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4 Years Later

"Hey, hey" Beca greets as she walks into our apartment, her hands filled with a large stack of disarrayed paper.

I sit up straighter on our adorable second hand couch as she dramatically drops the pile onto her desk in the corner of the room. "Hey babe" I reply happily, there's always a sense of comfort and warmth that comes with seeing her after a long day at work, or just seeing her in general.

It's been over four years that we've officially been together and I can fairly say that I can't believe how strange it is that Bec's and I have lived together for over three years and we have all these responsibilities, like we are actual adults now apparently. I am constantly in the state of wonderment though, I really can't believe how lucky I am some days.


I blink before refocusing my gaze onto my girlfriend "hm?"

She tilts her head as she roams over to me, her concentration pout in place "I asked you how school went but then you did that thing where your eyes glaze over which means you zoned out because you were thinking about something else"

I smile softly "School was good, as per usual... although, I did get called a 'meanie' by a 5th grader" I reveal as though it's an exhilarating event.

Beca snorts "Hey, don't go telling us simple peasants about your daring, adrenaline pumped schedules, some of us are living terrible boring office jobs" It's never hard to tell when she's being sarcastic. She plops down on the couch next to me, sinking into the back of the comfy cushions while her head lolls back with a sigh, eyes closed.

I place my hand on her knee, giving it a teasing squeeze "Oh shut up, you're probably working with Ed Sheeran and all those papers are his unpublished songs"

Beca's head tilts towards me, looking at me through one eye with an amused smirk "That's half true"

I slap her thigh lightly before leaning over and giving her a quick peck on the lips "What do you want for dinner?" I ask as I remove myself from that lounge and head towards our small, adorable kitchen.

I hear a groan that I have learnt to associate with I-don't-care-as-long-as-you-feed-me. I settle on just grabbing the take out menus, we've both had long days today and it's almost nine at night so neither of us would be up to cooking.

I fall backwards onto the lounge over the arm rest and onto my back, using Beca's lap as a pillow. I hold the menus above my face, reading with squinted eyes as the tv Is providing poor lighting.

"Pizza" I hear her mutter as I feel fingers begin to weave through my naturally drying hair.

I roll my eyes "We had Pizza on Friday"


I stare up at my girlfriend who's head is still tilted back and eyes are closed. "Seriously?"

"Pizza" she repeats like a child.


"Pizzzzaaaaa" she drawls it out like a lazy sick teenager calling for their parent.

I shake my head in disbelief as I take the phone out of her pocket "You are so weird, I mean with the way you eat... you should be huge" I hear her chuckle as I place the phone near my ear and wait to order our regular order.

An hour later and there's a buzz from our telecom. As always, I go to answer the door because Beca hates dealing with awkward situations such as these but strangely enough she halts me with a gentle hand on my shoulder "I'll get it" she smiles nonchalantly.

I look at her a little bemused before shrugging and heading off to the kitchen to get our drinks, turning on the lounge room lights as I go. When I've finished pouring ourselves our favourite wine that Beca bought on a whim yesterday I stroll in the lounge room where something feels a little odd.

Beca is on the couch with the pizza boxes closed and untouched on our coffee table in front of her, the tv is showing nothing but a pure white screen. A play button in the centre, I stop in my tracks. "what are yo-"

She laughs nervously before patting the spot next to her "Just sit"

My brow furrows in confusion but I play along, looking at her suspiciously "Beca..." I drawl out questioningly.

I place the wine on the table next to our pizza's before looking back and forth between our reasonably expensive television and my extremely beautiful, yet suss girlfriend. Before I have time to verbalise my thoughts, she smiles freely and says "All questions that you have will be answered like right now I swear so..." she signs a zip over her lips with a raised eyebrow.

I'm still confused and completely oblivious to what's happening but I nod once before turning my gaze to the television.

She presses play on the remote to the X-box one (A gift from Brad for her birthday). Letters begin to type into view one by one in an old typewriting fashion, the font exactly how I picture a typewriter font to be and the sound matching it perfectly. The first three letters appear and I know exactly what it's spelling... my name.

'Chloe Beale'

The next words still appear one by one but noticeably quicker, soft music begins to play in the back ground, probably one of Beca's favourite unknown artists. The words begin to form and I read them as they come.

'Dear Chloe,

You're so weird

I love you.

Forever yours,


I let out a small laugh at the words because it is just all so Beca, I have no idea what this is about but by the way her leg is bouncing up and down and the continuous side eye is telling me that it's not just a funny cat video.

A picture fades into view, it's of me asleep with her snuggled into my neck with a lazy smile on her lips. The music is softly playing, it's acoustic and, a few pictures of Beca and I fade in and out. My favourite being the one where my smaller, better half is giving me a piggy back ride and we're smiling at each other contently.

Then the music slowly fades into a quite background noise and then my beautiful girlfriend is on the screen, a video. Beca is looking into the camera with a nervous, almost embarrassed expression. She's wearing her nicest shirt and jacket, her make up is precisely done up which is why it clicks that this was made only two weeks ago when went out to dinner with her bosses "Hey Chlo" she gives a small awkward wave "So..." she rolls her eyes and laughs at herself "...this is stupid and really cheesy so this is just a disclaimer... maybe even a warning because this is the soppiest thing i've ever done..." she shrugs with a giant grin "but I love you so i'll gladly ruin all my badass street cred for you"

The screen fades out to black, the music turning more upbeat as a video from what seems to have been from a long time ago appears. She's kindly edited the date onto the screen, this was almost a year ago. "The first of many video entries to my crazy hot girlfriend, so..." Seemingly young Beca is sitting at a desk, the tone of sunlight pouring in through the window behind her suggests its late afternoon. Beca winks at the camera "Hey there hot stuff" I let out a small giggle at the adorable humour of my girlfriend.

I look over to my present Beca and beam shamelessly, this is the best thing anyone has ever done for me and it's just started. I find her hand and intertwine it with mine before placing it in my lap affectionately as I continue to watch the video.

The Beca on screen is making jokes and telling stories of what we did in the last week, ending it with an "I love you Chlo" and a soft smile

A video transitions in of Beca running around our small lounge room hauling boxes around from the third time we moved, placing them carefully around the space, I remember this night vividly. I had just come home with Thai food and I was met with the site of a small fort made entirely of boxes. She popped her head through one opened box with a giant grin "My hero!" she called to me dramatically.

Past me walks into view a giant grin on my face as I lean down and kiss her through the window. It fades into another video of her chasing me around the house with a box on her head, trying to get me to kiss her through the small opening she had cut.

I had no idea she was videoing this, the placement must've been from the desk her computer sits on which, now I think of it, she insisted we set up first thing. I feel tears of joy make an appearance.

The video cuts to another of her sitting at her desk again, she looks exhausted. Her hair is tied up in a messy ponytail and her eyelids are drooping as they do when she's tired. She smiles sleepily "Hey Chlo" the date at the bottom of the camera shows that it was from Thanksgiving last year, I went to visit the family but Beca had to go to visit her father and the 'step-monster'. I ended up staying a little longer meaning Beca was home alone for a few days. "I think I've turned into one of those dependent people Chlo, you know the ones I always say i'd never end up like. I havent seen you in like two weeks and I feel like this is what it is like not eating chocolate in a whole year" She drops her head forward, landing on the desk with a soft thud "Hurry up and come home, I miss you."

The video continues for at least 10 minutes, most consisting of photos we had taken over the years. Videos that I had no idea were even being taken, most were of us chasing each other or wrestling. Other times were of us singing loudly while we jumped on the sofas, using remotes as microphones.

Then the music drops into very soft background noise, a frame fades in with a collage of my whole family, each with giant grins on their faces all sitting in front of the same wall. A sentence pops up in the centre "Thoughts on Bhloe?"One by one, the video zooms into each picture where it then turns into a video. The first one is of my blonde cousin, she smiling at the person behind the camera who then speaks. "What do you think of Chloe and I? As a couple?"

Lexie's smile grows at the question "Oh man, well I knew from the moment I saw you two bantering in the dark that this was something else. You were fighting like a married couple!" she laughs along with Beca who is still behind the camera "Chlo is like happiness and sunshine and then you're like broodiness and rain but you both balance each other. She makes you happy and you help her when she is sad. You two are perfect for each other." Lexie smiles into the camera before putting a giant thumbs up.

The video continues to go through each family member, I especially like the one with all the kids sitting in a group staring up at Beca with adoring, excited grins. They mostly just say that Beca is good for me because she makes me laugh and that I am good for Beca because I make her smile.

Dani in general just keeps telling me through the camera that I am an idiot for not 'wife-ing" Beca yet.

They go through Matt who made his video on a skype call, brad who mostly just starts singing the Chicago Bears fight song. The last one is my Nan's, she is looking at Beca from behind the camera kindly "Oh what do I think of you and my Chicka boo?"

Beca chuckles at the nickname before saying a soft "Yeah" my heart warms at the sounds of her voice.

"Well... I think that you have both been through a lot but you both dealt with it differently. You my dear-" she looks at Beca pointedly behind the camera "You are this ball of goodness wrapped in mystery and sarcasm because you don't want to get hurt while Chloe lays it all out, all her flaws and weaknesses hoping that people will leave earlier. Both of you do it to avoid attachment and deep emotional pain but I think that's what makes you two so perfect for each other." She glances down at the camera before meeting Beca's eyes again "You have given yourselves completely to each other and you are both scared that something will go wrong and you'll be broken. Which is why it is even more beautiful that you push past your fears and you love each other with no restrictions. I believe that the love you two share is the love most people dream about having, the love that transcends time and space. You are both so lucky to have each other" My nan is tearing up at this point and so am I, my tears flow freely as I watch Beca move into vision on the screen, her arms open as she hugs my nan.

The image of my nan and Beca hugging fades into white where a guitar plays the discernible notes of Titanium. Eventually a video of Beca sitting in a chair in front of her computer transitions in again, this time she's wearing her every day sort of clothing, she looks beautiful as always "Chloe" she starts, her hands fiddling nervously with the rings on her fingers "I hope you liked this video, if I planned this well enough, you should sitting on the sofa with future me by your side.." I look over at the Beca next to me, her hand is clenching mine nervously, her eyes are filled with excitement, hope and fear. She nods her head towards the screen signalling for me to continue watching. "You just looked at her didn't you?" My girlfriend on screen asks with a raised eyebrow... I giggle at the assumption. "Annnd you just giggled didn't you?" My mouth opens slightly. Beca on screen laughs to herself "Alright, well as I said before, if all is going well you should have a pizza sitting in front of you and the wine that we both love"

I look down at the wine and pizza, my head shaking in disbelief, this was all very well planned. I don't know if this is real or if i'm dreaming or in some sort of coma.

"Well, yeah. All I can say is that I love you. I never thought I was capable of such feelings but here I am, truthfully admitting that I am head over heels in love with you and as every year passes I love you more" Beca smiles through the screen "I love you Chloe, now eat your pizza. Like right now." her face goes mock serious "As soon as this video ends, just open the pizza box"

The video fades out into a white screen again, typewriter letters form words "I love you Chloe" and then the music fades along with the screen. The replay symbol appears and I immediately look at the person next to me in shock. "Beca?"

My girlfriend smirks "What did Past me just say?" she gestures to the screen

I roll my eyes "You seriously just want me to open that pizza box and start eating after that?" I ask in disbelief

Beca nods once "Yeah, pretty much"

I groan in confusion "You are so confusing." I lean forward slightly "At least let me kiss you"

Beca smiles genuinely "I guess I can make an exception"

I press my lips against hers gently, the warm feeling that I always get when I kiss her fills my chest. "I love you" I mutter against her lips

"I love you too" She removes her hand from mine before caressing my face with both hands and peppering light kisses everywhere. "Now eat the pizza"

I laugh loudly at the words before shaking my head with a sigh "If you insist" I shuffle forward, my hands reach forward to open the box.

My heart stops.

I gasp a little too loudly "Beca..."

My girlfriend leans forward to hold open the lid because my hands are around my mouth in surprise. "Surprise?" She plasters on a hesitant, nervous smile.

"i- uh" I take it all in. I process this for what it is.

Beca is proposing.

The pizza is there, clearly, it's a half-half of both our favourites but the pizza saver (or as Beca calls it The Pizza Table Thing That Mice Probably Use) is holding a box. A ring box.

Beca leans forward, her hands shaking as she picks up the box and opens it. Inside is a beautiful ring, the metal is different, unlike anything i've seen. There is a large stunning diamond on top, standing out but there are smaller ones encrusted around the the sides.

Beca moves on to the floor, instead of one knee she is on both. Her butt on her heels as she holds the ring out in front of me "uh.. Chloe... I think you may know this already but I am in love with you and I want to spend my life with you by my side. I had this whole speech planned out but I kind of forgot it. All I can say is that you make life worth living, you make all my failures bearable and you make my successes incredible. I want to be with you and have little adorable little Chloe's and badass Beca's running around." She stops herself, taking a deep breathe before continuing with a nervous smile

"I want to marry you, I want you to be my wife. So Chloe... Will you marry me?"

I am sobbing, like grossly sobbing. I dont deserve this beautiful person in front of me and yet here she is asking me to spend the rest of my life with her. Without hesitation, a blubbered "Yes!" leaves my lips and I leap onto her. My arms crushing her as I fall into her lap. I pull her so close I think that I might suffocate her. "Yes, yes, yes. Of course" I cry into the crook of neck, tears of joy stream freely as I process this all.

Beca is kissing my shoulder blade lovingly and rubbing my back affectionately. After a minute or two my sobs quieten but I still don't want to let go. I just want to hug her until she knows how much I love her.

"I'm glad you said yes because for a moment there, I thought that it might have been a little too..." she pauses a moment "...cheesy"

I let the word bounce around through my mind, wondering why she said it but then the joke hits me. "oh my god" I utter as I giggle into her shoulder.

Finally I lean back just so I can see her face, I must look terrible but Beca? Well she is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.

"I love you so much" I whisper as I run my thumb across her bottom lip "I don't deserve you but I am privileged to have you"

I kiss her and she kisses me.

With everything wrong in our lives, we find that it all matters a little less because we have each other.

The kiss remains closed mouthed, soft and passionate.

Beca pulls back slightly, resting her forehead against mine "The ring?"

"Oh right!" I chuckle quietly as I lean back where she holds the ring up between us. I look at the piece of jewellery with wide eyes, still stunned by it's beauty. I can feel the tears springing up again "It really is beautiful Becs"

My fiance smiles as she takes it out of the slot and puts the box on the table beside her. "Take a look at this" She holds up the ring to my eye level where I immediately see what she is trying to show me, it's an engraving. Four words in cursive font are detailed into the inside of the ring "My heart is yours"

I fail at trying to hold back the tears, this is too perfect. The words are identical to the words on the ring that I wear around my neck on a chain now. "Beca..."

"It's titanium.." Beca smiles as she takes my left hand into hers "- the metal. I thought it was symbolic or yknow something equally as mushy"

The rings slides perfectly onto my finger, not too tight or too loose. Perfect. Just like the person who gave it to me.

I look down at the ring and the way it seems to belong there. Like it was meant to be there and it has for a long time.

"It's beautiful" I look up to meet her eyes with a smile "You're beautiful"

She blushes as she smiles completely unrestrictedly. She pulls me into a kiss, her hand on my jaw as she presses her lips into mine.

I feel her smile into the kiss, I can't help but match it. She mutters into my lips a playful "and you're weird" she pulls me closer, her arm wrapped around my waist as she murmurs with a grin "Fiance"

The End.

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