Sam POV:

This is just a foreword, and just to set the scene maybe. I have and adopted sister called Cloud, she is a mute person and is aged 17 so please be kind to her.

Cloud's POV:

I was listening to Sam drone on and on about his great-grandfather's spectacles and his eBay account and such, and Trent threw a paper plane at him. The teacher lifted a "Stop" red sign and Trent tried to look innocent. "Can't you talk about something more relevant?" The teacher sounded irritated. Sam ignored him. "So be sure to check out my eBay page and..."

The bell rang and all the students pushed in their chairs and I was the only one left, except Sam, who was listening to the teacher's report. I leaned against the wall, lost in my own thoughts. How long before I could transform again? Nobody knew it, but the human version of me was just a holoform, a diagram. I was an Autobot in disguise, if one put it that way. But nobody knew... nobody...

I was so distracted that I didn't realize that Sam had come over to say something to me. "Re you ready to go?" he asked. I opened my mouth to reply but nothing came out so I stuck to the usual body gestures that I used to communicate. I gave a terse nod and we went off.

Time pass; Dad comes to pick us up

"Dad! I got an A! I got an A!"

Ron looked at the paper, Sam's report card. "So an A it is. How would you like a car for a reward?"

Sam looked at the car in front of him. "What! A Porsche! You gotta be kidding me!" Ron looke amused. "Of course I'm kidding! I'm not that rich you know!" We drove into the car shop, where a dark skinned man was laughing along with one if his clients. I tapped Sam's shoulder and nodded encouragingly at him. My way of congratulating him. He nodded back in reply, and got out of the car with me following closely behind.

"How about this one?" Sam got into a car. I shook my head, indicating that I didn't like it. The man shook his head. "Doesn't seem to fit you." Ron joined in," And it must be expensive!"

"What about this?" Sam seemed to be getting eager. He had gotten into a striped yellow and black Camaro. I stiffened in surprise. Where had I seen that before? Lost in my own world once again, I missed the shop owner's reply. "I dunno, it must be yours, right? Since it's in your shop." Was Sam's distracted reply. "Well, anyway," the store owner went on. "Five pounds"

"What! Five! I'm not paying anything more that four!"

I rested my hand on the striped hood of the car. It seemed to have waves of energy coming from it. An Energon signature! Just then, I remembered where I had seen this yellow and black Camaro before. It was none other than the Autobot Bumblebee. I shook my head frantically, waving my hands and trying to tell Sam not to buy this one, but he wasn't looking at me and was still bickering over the price of the car. I nearly passed out when the car talked to me. I looked around at my surroundings to see if anyone else had heard Bee, but the three males were still bargaining.

Then I realized what Bee was doing. The yellow Autobot was talking through Comlink. Comlink was something like Mind-Messaging, just that it was part of a Cynertronian technology and was never wrong. Mind-Messaging was simply communicating with the mind. I got into the car for Sam had gotten out. "Is it you, Bee?" I asked through Comlink.

"Yes, and I believe I'm talking to Prophecy Cloud?"

His chosen words made me smile. Some Cybertronians called me Prophecy due to my accurate fortune-telling skills. In the end, I had officially changed my name to Prophecy Cloud. "Yup. How's Optimus and the others?"

"Fine, but I can tell Optimus misses you."

I smiled again. The Autobot leader and Prime had a relationship with me when I was still on Cybertron, my home planet. During the war, I had been captured by the enemy Decepticons and I managed to escape, which landed me on Earth. "I miss him too. Can I talk to him?"

Bee nodded, or at least I imagined him nodding and I could faintly hear he and Optimus talking.

O: Yes Bumblebee? Any trouble so far?

B: Nope and I met Prophecy.

(I could hear Optimus let out a chirp in excitement, and I was brought into the conversation.)

Me: Hi, Optimus.

(Bee left the chat.)

O: Hi Prophecy, how're you doing?

Me: Fine, Optimus, but I can't speak in my holoform. And it really tires me out when I keep it running for too long.

O: Oh. That's interesting. Have you spoken to Ratchet about it yet?

Me: No I forgot about Comlink altogether.

O: Make sure you do.

I suddenly realized that Sam was looking at me, curiosity etched on his face. "So what do you think of it?"

Him. Oops, I can't believe I almost said that out loud!

I stared at Sam blankly, my head still reeling from the Comlink chat. I blinked to clear my expression and nodded slowly, reluctant to let Sam have Bee. Sam looked concerned. "Are you okay?"

I nodded again.

"Well, then I will buy this one."

I wanted to change my mind. I wanted to change his mind. I regretted my earlier acceptance. What if Bee didn't like him?

I didn't need to do anything, Bee handled the situation beautifully. He let out a siren sound that was high pitched. Too high pitched. And loud. The wailing set all the car alarms off and shattered their windows. "Four thousand!" The shop owner gasped in shock before passing out.