and he passes out, falling flat on his face on the hard wood floor. The Demon Lord chuckles at this, then proceeds to begin caressing the two women in certain areas, for Tsume he begins to caress her lower back and ass, and for Hana he caresses her abs and breasts. He smirks as he can smell their arousal, "So ladies shall we head to the master bedroom, or would you prefer to begin right here and now?"

Tsume and Hana both shudder at his tone, however the Matriarch grabs his hand and replies, "Lets take this up to my room Alpha. I have a big, comfy bed up there and we can rut all night long." Naruto smiles at this as he stands up with the two of them and they head up to Tsume's bedroom. That night everyone in the Inuzuka Compound can hear the screams of ecstasy and passion of their Clan Head and Heiress, which gets every single couple in the clan into the mood, beginning a chain of screams of ecstasy and dog howls. In the morning Sarutobi would find a stack of papers on his desk, all complaints of the noises coming from the Inuzuka Compound.

Senju Compound

Training Ground

10am Next Morning

This morning finds a sexually satiated Naruto standing in the training grounds behind the Senju Compound wearing his usual outfit, with his right hand on the hilt of Tenseiga in preparation to use it. Standing across from him is a fully rested Satsuki, who has changed her outfit now that she doesn't have to pretend to be a boy anymore, she now wears a white low-cut tank-top which only goes down to her abs and shows off what cleavage she currently has, under that can be seen fishnet armor which covers the rest of her mid-section, on her legs is a white battle-skirt with slits at the legs to allow for ease of movement, with fishnet armor on her thighs and shins, under the skirt is black shorts, and on her feet are now heeled-sandals.

The entire outfit has flame motifs and the back of her shirt has the Uchiha Fan on it in blue and red. Today is an exciting day for the Uchiha Heiress, because today she finally becomes a Demon and takes one step closer to gaining the power she needs to defeating her older brother and finding out the truth. The Demon Lord looks at her seriously as he speaks, "Are you ready for this Satsuki? I warn you that this wont be a pleasant experience. Your very soul is going to be torn apart and then merged with the soul of a long dead Demoness and repaired. You will gain the Yokai, Memories, techniques, and true form of the woman but retain your personality and your own abilities. Also as you have seen with the other girl's I've done this to, you'll change slightly physically."

The dark-haired young woman smirks at this, "I know all that already, I heard about it from Fuu-san and Kasumi-san. I don't care what pain I have to go through if it means I gain the power to fight Itachi and hear the truth out of his mouth. Also it will allow me to be with you forever as thanks..." At the last part she blushes crimson, however she continues, "So just do it and get it over with Naruto." The red-head chuckles at this and responds, "Very well, your wish is my command Satsuki-Hime." With that he un-sheathes Tenseiga and closes the distance between them within a second and slashes through her with the glowing blade.

Right away the Uchiha Heiress can feel her soul being torn apart before being rebuilt and stitched together with the soul of another, as she collapses to her knees. She begins to feel her body changing slightly, her breasts increasing by a cup size, her legs getting a little longer, her bones and muscles changing and becoming stronger, and even her hair growing out to her lower back. After the physical changes are done, the mental pain begins as her head is filled with memories not her own, especially those of techniques and abilities that she's never seen before, as well as the form of a majestic looking Phoenix which she instinctively knows is her demonic form. All of these changes takes only a few minutes but seems like hours to her, and when its all over she's breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath from the change from Human to Demoness.

Naruto looks at his newest mate's changes and nods in approval, then he takes stock of her Yoki pools, and smiles as she already has mid Daiyokai level Yoki. He sheathes Tenseiga and walks over to her, holding out his hand for her. Satsuki finally regains her breath and noticing his hand looks up at him before taking the offered limb and being helped to her feet, "Thank you Naruto-Kun." The red-head nods his head to her before responding, "No problem Satsuki-Chan. So tell me, how do you feel now that your a Daiyokai?"

The black-haired girl blinks at this question, but then she begins to clench and un-clench her fists, really feeling the power she now posses for the first time, then tests out her new longer limbs a bit before she turns to him with a huge smile on her face, "I feel incredible! Stronger then I've ever felt before. You weren't kidding when you said being a demoness would increase my power to new heights, with the power I have now I feel like I could defeat my brother in an instant."

Naruto just chuckles at this, "Well lets not get ahead of ourselves here Suki-Chan. While you may be alot more powerful then you were a few minutes ago, your still not at a level where you can defeat Itachi Uchiha. The man's power and skill is equal to a Mid-level Daiyokai from what Kaa-sama has told me."

This causes the newly made Phoenix Demoness to frown at him, "Are you saying that despite all this new power that I have that I still can't beat him? If so then what was the point?" The red-head chuckles at this,

"Haha. I never said it was impossible, infact as far as raw power goes you and Itachi are probably about equal now. However your skills don't match your level of power like him. That is easily fixed however by training in your new powers and abilities, also you have a distinct advantage over Itachi now." Satsuki's face lifts after this before taking on a curious expression as she puts her pointer finger to her chin,

"And what advantage would that be Naru-Kun?"

The Demon Lord smirks and replies, "Demons have a much greater growth rate then Humans. It's more then just training though, its also the passage of time. As a demon ages they naturally gain more and more power."

Satsuki lights up at this as she smirks in a sexy way, "Well then if thats true then what are we waiting for? Lets start training and get my skills up to par with my power, unless your afraid of little ole me Naru-kun?" Naruto for his part just shakes his head and lets loose a little chuckle, "If you want to train then thats fine, I'll start off teaching you the basics of Demonic Combat..." However before they can even start an ANBU in a Bird mask appears kneeling infront of the red-head, "Naruto Yoko-Inutaisho you are wanted by Hokage-Sama and Jiraiya-Sama at the Hokage Tower for a mission immediately." The teen nods his head, "Very well, inform Sarutobi-Jiji and Pervy Sage that I'll be there shortly." The masked man nods and vanishes again.

He lets out a sigh and looks at Satsuki apologetically, "Sorry Satsuki-chan but it looks like we'll have to put our training session on hold. However in the meantime Kasumi will handle teaching you how to properly utilize your new abilities." At the mention of her name the blue-haired girl appears next to him kneeling,

"It shall be done Naruto-Sama. By the time you return from your Mission I promise that Satsuki-Sama will have a complete grasp on her basic abilities." The red-head nods down at the Panther-Demoness, "I trust she will Kasumi-chan." Then he walks over and pulls Satsuki into a tight hug, "Work hard Suki-Chan and show me what you've learned when I come back." He then plants a soft kiss upon her brow before stepping away from the now blushing girl and waving as he vanishes in a swirl of wind.

Hokage Tower

5mins Later

Naruto appears in the center of Sarutobi's office in a funnel of wind, when he looks around he finds the Hokage as well as his Godfather sitting there. Sarutobi seeing his surrogate grandson smiles, "Ah Naruto-kun so good of you to join us. I'm sorry to have called you away from your newly found family and your ladies. But I have a mission for you that is of great importance." The red-head just nods his head at this, "It's perfectly alright Hokage-Jiji. I was only just getting ready to instruct Satsuki-Chan on how to be a Demon. Now what is the mission you have for me?" Both the old man and Jiraiya chuckle at the way he addresses Sarutobi.

The Sannin clears his throat and replies to the question instead, "Its actually a Mission given to me, but I thought I'd take you along seeing as you're my apprentice. We're to go and locate my old teammate Tsunade Senju and bring her back to the village." Naruto's eyebrows raise slightly at this,

"Why are we going after the final Sannin? As far as I know we didn't suffer any really bad injuries during that sham of an invasion, at least none that would require the greatest Medic-Nin in the world." At this Sarutobi takes a puff of his pipe, blows out the smoke and replies,

"This Mission to retrieve Tsunade is not for her skills as a Medic. It is to bring her back here to be my replacement as Hokage. It has been decided that Tsunade Senju will be the Godaime(5th) Hokage." At this the Demon Lord closes his eyes and nods his head, "Its about time you chose a replacement Jiji. Don't get me wrong, for a man of your age your still pretty powerful, however its obvious that your students have surpassed you long ago." Both men are a bit shocked by the teen's words, but can't help but to nod along.

The old man actually chuckles about it, "Haha...So then Naruto-Kun tell me, which of my students do you think is the strongest of the Sannin?" The red-head doesn't even have to think before he responds, "The white-haired Perv here. Orochimaru might have been the strongest at one time but his obsession with Immortality, as well as all the experiments he's done on himself have weakened his skills. Tsunade from what I understand does nothing but drink and gamble away her family's fortune, I don't know if she keeps up with her training or not, but if she does even a little then she's likely the second strongest now, and not a bad choice for Hokage."

Both men agree with this assessment, while Jiraiya gains a tick mark over his head about the perv comment. Sarutobi clears his throat real quick, "Well then your mission starts in 2 hours. Jiraiya will be the lead as he is the higher ranking Ninja understood?" Naruto nods his head in response. The Sannin stands up and addresses the red-head, "Meet me at the West Gate in 2 hours. Pack enough supplies for a couple of weeks, Tsunade moves around so much it could take awhile to find her." The teen nods and then vanishes in a ball of light, leaving the two older men to shake their heads at his penchant for flashy entrances and exits.

West Gate

2 hours later

Jiraiya is standing at the gate waiting for his godson, however he doesn't have to wait long as the red-head appears in a swirl of wind, with his clothes looking as pristine as usual and his armor gleaming as if it was just polished. The red-head inclines his head slightly to his Godfather/Teacher, "Alright lets get going Pervert. The sooner we find Tsunade Senju, the sooner we can drag her back here and I can get back to more important things." This causes Jiraiya to chuckles perversely at this, "You mean like sleeping with all those hot women you've gathered around yourself? I gotta congratulate you kid on bagging Tsume Inuzuka and her Daughter, thats one hot Mother/Daughter team."

Naruto glares at him, something which shuts him up, "I'll remind you not to have perverted thoughts about my Mates Kyofu. Focus on finding your wayward teammate." The white-haired man just shakes his head at the boy's seriousness, "Lighten up kid. You know when we find Tsunade you might be in danger of losing your new home? After-all the place is the Senju Compound and Tsunade is the LAST Senju." The Demon Lord just shakes his head at this, "I very much doubt that the woman will kick her own Godson out of her home. Hell if she's anything like you then she'll do all she can to make up for not being there for me all these years. Speaking of which is there anything special your going to be teaching me while we look for her?"

The Sannin gets a bit of a downcast look at the mention of the years the teen spent being tormented by the village. However that is quickly replaced by a grin, "I did have one thing in mind, though I'm not sure you'll be able to learn it now. But we'll get into what it is once we're on the road good. For now lets head out!" With that he turns and exits the village, as Naruto chuckles at the man's enthusiasm and proceeds to follow him, neither one knowing that this mission would lead to a reunion of 3 of the strongest Shinobi in the world.

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