We were in some kind of car park building when this police car came out at us. I recognized that Decepticon immediately. Barricade. I recognized him by his colors, black and white. Sam got out of the Camaro, obviously not realizing that the vehicle in front of him was a Cybertronian. He got out, saying,"This is my car..." Barricade transformed. Sam looked stricken. "Are you LadiesMan217?"

"Look I-"

"Are you user name LadiesMan217!"

"Yes you see I-"

"Where is the eBay item 21153?"

Sam looked shocked. "You mean my great-grandfather's spectacles?"

I got out of the car. Barricade started firing, apparently impatient. "Run!" Sam yelled. And accidentally knocked Mikaela off her motorbike. "Samuel James Witwicky! What do you think you are doing?"

"Run! Just run!" Sam sounded pretty desperate. I almost laughed aloud at his fear, before remembering that I could only speak in Cybertronian, through Comlink and not aloud. If I suddenly did speak aloud, it would probably sound alien to him. Just as Cybertronians were to him.

Bee transformed and started firing at Barricade, eventually leaving Barricade to retreat. "My car is a robot?!" Sam gasped. Before passing out. I gestured toward Bee, who had transformed into the Camaro again and waited for the three of us on the road. I splashed my bottle of water on Sam's face and woke him up, then Bee sped off.

Bee drove into an alleyway. I had explained what Bee was the best I could; without my voice it was very very difficult. Bee occasionally helped me through the radio, catching all the different voices and words. I didn't tell them that I was one of them, though. Bee had suggested I don't until we met Optimus.

Sam seemed to sense my hesitation. He gazed curiously at me, and eventually asked the question,"Cloud, is there anything that you didn't tell us?"

I shook my head. A little too quickly. Sam nodded but didn't comment on my uneasiness.

Bee drove us into an alleyway, where four more Autobots were standing. My heart/spark fluttered when I saw the commanding stance of Optimus, my beloved. Optimus nodded to me as I got out from Bee and I sent a message through Comlink: Hi Optimus, can I transform? It's been years since I have done so and I'm getting cramped up...

Optimus seemed to have received my message and smiled softly, nodding once again in reply. Relieved, I dismissed the holoform and made my real self, a red, gray and black sports car drive up. Slowly, I transformed. Standing up, I was 28feet tall, near the height of Optimus. Optimus was 30feet tall. I coughed, my voice dry and rusty from lack of use. "Samuel James Witwicky," I began,"In case you are lost, let me introduce my Autobot friends to you."

"You already know Bumblebee, your guardian." Optimus Prime said. "I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots." Sam looked at the mech in confusion and awe.

"I am Prophecy Cloud, your adopted sister." I saw Ratchet flash me a protective glance. I understood his feelings, Ratchet was my brother!

"This is Ratchet, my real brother." I flicked my tail towards Ratchet. He motioned for me to eliminate it. So I did, and it added on to my already bulky armor. Ratchet nodded politely to Sam, optics narrowed. "The boy's pheromone levels suggest that he wants to mate with the girl." Mikaela looked at Sam.

"Jazz, awesome Autobot and spy."

Jazz said something.

"Where did he learn to speak like that?" Sam asked.

"We learnt your language from the worldwide web," Optimus explained. I nodded to him.

Sam nodded. "Ironhide, weapon specialist."

"Feeling lucky, punk?" Ironhide sneered, earning a disapproving glare from Optimus. He warmed up his cannons.

"Bee's vocal processors were injured in battle." Optimus said. "But I'm working on it." Ratchet added. "Ratchet is our medical officer."

"Sam Witwicky, we need those glasses of your ancestor Archibald Witwicky." Optimus murmured, his azure blue optics focused on Sam. Sam looked surprised. "How d'you know about my great-grandfather?"

"It's a long story. A long time ago, your ancestor Archibald Witwicky..."

"We need those glasses." Optimus rumbled.

We left Sam's window and walked off the lawn where the others were waiting for a little bit, where we would have some quiet time. "I've missed you," Optimus rumbled, servos on my waist and pulling me closer. "I've missed you too. Being stuck with these humans is not exactly entertaining, especially when I have to go to school and can't speak."

"Can't speak?"

I nodded. Optimus sighed. "I love you, Prophecy, I really do. When they said you had escaped Cybertron..." He trailed off shyly, looking into my optics.

Gazing into those bright cerulean blue optics, my spark fluttering as I embraced my mechfriend (boyfriend in transformer words). I gently pulled away from him, and said,"Let's go check on Sam."

Sam was in trouble; he couldn't find the glasses and Optimus was getting impatient. Sighing, I transformed and activated the holoform, and went into the house through the front door. Judy was surprised to see me. "Oh, hello Cloud, Sam is in his room." I nodded and went up the stairs. Sam was in his room with Mikaela, and the door was locked. I knocked the special knock that Sam and I devised for me and the door swung open. Optimus was at the window again. "Hurry," he murmured, impatience tinting his tone. Sam looked frustrated. "That's just what I'm doing!" he yelled, throwing stuff all over his room. Optimus sighed and went back to the Autobots. Sam went to the window. "You guys need to hide, before-"

"Sam! What are you doing in there?" It was Judy.

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