He didn't deserve this. There was no need for Mr Conrad Daniells to be there on the stone floor, lying in a pool of his own warm blood. Penelope, his daughter, stood over him, biting down hard on her jaw and rubbing her chin with her thumb and forefinger. This wasn't supposed to happen – well it was, but not so slowly. There was nothing else she could really do apart from tell her aunty that it was over. So when Elsa came swooping into the room, a pained look painted all over her face, it was fair to say her breath caught in her throat for a good few seconds. "Oh my goodness, you did it," Elsa murmured, her hand hovering lightly over her mouth. "Is he…?"

"Don't ask me stupid questions," the eight year old girl replied, her light grey eyes darting from Elsa to the corpse. "His throat is ripped out and left on the floor. Can you see? I can see." Elsa let out an uncomfortable cough and nodded.

"How did you manage to get an animal to do that to him?" she asked slowly, bending down slightly so that she could see the corpse in more detail.

"I have my ways," Penelope answered shortly, running her tongue over her teeth and scrunching her mouth up in different ways as she bent down and stared at her father's wide open eyes and poked his cold cheek. "We're done here. Now do what you said you would, call the police and let's get this Freakshow started."

Ten years later, Penelope sat in the small dirty white car that she drove through the forest and down to the Freakshow. It was a bright day and she was back from a holiday in Texas with some of her old school friends. Well, if you call them friends – they only spoke to her because they felt sorry for her walking in on her father laying in a pool of thick blood, that's the only reason Penelope Daniells had friends. Torn apart by a wolf's teeth, they said. Elsa, who was in her dressing room in the dimly lit spotlight, noticed Penelope walk in. "You're back?"

"Problem?" Penelope snapped, pushing her hair back away from sticking to her pale forehead. "Where's Jimmy?"

"I don't know where he is," Elsa murmured, staring at her reflection. "You should go and find him." Penelope chewed down on her bottom lip and turned away, leaving the room. She swiftly walked across the muddy field to where she knew Jimmy was staying. Jimmy himself saw her come across from a mile off and prepared himself, checking his reflection in the mirror.

"You look wonderful Jimmy Darling," Penelope trilled, bursting into his caravan in happiness. Jimmy smirked and turned around, folding his arms and leaning against the table top.

"Penny, great to see you again," Jimmy grinned at the sight of his beautiful girlfriend, who was dressed in a short white dress with dark blue heels. Her hair was tied into a high top bun and a few black strands were loose.

"Great to see you too…good to know you haven't left this place," Peneleope murmured, kicking up the carpet of the caravan floor. "I would hate to come back with you not here anymore." Jimmy gave her a sad smile and went over to her, placing his hands on her shoulders and looking her in the eye.

"I would never be able to leave you, you know that. Not for anyone," he whispered sincerely. Penelope giggled and sniffed.

"Do you promise?"

"Of course," Jimmy sighed. Then there was a knock at the door. "I'm busy!" Jimmy shouted, hoping they would go away. The door swung open and Elsa swooped in, not caring if she interrupted anything.

"Evening lovebirds," she yawned, her voice so clear that she was clearly announcing her presence.

"Elsa, you're back," Jimmy blinked. "Good to know."

"Oh Jimmy Darling you know you're pleased anyway," Elsa yawned.

"Shut up, I'm trying to spend some time with my lady," Jimmy frowned, holding Penelope close and making her smile into his chest.

"Ah bless. Has Penelope ever told you what your name is going to be in your act when it comes up?" Elsa asked slyly. Penelope clenched down on her jaw and slowly pushed Jimmy away, spinning around to face her aunt.

"How about this you old hag," she spat. "In a few months I'll be 18. Therefore in a few months you, will be gone and I will run this show without you. So how about you do me a favour and shut up, about my business?" Jimmy bit back a smile as Elsa chewed her cheeks, turning around and storming out.

"Nicely handled, Penny," Jimmy chuckled, kissing the top of Penelope's nose softly.

"I do try," Penelope blushed.

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