Rosie paced up and down the corridor anxiously, trying to listen to her own careful steps instead of the commotion downstairs. It was strangely soothing and for a while she felt like it was working, until she heard the shouting and howling of Ben as he realised that he had lost his wife, his daughter and one of his sons. But instead of feeling his pain, Rosie felt angry.

She felt responsible.

Ever since she had met Hayden, things changed. She found herself to be a lot more bitter and angry than she usually was, but that wasn't her. That was never her, she was always the sweet little girl that people could go and talk to when they had problems. She used to be her brother's backbone, and now she was just someone that he was actually afraid to speak to.

The truth is, Rosie was just as unstable as Tate, and she knew it.

Rosie certainly didn't support Tate and his actions towards Violet's mother, or his classmates, or herself, but she felt obliged to at least go and talk to Violet to see what exactly she was feeling. She had defended her brother to the death (literally) for so long and it only made sense to do it one last time. Rosie casually walked into Violet's room, even though she was invisible to the naked eye, obviously Violet felt her presence. So when Violet glanced up from where she was sitting on her bed and saw Rosie standing there, she wasn't surprised. "You can say whatever you want to me, but it's not gonna change what he did. I literally don't care what you have to say, nothing can make a difference," she hissed. Her eyes were watering like crazy.

"I've noticed," Rosie scoffed, leaning against the wall casually. "Ugh I wish, I only wish that you understood first-handed what he had been through in just an inch of his messed up life." Violet squirmed slightly.

"He raped my mother!" she snapped. She thought her voice was stronger than it was, but it wavered.

"Yes Violet. You think I don't know that?" Rosie asked her quietly. "I know what he did and I'm so sorry he did it. So indescribably sorry. But-"

"But what?" Violet suddenly shouted. She had gone past breaking point now. "What excuse could you possibly think of to defend him this time? Why do you even have an ounce of loyalty left to him? Have you forgotten what he's done? He killed you, his own sister-"

"He didn't mean to kill me," Rosie suddenly told her loudly, lying straight through her teeth. "He didn't-" Rosie sighed as she could see that Violet wasn't buying a word that she was saying.

"Yes he did."

"Yeah okay he did but look, Tate doesn't think about his-" Violet let out an angry growl and stormed over to her.


"Are you listening to a word I'm saying?" Rosie shouted, her eyes blazing. "I KNOW WHAT HE DID OKAY I KNOW!" Violet had enough.

"No more! I don't wanna hear any more excuses! Go away!" she screamed, squeezing her eyes shut, remembering what Tate had told her to do when she didn't want to speak to the ghosts. She opened her eyes and Rosie was still standing there, yawning and looking bored. "How the hell- go away!" Violet tried again desperately. Rosie stood firm, not even blinking.

"You stupid little—" she sighed heavily, flicking her hair. "I can't. Well, I could I just don't want to."

"Tate said…"

"Tate said a lot of crap but usually people don't believe him because they know how his mind works." Violet looked so sick that Rosie didn't even want to stay in her presence. The guilt was eating her alive. She dropped the act immediately. "Violet, I'm really sorry he did this. I am." Then she swept straight out of the room. Standing outside of the room, waiting for her, was Tate.

"Rose," he managed to splutter out. Rosie had no idea what to do. She wanted to run away from him, try and start again without him in her life. She needed to be free of him, of all the ties he had to her, emotional and psychological. But she felt like she couldn't let go. She went over to him as he burst into harsh shuddering sobs, slowly sliding down the wall onto the carpet.

"Tate," Rosie began quietly. She went to sit next to him and gently but firmly pulled his head onto her shoulder so he could cry there, which he did. "Tate please don't."

"It's all my fault-" Tate began to hyperventilate in complete frustration with himself. Rosie sighed and rolled her eyes heavily.

"Yeah, you messed up and lost the girl," she muttered unenthusiastically, without a trace of sympathy in her voice. On the inside, it actually pained her heart to see that Tate was still upset about Violet even after everything that Rosie had done for him. "I'm sure they'll be another one for you to latch onto."

"What? No, I'm not talking about her. I'm talking about you, Rose," Tate whispered hoarsely. She turned to face him properly and saw pure sincerity in his eyes for the first time in a long time. It shocked her, caught her off guard. His eyes were still welling up and the tears were still streaming down his cheeks but his eyes were firmly locked to hers.

"What?" she asked quickly. She tucked her thin strands of jet black hair behind her ear and stared at him expectedly, waiting for him to take back what he just said. But he didn't, he never did, it never came.

"I lost you," he said a little clearer. "I lost you after I met Violet and it was killing me, Rose. It used to be us against the world, remember? I would do anything for you, and it just seemed like you didn't want to know me anymore-" The colour suddenly drained from Rosie's face and she leant a little further from him.

"Are you serious, Tate?" she backtracked, "I didn't want to know YOU anymore? I beg to differ. You know I found a friend in Hayden because my relationship with you was threatened by that girl in there. You gave your EVERYTHING to Violet in pretty much no time at all."

"That's not true," Tate began to defend himself.

"It was almost like you were just waiting for the right girl to come along and drop me for. It hurt like hell and I tried to tell you but you were like a different person with her," Rosie concluded. Tate chewed his bottom lip and raised his hand up to Rosie's face. She immediately flinched away which made Tate freeze. There was an awfully tense silence.

"What did you do that for?" he asked quietly, already afraid of the answer. "Why did you move, Rosie?" She didn't speak but she felt her heartbeat, though she was dead, pound against her chest. Tate dropped his hand immediately. "Do you think I'm dangerous too?" he whispered. Rosie began to shake her head but Tate saw straight through it. "You're afraid of me…"

"I'm not," Rosie hurried out. She knew what was going to happen now, and she wasn't ready for it.

"Yes, you are you're afraid of me too!" Tate pointed an accusatory finger at her and Rosie was ready to make a run for it. "YOU think I'm dangerous, just like the rest of them! You're not on my side, you never were! I TRUSTED YOU!" Before Rosie could stop him, Tate lunged at her, shoving her onto the floor roughly. Rosie saw complete darkness – darkness that she hadn't seen since she…died.

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