My very first fanfiction was a crossover between Transformers and Vividred Operation. This new fanfic will also feature TF and Vividred; however it won't be connected to the old fic in any way.
I'll be featuring some characters that did not appear from the movies; I'll be taking characters from the movie toylines.
This fanfic takes place after Revenge of the Fallen and Vividred Operation.
In writing this fic, I'll only take consideration the TF movies, VRO anime, and the bios of the characters provided in the TF wiki. I'll purposely ignore the various movie comics so that I can tell my own story.
That should be all, I hope you enjoy reading.


Dr. Isshiki surveyed the work of the salvage ships . He arrived at the site only today, to survey the last of the cleaning up being done. He was leaning on the railing of the ship he was on, the Kusanagi.
"We've been at it for a month, yet we're still not yet done," the captain of the ship said.
"And so many died," Dr. Isshiki agreed. "But, I'm sure that it won't happen again. The threat to the Incarnate Engine has been destroyed by the Vivid team."
"If you say so, doc," the captain said, looking skeptical. "What I heard, the girl who was controlling the alones still lives."
Dr. Isshiki looked at the captain. "Rei Kuroki is no longer a threat."
"Still. Doc, I have a friend, who died during the Alone attacks. Do you know how it feels, knowing the person responsible for them still lives? What's to say this girl won't try again?"
Dr. Isshiki sighed and looked at the Engine. "I know how you feel, but trust me on this. That girl won't try anything again. And she regrets all that she has done."
"Regrets won't bring anyone back."
"No..." Dr. Isshiki said. "They don't."

Seeing all the debris in the water bought back unpleasant memories for Dr. Isshiki. Before completing his research on the Incarnate Engine, Dr. Isshiki's help was requested by the secretive American military group, NEST. The group asked for technical help in developing handheld sensors that could detect a specific energy signature. When he found out what exactly NEST was involved in, he was initially surprised. During the field test of the gadget in a mission in Shanghai, China, he was in the team's C-130 jet, monitoring the situation for above. He watched the ensuing chaos as the gigantic robot wrecked havoc in the Shanghai freeway. Although he was offered a permanent post at the team, he declined and continued his research on the Engine, which of course succeeded. He turned his back from view and started to retreat into his room when suddenly explosions started.

He has waited long enough. The Decepticon known as Depth Charge has waited patiently, using his boat alternate mode to disguise himself among the various ships that came for the salvage operations. Now the target of his mission has arrived. Discarding any attempt to blend in, he transformed into his robot mode and headed toward his target.

In one of the rooms of the Kusanagi, two men were preparing weapons.
"I've already contacted our team, they're on their way. Not sure when they'll arrive though, so we have to hold on for as long as possible."
"Can't believe that we did not notice him! He totally evaded our sensors." The other said. "What did our contact at this island's headquarters say?"
"The sensors in the base didn't detect anything either."
"That's worrisome. What if they all had that capability now?"
"Not likely."
"What about our asset on the island?"
"He's on his way, but since it's a water battle he doesn't think he'll be able to help much."
"Wonder why the Autobots keep on picking cars as alternate modes? It really leaves us disadvantaged at times like this!"
"Now, now. No complaints." William Lennox smiled at his companion, Robert Epps. "We have a robot ot kill."

Dr. isshiki watched as the giant robot tore down the other ships that were blocking it's way. On other ships, the soldiers who were assigned as guard duty to this operation were now trying to shoot it, with their shots useless against the robot's armor.
"Dr. Isshiki!"
The old man turned and saw a familiar face.
"You… you're from that group, NEST right? You're still active, despite that huge mess in Egypt?"
"Yes doc. As long as there are Decepticons here, we'll always be around," said the second man, Epps. He aimed his huge gun at the robot and fired. The shot was effective, and it harmed one of the robot's shoulder-armed missile launchers.
"I've contacted the team. Intel says this guy is Depthcharge, stealth specialist and strategist," Lennox said.
"How long until your assets get here?" Dr. Isshiki asked.
"We don't know, " Lennox said as he put away his radio and reached his gun.
"Well then… I have a call to make."

Akane Isshiki was at her school when she heard the explosions.
"That's from Blue island!" she said. It came as no surprise when her grandfather contacted her.
"Akane, do you read me?"
"Yes Grandpa. I'm gonna fly over there now to help you!"
"That's my girl. I've already contacted the others, but you're the nearest. Hurry! We won't last long."
Akane held her key. She had not activated it in a long time. But now it was time once again to fight.

In the streets of the city the explosions could be heard as well. There was panic and concern about how it could harm the Engine. The young girl didn't know who was attacking, or why she was here again. What mattered is that someone wants to harm the engine, and she can't allow that. As she made her way through the streets, she saw a familiar red streak of light.
But where are the others?
She activated her stolen-borrowed- jetpack, and flew off into the scene.

Depthcharge was close to his goal. Although the humans were resisting, it was nothing he hadn't predicted. His attack was a surprise, and it would be too late for those pesky humans from NEST would reach this place. "Come with me, Dr. Isshiki!" he roared.
"Come and I will spare this place."
The doctor did not move. Beside him , one of the soldiers fired on him. He dodged the blast.
"You two are the only ones left," he said. "It would make more sense for you two to surrender."
"Never," one of the soldiers said.
"Suit yourself."
He fired from his shoulder rockets.
The missiles suddenly were split in half. Depthcharge could see that the missiles were hit by a boomerang.
"How did you like my Naked Rang?"

Akane retrieved her Naked Rang. Standing before her was a robot, smaller than an Alone, but seemingly more dangerous.
"I was not informed that humans have such capabilities!" Depthcharge said. "This will be interesting."
Akane threw her Naked Rang again. "Take that, robot!"
Depthcharge took the full brunt of the blow, blocking it with this arm.
"What… are you?" Akane asked. This robot has resisted the blow of her weapon, which had previously dented Alone opponents.
"The universe is a lot bigger than you think, little girl," Depthcharge said. "Unfortunately you won't be around much longer to appreciate it!"
Depthcharge raised his hand, slamming it into the nearest ship. Onboard the crew started to panic.
"Wait! I've got you!"
Akane rushed to the ship, and using her Naked Rang, blocked Depthcharge's fist.
"Such strength!" Depthcharge said. "I guess I should compliment you. But even you cannot be everywhere at once!"
Depthcharge fired his shoulder-mounted rockets. A missile flew towards the city.
Epps tried to raise his rocket launcher, but he recognized it's futility. It's too late. Lennox was on his radio.
"We got an inbound missile! Sideswipe! Prepare to intercept!"
he could only hear static.
"Dammnit! Cons are jamming us!"
"You see, Dr. Isshiki, this is what happens when you resist the Decepticons." Depthcharge said as he kept force on his fist, trying to crush Akane, who was still using her Naked Rang to block the attack. "Now come with me! We could use your expertise. Or would you rather have your granddaughter die?"
Dr. Isshiki was tense. He didn't know what to do.
"How about a third option?"
The missile exploded as Rei Kuroki, flying in her jetpack, fired the rocket launcher she was holding.
Depthcharge released his grip on Akane and saw the incoming intruder. "Another human?"
Akane recognized her. "Rei!"
Rei smiled. "Akane. Glad to see you again."
Now Depthcharge was surrounded. He could see that around him were two humans, who for some reason could fly-why wasn't this in the briefing? That Soundwave is useless after all… The two soldiers were there as well. In the mainland he could sense an Autobot, but since that one is land-based he poses no threat.
"It does not matter!" Depthcharge said. "I'm still superior in combat capability, compared to all of you. No matter how many humans you add!"
"What about me?"
Ahead one could see a brown jet. It fired missiles, hitting the water near Depthcharge.
"What? A flying Autobot?"
"That's right!" The jet transformed in mid flight, turning into a humanoid robot. He fired his gun at Depthcharge, hitting him again and again.
"Girls! Mind finishing him off for me?"
Akane was too shocked to respond, but Rei immediately nodded. "Of course." She aimed her missile Launcher.
"Ah… yes! Here I go! Naked Rang!" The boomerang hit Depthcharge in the chest. It was soon followed by combined gunfire from Breakaway and Rei, destroying the enemy robot.

Akane and Rei landed.
"Grandpa!" Akane hugged her grandfather.
"I'm fine, I'm fine," Dr. Isshiki replied. "But what do we have here? Such a surprise," he said, looking at Rei.
"Yes, it was a surprise for me too. Where are the others?" Rei asked, looking around.
"Ah, I've already told them to head for the military base instead. That's where you'll be fully briefed on this situation." He noticed Rei's backpack. "Wait is that my…"
"Let's put it this way. You have a bad security system."
Akane smiled. "Can we fly ahead, Grandpa?"
"Ah… yeah, sure…"
Akane turned to Rei.
"Let's go!"
Dr. Isshiki watched as the two flew off.
"You know, I've read about them in the information given to us, but I still find it hard to believe."
Dr. Isshiki turned and saw Lennox, accompanied by Epps.
"They may be young, but through their bonds and friendship they have helped save the Engine."
"I do hope that they can do it again, doctor," Lennox said. "We need ever help we can get."

The bots that appeared here are:
ROTF Breakaway
ROTF Depthcharge