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"Kurama/Inner Sakura"

"Come take a seat dattebane." The beautiful red-haired woman said, motioning for Sakura to sit next to her.

"Dattebane, that sounds like something Naruto would say." Sakura thought as she hesitantly walked forward.

The man ,who she recently had found out was the Yondaime Hokage and Naruto's father scooted over allowing Sakura to sit between the two of them.

"So Sakura what happened? When I left everything seemed fine." Minato said curious as to why Sakura was there.

"Well Sasuke...killed me," Sakura bluntly answered.

"What! Why would he do that!?" Minato asked getting upset.

"Wait Sasuke, as in Sasuke Uchiha?" The red-haired woman asked.

"Yeah, do you know him?" Sakura asked, the woman was starting to gain her interest.

"No, not really, but I did knew his mom, Mikoto Uchiha." The woman replied, piquing Sakura's interest.

"Excuse me for asking, but who exactly are you?" Sakura asked wanting to know who this is mystery woman is.

"Me, I'm Kushina Uzumaki!" The woman said proudly.

"Uzumaki! Do you know, Naruto?" Sakura continued her questioning.

"Know him, I'm his mother dattebane!." Kushina said with pride in her voice.

"M-mother!" Sakura stammered out, stunned this beautiful woman was Naruto's mother.

"Kami with a mom and dad as good looking as them, no wonder Naruto is so hot...Where the hell did that come from!?" Sakura thought, but she was interrupted by someone she hadn't heard from in along time.

"Well, well, well look who's finally noticing her feelings." Inner Sakura said in a knowing tone.

"You, I thought you were long gone, and what the hell are you talking about?" Sakura thought surprised to hear from her Inner Self.

"Oh I wasn't gone, dormant is the term I'd use. And I was talking about your feelings for Naruto, you baka." Inner Sakura said scolding her outer self.

"W-what are you talking a-about!?" Sakura stammered out, her face turning red.

"You know you love him. You have for a long time. You just had to push past your childish obsession with Sasuke." Inner Sakura said, her words ringing in Sakura's mind.

"Hello! Sakura are you alright!?" Kushina said, snapping her fingers in front of Sakura's face.

"Just think about it." Inner Sakura said before she cut off their connection.

"Uh, I'm fine Mrs. Uzumaki. I just spaced out for a minute there." Sakura said getting back into the conversation.

"Oh it's alright dear, dying kinda has that effect on you. Also please call me Kushina," The red-haired woman said with a smile. "Sooo, Sakura what's this Minato was telling me about you being my son's girlfriend." Kushina said in a sing song voice.

"W-what!?" Sakura almost yelled glaring at Minato.

"Now, now dear don't embarrass the girl." Minato said trying to stop his wife before Sakura beat him. He may be dead, but that didn't mean he couldn't feel pain.

"Awww come on Minato-kun I wanna talk to my sochi's girlfriend," Kushina whined.

"I-I'm not Naruto's girlfriend, we're just really close friends." Sakura said trying to deny what Kushina was saying.

"Really that's surprising. When I first spoke with Naruto, all he talked about was you," Kushina said surprised.

"R-really." Sakura said, her heart fluttering and her face turning red.

"Yeah he went on and on about you. He only had the nicest things to say about 'his' Sakura-chan." Kushina said, again Sakura's heart fluttered again hearing that Naruto thought so much of her.

"I-I just don't know what to feel around Naruto. He makes me feel all weird and bubbly whenever I'm around him." Sakura said as she ran her hands through her hair.

"Well let's see if we can help you recognize your true feelings for our son." Minato said as he snapped his fingers.

Instantly a misty like haze appeared in front of them.

"What is that?" Sakura asked as she stood up and walked toward the haze.

"This," Kushina said gesturing towards the mist. "Will allow you to see peoples memories."

"Really?" Sakura asked feeling skeptical.

"Yep!" Kushina said happily. "Let's try it out on you first."

Instantly the mist was filled with images from Sakura's life. It showed her worst and her best moments. Sakura felt terrible watching herself hit and berate Naruto with his parents right in front of her. But instead of getting angry Kushina was laughing and giggling whenever Sakura hit him.

"You aren't mad I hit Naruto?" Sakura asked, surprised Kushina wasn't trying to strangle her.

"No, Naruto deserved a good smack most of the time. Plus I would have done the same thing if I were in your position." Kushina laughed, but she stopped when a certain memory flashed into the mist.

When Sakura looked at the memory, she was filled with regret. It was the memory of her confession in the Land of Iron. As the scene played out Sakura tried to hide her tears of regret. But she was unsuccessful, as tears started to freely fall from her eyes. Sakura was surprised to feel someone wiping away her tears. When she looked she saw Kushina smiling at her.

"Why aren't you furious at me? I broke Naruto's heart there." Sakura said gesturing towards the images.

"Because as I watched that confession, even though it was mostly a lie, I could tell deep down that you were telling the truth," Kushina said as she gripped Sakura's shoulder. "Call it a mother's intuition."

Sakura couldn't help but think back to that day. She couldn't deny that when she held Naruto, that it felt right to have him in her arms. That the words 'I love you' flowed out so naturally when directed towards Naruto. Was Kushina right, did she really love Naruto?

"Plus there's this." Minato said again gesturing towards the mist.

This time the memory was of her fighting desperately to save Naruto's life during the war, even resorting to manually pumping his heart.

"That right there proves to me how far you're willing to go for my son," Minato said with a smile.

Things started to click in Sakura's mind. Pieces started to fall into place, she was starting to understand her true feelings for Naruto.

"Now let's look at Naruto's memories." Minato said as again the images changed, but this time they were from Naruto's point of view.

As the images flew by Sakura couldn't help but smile at how close Naruto and her had become. She watched all the intimate moments they shared, and her heart beat faster every time Naruto complimented her or saved her from danger. A few memories caught her attention though.

Like when he first returned with Jiraiya, she watched as Naruto said she hadn't changed at all. That had irritated her when she first heard that. But seeing it from Naruto's perspective, it gave her a new viewpoint. She realized that Naruto had meant that she was still as beautiful as ever, and she hadn't changed in his eyes.

Then there was the time he saved her from Sasuke, as he prepared to kill her. She felt the fear in his heart, at the prospect of losing her. She saw how determined he was to save her, just after she had nearly broken his heart. Seeing this made Sakura feel like a piece of shit, for everything she did to him.

But the memory that made her heart skip a beat, was a memory from way back when Team 7 was first formed.

"Wait stop here!" Sakura said wanting to watch this memory unfold.

She watched as Naruto beat and tied up Sasuke. But when she saw him henge into Sasuke, everything clicked into place. Her eyes widened as she watched the scene that had made her cling to Sasuke unfold. It was Naruto who had called her forehead charming. It was Naruto who made her feel so loved and special that day. It was Naruto, who she truly loved.

Her eyes were now opened and she had seen the light. That light was her true love, Naruto Uzumaki.

"You stupid baka," Sakura thought as tears feel from her eyes. "Why did you never tell me that was you, it could have been you I was chasing after."

"Now do you see? If you want to find out why he never told you keep watching." Inner Sakura said as again cut off their connection.

Sakura wiped her tears, and turned back towards the mist.

This time it was a memory of them returning after a mission. She watched as she walked off, with Naruto standing with Sai. Then as she watched the scene unfold, her heart ached again. It was that damn selfish, immature promise that stopped Naruto from confessing his feelings for her. Again tears sprung from her eyes, it was her fault Naruto and her weren't together.

"Kami I'm such a selfish bitch!" Sakura yelled in her head pissed at her stupidity.

"Yep, you sure are." Inner Sakura chimed in.

"Kami shut up!" Sakura yelled cutting of their connection.

"So Sakura did that help you realize your feelings?" Minato asked.

"Yes, yes it did. Thank you for that, I needed it," Sakura said

"So what are your feelings for my little sochi." Kushina asked with a hopeful smile on her face.

"I-I do love Naruto." Sakura said as she clutched her her fluttering heart, the words sounding so right as she said them.

"AHHH! That's so good to hear!" Kushina squealed happy that her son had followed her dying wish. He had found a woman just like her.

"But I'm dead, so none of this matters." Sakura sighed in frustration. Of course just as she recognizes her feeling for Naruto, she goes and dies.

"On the contrary you might have your chance at love after all." Minato said with a smile as he gestured for Sakura to look at yourself.

Sakura looked down and she was slightly glowing.

"What's going on?" Sakura asked scared of what was going to happen.

"Looks like it wasn't your time yet, you're being called back." Minato said as he gripped Sakura's shoulder.

As Sakura started to fade away she heard Kushina call out to her.

"Oh, Sakura when you get back make sure to tell Naruto how you feel right away," Kushina yelled. "I want to be a grandma soon, and tell Mebuki I said hi."

"What!? You knew my mom?" Sakura asked in surprise.

"Yeah Mikoto, her, and I were best friends!" Kushina yelled out.

Sakura never got to respond as she faded away and was gone.

When Sakura was gone Minato turned and wrapped his arms around his wife's waist.

"I have a feeling she won't be the only one going after our son." Minato said as he slowly rubbed Kushina's back.

"Ah, I think your right on that one. But even though our son will likely have many loves, that girl will be closest to his heart, that will never change." Kushina said as she wrapped her arms around Minato's neck.

"Now my dear husband why don't you show me the reason they call you the Yellow Flash." Kushina said as she looked at Minato with lust filled violet eyes.

Minato just sweat dropped and obliged.

"Man Kushina is truly insatiable. I mean we did it four times before Sakura even got here." Minato thought as he pulled his wife in for a kiss.

When Sakura opened her eyes, she felt a strong pair of arms around her. She looked up to see Naruto looking down at her. But what shocked her was one of his eyes held a blue tomoed rinnegan.


(1 Hour Earlier Valley of the End)

"Kakashi-sensei I have an idea." Naruto said as he gently took the rinnegan out of Sasuke's right eye.

"Okay Naruto I'm all ears," Kakashi said.

"I want you to replace my left eye with Sasuke's rinnegan." Naruto said as he place the rinnegan in Kakashi's hand.

"What! I'm not a medic Naruto!" Kakashi said frantically.

"True, but I know you've copied some medical ninjutsu," Naruto said.

Kakashi looked at the rinnegan in his hand. True he knew medical ninjtusu, but he was in no way trained in it. He knew how to do the operation, but he was afraid he'd botch it. But he knew they had no other options. With a sigh he gave his answer.

"Fine we'll do this Naruto," Kakashi said laying Naruto on his back. "But I need you to stall still, and be quiet. I'll need the utmost concentration."

Seeing Naruto nod, Kakashi started the operation.

Now Naruto had been punched, kicked, stabbed, and blown up more times than he cared to remember. But the pain of having his eye pulled out was indescribable, and the fear he felt when he couldn't see out his left eye was almost as bad. He wanted scream as loud as his lungs allowed, but he forced it down, Kakashi needed to concentrate. As soon as the pain started it was over, and Naruto could see out of his left eye again. As soon as the operation was over Kakashi slumped forward, out of chakra.

The power he felt from the rinnegan was indescribable. He wanted to test out all the abilities his eye possessed. But he knew he had a task to accomplish. So Naruto stood on shaky legs, ready to perform the jutsus. He decided to undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi first.

Naruto channeled the bijuu chakra inside him into his rinnegan. Then Naruto flashed through some hand seals. There was a bright flash that illuminated the sky. Turning around Naruto and Kakashi saw that the moon had returned to normal. Knowing that everyone trapped in the genjutsu would wake up Naruto prepared himself for the next, more difficult jutsu.

"You do know how incredibly stupid and dangerous this is, right?" Kakashi said the worry in his voice obvious.

"Hey that's never stopped me before," Naruto said with his trademark grin. "Plus we Uzumaki are know for out stamina, vitality, and endurance. I mean if I can survive Kurama being extracted from me, I can live this."

But just as Naruto was about to perform the jutsu he felt Kakashi's hand on his shoulder.

"Please, please be careful Naruto. I don't think I can handle losing another student." Kakashi said the worry visible in his eyes.

"Don't worry sensei I promise everything will be alright." Naruto said with a soft smile.

Naruto slowly went through the hand seals he remembered Nagato using. Landing on the last seal, Naruto channeled chakra into his rinnegan.

"Rinne Tensei no Jutsu," Naruto said.

When Naruto opened his eyes he found himself in a pitch black area. Walking around Naruto saw a ghostly figure. As Naruto approached he noticed it was a shinobi. The ghostly shinobi appeared to be talking to another figure. Getting closer he recognized the shinobi's face, and his face lit up.

"Neji!" Naruto yelled as he approached the fallen Hyuuga.

But Neji didn't make any movements. Naruto tapped Neji on the shoulder, but when he did Neji turned into a green light and disappeared. Understanding what happened Naruto started to bring back every fallen shinobi and kunoichi he could. Naruto even managed to save a few additional people. Like Konan, who he was upset he couldn't save from Obito, and Ryuuzetsu, who had sacrificed her life to save his. But some of the shinobi couldn't be saved for some reason, like his master Jiraiya, which saddened him greatly.

As Kakashi watched Naruto, he noticed Naruto's hair start to turn white and he seemed to age rapidly.

"Naruto please don't overdo it." Kakashi thought just as the ground started to shake. Turning around Kakashi saw the same figure that appeared after Pein's attack. Suddenly the King of Hell opened its mouth and souls started to pour out of its mouth. Kakashi looked to his student who was starting to pant in exhaustion.

Naruto was almost ready to leave, he had saved as many shinobi as possible. He had enough chakra left for one more person, and he was still looking for her. Naruto wandered around the empty blackness for what seemed like hours. Just as he was about to give up and try again later, he spotted a light of in the distance.

Walking towards it Naruto saw three figures sitting around a fire. They seemed to be having a conversation. As he neared his eyes lit up. It was his parents and Sakura. Naruto ran towards them and immediately touched Sakura on shoulder. Instantly she started to glow and fade away, Naruto glanced once at his parents. His mother seemed to be yelling something at Sakura, and his dad was smiling. With his own smile Naruto cancelled the jutsu and returned to the real world.

Naruto opened his eyes, his features returning to normal, as he started panting lightly. He immediately ran over to Sakura, and took her in his arms. Naruto held Sakura close as she started to stir.

When she opened her eyes, Naruto was filled with more joy than he had ever felt in his entire life. He looked into her beautiful green eyes, and was almost brought to tears.

"Naruto," Sakura said as tears formed in her eyes. But she was filled with happiness as Naruto brought her into a crushing hug.

"Thank kami you're alright Sakura-chan!" Naruto said as he openly wept into her shoulder as he hugged her.

"Naruto you-you saved me again." Sakura said as she wrapped her arms around Naruto, her own tears falling as well.

"Of course Sakura-chan I'll always be there to save you," Naruto said as he hugged her tighter. "Because...because I love you, Sakura-chan."

Sakura's heart was filled with joy upon hearing those words. Now Sakura was prepared to finally return them. Lightly pushing Naruto off her, she looked him right in the eyes.

"Naruto, I..I love you too." Sakura said as she leaned in and kissed him passionately.

Naruto's eyes widened when he felt Sakura's lips on his. They were soft and they felt perfect on his lips. After a minute they both pulled away, each had a dreamy look on their face.

Kakashi looked on with an eye smile.

"Ahh so it finally happened." Kakashi thought as he saw his two students finally realize their feelings for each other.

"What changed your mind Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked surprised by her sudden change of heart.

"While I was... dead...I met your parents. They helped me recognize my feelings for you." Sakura said as she gave Naruto a chaste kiss.

"So that's what you were talking about," Naruto said what he saw making sense. "Because I saw you talking to my parents before I saved you."

Naruto pulled Sakura in for another hug.

"Sakura I always have, and always will love you." Naruto said as he held Sakura tightly.

"I know it took a long time for me to realize, but I love you too Naruto. I have for a long time." Sakura said as she returned the hug.

"Well I hate to break this beautiful moment, but we still have work to do." Kakashi said making all the both of them realize they still had a lot of work to do.

Naruto helped Sakura up and together all three of them made their way back to the battlefield.

Back on the battlefield thousands of shinobi were being released from their dreamworlds.

One of these shinobi was Hinata Hyuuga. When her pearl eyes slowly opened she immediately sprung out of her cocoon. She got her bearings, then immediately took of running towards where she sensed Naruto's chakra. But she was stopped in her tracks as she recognized a figure walking in front of her. When the figure turned around she gasped.

"Neji-niisan you're alive!"

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