A/N i understand that its probably unrealistic for them to drive from Georgia to Illinois like that but... i am from Australia so just ignore all my inconsistencies :) xx

Chapter 2

"Are you staying the night Chlo?"

Lexie asks as she puts a blanket over my legs

"Yeah I suppose"

She nods "So what are you gonna do about this Beca situation?"

I shrug "I guess I'll try to get out of it but if it comes down to it, I'll ask Beca if she wouldn't mind pretending to be my girlfriend for a weekend"

Lexie nods "Seems like a good enough plan, I mean it would be simple enough to execute anyways. Like a couple months later you just tell everyone you guys broke up, no need to ever see her again right?"


My phone beeps 'You busy?'

I text back 'Nope'

Almost immediately my phone rings, Lexie gets up and walks into another room "Tell Beca I said Hi" she says when she's out of sight.

"Who says hi?" Beca says from the phone

I laugh "My cousin"

"Oh ok cool, well hi to your cousin then"

"So what are you doing on this fine evening?"

"I just got home from work but on my way back I like ran into a freaking pole"

I laugh "Are you serious?!"

She says "It's not funny; I've got a bruise and everything"

I immediately hang up and face time her, she accepts

"Show me it." I demand

"No way, you'll laugh at me" her camera is covered by her finger

"Of course I will but you should still show me"

"Fine" She takes her hand away from the camera and I can barely see anything

"Where is it?" I ask

She points to a tiny dark mark on the left side of her forehead "Right there, it hurts"

I laugh "Oh my god. You are such a wuss, I can barely see it"

She acts shocked "Excuse me. The camera quality isn't that good, it looks much worse in person"

"Oh of course it does"

"You're lucky I like you Beale, or you'd be getting some choice words right now"

I laugh and I'm about to reply when "Hello"

I turn around and see Hayley waving into the camera, Beca looks confused for a second "Uh hi"

"I'm Hayley, who are you?"

Beca quickly recovers "I'm Beca; it's nice to meet you Hayley"

"Oh so you're Beca? My sister told me about you"

Beca nods her head "Well what did your sister say?"

Hayley replies "She said that you are really pretty and that you're very nice"

Beca chuckles "Well that was very nice of her wasn't it?"

Hayley smiles "I guess but she was only telling the truth"

"HAYLEY?! Come and get some desert!" We hear Nan yell from the kitchen

Hayley's eyes widen, she quickly turns back to the phone "Well it was nice meeting you Beca, bye!"

She runs off into the other room "Uh sorry about that" I say bringing the phone back to my face

She gives me a smug look "How does she know me?"

"Uh I have no idea, it wasn't me"

She scoffs "So you think I'm pretty and nice?"

I scrunch my brows "Uh no. Maybelle saw a picture of you and she said that you were pretty. But this 'nice' thing, well I do not know where that one came from."

Beca scoffs "Sure thing. Whatever you say" She says sarcastically

"Well I have to go get some desert now so I'll talk to you soon?" Chloe says quickly changing subjects

Beca shakes her head "Desert is more important than me? I'm offended" She says sarcastically

I giggle "Like you have to ask that question Beca but for reals though I'll see you soon. We have a lot to talk about"

Beca face drops "Wait what?"

I smile "Ok bye Beca, love you!" I say quickly as I hang up

I get up from my chair and walk into the other room; I see my family sitting around the table eating desert.

"Was that Beca?" Asks my Aunt Jodie

I nod

Hayley squeals "I met her! She's really nice!"

Everyone smiles at her "So you asked her if she's coming to the twin's party?"

I tilt my head "Uhhhhmmmm"

"You do know that news travels fast in this family so… we have a lot of people expecting to meet this girl who stole our little red's heart."

My eyes widen "How much of our family are coming to the twins party?"

Natalie begins to count in her head "Well all of my family, everyone here—"

Brad pitches in "Well my side of the family"

"Some of Matt's army buddies"

"Anyone who has met the twins really, including your dad" Natalie finally states.

I internally scream, my dad. Really? I run my hand through my hair "Wow. That seems a bit overwhelming doesn't it?"

Everyone considers this "Well you know that this family won't treat her with anything short of respect"

I nod "Yeah I know that, it just seems a bit soon though"

My Nan jumps in "Well I would really like to meet the person that makes my little chicka-boo happy"

I rub the back of my neck, weighing my options. I never could really say no to my Nan "I'll have to ask her but in the end… it's up to her ok?"

Everyone nods excitedly "This is going to be so great"

I nod and give a fake smile "It's definitely gonna be interesting"

Barden University

"Chloe!" I see Aubrey run across the quad

I smile and walk a bit faster "Hey Bree!"

She pulls me into a giant embrace "Oh my gosh, I've missed you!"

I laugh "I can't explain how much I've missed you"

She links arms with me as we begin to walk through the campus "How's your family? Better yet how's your dad?"

I tense at the mention of him; she looks over at me "What happened Chlo?"

I shrug "I kind of told him about me"

Aubrey stops walking "Wait, What?!"

I shake my head "I don't know Bree, it just came out"

Aubrey grabs both of my hands "What did he say?"

I drop my head "He kind of said that he wouldn't believe it, that I should get help and he asked me what my mother would think of it… but you know, you can't please 'em all"

Aubrey's face contorts from sadness to disappointment to anger all in a matter of seconds "What. The. Fuck?"

I look up "Bree, I'm the only thing he has left, I mean he has a right to be upset"

Her face twists into a look of confusion "What are you even saying Chloe?! He is meant to be a supportive shoulder to lean on, not some dick-lick who makes you feel like shit"

I try to interrupt "Bre-"

She raises her hand to shut me up which effectively works "Chloe I know how much you love your father but you have to stop defending him, you've been doing it ever since… well you know..."

I nod

"And sometimes I completely understand but when he makes you feel like you are less of a person and brings up your mother as a guilt trip, it simply isn't acceptable"

"Bree its fine, he'll get over it soon" I say tugging on her arm, gesturing for us to keep walking "But that's not even the biggest news

Aubrey's looks at me "What could be bigger than that?"

"Well I kind of had a breakdown at my family reunion and they all found out about me being gay"

Her jaw drops and she is just about to say something when I continue "They jumped to conclusions that I had a girlfriend so when Beca called me and I told her that I missed her, everyone immediately connected the invisible dots, assuming that Beca is my girlfriend"

Her eyes widen "What the fu—"

I hold my pointer finger up "Not done. Now they want to meet her"

Her eyes are on the verge of popping out of her head "Holy shit"

I nod "I know right"

"So what are you gonna do?" She says opening the door to the café for me, I walk in and stand in line

"I'm going to ask her to do me a giant favour"

Aubrey nods "Well let me know how that turns out for you"

Later that day


"But Becaaa, you'll be helping me out a butt load" I say crouching down in front of her chair, looking up at her giving her my infamous puppy dog eyes "Pwease?"

She scoffs and swivels her chair to turn back to her computer "Those eyes don't work on me Beale"

I lie on the floor and make an exaggerated groan

She spins her chair again and looks down at me "Why is it so important that they meet your apparent girlfriend anyway?"

I sit up and cross my legs, looking up at her "My cousin thinks that it softens the 'gay' thing, whatever that means"

She nods "I get it; someone in my family did it like that, it seemed easier to say or something"

I nod "Well that's a little reassuring I guess"

She chuckles "So why can't you say that your apparent girlfriend is sick or something?"

"I mean I could but I need to convince my dad, you know?"

She tilts her head "So you're dad actually refuses to believe it?"

I nod "unfortunately" I drop my head at the thought of my dad's reaction and the harsh words that he said. I play with the ring that my mum left for me, the one I never take off. I fiddle with it as I remember the day that it happened

"David, I told you last night that this was happening, but clearly you don't have ears when the footballs on"

He groans "Emily, I'm sorry but I just can't do it this morning"

She scoffs "I'm already late! You are not!"

He rolls his eyes "Even if I leave right at this moment, I won't be there on time. Why can't you take her?"

She waves her arms in the air "Are you even listening to me? I'm 20 minutes late and I still have to take Ryan to soccer. What do you expect me to do David? We already told Aubrey's parents that we were going to be dropping Chloe off, we can't just cancel on them."

He begins to gather his stuff when I interrupt "Mum, I understand if you can't take me, I'll just stay over Aubrey's another night"

Mum puts her hands on my shoulders "Darling it's ok, we organised this a while back and we kept putting it off so it's happening today"

She gets up and faces her husband "Where do you think you're going?"

He stops at the door "Today is my chance to get the promotion that I've been waiting years for, I'm not risking it Em" and with that he's out the door

"David Levy Beale! If you get in the blimmin car I swear I'll-!" She hears the cars start up.

She mutters a few angry words to herself and then faces me "Chlo, go tell your brother that we're leaving immediately"

I nod and make my way upstairs. The drive to Aubrey's was fast and just a bit reckless.

"Bye Chlo, I'll see you tomorrow, love you" My mother says with one last kiss on the head. She makes her way back to the car. I see my brother waving from the front seat, I smile and wave back

She speeds off down the street. That was the last time I saw my mother and brother, alive at least

"Chloe?! Chlo?" I hear a voice dragging me out of my sad memory

I shake my head and look up at the piercing blue eyes "Hm?"

"I said I'll do it"

My mood quickly changes "Wait, what?! Seriously?!"

She shakes her head "Nope, I was just messing with you" She swivels her chair back towards the computer

Completely ignoring her sarcasm, I jump up and swing the chair around and plop onto her lap. I pull her into a bone crushing hug "Oh my gosh, thank you so much Beca!"

She pats me on the back awkwardly "Ok Red, I won't be able to help you out if I'm not breathing"

I pull away "Sorry"

She shakes her head "How am I going to deal with you?"

I giggle "I don't know but I'm sure you'll figure it out"

She smiles "So tell me about your family?"

Hours later and millions of family stories later Beca seems to have a good understanding of my family.

"So I don't know if you've realised this yet… but I'm not that good with affection so I may not play this role very convincingly" Beca says scratching the back of her neck

I raise an eyebrow "You think you'll be able to resist all this" I say gesturing to my body

She laughs and shakes her head "You're so weird"

I giggle "You're weird"

Her smile drops "Hold up- if your family is just getting used to the idea of you being gay then it really isn't a good idea for us to be affectionate"

I think this over "um well, I don't know. I think that if we act all happy and cute then maybe they'll see how happy I am...Plus they know that I'm one of those people who love affection so it would just be weird if like we weren't"

She shrugs "I guess that makes sense"

1 Month Later


She groans "At 6 in the morning really Beale? Why did I agree to this?" She says pulling up her hoodie

"Well yeah, it's an 11 hour drive and by the time we get there it'll be like late afternoon and your cute when you're grumpy and tired"

She rolls her eyes while chucking her suitcase in my old Lancia Appia "Are you sure about us using this car? It looks like it's about to swallow its own teeth and tell me old war stories "

I smile "I'm sure, my baby has served me well and he will for years to come"

She looks at me suspiciously "You have a name for your car don't you?"

I shake my head "Nope, now get in the car"

She laughs "Oh my gosh you totally do!" She says opening up the squeaky door and plopping inside

I put on my seatbelt and look at her "no I don't!" I say laughing

She puts on her seatbelt and nods her head, along with a smirk "Ok if you insist"

I put the keys in and get the car started. Beca looks down at my stereo "It's funny how you have this old battered up car… and then you have this brand new sound system"

I laugh "Well I'm not going to listen to a cassette tape now am I?"

She shrugs "Wouldn't be a complete shocker"

"Should I be insulted by that?"

She shrugs "You're choice Beale; now let's go get me some coffee. It's too early to even be thinking right now"

I pull on my aviators and wind down my window, I look at Beca as she puts on her Ray Bans I pull the car out of the parking space "Nope, definitely not a morning person"

She shakes her head "Nope, I'm more of a sleep until my problems go away kind of person"

I laugh at her "You're a strangely depressing person sometimes"

She grins "I know"

After we get our coffee and breakfast we drive for at least an hour with just random talk, until she falls asleep. I put my music on low and drive for a couple more hours before my quiet singing gets interrupted "You still listen to these mixes?"

I glance at her, she's still got her head leaning on the head rest "Uh yeah, I never really got sick of them I guess"

She sits up and looks at me "I gave them to you when you first found out that I mixed"

I nod "I know, I just can't stop listening to them"

She looks at me, I quickly glance back "Do you wanna switch?"

I shake my head "No it's fine but I do wanna eat"

She glimpses at the time "Shit Chlo, it's like eleven thirty"

I giggle "You don't think I know that Mitchell?" I say rubbing my eyes

"Well let's eat and then we are switching Ok?"

I nod "Alright, if you insist"

We get back in the car with full stomachs, by this time the sun is barely peeking through the clouds. Beca walks around to the driver's side and gets in the car; I sit in the passenger seat and look over at her.

"You sure about this? This car has a specific way of being driven"

She scoffs "I would like you to know that all machinery likes me, I mean we are basically related y'know?"

I laugh "Ok, I don't know if I should be worried that you just admitted that you're a cyborg or… that you're the first person that's driven my car other than me"

Her jaw drops "Really? Why? Is it like possessed or something? Is that why?"

I grin and put on my seatbelt "Well it's actually a transformer"

She nods and laughs "I told you I'm good with machines"

"Just drive already before I kick you out"

She puts on her seatbelt "Like you would do that Beale, you need me way too much"

I smile "I'm not admitting anything"

She looks over smiling; she turns the key after giving me a small wink which I internally swoon at.

She pulls out of the parking space surprisingly smoothly; she exits the parking lot and gets back onto the main road.

We drive for about half an hour when she turns the music off and says "I can't listen to them any longer, we've had them on repeat for hours"

I pout "Well what do you expect us to listen to then?"

She shrugs "Don't you have any CD's?"

I shake my head "Why would I buy CD's when I have all the songs I need on my phone"

She sighs "So put those on"

"The only songs on my phone are those mixes" I say shyly

Her jaw drops "Wow, you have problems"

I shrug "You're a good DJ Becs"

She shakes her head "Fine." She points to my bag "There's a USB with some of my newer mixes on there, plug that in"

I jump in my seat with excitement "Oh my gosh! Really?!"

"No I was lying" She says with in a clear sarcastic tone

I roll my eyes and pick up her bag from in front of me. "Where is it?"

"There's a small compartment on the side" She says glancing from the road to the bag

I find it and take out the USB, I plug it in and she begins to press a bunch of buttons. Soon enough a song blares through the speakers.

The sun is peeking through the clouds shining onto Beca's face, giving it a flawless glow. She's pulled her sun glasses down; I catch myself staring and look out the window to distract myself until I hear a familiar beat transition into the song.

I stare at her "You didn't."

She smirks at me "Oh yes I did"

I jump up and down "Ok ready… Ready, let's do it"

There's a lead up and then Beca and I quickly glance at each other…

"I'm bulletproof nothing to lose, fire away, fire away"

"Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away fire away"

We belt out our song and the smiles on our faces seem to get wider every line.

I look over at her and see the wind is blowing her hair, she's laughing and she's trying to dance while still focusing on the road. She glances over at me and sees me gawking at her; she looks away shyly biting her lip. I blush at being caught but I soon recover as the chorus comes back.

We finish our little party, I smile at her "That was fun"

She smirks "Are you sure it wasn't just your Lady Jam confusing you?"

I shrug "You're the one who put in a song knowingly… Are you sure you didn't have any ulterior motives Mitchell?"

She shrugs "That's for me to know"

I give her a smile which soon turns into a yawn

"Maybe you should try and get some sleep" She says pulling her glasses on top of her head

"Yeah maybe. But wake me up in a couple of hours, or whenever" I say poking her arm

She nods "Sure thing"

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, what the fuck?" I begin to wake up

I look over at a frantic brunette "Beca?"

She looks over at me with panic in her eyes "I have no fucking idea what's happening Chlo"

A sound of the engines spluttering soon registers "Oh shit"

Beca is panicking "Crap, what do I do?!"

I look around "Uh pull over here" I say pointing out the window

She obeys and manages to get us safely off the road, I lean over and pull the key out of the ignition and unlock the hood

I get out of the car and make my way to the front of the car, Beca joins me. I pull open the hood, a cloud of smoke hit's us in the face, we scramble away covering our mouths coughing

"He should probably lay of the cigarettes right?" I say jokingly

I look over at Beca who still has a look of worry on her face "I'm sorry Chlo, I was completely lying when I said I was good with machines, really I'm like terrible with them"

I walk over to her and put my hand on her shoulder "Really? I never would have guessed, like with you being a cyborg and all"

I'm expecting a laugh or at least a smile but I come up empty "Seriously Chlo, I broke your car. Why aren't you yelling at me or something?"

I shake my head and smile at her adorableness "Aw Becs" I say as I pull her into a hug which she tenses at "My car is old, and he breaks down a lot"

She relaxes a little; I pull out of the embrace "So this happens a lot?" She asks hesitantly

I nod "Well as much as can be expected, there are certain things that help but it's like a 50-50 thing for newbies"

"So what do we do now?" She says walking back to the car

I follow "Uh, well I haven't seen him give off that much smoke before so I guess we should call the ... uh what do you call it?"

She shrugs "My car is a goddess, she never breaks down, so I wouldn't know"

"They like come and help you out when you break down" I say getting back in the car and pulling out my phone

She gets in the car "You mean like roadside assist?"

"Yes! That's what it is" I call up my insurance and work through all the details, when explaining where I am I then actually realise where I am. I look at the time, it's nearly 4. I finish talking the guy when I hang up

"Beca, you drove for like 4 hours"

She shrugs "So? You drove for 5 this morning"

"Yeah, I know but that's because it's my car and because I'm the one making you come all this way. So I should be doing the most driving" I explain

"You're not making me do anything; I want to do this for you"

I shake my head "But... like you're my guest and I make you sit behind a wheel for hours while I sleep, it's not ethical"

"Its fine Chloe, calm your tits" She says smiling

I shake my head and laugh "Well, the guy said he'll get someone out here as soon as possible but that could be for hours"

She nods "Ok, I guess that could be expected" She leans back into her seat and rests her head on the head rest, closing her eyes.

I look at her and observe all the things that are hidden behind her sarcasm and eyeliner, I don't realise that I'm staring until

"You're staring" She says looking through one eye

"Just observing"

She opens both eyes and sits up "And what did you observe?"

I smile "Well that's for me to know and for you to never find out"

She shrugs "As long as you keep it to yourself, I'm all goods'

She sits and looks ahead, not saying anything. I look down at her hand which is resting on her thigh. With my lack of physical filter, I reach over and take her hand.

She sort of flinches at the contact but she soon realises what's happening, I look down at the thing that caught my attention in the first place.

I run my thumb over the ring that's on her right ring finger "This is nice"

She looks down at it and smiles "Yeah, it is"

I look at all the detail that's been engraved in it "Is it special to you?"

She reaches down with her other hand and takes it off "Very" She puts it in my hand so I can look at it closer

"What does this writing mean?" I say squinting at the extremely fine print on the inside of the ring


"Oh I mean you don't have to tell me, like if it's personal that's completely fine. I didn't mean to pry-"I ramble

She puts her hand on my forearm "Chlo, don't take this the wrong way. But please shut up, it's fine"

I smile nervously "Sorry, go on"

"It says 'My heart is yours'" She says looking down at it

I smile "Well that's awfully romantic"

She smiles "Well yeah, my grandpa and grandma were like really, really in love"

"That's nice, so the ring is…?"

"Oh um, my grandpa got it custom made for her a very long time ago, it was his first gift to her"

I smile "That's sweet"

"Yeah it is" Beca falls into a daze

"So she gave it to you?" I say pulling her out of it

"Uh, yeah, well sort of"

I give her a confused look "Well when she passed away, like a week later I got this in the mail, along with a letter"

I frown remembering when her grandmother died months ago, how she never cried. She just sat there and didn't speak to anyone for weeks.

I could see a vulnerable frown settling in on her face, I reach over and take her hand. She looks down at my hand on top of hers, she smiles.

"She was my best friend"

I slide my hand under hers and intertwine our fingers, giving her a reassuring squeeze.

"The envelope had 2 letters in it, one was from my mum telling me that my Nan left this for me in the will and the other was from her"

I could see the heartbreak in her eyes "Bec, you do realise you don't have to tell me these things if they hurt you know?"

She smiles and shrugs "I've never spoken to anyone about it so maybe it'll help"

I nod "well in that case, I'm all yours- I mean ears"

She chuckles and looks down at our hands and begins talking "I've read that letter over and over again, so that it's engrained into my head."

I nod

She continues to look down at our hands; she plays with the ring my mother gave me

"It said Beca,

I want you to know that even though I'm gone, I'm not really. I will always be thinking of you no matter where I am.

The ring that you are getting is very important to me as you know, but my dear I'm giving it to you so you can give it to someone in the future.

I know that you're mother didn't handle you're news so well but I will tell you one last time Becs, you are beautiful the way you are and you are kind and compassionate and regardless of gender, your love is of no less value, in fact it is probably one of the most precious things someone can have.

You've always had trouble with love and affection but I know that when you find that special girl, you'll treat her right and give her your heart. Your love is rare therefore it will be treasured.

I love you."

I didn't realise when my eyes were watering until she looks at me "That was really sweet, she sounds amazing"

"Are you crying?"

I wipe away the tears "Nope" I cover my face with my hands

She chuckles and leans over. She pulls my hands down from my face and puts them in my lap, she puts her hands on the side of my face, she wipes away the remaining tears with her thumbs.

"You're so weird"

I give her a smile, "You're weird"

She winks "You know it"

Her smile slowly fades, her eyes are roaming my face, I look down at her lips which are oh so close, she looks down at mine.

She hesitantly leaning in, we are centimetres away as I close my eyes, I can feel her breath on my lips. I'm waiting for the prolonged moment of contact when…

I feel her hands leave my face, I open my eyes and see her eyes flood with realisation and with that she's out the door.

I'm sitting there not having moved, ridiculously confused. I look out the window and she's at the hood of the car.

After I compose myself I get out of the car and make my war over to her, she's bent over and looking intently at the engine.

"What are you doing B?"

She stands up straight and smiles "I know how to fix the car"

I tilt my head "Really?"

She grins "Really."

"So that is a shiny little nugget that I wish I knew sooner" I say as she gets in the passenger seat

She smiles "I don't know something reminded me that I saw almost the exact same thing with my pops old car"

I laugh "Perfect timing as well"

She puts on her seatbelt and says "How much of a delay was that?" Clearly ignoring my previous words

"Uh, I don't know. Maybe an hour and a half" I say as I pull on to the main road

"Well it's about 5:30 so… how long do we have to go?"

"So were leaving now so we might get there around seven thirty?" I say doing the math in my head

She nods "Ok cool, I hope that isn't too late?"

I shake my head "I mean they'll totes have dinner earlier but I'm sure we can pick something up on our way so that we don't have to make a big deal about it"

She nods "Sounds like a plan"

I laugh "So what do you want for dinner?"