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Demonic Voice


Chapter 1: You had a rough day?

As the wind touches his face, the young man of sixteen with spiky blond hair and whisker marks adorning his cheeks, kneels down in silent prayer. Kami he never felt so tired, but when facing a man that was the known leader of the Akatsuki, anyone would be seriously dead tired and near close to chakra exhaustion.

Even for the Kyuubi Jinchurriki, and newly minted Toad Sage, Naruto Uzumaki.

He smirks slightly, opening his cerulean eyes as he stood from his kneeling, dropping his arms to his sides. The blond sighs as he looked down. His fight with Pein/Nagato really did a number on his outfit. His jacket was completely destroyed, leaving only his mesh shirt he always wore underneath along with his red sage cloak over it now.

"Still look bad ass though dattebayo." Naruto commented.

Turning around, he swayed a little before catching himself. Damn I've never been this tired. A good days rest and I should fine tomorrow.

As he was about to take another step, when a strange feeling overcame him, he looked at his hands and then saw his body as it began to glow a faint golden light.

"Huh? What is …" He blacked out before him saying another word.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Naruto stirs with a low groan as his body felt ten times sorer than fighting Nagato's six paths just an hour ago. Everything was blurry as he opened his eyes, slowly sitting up to rub them with his fingers. Soon, as everything comes into focus, his cerulean eyes widen slowly.

This was not the massive forest around Konoha! It looked like a mountain ridge dense with some trees here and there. Plus it was nighttime, and last he checked it was still daylight.

Hearing a gasp, he sharply looks to his right seeing a beautiful young creamy fair skinned woman about his age or a year older with long white hair with curls on the end looking at him with tears in her eyes. Her eyes are a deeper shade of blue to his own, almost looked like pure moonlight. She had a wavy ribbon on her hair while wearing a black halter top and jean shorts with black leggings and short heel boots.

A little further behind was a tall muscular white haired man in a tattered red shirt and pants. Now that he seen them clearer, he notices both looked badly beaten up. However, while the tall guy who was also crying, he looked confused, and there was suspicion in the girl's eyes.

"Who are you?" The girl asks in a melodic soft voice. But her tone was tense.

Lifting an eyebrow Naruto slowly stands, groaning all the way up. He notices the girl is a bit shorter than he thought. "That should be my question. Where am I?"

What was going on? Mirajane could not stop to think for a minute as she just watched her little sister Lisanna die and then suddenly vanish within a golden light. However, not a second later as Elfman regained himself to shift back into human form this, blond guy just appeared in the same light! Rubbing away her tears away with her forearm Mirajane glares sharply at the visibly confused blond.

"Where's Lisanna?!"

Naruto tilts his head, clearly as confused as the girl. "Who..?"

Not the answer she wanted, the blond Uzumaki guessed, as she tried to punch him. He dodged easily seeing as she had barely little to any energy. Poor thing looked like she was running on sheer will.

"Where is my little sister?!" Mirajane screamed out trying to attack Naruto again.

"I don't know! I don't even know where here is damn it!" The blond ducked each of Mirajane's wild punches. He caught her arms to stop her from attacking. "Will you calm down, Dattebayo..?"

Catching her fists, she tried ripping herself free from the blond seemingly iron grip. "Lisanna vanished in golden light and you just sudden appeared in it?! Where is she?"

"I don't know!"

Their faces were almost inches apart as they glared at each other, both nearly snarling. "Where the hell am I? It was noon before I blacked out covered in that weird light and then woke up here!" Naruto growls out.

Mirajane growls back equally pissed. "Like hell I will believe that."

Both looked ready to have it out, till a battered looking Elfman pulled both away before they could hurt each other. "ENOUGH! Neechan stop it!" he yells in a strong but tired voice.

Mirajane looks at him slightly hurt with wide eyes; "But he-!"

"Mira-Nee, will you take a look at his face? He looks like he is as in the dark as we are!"

Upon listening to her younger brother, her midnight blue eyes look swiftly back at him, seeing the slightly angry but also a very confused look from the tired blond's cerulean eyes. Both Mirajane and Elfman notice the blond was now breathing hard from obvious exhaustion, and realize how badly beaten up he looks. As if like he had come from a small scale war or something even worse.

But before anyone could say another word Naruto falls forward unconscious as exhaustion finally hit him from the day's events. He hits the ground.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Groaning, the blond Uzumaki rubs his eyes, still feeling quite sore, but far better than he was after fighting Pein.

"Glad to see you're awake." A deep aged smooth voice caught his attention.

Opening his eyes, Naruto finds himself lying on a bed in what looks like a make-shift medical room. His eyes soon lock on to the Mira girl who is leaning with her back to the wall. One of her arms in a sling and some of her body bandaged up. The anger in her eyes was gone but they were focused solely on him.

"That is Mirajane. I believe you two have met?"

Hearing the voice of the old man again, he shifts his head left seeing a small elderly man in a dark blue jacket and pants with a yellow shirt with green lining sitting on another bed. He was bald with white hair around the back of his head and a thick mustache.

"I am Makarov please to meet you boy."

Blinking, Naruto raised a hand from his side; "Yo, Jiji. Uzumaki Naruto."

The old wizard chuckled good-naturally, being called 'old man' while Mira just rolled her eyes. Both watched Naruto sit up, seeing his mesh shirt and sage coat gone, replaced with some bandages wrapped his chest and arms.

"We patched you up from whatever brawl you were into before whatever happened. Honestly, I never saw someone that beaten up in all my years. But more of a mystery would be why your body seemed to be healed up so fast after three days." Makarov explains while rubbing his chin.

The blond rubs the back of his head. "Always did heal quickly." Better not in mentioning the Kyuubi sealed inside him. He then blinks before realizing something the old man Makarov said. "I was out for three days?"

"Your body slowly healed up on the way back to the guild. But we figured to bandage up the worst areas just in case," Mirajane spoke up tensely.

The blond looks at her dryly. "Still think I took your sister?"

Lowering her head she shakes it lightly. "No."

"We are just trying to figure out what happened lad. What do you remember last?" Makarov asks politely.

Now lowering his head his mind goes distant with memories coming back vividly. "A man attacked and destroyed my village. He hurt my friends and the closest thing I have to a kaasan and neechan." He took a breath, "He died after I beat him. After that I was at my late sensei's grave when my body was covered in a golden light."

Mirajane looks over to Makarov. "Like I told you Master, he just appeared not a minute after Lisanna had vanished."

The old Guild master rubs his chin again in thought as he looks back to Naruto. "Where are you from lad?"

"Konohagakure no Sato." Naruto said plainly.

Both Makarov and Mirajane lifted an eyebrow at that weird name for a town. At the same time they were trying to wrack their brains if they ever heard of such a place. It could be from one of the foreign countries but to Makarov's vast experience he could not place it to anywhere.

"Is that anywhere on Fiore?"

Makarov's open question made Naruto give his most intelligent response, "Huh?"

XxX ~ Port Town: Hargeon ~ XxX

The train horn sounded as smoke plumed from its large exhaust with some people slowly leaving and others enter it for another destination. The Stewart came to an interesting sight near one of the open slide doors.

"Um, excuse me gentlemen?" Oh dear…

He sweatdrops seeing a young man with spiky rose colored hair lying on the train floor, clearly nauseated for some reason. He has a camper's backpack under a red coat with white lining and an odd white scarf around his neck.

"Damn it Naruto why did you turn it off? I hate trains, trains are evil! I am never riding these stupid things ever again!" The rosette haired man groans in a strain voice.

Shifting his gaze the steward sees a tall man also with spiky hair but sun kissed blond with a black head band wrapped on his forehead with metal bar with a strange leaf symbol at its center. Wearing a Gakuran style black uniform with strange sandals and an orange sash as a belt. Over his outfit was Naruto's trusty red sage coat. The Stewart blinks as he saw what looked like whisker marks on the man's cheeks.

The blond Uzumaki looks down dryly while a blue furred cat sits on his shoulder. "Oh maybe cause you were about to light the passenger car on fire, Natsu." Naruto crossed his arms.

All he got was a middle finger for a reply from Natsu who groaned. Still having jokes, Naruto grinned. "Not my type sorry buddy."

"I hate you…"

"Come on Natsu we made it to Hargeon." the blue cat spoke up in a chipper voice.

"Will he be alright?" The train's Stewart finally spoke up again.

The blue cat waved it off with a smile. "He will be fine. Natsu only ends up like this when Naruto is with him and misbehaves."

The said blond raises an eyebrow at the small cat on his shoulder. "I'm not his babysitter Happy. I just make sure he does not go overboard. I don't want Mira-Chan angry at me." Naruto shivered just thinking of giving a reason for getting that white haired beauty mad at him. Taking pity on his rosette haired friend Naruto rises up a rams hand seal. "Fūin!"

A faint glow came from the back of Natsu's neck.

The blue cat just shook his head as he jumped off the blond and landed on two feet on the floor looking out the open door. "If our information if right we should find that Salamander here."

Squinting his eyes Naruto lifted up his index finger. "Still like to know why he would be here of all places."

Natsu finally got back to his feet making the Stewart jump back with wide eyes. It was like he never had a problem to begin with. "Come on Naruto, never really hurts to look right?"

Seeing Natsu's goofy grin only made the blond snort as the trio left the train.

"If we find nothing I call bullshit." The blond remarked with a smirk. "Let's split up to cover more ground."

"Sounds cool" Natsu turned only to find the blond was already gone. He deadpans, clearly irritated by that. "Hate it when he does that."

"Well he is a ninja, as he keeps telling us." Happy said.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Standing on a rooftop letting the wind sway his hair and clothes the blond gives a small smile. How long has it been since being stuck here in Earthland? Amazing how two years feels more or less like a blurry whirlwind.

The Elemental Nations never even existed here; there was no Hi no Kuni or even a Konoha. He did miss his old friends and his home dearly but he could not let that get to him. Even if he was stuck in Fiore he found new friends and is a part of a Guild. He found a reason to keep moving forward.

Don't get him wrong, he wanted to return to the Elemental Nations, he had made many promises he intended to keep. After two years of constantly looking for a way to return, his hopes slowly dying as he had to face the fact that he may be stuck in this world forever. He just couldn't accept the fact that his promise to Ero-sennin about bringing peace would be broken.

He nearly lost it… but Fairy Tail had managed to find a way into his Heart. The crazy wild bunch of weirdos had given him the courage to go forward. He still looked for ways to return home, but he would go on with his head held high, knowing he knew so many wonderful people here he could call friends.

Granted, while his first best friend here did want to beat the crap out of him when they first met and, but she had just lost her sister. And he swears Makarov-Jiji had either blackmailed or went giant mode and threatened some poor idiot to get him into Fairy Tail without the Magic Council in Era hounding their asses.

Still, his annoying giant furball harbinger of death tenant had been less than informative on how they got here to Earthland. And sadly, he could not even summon the Toads in this place. So there was no help from them either.

Shaking away those thoughts, he scans the area but blinks seeing a blue roof of a magic shop. "Really, there is only one?"

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

"What! You mean to tell me there is only one magic shop in whole city?!"

This came from the soft yet loud voice of a beautiful curvy blond girl of seventeen years. Wearing a sleeveless, white zip-up vest with blue lining showing off her large bust. A small part of the left side of her hair was done in a pigtail. From the waist down she wore blue plated short skirt held by a leather belt which carried a set of gold and silver keys and whip.

Her brown eyes stare at the old odd looking shop keeper in disbelief as he spoke up. "Afraid so young lady. Hargeon has always been a fishing village more than magic one."

The blond girl sighed in exasperation as he went on. "I only opened this shop for Wizards who come by and need some supplies."

Putting her hands on her hips as she sighed heavily bowing her head. "Oh man I wasted a trip coming here for nothing."

"A trip is only wasted if you don't make a new friend."

The girl's brown eyes turn to the door as her cheeks turned a lit shade of red. Walking in is a tall well lean built man with spiky blond hair and cerulean eye. Naruto gave a friendly smirk as he walked over to the young woman and shopkeeper.

"Well said young man. How can I help you son?"

Naruto just waves his hand dismissively; "Just looking around Jiji." He looks at the young blond girl who looks like she is lightly spacing.

Kami he is so handsome! And those whisker marks are adorable! She came back to reality with a hand waving in front of her from her fellow blond with his eyebrow raised. "Yes sorry about that."

"I asked what your name is. Mine is Naruto." The blond put his hand out.

Returning the gesture the girl shakes his hand. "Call me Lucy."

"So what are you looking for Lu-Chan?" Naruto asks as they let go of their handshake.

Lucy lightly blushes at the 'Chan' in her name before sighing crossing her arms under her bust. "What I am looking for are powerful Gate keys."

So she is a Celestial wizard eh? Naruto thought absently watching Lucy let her eyes wonder around the shop.

"Gate keys you say. Those are rare to ask for my dear." The old shopkeeper spoke up.

Both men hear her squeal as she spots a silver Gate key resting in its open case. "Oh wow it's the little doggy!"

Naruto chuckles seeing the fellow blond almost jumping on the balls of her heels. "That is not a very strong one miss." The shop keeper eyes the young woman while sweat dropping.

Lucy was slightly blushing as she nearly could not stop thinking about having that new gate key. "I know, but I really want it!"

She looks like a little kid just getting the best birthday present of all times. Naruto thought as he watches Lucy pick up the case with the silver key.

"So how much for it?" Lucy asks smiling brightly.

"Twenty thousand jewels." The shop keeper said plainly.

The blond Uzumaki's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Twenty thousand for that!

Lucy smile now slightly became strained, clearly wanting to clear her ears out. "I am sorry but how much?"

"I said twenty thousand jewels." The owner said again as if talking about the weather.

However, before the young busty blond could do or say anything twenty thousand jewels were laid on the table. Lucy gasped as she looks at Naruto in surprise.

"Well I have more than enough, here is for the key Jiji."

The shop keeper went about his business as Naruto grabbed the case and hands it to a visibly stunned Lucy who gently takes the case. "You did not have to do that, you know" Her voice small in almost a whisper.

"But it was the right thing to do. Plus you look good smiling," Naruto said warmly.

Lucy blushed almost wildly as she hugged the case like a teddy bear.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Walking through town Naruto and Lucy make their way as the female blond stills hugs her new key in its case with small smile while her male blond counterpart was lightly whistling a tune.

"You know that old man was overpricing this right?" Lucy said breaking the silence.

Naruto shrugged; "True but I don't care. I made a new friend and got her to smile, a plus in my books."

She gripped the case harder with warm small smile. So he is handsome and such a gentleman. Both blonds stop on a bridge hear a commotion below them.

"Are you serious, he is really here?!"

"It's him, Salamander!"

Two girls from behind them were squealing in excitement. Naruto lifted an eyebrow while Lucy looked slightly star-stuck. "The wizard who uses fire magic no one can buy from a store! Wow he is in this dead-end town?"

Before Naruto could say anything he was literally dragged off by the surprisingly strong buxom blond counterpart.

"Come on!"

The blond Uzumaki sweat drops; I seriously doubt this is who I am thinking of…

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Slouching as he was dragged his feet with each step Natsu dryly looks ahead with Happy walking beside him. "This blows… No sightings of him plus Naruto vanished somewhere and I am so damn hungry I could eat my own hand."

"To bad Naruto has all the money." Happy gives his two cents.

Several tick-mark forms on Natsu head as he stops walking and takes a deep breath; "NARUTO! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!? I NEED FOOD DAMN IT!" Natsu let out a dramatic sigh. "Hey Happy? This Salamander we're looking for has to be Igneel right?"

"Aye, cause the only fire dragon I ever heard of is Igneel."

Natsu lightly nodded; "That's true."

Both man and cat stop when hearing a crowd of women swooning loudly. "Salamander, you're so dreamy!"

"Salamander?" Both Natsu and Happy yell out with a smile as they run towards the crowd.

"Well speak of the devil! We're in luck today Happy! I win the bet Naruto!"

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Something about this is wrong. The moment he neared the group of ladies fawning over a man -Not a dragon mind you- with short blue hair with an 'x' tattoo above his right eye and wearing a purple cape.

Yeah this guy screamed asshole from a mile away.

Plus something was seriously bothering the blond Uzumaki. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Lucy also acting strange with a heavy blush on her cheeks; but weirdly at the same time she also looks like she was mentally fighting something off as her eyes looked visibly strained.

Why is my heart beating so fast…? I… What's gotten into me all of a sudden? Lucy's mind racing as man called 'Salamander' walk over to some women near her and Naruto.

"You are all so sweet." 'Salamander' said in a smooth tone which made the blond sage narrow his eyes.

His cerulean eyes then saw something made him growl lightly. Putting his hand on Lucy's shoulder he lets some of his chakra go through her.

She lightly gasps as she blinks no longer blushing or looking strained. Her brown eyes look over and up to Naruto being he was taller than her. "What just happened?"

He quietly moves her and himself out of the crowd, not noticing the man looking directly at Lucy.

"What's wrong?" Lucy whispers.

Naruto keeps looking ahead with strong glare before clearing out of all those women. His eyes stay sharp as he looks at his female friend who stiffened under that powerful gaze. "Those rings he is wearing are enchanted with a charm spell."

She lightly gasps holding her mouth to her hand. "But those are…"

"Igneel it's me!"

Both blonds look back as Naruto face palms seeing Natsu and Happy push through the crowd. Yet as he made it through pass the last girl in the crowd and looks at the man before him his big smiled turned to a frown.

"Who the hell are you?"

The man gave a haughty arrogant smile; "My boy you are looking at the great Salamander." Then the said 'Salamander's' face soon dropped seeing the rosette haired man turn around leaving with his blue furred cat.

"That wasn't Igneel..." Natsu mumbled under his breath.

"Just some guy calling himself Salamander, figures." Happy finishes.

Before both knew it they were attacked by several women in the group while Naruto and Lucy both wince watching the one sided beat down and some actually biting from the insane spell enchanted girls.

"How dare you!"

"Salamander is a great wizard!"

The girls roar some more as the 'Salamander' took some pity on Natsu and calmed the girls down. "Now, now that is enough my dears. Some people just simply do not know greatness before them. I am sure he meant no harm."

At his voice the girls return to their swooning.

Naruto cleared his throat while uttering 'bullshit' under his breath which made Lucy giggle. The man went over to Natsu to help him up. As he stood the man pulled out a picture of himself which was signed by him.

"Here, for your troubles." 'Salamander' hands his autograph to a less than an enthused Natsu.

"No thanks." Natsu grumbles but is given the photo anyway. And before he knew it he was sent flying into some trash cans by several punches from the enchanted girls. Natsu just looks at his friend.

"Really not him..." Natsu strained while on his back.

"Nope." Happy said simply.

'Salamander' chuckled. "Well I must be going ladies there is business I must attend to." Snapping his fingers purple fire appears under him lifting him into the air. "I am having a party on my yacht and you are all invited!" Those were his last words before sailing off into the skies by his fire magic.

The girls soon vanish following him.

Slowly rising on his knees Natsu only looks up as the guy left. He grumbles to Happy. "Who was that guy?"

"A douche who thinks very highly on himself," Naruto speaks up.

"More like a creep." Lucy gave her two cents.

Looking over to his side Natsu sees Naruto smirking down at him with a blond girl having a polite smile and who softly waves at the rosette man.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

The four sit inside a restaurant as both blonds watch Natsu and Happy eat like men who have starved for days upon days. Naruto only chuckles at the sight while Lucy only sweatdrops.

"So this is Natsu and Happy right?" Lucy asks looking at her fellow blond.

"Yep, thanks for the meal!" Natsu speaks up first talking while eating.

She waves it off while Naruto deadpans. "I paid for it dumb ass."

"Food is kinda flying everywhere so you can slow down." Lucy tries to reason before seeing Naruto shakes his head.

"Good luck trying to make him."

She sighed in defeat before speaking up again to Naruto "Well anyway thanks for freeing me from that charm spell Naruto. That Salamander guy was using charm magic to fool women into believing they were in love with him. But it was banned for years since it forces someone to do something against their own will. How did that creep get a hold of some?"

Naruto sips some of his tea he ordered. "You would be surprised what a person can find if they look hard enough Lu-Chan."

"But it's not right for him to misuse magic like that. He's an insult to every true wizard out there!" Lucy reasons.

Natsu drinks down some water stopping to eat for a second and looked at Lucy. "Sounds like you like magic a lot."

Instantly the female blond beamed as she pointed to herself. "I may not look it but I am wizard myself."

"It that so?" Natsu hummed as he starts eating again.

Lucy lightly scratches her cheek, nervously. "Sadly I have not joined a guild yet. Oh, do you guys know about guilds?"

The male blond smirked looking at her. "Why not tell us anyway Lu-Chan." Naruto saying this seeing how excited Lucy was just talking about magic.

"Well guilds are these organizations were wizards join with other wizards for information and finding work. And technically no one is considered an official wizard until they join a guild." Lucy then clasps her hand together with excited smile as she nearly squeals out. "But there are tons of guilds everywhere and the most popular ones are tough to join. But the most popular one is the one I want to join! You always see them on the cover of Sorcerer's Weekly; if I could get in with them I'd die happy!" And I get to finally meet her!

"You talk a lot." Happy speaks up.

Naruto could only chuckle seeing how Lucy was literally bouncing off the seat. But then saw her take a thinking pose before looking at him. "Say why you three are here?"

"Ask those two, I'm just along for the ride." The blond Uzumaki points to Natsu and Happy as they finish eating.

"We're looking for Igneel." The blue cat waved his paw while Natsu drank down some water.

"I heard a rumor that a Salamander was coming through this town so came to see him. And Naruto was not doing anything so asked him along."

"No I was finishing repairing that family's house with a new roof. Then you grabbed me when I put the last touches on it." Naruto's eyebrow twitches.

Natsu went on not hearing his friend grumble. "I bet that poser can't even breathe fire like a real dragon. He does not even have any claws or scales."

A sweat drop came from Lucy as her voice came out shaky, hoping she misheard. "Um, you make it sound like your friend Igneel is a dragon."

"You got it wrong he does not sound like a dragon. He is a dragon," Natsu replied plainly.

Lucy froze gawking at the two as Naruto silently groans rubbing the bridge of his nose. Here it comes…

Standing up in a blink with her hands on the table Lucy almost screams out; "Why the hell would a fire dragon show up in the middle of town!?"

Both Natsu and Happy froze before they tried to rebuke as they soon gave her question some serious thought. "It's totally ridiculous!"

Soon everyone only hears Naruto laughing loudly. "I told you it was bullshit!"

Sighing Lucy got up adjusting her purse on her shoulder; "Well I have to go." She smiles over to Naruto. "It was nice to meet you Naruto."

"No goodbye kisses?" Naruto said with a not so innocent smile.

Rolling her eyes with now a sly smirk, she played along. "Buy me a drink next time and I might think about it."

Giving a small wave she left the restaurant while Naruto smirked. If I had tried that back home, the girls would have hit me. "Well what now guys?"

"What do you think Happy?" Natsu asks looking at his friend.

The blue feline shrugs before looking to Naruto. "What do you think we should do?"

Scratching his chin his cerulean eyes look toward the window. "Want to go see what that fake Salamander is really doing?"

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Sitting on a park bench Lucy idly reads her new addition of Sorcerer's weekly. "Oh boy… Looks like Fairy Tail are at it again. Devon bandits wiped out but seven homes destroyed!"

She giggles as she leaned back. "Sweet Kami overkill much?"

A light gasp escapes her lips as she sits up straight again turning to a new page. A light blush dusts her cheeks with a small smile. "Mirajane…"

In the centerfold are two pictures of the now 19 year old Mirajane Strauss posing in a two photos in separate two piece bikinis. One of her in a green bikini with gold embroil while the other being pink with black lining, using her water magic. Her beauty only grew in two years with body fully filled out as she now also keeps her long white hair down with her bang up by a string.

You would be thick not to see the longing in Lucy's chestnut eyes. She is so beautiful. What I would just too finally met her and be in Fairy Tail! "I really wish I knew how to be a member of Fairy Tail."

Closing the magazine she smiles with a determined look; "But one way or another I am totally joining Fairy Tail!"

"What was that? You want to join Fairy Tail?"

Instantly Lucy quickly stood defensively. "Salamander!"

"I have actually been looking for you everywhere." The blue haired man says in suave tone. "I would like to personally invite you to my party on my yacht tonight."

Lucy only points an angry finger at the man. "Your charm spell won't work on me. That magic's weakness is awareness! It has no power over anyone when they know it's being used on them."

'Salamander' gave an impressed nod; "I knew you were a wizard the moment I laid my eyes on you. No matter the invitation still stands."

Crossing her arms under her impressive bust Lucy turns her back to him. "You can forget it. I don't go to parties held by creeps like you." That statement made the man deflate a little.

"Why do you call me that?" He says weakly.

She sharply turns a glare at him. "Because only creeps would use banned magic like charm spells to lure women."

"Would you blame me for wanting to be the center of attention of my own party?" 'Salamander' waving offs her words.

Lucy shrugs, clearly not taking the bait. "Just proves even celebrities can be idiots."

A smirk was his only response, one last trick up his sleeve. "You wish to join the Fairy Tail guild right?"

XxX ~ Nightfall ~ XxX

The full moon shines brightly as both Naruto and Natsu look out on one of the bridges in the town while Happy sits on Naruto's shoulder.

"So all we keep hearing is this fabulous party with only women are invited to some yacht. I don't like that." Naruto said with an edge in his voice.

The rosette haired man crosses his arms while looking at his blond friend. "What are you thinking?"

"I think I should have sent a Kage Bunshin to follow Lucy to make sure she was safe." Naruto drums the parapet with his fingers as he watches the ships.

Natsu turns leans his back against the parapet with his arms crossed. "You do have some of those clones all over the place."

Turning his head the blond Uzumaki looks dryly to his friend. "And we neither of us are the most patient of people"

The rosette haired man grunts in agreement as both go silent.

Happy soon breaks the silence seeing a large ship in the distance. "Hey you think that boat is where that Salamander guy is having his party?"

Natsu turns around as both he and Naruto look where Happy is pointing. It is a large ugly looking ship floating a bit away from the coast and port. The blond Uzumaki's bad feeling only grew as he narrowed his eyes.

"Oh my gosh that's Salamander's yacht isn't it?"

"I wish I could have gone to his party!"

Looking to their left, they see three girls looking where they just were. They stay quiet as they listen in.

"Who's Salamander?"

"You never heard? He is a super famous wizard who is in town right now!"

"He is also a member of Fairy Tail!"

Natsu and Happy's eyes widen while Naruto narrows his. They all turn their heads looking at each other with strong gazes. "Fairy Tail..." Natsu whispers.

"This will be fun," Naruto smirks darkly cracking his knuckles much like a certain buxom blond Sannin. "It's always fun crashing a party."

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

As the yacht moves out of the port the party is in full swing. On the open deck were several ladies either standing or dining at one of the tables. In a more private room Lucy wore an elegant red dress with a split on the left showing off well-toned her leg, and a red bow in her hair. She's sitting across from 'Salamander' talking privately.

However the young blond could not help but feel something was off with all this.

"I'd like to make a toast to your beauty." Snapping his fingers some of the wine from his cup floated up. "I hope you savor the taste of each drop."

This guy is creepy! Lucy yells in her head while keeping a straight face, trying to hide the shivers down her spine. Taking a deep breath she stands as she pushes the wine droplets away with her hand.

"I can see through that. You're trying to use sleep magic," Lucy says sternly. Just what the hell was he planning putting me to sleep?

'Salamander' only smirked. "Why yes my dear."

The blond shakes her head. "Look I really want to join Fairy Tail. But I won't date you to make it happen."

"You are quit a handful aren't you?"

Soon the curtains around the room open harshly; showing a dozen thugs with all the girls unconscious on their shoulders. Lucy gasps as her gut feeling was now screaming at her. "What is going on here?"

"Welcome to my ship." 'Salamander' gave sneering smirk. "And you would be wise to behave until we make to Bosco. Don't make me angry."

Before Lucy could react, two large men grab her arms from behind, holding her; "Get off me! Bosco; you said you would let me into Fairy tail!" Lucy sharply turns glaring at the blue haired man.

"Oh, I only said that to lure you here so you could be one of our slaves." 'Salamander' smirks. "You see much like the other ladies on board you became merchandise coming onto my yacht. So just be best for you to give up."

Lucy only looks in shock as the tall thug holding her right chuckles while the other from behind looks at the buxom blonde lewdly. "Boss is right. just give up. you belong to us now."

"Well since charm magic won't work on this one we might as well train her," The large man holding her left smiles perversely.

Fear is visible on Lucy's pretty face as her body begins to tremble; This can't be! Abusing magic, manipulating people with illegal charm spells, and slave trading! There is no way these jerks are from Fairy Tail!

"So that upgrades you assholes from rotten douche bags to sick motherfuckers. I will enjoy kicking your sick asses with a big smile on my face."

Lucy's eyes widen while gasping as 'Salamander' and his thugs look for the male voice that just spoke.

However 'Salamander' stops looking when seeing his men and Lucy look at him with wide eyes and gawking. But before he could say something he feels someone behind him. Slowly turning his onyx eyes he soon stares into angry cerulean as he sees a blond man with spiky blond hair and whisker marks on his cheeks glaring at him.

But what made him turn gawking like everyone else is that the blond haired man was standing upside down on the ceiling!

"So not cool Dattebayo." Naruto frowned deeply.

Naruto! Lucy never felt so much relief flood through her body in her life. Before she could blink two kunai strike perfectly into the two men's chests holding her. They are sent flying into the wall from the speed and power of those weapons.

'Salamander' finally found his voice. "How… How are you doing that?" Was question among everyone's mind.

Soon on the other side the ceiling caves in as Natsu lands in the room also with a deep frown on his mug. Before one of the thugs could react Natsu lands a straight punch into the man's jaw. He spat out blood as he was sent flying while the rosette haired man catches one of the girl's into a bridal carry.

"So you say you're from Fairy tail huh?" Natsu asks in a dark tone.

Floating just above the hole where Natsu came through, Happy looks down. The blonde girl notices the white wings on his back. "What are doing here Lucy?"

The young busty blond looks to Happy; when did he get wings? "That creep tricked me! He said he was going to get me into Fairy Tail. And why the hell do you have wings?!"

Naruto looked at her, smiling nervously. "Uh, now is not the time Lucy."

'Salamander' and his group only gawk as Happy picks up an visibly shocked Lucy with his tail and flies off. Shaking out of his stupor the blue haired man looks back at his men.

"We have to stop them before they tell the Magic Council!" However his expression turns to one of shock seeing all the other sleeping girls gone and his men getting beaten up by an irate Natsu.

Flying in the skies Lucy looks back to the yacht. "What about Naruto and Natsu!"

"I can't carry two people. Besides Naruto can just walk on water, so he is fine."

Blinking and nodding in acceptance she looked back to the boat. "Oh okay… Wait, Naruto can do what!?"

'Salamander' was about to attack Lucy and Happy with a spell until a kick to his face sent him breaking through the door of his room onto the deck. Naruto lowers his leg as he was now right side up standing on the floor normally. He walks out where he kicked that smug bastard.

"How's that jaw?" The man glares up at Naruto as he staggers back to his feet. "Well you can take a hit at least."

Prominence Wish!

'Salamander' extends his hand setting loose a barrage of fire magic aimed towards the blond Uzumaki. Lucy was about to yell for Naruto to move as the flames hit full force into... a log?

"Kawarimi, you never leave home without it."

Sharply turning behind him 'Salamander' is greeted with fist to the face sending him back to the floor. Naruto blew on his fist like he was blowing off smoke from a gun.

"Hey, blondie!"

Looking around the said blond saw he was surrounded by some stragglers Natsu missed. "Well who wants an ass kicking followed by a slow agonizing castration?" Naruto said darkly pulling out a kunai from within his sleeve like it was a playing card.

"Yo assholes!"

The remainder of the thugs turns their heads also seeing Natsu at the broken door with a pile of unconscious bodies behind him. He glares at the bunch while popping his knuckles.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

"Wait what about the other girls?" Lucy asks genuinely concerned.

"We got a problem Lucy," Happy speaks with a slight strain in his voice.

The blond was about to ask till her eyes nearly pop out of her eyes seeing the blue cat's wings sudden vanishing while they are still in the air! Both scream as they plummet down into the ocean. Instead of hearing a splash and being soaked in water Lucy felt her body being caught.

"Really Lu-chan, didn't know you were falling for me."

Opening her eyes she sees none other than Naruto holding her in a bridal carry smiling down at her. "Naruto-Kun? I thought you were on the boat with Natsu?" Blinking her brown eyes she then sees her fellow blond was literally standing on water! "HOW ARE YOU STANDING ON WATER!?"

The blond cringes from Lucy's yelling. Shaking off the ringing in his ears Naruto smirks. "Boss is still on that ass-clown's ship. I just came with the others in case Happy dropped you."

Boss? Tilting her head Lucy's jaw nearly drops seeing a dozen Narutos running on top of the water carrying all the girls that were on board 'Salamander's' yacht. Finally clawing up Naruto's shoulder Happy sits down sighing.

"You see Naruto can make clones of himself. It's some magic called Kaege –Bumshini." The Naruto Clone felt his eye twitch in irritation from the cat's words about of his legendary Clone Kinjutsu. He got the damn name wrong again!

"It's 'Kage-Bunshin' you little blue furball! And for the love of Kami it's not magic it's Chakra! I have never once used Magic in my life you dumb-ass!" The clone yells with a vein popping on his forehead.

Lucy just blinks as she smiles weakly. "Can I please get an explanation after the insanity stops?"

Shaking out of his anger the clone smirks back to his female blond counterpart. "Boss will give you the lowdown later, let's just get to shore."

Giving small nod she blinks before smiling. "Good, I can help once there!"

XxX ~ real Naruto and Natsu ~ XxX

Kicking one of the thugs in the face Natsu glares over to 'Salamander'. "The Fairy Tail guild. You say you're a member?!"

The blue haired man looks back to Natsu while Naruto idly flips his kunai in his hand. "Well are you all going to try something or stand there like idiots?"

That made them charge as a feral smile forms on the blond's lips.

XxX ~ Lucy ~ XxX

As the other Naruto clones take the unconscious girls to safety, the one with Happy on his shoulders watch Lucy with interest at the shoreline.

Open: Gate of the water barer, Aquarius!

Pulling out of her celestial golden keys Lucy kneels down, putting it in the water. A spell circle appears, soon a small tornado of water shots up as a beautiful blue haired mermaid jumps through holding a strange blue pitcher.

Happy was drooling. "A FISH!"

Both Naruto clone and Lucy sweat drops, Naruto explaining. "It's a mermaid." And Lucy slaps Happy in the back of the head. "Not for you!"

"A celestial wizard eh? Not bad Lu-Chan." Naruto smirks.

Lucy blushes slightly at the praise as she stands again, not noticing her summon spirit looking at Naruto with a wary gaze. "Listen Aquarius, I want you to push that boat there back into the port."

Aquarius only scoffs as she floats above the water. Which bring a tick mark on Lucy's face. "You're supposed to help when I summon you from the spirit world not give me that attitude!"

Happy looks slightly afraid by dark look from the spirit while Naruto looks at her dryly. Not a lot of respect for her master it seems.

"You almost dropped my key back there. Let's get this straight, ever drop my key and your dead." Aquarius says in deadly serious tone.

Lucy flinched as she paled; "S-Sorry…"

Naruto sweatdrops. I wonder who's really in charge here.

Water fills up in her pitcher as she charges her magic and swings forward toward the boat. Soon a massive tidal wave takes hold of the ship barreling it back to the shoreline. Everyone on board screams in terror save Naruto who remains in place with chakra on his feet while holding unto Natsu who is laughing at everyone else screaming like girls.

Both the wave and yacht crashes into the harbor as the Naruto clone picked up Lucy and Happy and jumped to a safe high perch. The clone whistles as he admires the destruction. Aquarius floats near Lucy

"Don't summon me for a while. I'm going on a vacation with my boyfriend" She disappears, leaving an angry Lucy stomping her foot.

"Grr! She's so selfish! An don't rub it in!"

Happy quips. "You don't really get along huh?"

"That's an understatement" Mutters the clone.

Lucy is about to retort, but gasp as the clone puffs out of existence. They see the real Naruto sitting on top of the beached ship.

"Hope he was good company, I'd like to think I am" Naruto says with a cheeky smile as Lucy looks up at him.

"That's a cool trick"

"It's even better at parties"

On the other side 'Salamander' and what was left of his thugs crawling out of their wreck. People from town look on stunned seeing a ship washed by a sudden massive tidal wave. "Damn that hurt." Looking up he sees Natsu glaring down at him.

"So you say you're from the Fairy Tail Guild huh," Natsu taking off his red coat showing his open black sleeveless vest with gold lining. "Let me get a look at your face."

'Salamander' just scoffs, wanting to destroy the pinkette. "Get him and that blond guy!"

Fūton: Daitoppa!

A sudden and powerful burst of wind hits 'Salamander's' thugs and sends them crashing through the remains of the yacht. Naruto stands in front of Lucy with Happy on her shoulder eating a fish. The blond Uzumaki gives them a dark smirk. "That's right he did say he came from Fairy Tail. Kinda funny though him saying that."

Natsu punches away a stray thug, both Lucy and 'Salamander' eyes widen at seeing the guild insignia of none other than Fairy Tail. Lifting up the right sleeve of his jacket Naruto also shows his own on his forearm.

"Did I forget to mention Natsu and Naruto are also wizards? Well Natsu is anyway," Happy says sheepishly when being glared by Naruto at being called a wizard.

"My name is Natsu Dragneel a 'Fairy Tail Wizard' and I never seen you once in Fairy Tail!" The rosette haired man snarls.

Dropping his sleeve Naruto points to himself; "The name is Naruto Uzumaki, the Shinobi–Sennin of Fairy Tail Dattebayo!"

Lucy points a shaky finger at Naruto and Natsu; "Those two are both from Fairy Tail!"

A bald thug pales as he stands by his boss. "Oh crap boss! Those marks on their arms; those guys are really from Fairy Tail Bora."

'Salamander' now known as Bora nearly snaps at his lackey; "I told you never to call me that!"

Happy narrows his eyes; "I heard of him. He is that sleaze ball 'Bora the Prominence'. Rumor has it he was kicked out of Titan's Nose guild years ago for bad behavior."

Clinching his fists Natsu growls; "I don't give a damn who you think you are. I won't have some asshole disrespect the Fairy Tail name!"

Bora gave a vicious smirk; "You think you can stop me?!"

Prominence Typhoon!

Lifting his hand he shot out a powerful twister of purple flames straight towards Natsu. Lucy was about to go him as the fire hits, setting the area ablaze but Naruto and Happy stops her.

Bora snorted. "All big talk from such a little man."

"Kami this stuff is nasty!"

Turning around Bora almost drops his jaw at the sight of Natsu actually eating the flames! Lucy's eyes nearly bulge from their sockets as the fire was beginning to vanish, Natsu ate every last flame leaving only smoke and burnt wood.

"Thanks for the meal jackass." Natsu smirks.

Bora screams in disbelief; "Who the hell is this kid?!"

"I'd give up asshole. No fire magic will ever harm Natsu." Naruto chuckles darkly.

Lucy looks on trying to find her voice; "What the heck is going on. I never have seen anything like this!"

Natsu grinned almost evilly. "Now let me show you real fire!"

Fire Dragon Roar!

Taking a long deep breath Natsu exhales a wild stream of flames at Bora and his men. They did not know what hit them as the area explodes. Standing on his purple flames Bora looks down at Natsu as realization hits him hard.

"You're him…" The fire wizard grew paler with each word. "You're really Salamander! You're the Fire Dragon-slayer!"

Lucy almost faints as her jaw drops; "NATSU IS THE REAL SALAMANDER!" For a second she composes herself seeing someone missing. "Where is Naruto?"

Bora charges for another of his own fire spells seeing Natsu doing the same.

"Always mind your surroundings."

Sharply turning around, Bora is slammed in the chest by a baseball size ball of blue energy in Naruto's hand while he had somehow jumped fifteen feet in the air! It grinds into his chest ripping his shirt and cape like it was paper.


Bora screams in pain as he's sent flying like a rag-doll with extra momentum by a burning punch from Natsu, they watch as the fake Salamander sent flying back into the city.

"Natsu is an actual Dragon Slayer?! I thought they were just legends." But then Lucy looks over to Naruto. "What kind of magic does Naruto use?"

Hearing his fellow blond's question Naruto turns and looks dryly at her. "I have never used magic in my life. What you seen from me are called 'Jutsu' and I use 'chakra'. Why I call myself the Sage-Ninja of Fairy Tail."

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Slowly with a painful groan Bora raises out of the rubble holding his bloody chest. Landing on a roof Natsu glares down at him. Snarling the blue haired fire wizard lifts himself by his flames he lets loose more of his fire magic which Natsu is happy to chow down on with a smile on his face.

"Thanks for the meal. But your flames still taste like shit!"

Charging up his flames in his right fist Natsu leaps forward. Bora was too frightened to even move or dodge.

Fire Dragon Fist!

Landing a hard right hook Natsu sends Bora down to the ground ripping through the cement and bouncing off roofs till he finally slams into the church bell which rings loudly.

Lucy only gazes at the scene in amazement while something finally dawn's on her as Naruto pales at the destruction. "I think you guys overdid it, Naruto."

The blond Uzumaki chuckles weakly, scratching the back of his head; "I think we overdid it too. Mira-Chan is going to kill me."

Happy nods sagely while sitting on Naruto's shoulder. "She will be really mad."

"Don't rub it in furball." The blond ninja growls out.

Soon upon hearing loud marching metal footsteps both Naruto and Lucy pale turn their heads seeing the local army coming their way. In a blink Natsu was with them as both males grab Lucy's wrists and run off with her nearly flying in the wind and Happy flying beside them.

"Let's get the hell out of here!" Natsu and Naruto yell in fear.

"Why the heck you guys taking me with you?!" Lucy asks while flying in the wind due to Natsu and Naruto grabbing both her hands tightly as they run.

Naruto grinned back at her. "Come on! Didn't want to join Fairy Tail?"

Lucy widens her eyes as both men smirk back at her. It did not take long for her to have a brilliant smile as she soon matches the two in running out of town. "Then let's go!"