It's Boruto's Fault

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

AN: This story will not be canon. Some people who are dead will still be alive. Some characters that are portrayed as the antagonists will not play the same role. The Uchiha Massacre did not happen. The Kyuubi attacked but not because of Obito and Kushina lives but Minato died. This story revolved around the POVs of Mikoto, Sasuke, Itachi and Ino. It was a slow romance/friendship with a dash of humor and a little drama. The story is also inspired by Made for You by xCelestialchanx



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Chapter 1: Boruto Uzumaki

Two individuals sat quietly sipping tea in the rather comfortable confines of a rather nicely decorated room. Dark inky black hair shifted as an older Mikoto Uchiha sat forward to set her cup onto a tray resting nearby. Across from the Uchiha matriarch sat a figure with bright red hair, dimmed with age, blue eyes twinkling with a happiness only seen rarely since the passing of her husband.

"It has been so long since we have a baby in the house; it's been such a long time since Naruto was this age. If Minato were still here I feel as if Naruto wouldn't be an only child. Boruto makes each day brighter and more fulfilling when I get to watch him." Kushina then looked over to the small rocking basket near her to see her grandson, a squirming Boruto.

"I see what you mean" replied Mikoto laughing slightly. "He seems like such a lovely child. I remember when both my children were at that age. Itachi and Sasuke are such fine men but always so busy. If I waited for them to get the initiative to visit then I would be waiting forever. Of course if they were more like your Naruto then they would have their priorities more in line."

Kushina chuckled slightly to herself before Mikoto continued. "Well it's not like there is a scarcity of women around!" she joked. "I believe I've lost count how many nobles, civilians and shinobi alike that have tried to get the attention of those two, and some not even from Konoha. It does get a little lonely around the house from time to time."

Kushina reached across to her friend's shoulder and gave it a little squeeze. "Maybe they haven't found that special one, or realized that they have yet. I know it took a few years for Minato to notice me and let's not even talk about my son, I still have to reassure Hinata from time to time that it wasn't a dream."

"I just thought when Itachi asked to move out there would be a change, that there might be a chance at a relationship now that he wasn't under a parental gaze all the time. But with Fugaku gone it seems it just revolves around clan business, plenty of missions and of course Sasuke. Which of course brings me to Sasuke. I thought when he left there was an even greater chance than Itachi, which was reinforced by him bringing home his teammate Sakura. He even introduced her as his girlfriend. I was so sure he wouldn't follow after Itachi's lifestyle but he crushed that a week or so later when they mysteriously ended it. He's refused all my help and won't even talk to me about what happened. I'm not so sure what to do Kushina."

Kushina let out a little sigh while picking up Boruto from his rocking basket and rocking him slightly to put off his squirming. "I'm not sure what to tell you Mikoto. Let them find their own way. I know you don't want to leave matters of the heart to those two but you might have to. Sometimes that's all we can do."

Mikoto laughed and shook her head slightly making little Boruto reach for her hair just out of reach. "Knowing my sons the way that I do, I am going to have to intervene. If I leave them alone then I will be old and gray before they noticed that they might have feelings for someone. You remember don't you Kushina? A mother always knows best!"

After saying goodbye to Kushina and her little angel Boruto, Mikoto made her way out of the rather cozy home of her best friend, leaving said friend in a state of unease towards all the women that were about to be drawn in to Mikoto's plan.

While Kushina was saying a prayer for all those who were about to be brought into her friends scheming ways, Mikoto was seen walking towards her home listing off the pro's and con's of every woman she could say she knew that might have a chance. A few popped into her head such as Ayame from the village's most prominent ramen stand and Ino Yamanaka from the flower shop. A few also were disregarded like Sasuke's ex-girlfriend Sakura.


Greeting a few people from her clan, Mikoto walked towards the house she had moved to after her husbands death. Walking into the small dining area she was surprised to see Itachi sipping on a small cup of tea waiting for her.

"Good afternoon Mother" came her son's rather calming voice as he looked in her direction. He held up a small note that she recognized leaving a while back at his apartment. "I found this when I returned from my mission in Iwagakure. I find it surprising that you feel i'm hiding from you. Either way you are invited to a small dinner I am having, I'll let my real self know you're coming" with that she chuckled having noticed it was a shadow clone as Itachi was probably busy. She didn't notice that a small note was taken nor that Itachi had read it. What she did notice was the small note detailing his dinner in his rather neat hand writing.


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