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Chapter 9: What's within?

The crystal spun inside the glass case, pulsing with a soft light every few seconds. Magic runes circled around the crystal, keeping the energy of the object in a stable flow as various pieces of equipment took readings of the crystal's energy and composition.

Ultear stared at it with admiration and longing. She felt... like she was lacking something. She wanted to hold the crystal in her hands again, its essence surging through her body, filling her with energy and power. Invoking in her feelings of empowerment mixed with orgasmic pleasure, like her body was taken to higher state of existence.

Maybe... Maybe she could convince Master Hades to allow her the use of the crystal from time to time. Solely for experimental purposes of course.

"The way you keep staring at it" A familiar voice said. "Is unsettling"

The Time Mage rolled her eyes and peered over her shoulder at Weiss, who stood by the door with his hands on the pockets of his coat and an impassive look on his face. "Nobody asked you"

Weiss made a throaty noise; "And you were actually able to revive that demon with this?"

"I do not know where this came from," Ultear gazed over to the man; "But I could never describe in words what I felt using this power."

"Hmph" The silver haired man crossed his arms and stared at the crystal with piercing brown eyes. "Whatever it is, it's undeniably powerful then. Your magic can't affect organic matter unless you're pushing yourself to the brink at great costs"

Ultear deadpanned. "Are you honestly explaining to me how my magic works?"

Weiss ignored her snide comment. "Did it leave any lasting effects on you?"

"No. I... do not believe so" She said. The empowered feeling persisted for a time, but it faded out eventually. Weiss's words made her wonder, was the power truly gone? Perhaps there was a way to harness it inside her for a longer time next chance she had of holding the crystal.

"At any rate," the silver haired man interrupted her thoughts; "Master Hades wished to speak you about Galuna Island."

"Very well," Ultear said as she walked passed Weiss, opening the door. "Despite everything, Naruto still showed impressive skill," she smirked when she felt her lover frowning behind her.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

"Have we yet to determine the origins of this gem?"

"No, Meredy is still searching"

They walked towards the archive and research area of their great ship, entering a room filled with various magical artifacts, tomes, and other arcane constructions. Long pillars stood at the edges of the chamber, giving it a more regal appearance. At the end of the room were various lacrimas displaying holographic screens containing data they had amassed through the years. One giant holographic screen stood between the rests.

They noticed several people of their inner circle standing in the room, among them was them imposing figure of their wise and powerful Master Hades. He stood with his arms crossed as he stared impassively as the data running over the screen. In front of transparent keyboard was Ultear's adopted daughter, Meredy, she was rapidly tapping the key, and the young pinkette had a concentrated look on her face as she worked.

"Well look who decided to join us" The crazed voice of their god-slayer member said with amusement. His wild blonde hair and red pupils consisting of several circles only adding to his crazy demeanor. "What's wrong Ultear? Even with that awesome rock thing you couldn't take out a bunch of fairies?"

Ultear only scoffed at the man while her daughter typed; "Master, I can't find anything on the gem. It's possible it predates known history." Meredy spoke in a monotone voice.

"I had a feeling that would be the case, but check even the smallest of rumors to minor legends." Hades said calmly.

"It is possible the crystal has no connection to the temple of Garuda Island" The empathic mage suggested.

Their master stroked his long beard. "You're thinking it just ended up there due to circumstances... Hmm, yes, that's a possibility we should take into account" He shifted his one good eye at Ultear. "Have you managed to find out how old the crystal is?"

"Damnedest thing" Ultear let out a frustrated breath. "Its magic simply interferes with my own. That thing's energy is just so... primal, that my magic can't get a reach on how long it has existed"

"Primal..." The tall and muscular man of the group, whose hair black stood out like various strips of confetti, mused. "You mean like the magic found in nature" Due to his brand of magic, Azuma was very familiar with such energies.

"It's not 'like' the magic found in nature" The time mage refuted. "It IS magic from nature but... it's so intricately connected to the world. I've never felt anything like it before" She shifted her gaze back at their master. "One thing I can say for certain is that the magic of that crystal is ancient, primordial even"

A fairly tall and lanky young man. He had silver-colored hair in a pompadour style, wearing silver designed glasses and purple jacket with fur trimming crossed his arms; "Could it have been purposely forgotten in history?" Rustyrose spoke up. "Not the first time we found things like that."

"I agree," Weiss said simply leaning his back against the wall.

A very tall overweight man wearing a cape and two belts like collars over his chest rubs his chin in thought. "But something so powerful to be forgotten..." Kain muses. "From Ultear's report, it allowed her to access an outstanding level of magic"

"Bah!" Zancrow scoffed with a mocking grin. "Cool rock or not, the demon she brought back went out like a pussy!"

Meredy held her anger in reign; she couldn't tolerate anyone insulting Ultear like that. But it wasn't her who had the right to put him in his place.

Ultear shifted an anger driven glare at him. "The Fairies were smart in their fight, and that elf who joined them knew magic that could hurt demons immensely" She narrowed her eyes as she remembered that night. "To think they formed a Unison Raid..."

"It is not your fault Ultear" To her surprise, Hades said in her defense. "Elves are knowledgeable people, trust me, I know from experience" He remembered in his younger days, during his quest for magic to bring Mavis back, his travels had taken him to the kingdom of the dark elves, there he had met a woman, cunning, powerful, dangerous, beautiful, driven by her desires. He often compared her with a poisonous spider, she never minded, in fact; she laughed and said the comparison was very fair. He had learnt a lot from that dark elf. He shook his head and focused on the present, now wasn't the time to dwell on memories. "Hmm" A thought occurred to him. "The power that comes from the crystal, a primal power you said, do you believe it could be similar to the one Uzumaki invokes?" He gave Meredy a command with a simple nod

Wordlessly, Meredy brought up images and footage of the sage in battle, the data around them showed things the normal eye wasn't able to perceive, readings about a strange energy emanating from him during certain battles. As far as they could tell, the Uzumaki had kept this energy a secret from Fairy Tail, only invoking it on dangerous missions where he was alone against various threats.

Azuma rubbed his goatee; "His combat skills I can respect. He can play the fool but can be a killer when needed."

"He's nothing but a cocky brat needing an ass kicking," Zancrow scoffed.

"And if this 'cocky brat' as you called him uses his inner power at full strength?" Hades lifted a brow.

"Oh please!" He smiled maniacally, lifting his head as black fire licked at the tip of his fingers. "Thanks to you master I learnt the magic to kill gods! What's a punk-ass fairy like him gonna do against someone like me?"

"Hmph" A tall goat man wearing shades sniffed in distaste. "One day, that attitude of you will get you killed"

"Ah shove it up your ass Zoldeo!"

"It's a miracle we've gone this far without killing each other..." Weiss drawled as he learnt his head against the wall.

"Those who share a common goal can accomplish much as a unit than alone," Hades said sagely.

None rebuked him as they all owed this man much for the power they all now wield. He one eye gazed at the viewing screen; "We must learn this young man's power, and see if it perhaps connected or linked to the gem."

Hades stared back into the screen. "Before we conclude this meeting, I want to go over some other people of interest to ours. Meredy, bring up the Dragon Slayer files"

"Yes master"

"Dragon Slayers?" The god-slayer moaned. "Why bother with them? We've got tons of more powerful magics"

"Fool" Ultear scolded him. "Unlike the magics we have learnt, even your god slayer magic, Dragon Slaying magic can only be acquired by two ways. Either one is implanted by a dragon lacrima or they are taught the magic themselves by a dragon"

"Of which they haven't been seen for hundreds of years" Hades said. With the exception of one in particular, of course. "We have it on good authority that Oracion Seis's Dragon Slayer was implanted with a Poison Dragon lacrima. But" He turned to face his subordinates. "With the information we've gathered we have discovered three Dragon Slayers who do not possess a lacrima implant" His words shocked many of them.

"Wait" Rustyrose's eyes widened. "Then that means..."

"They were taught their magic by real dragons" Weiss finished for him in an emotionless tone, but those who knew him better understood he was deeply focused on the subject at hand.

"Interesting..." A tall man with a clothed ponytail and triangular sideburns said, speaking for the first time ever since the meeting started. Bluenote made a mental note to look into it further.

After receiving a nod from Hades, Meredy brought up the first file, a picture of a young pink haired man. "No doubt you've all heard about him, with the ruckus he often makes it's hard not to. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, the Fire Dragon Slayer" The picture was of the pinkette eating a ten feet tall monster all by himself.

"Colorful..." Ultear droned.

Kain blinked; "Are demon's tasty?"

That earned him a round of sighs. "I am not even going to dignify that with an answer," Zoldeo adjusted his shades.

Meredy blinked at the screen; "He's an idiot..."

"While I agree he is a touch simple minded, he does show skill when the need arises," Hades commented. "Show the next one dear."

The next image screamed 'punk'. Tall, muscular, the man had steel studs along the bridge of his nose and his hairless eyebrows; he wore a sleeveless dark tunic torn at the tails, studded wristbands, fingerless studded gloves and baggy pants inside studded boots. His hair was dark, long and spiky, and his eyes red with slanted pupils. On his shoulder was a symbol they recognized.

"Phantom Lord" Bluenote mused. "They have been competing against Fairy Tail for years. Makes sense they got a Dragon Slayer on their own to counter theirs"

"Gajeel Redfox" Meredy clarified for the others. "The Iron Dragon Slayer. High offensive and defensive power, he is savage and ruthless"

"Out of the entire guild he only respects Jose, Phantom's current master, and one of the Ten Wizard Saints" Ultear spoke up. "A cruel and powerful man."

"Next to Phantom's Elemental Four, he is not to be taken lightly," Hades spoke.

"Heh" Zancrow grinned. "If I run into him I'll just melt his metal and eat it"

"Can you even eat metal?" Rustyrose wondered. "I though the whole Slayer thing was about eating your own element"

"Well, if I melt it and it's hot then I can, so it has the recharging effect of eating fire"

"How does that even work?"

"You know what I'm not sure; the whole 'eating elements' thing is a bit screwy..."

"Moving on..." Meredy tried to remain calm as not to slap those idiots, she went to the next file.

The next person was a woman. Not only was she tall but she was also packed with large and highly toned muscles, her figure was both broad yet retained womanly curves. Her hair was a spiky blonde, with wrapped in a wild ponytail on the back of her neck while the top spread over her head, with some strands framing her face. Her skin was a dark tan and her eyes were red in color. She wore a type of gladiator-looking leather armor. Arm guards over her forearms, a single metallic shoulder pad over her left shoulder and a chest piece with leather strips coming from a large belt, forming a sort of kilt, along with shin guards and sandals. She had a predatory smirk, looking like a woman who loved a good challenge. On her shoulder was a tribalistic yellow sun tattoo

"Atenea of Callisto, the Lava Dragon Slayer"

"She's with the Sunreavers guild," Weiss spoke, looking at the mark on her shoulder. "The guild master is not someone to cross."

"Speaking from experience Weiss?" Kain asked.

"Worked with him on occasions back in my days as a Council specialist" The swordsman explained. "He's a great commanding officer"

"Strong too" The gravity mage added, crossing his arms, contemplate look on his face. "Not only that, he always made sure to prepare his men for everything. I've little doubt Solaris trains his guild like they're military"

"You know him too?" Kain asked their deputy commander in surprise.

"Fought against him" He revealed much to the shock of some of them. "Back in the Cabria War, Solaris lead one of the council regiments"

Quite a few people in the room grimaced; "That was a rather brutal conflict if memory serves," Zoldeo glanced to the gravity mage.

"...Unless you were there, words will never describe it. Solaris left the military after that war and became a guild master. He is one of the few people I show respect to," Bluenote eyed the screen.

"His guild, the Sunreavers, they do pretty good. Lots of high class mages like Fairy Tail, various members of his regiment joined him when he funded his guild" The pinkette empath explained, bringing up several images of battles the Fairies had partaken in on one side of the screen. And at the other side appeared images of other mages and battles, comparing them with Fairy Tail's. "Master marksmen, swordsmen, rune mages, wielders of various types of magic, they're professionals"

Bluenote briefly smirked; "Trained them well didn't you Solaris?" Weiss only eyes the screen blankly.

"Fairy Tail looks more like rowdy brawlers," Rustyrose said dryly.

"Makarov always prepared them properly in his own way." The master of Grimoire Heart said. "While I do not doubt any of your skills, it is best not to underestimate any of our enemies; our paths are bound to cross eventually"

"Yes, Master Hades" The dutifully bowed their heads.

"Meanwhile, it's better if you familiarize with them as much as possible. Meredy" He once more turned to the pinkette. "Show them the rest of the information we gathered"

"Yes" Tapping a few keys, she brought up new images... which were of the Lava Dragon Slayer, in a bikini on the beach; the muscular woman was posing and flaunting her body.

All eyes slowly shift from the screen the young girl who was currently entering the infra-red due to how hard she was blushing. "Uh..." She stammered, for once breaking her monotone voice. "I-Ignore that..."

Zancrow chuckled crossing his arms over his chest; "Don't give a damn if she is the enemy, hot is hot damn it! And Meredy agrees" he bursted out laughing.

"OH SHUT UP!" A tomato red Meredy finally lost her temper which made the man laugh harder.

Ultear only sighed.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

"So the people of the island were demons all along?"

"I know, Crazy huh?" Naruto said as he leaned back in the couch, his arms crossing behind his head. "Claire told us all about it"

Mira smiled as she sat beside him; "She might act like a pervert, but Claire really cared for those villagers. Regardless of what they are."

"But man seeing her serious is scary, feels wrong coming from her" Naruto shivered. "I'm just glad she is on our side."

"And to fight a demon of Zeref even more dangerous than Lullaby" The elder Strauss mused in amazement. "You guys did an amazing thing"

"I'm happy Gray got some closure" The blonde said with sympathy, ever since they returned, the ice mage looked like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders and it showed. Oh he still fought with Natsu at every single opportunity, but he showed a more invigorated spirit than before, like he felt ready to take on the whole world.

"That old friend of Gray, you think he will join a guild?" Mira asked.

The blond sage shrugged; "That'd be up to Lyon and those other three. I'll say he does have talent, hope he puts it to good use."

The former 'S' class mage nodded; "So everything worked out in the end. I glad everyone made it home safely."

"Got close for a few moments there" The sage admitted. "Haven't met a demon of this world that was as strong as Deliora was" Its sheer raw power had been overwhelming; it felt like they had fought a bijuu.

"The demons of Zeref are fearsome creations of the Dark Mage" The white haired young woman said. "They've become terrible legends due to how much destruction they've brought. But don't set a bar to how strong they can get just yet, as Master says, there's always something more"

"Agree with Jiji on that... So we miss anything while we were gone?"

"Not much happened, it's been a rather peaceful few days."

"Oh" Naruto said in a deadpanning tone. "Maybe it had something to do with the most destructive and trouble making members of the guild being away?"

"Well..." Mirajane awkwardly scratched her cheek. "Maybe? There was a distinctive lack of explosions and sues for damages to personal property... not a lot, but you could tell there weren't as many as usual"

The blond slumped his head forward; "And I try to avoid chaos anymore." Especially after he met Natsu, and meeting people way crazier than he was.

"'Try' being the word. It kinda follows you around like a girlfriend..."

Naruto suppressed a groan and rolled his eyes. 'Here we go...'

"Speaking off" Mira said cheerfully.

'Knew it'

"Sooooo" She went full on gossip. "Met any cute girl lately?"

"What is your deal with people's love life?" Naruto was genuinely mystified by Mirajane's matchmaking obsessions. "There is a reason why people don't talk about this stuff with you, you always make it awkward"

"...Boy then?"

"Oh hell no!" Naruto lightly glared; "Hell you put me and Levy-chan on a date last year."

"Opposites can make good couples," Mira defended. "Plus you two are close friends now, though neither of you will say what you did that night" She glared cutely.

And no one ever will as far as Naruto and Levy were concerned.

She sighed. "You never tell me anything about the people you went out with"

"NOBODY does. And for good reason" Naruto stressed. "You get these..." He waved his hands, looking for the right words. "Weird plans for pairing up people. And always ask details about everyone's love life like you're Dr. Love or something"

"I could so be if that were a real profession..." She crossed her arms and grumbled, looking away. "I'm just curious" She told him. "You don't speak much about the people from your world. I had figured you had someone waiting for you there"

"I do"

"Romantically" Mirajane clarified slowly.

Naruto sighed as he rested his head over the couch. He wasn't getting away from this was he? "Tell you what" He finally came to decision, if only so Mira would stop asking. "I'll tell you about someone I once thought I cared about as more than a friend" He held a hand as Mirajane started to get all giddy. "IF... You first tell me about YOUR love life, seeing as you pester people for theirs so much. It's only fair" Might as well get something from this.

The former S rank mage fidgeted with her skirt for a moment, looking unsure. "Alright... I'll tell you about someone I once had a crush on. But only if you keep it a secret"

"I promise," Mira sighed hearing that. That was one thing she could always count on, her roommate always kept his promises.

"Well…" She fidgeted with her skirt and blushed, looking away. "When I was younger, I had a crush on Erza..." She waited for it.

Naruto's face remained completely impassive, never showing any other emotion other than calm stoic-ness. "I see" He said.

Nearby birds flew away in fright as a voice suddenly shouted. "WHAT?!"

Mirajane rubbed her sore eardrum. "It's not that big a deal..." She muttered.

Naruto sputtered in a rather hilarious way. "But you... her... everyone in the guild said you two hated each other when younger!"

The white haired beauty rubbed her cheek awkwardly; "Yeah... Truth was I used that to hide how big of a crush I had for her..."

"How big of a crush we are talking here?"


XxX - years ago - XxX

After a brawl between the young Strauss and the Scarlet, which resulted in several broken chairs, tables, mugs and various others pieces of guild property, the Master had put them as far away from each other so they could calm down.

Erza sat on a corner, grumbling to herself and rubbing a burning spot on her head where that demon had torn off pieces of her hair during the brawl.

On the other corner, away from everyone else's sight, Mirajane sniffed deeply into the beautiful red strands of hair in her hand, taking in the magnificent scent in them. "One day my love... one day you will be mine"

XxX - present - XxX

"W-Well you know Erza" Mira laughed nervously, carefully avoiding going into the details of her... less than sane younger years. "So driven, and strong, and honorable, and beautiful. C-Can't fall someone for having a crush on her"

The blond Uzumaki just gave a long dry incredulous stare as his roommate shook her head; "Your turn!"

"...Well I can say on my account my crush was one sided," Naruto said as he stood up. "Her name was Sakura Haruno. Now I have no idea what she looks like now, but this was her before I vanished from home." putting his hands together he henged.

Mirajane stared at the pink haired young woman Naruto turned into. "She's cute; I can see why you had a crush on her"

Naruto changed back. "Yeah" He scratched his head and sat back in the couch. "But... it was complicated. Okay that's being generous things were a damn mess. I was a damn mess"

The Strauss looked at him with concern. "Why do you say that?"

"Well, the reason goes a long way..." He said. "But to make a long story short, I thought I had a crush on her. But looking back at it I realized it wasn't even that. I just didn't understand a lot of things, I grew up without parents, I... was never close to someone like that" Mirajane nodded in understanding, Naruto never went into many details of his childhood, but one thing she had learnt was how he had grown without parents, like she and her siblings had. But he had been unfortunate enough to never haven known them. "So I didn't understand what I was feeling, I just acted on those things without knowing cause I... wanted to compete with someone"


"We were young and dumb; Sakura had a crush on another boy. The kind of guy who always seems so perfect at everything he does and drives you crazy because you feel you can't keep up"

"He was a prodigy?" Mira surmised.

"Yeah, as cocky as I can be, I can say Sasuke was the best shinobi among my age. I can admit after his entire clan was murdered anyone would be bent. But he outright refused having friends, never believing in teamwork, all he cared for was getting stronger to kill his brother Itachi."

The elder Strauss looked at him with wide horrified eyes while gawking. "...Okay. That is unbelievably fucked up and I cannot believe you just blurted that out without easing it on me first or actually be more tactfully about it..."

Now it was the blond looking wide eyed; "I can't believe you actually swore!"

"That's what you're concerned about?!" She screeched. "You just told me how someone you know had his entire family murdered, BY HIS OWN BROTHER, without the least bit of hesitation, in a completely unrelated matter! Learn some tact for gods' sake!"

"Um... Kakashi-Sensei and Ero-Sennin tried..." Naruto weakly defended.

Well 'try' being too weak of a word. More along the lines of beating it into his skull, literally. But as Jiraiya commented, 'He has too much of Kushina's personality'. Meaning he would be naturally blunt as a hammer.

All that earned him was a dry glare. "With a title like 'Pervy-Sage', I honestly doubt how much a good influence such a person was"

"...And now I realize what kind of male influences I've been keeping in my life" Well yeah, there was Iruka-sensei, so at least there was that. "Look, just forget about it"

"I wish I could..."

"Anyway..." Naruto attempted to return to topic; "Sasuke was what Cana calls a 'pretty boy'. With nearly every female of my former class all having a crush on him"

"And you were jealous" Mirajane reasoned.

He sighs. "He was just so... good at everything he did. Meanwhile I was the dead last of my class. I tried everything to compete with him, to catch up to him and be the ninja I wanted to be... even telling myself I had a crush on Sakura, thinking it was love, when actually at the time I didn't even understand that kind of love"

The white haired beauty placed her dainty hand onto Naruto's larger; "So that's why you were uncomfortable going on a date, because you never had one till Levy."

"Pretty much..." Naruto sighed.

"Oh Naruto why didn't you tell me?" She softly asked. She winced after she said so. "...Right, both you and Levy protested"

"Hey, what could I have told you?" He replies. That he was so emotionally inept he didn't even understand his own feelings so he had no idea what to do when confronted with any kind of intimacy or relationship of that nature? Not something one wants others to know about oneself.

He was older and knew better now, he understood better. Yet still those sorts of feelings made him nervous, because he understood them now, because he knew who they were aimed at now. And he knew it just wouldn't be possible. He had a world to return to, he just... he just couldn't do that to Mira.

'Keep lying to yourself as much as you want, I know what is truly in your heart,' The Bijuu King mentally mused to himself as he chuckled.

XxX ~ Guild hall ~ XxX

"Booooored" Natsu let out a long groan from his place on the table; he was sprawled all over it with a dead eyed look on his face. "Booooored"

"Stop saying you're bored!" Lucy screeched.

"But I am bored!"

"Well complaining about it won't make it more interesting!"

"It's not my fault Erza is punishing us with no jobs for breaking the guild's rules!"

"...Yes it is!" The Celestial Mage finally lost it. "It's in part mind you, but you're as much to blame!

Naruto just gazed over dryly while he sat at the bar. Natsu could whine all he wanted; the blond Uzumaki liked the break from the chaos. Then again this place could turn to ground zero if anything happened, literally.

Though would it be too much to ask to have a beer in peace?

"Hmph" Erza huffed from her place on a table as she cleaned one of her many swords. "No jobs allowed until master returns with a proper punishment Natsu. If you continue complaining, you'll leave me no choice but to punish you myself"

"...I'll be good" He mumbled

Naruto chuckled nervously; leave it to Erza to maintain order around here. A wandering thought settled in his head, remembering Mirajane's words about her old crush on Erza. He didn't want to admit it (which was becoming increasingly difficult) but a part of him felt a bit jealous. Did Mira still have feelings for Erza?

Another random thought settled on his head, this one making him nosebleed.

"Stop imagining it" Mirajane whispered with an angry look on her face. Apparently, she caught on to what he was thinking.

"Uh kinda hard considering it's the two most beautiful ladies I know," the blond whispered back.

The take-over mage lightly blushed before she shook it off glaring cutely; "You want supper tonight?"

"I'll shut up..."

"When is the old man coming back?" Claire asked, shaking a martini glass in her hand. "I wanna get this punishment over so I can have fun again"

"Aren't you older than him?" Gray dryly asks.

"Hey, he insists I call him gramps. 'Sides, it's not the years you have, it's how you feel what counts"

"Then following that logic you must be an immature perverted teen" Macao says before drinking from his mug.

The said elf just looked at Macao sitting beside Wakaba before lifting her blouse showing off her boobs. Quite a few males and some females along with the two veteran mages are sent flying via nose bleeds. Naruto only remained due to holding his nose, Claire lowered her blouse; "Takes a pervert to know a pervert... Brat"

Cana raised a mug to her. "You, my friend, are awesome. Only reason I don't flash people is because it takes away my time from drinking" She then proceeded to drink whole mug in one gulp.

Lucy facepalms. "Is every person here are a pervert, an alcoholic, or both?"

"Hey don't categorize us like that!" Wakaba argued, rising from the floor and cleaning his nose. "We have tons of other vices"

"LIKE THAT MAKES IT BETTER!" Lucy glared over. Natsu laughed while Happy ate a fish beside him. It never got old seeing the buxom blond lose it.

Mira only sighed as she walked back to the bar after serving drinks. She stopped at the job stand titling her head; "What's this?"

That prompted Naruto to leave his stool to walk over; "What is it?"

"I don't remember this job being here before" It was written over a dark paper with strange arcane symbols drawn on it.

Naruto sweatdropped. "What's with the ominous look..?"

"500.000 Jewels just by reading it?" Mirajane read over the job description in confusion.

The jinchuuriki rolled his eyes. "Why doesn't it just say 'smutch-bait'?"

Erza also walked over as Mira put the paper down on a table beside Lucy, Gray, Natsu, and Happy. "An easy 500,000," Natsu shrugged, how hard could it be?

Gray lifted a brow gazing over; "The hell, what kind of language is that?"

Those words made Claire come to the table.

"Does it look familiar to you Claire?" The Titania asked the elf.

The raven haired elf taped her chin and hummed in thought. "Think that is an arcane language made to cast certain magics. Beats me which, there are a lot of those"

"If you speak it right maybe we get fish" Happy wondered with a hopeful expression while drooling.

Lucy only rubbed her eyes; "Everything involves food with you."

"Let's read it!" Natsu said excitedly. He could buy all sorts of food with that mo-

A chop to his head stopped his thoughts. "I said no jobs!" Erza angrily growled. "And didn't you hear her? It must be a curse of some sort!"

The rosette dragon slayer did not really listen and just read; "Aw this language is easy." As he spoke the words despite being yelled at by Erza, Naruto had a bad feeling coming.

A glowing light of rainbow colors enveloped the eight. Then, as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone. The group rubbed their eyes and stared down at the paper on the table.

"Well that didn't do squat..." Lucy commented... in an oddly heavier tone unlike her usually feminine voice. She held a hand to her mouth, eyes wide in disbelief. "What the hell's up with my voice?" She suddenly lent forward, supporting herself on the table while pressing a hand to her waist. "And why is my back killing me...?"

"Uhhhh..." Natsu looked at Claire with wide eyes, just like Lucy, his voice was off. "THIS happened apparently..."

"HOW DID EVERYONE GET SO BIG?!" Happy said in a frantic tone, looking around from his place on table.

"Okay... That was weird dattebayo," Mirajane said before she froze. "Uh... Why do I sound like Mira-chan?"

Naruto covered his mouth with both hand staring at Mira; "Foxy!"

The surprisingly very calm Fire Dragon Slayer spoke up; "Okay people calm down..."

"How can I calm down?!" Gray shouted in a shrill voice. "I-I'm freezing and I'm pretty sure I have a thing, a MALE thing, down there!"

"Uhhhh..." Macao droned, looking at him with squinting eyes. "It IS supposed to be there Gray..."

"I'm not Gray!" The ice mage shrieked. "I'm Lucy!"


"My god" Wakaba whispered in realization. "The spell turned them all insane!"

"Of course!" Elfman agreed, banging a fist into his palm.

"No you morons!" The surprisingly irritated blue cat scowled at them darkly, they couldn't help but shudder at how familiar that scowl was. "We... we...!"

The Dragon Slayer rolls his eyes and rested his hands on his hips. "Changed bodies"

"...Yeah I guess that makes more sense" The smoke mage shrugged.

"It's Claire in here by the way," Natsu waved his hand; "This has to be some mage's idea of a practical joke, of which I am not laughing." He or rather she looked to her elven body; "You okay Natsu?" No response; "Uh you okay in there?"

The Dragon Slayer now in the elf's body promptly fell face first on the table, holding her, er, his hands over the waist. "Uhhhhhh my back..!" It was very strange to hear Claire speaking like Natsu. Well, everything about this situation was strange. "How do you girls walk with these balloons on your chest?!"

The elven woman inside Natsu's body eye twitched; "I like those balloons thank you. And it's called back exercises moron. You don't see Naruto complaining."

Said blond inside Mira's body was only staring at his body as he noticed his cerulean was now blankly staring at nothing. A very powerful sense of dread gripped him as he was mentally praying to any God listening; 'Please don't... Oh shit, don't say he... No, no, no...' "Mira-Chan?" He ignored Erza going crazy in Happy's body, crying loudly.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

The sound of water dripping echoed throughout the metallic corridors. It was dark, yet Mirajane could see somewhat despite the lack of any visible illumination. This place felt cold, but it did not feel empty.

She didn't fully understand what had happened. Not long after realizing she was in Naruto's body she had been... transported to somewhere else. A place that was unknown to her yet felt as if though it was part of Naruto.

Her Take-Over magic gave her a good understanding of the spirit, allowing her to grasp a better feel to the soul, both her own and foreign souls. After all, she had consumed demon souls before, incorporating them into her own. Her old forms, long unused, had become aspects of herself stored in different parts of her mind, her inner world. This place... it felt... oh she couldn't quite put it into words but this place felt spiritual in nature, she wasn't here in a physical sense.

Mira was at least grateful she looked like her old self. Her head sharply looked forward hearing a deep rumbling growl further within. She felt like she could literally taste hate incarnate in the wind. Taking a long deep breathe she walked through the corridor, Her midnight blue orbs gazed at the cracked walls and leaky pipes.

This was really Naruto's mind? It's a completely sharp contrast to the man she has known since appearing in Earthland years ago. It said a lot of what he held in the depths of his soul and raised questions she wasn't sure she truly wanted answered...

She reached a point where the corridor opened to another path, she could feel a wind coursing through, carrying a foul smelling stench, it almost felt like... breathing. She placed a hand over the corner and peered, there she saw a shorter extension of the corridor and at the end laid a barred gate sealed shut.

Shrouded by the darkness was a figure, it was gigantic, furry, the shadows partially hid an orange coloration. It was moving, softly, as if breathing.

A pair of eyes slowly opened, and Mirajane was greeted to the sight of two blood red eyes with slanted pupils.

"Well now..." The being behind the gate spoke in a deep malicious tone. "Normally I just deal with the brat; I hardly ever get to entertain... And it's the woman he spends so much time with, like what you see mortal?"

Hate... It was like someone decided to give hate physical form and this was the end result. But Mirajane slowly walked into the room, showing not fear, but shock.

"Yes, yes, come closer" The voice invited her with something akin to maniacal glee in its voice. "Let me see you better"

When Mirajane was but a few meters close, sharp claws slipped right through the bars with great force, splashing the water at her feet as they came a hair's breadth from ripping her to ribbons.

The fox laughed at the sight of the woman jumping back in fright. He through his head back as he continued howling with laughter, oh how long had it been since he last tasted a human's fear! And what a delightful sensation it-!

"No!" He felt a hand slapping one of his claws.

He suddenly stopped laughing and blinked. "Eh?"

She was frowning at him, putting a fist to her hip while she held up a hand, wiggling her finger at him, as if she was reprimanding a misbehaving child. "Bad!"

The Kyuubi literally did a double take at the mortal before him. Pretty much every human he had met has shown nothing but fear and terror at the sight of his presence. Yet here this girl was showing not an ounce of fear or hopelessness. At that the old fox snorted before lying down with his head on its crossed hands; "Well that's boring. First different mortal I meet in a while and she has no fear of demons."

"Uh" Mirajane gave him a deadpanning look. "I eat demons" She said as a show of confidence and strength. Sure, it'd been a long time since the last time she had consumed a demon, but it was clear this one here would-

...He was a demon... Naruto had a demon trapped inside him.

Mirajane gasped at the sudden revelation. All this time and Naruto never told her, she thought they really could tell each other anything that they trusted one another, but all this time he had kept this from her... She had done all she could to make sure he felt at home, to help him bear the burden of all he left behind from his old home. They had opened up to each other before didn't they?

...Maybe not as much as she was telling herself. Naruto had an idea of the nature of her now dormant powers, but... never had she told him about the years before she and her siblings found Fairy Tail.

"That explains your scent," the large kitsune said in a bored tone. "You reek of demonic energy, enough to even possibly rival my power one day if you keep consuming them. It'd be impressive if you were not afraid to use it." The Kyuubi cruelly smirked; "Did losing little Lisanna break you that much?"

"How did you know that?"

"I have telepathy girl, I can read your mind like a book while you're here... And it seems Naruto wasn't the only one hiding things was he?"

"Get out of my head" She hissed in anger. How dare he bring up Lisanna? Why she ought to devour him and consume him for using the memory of her beloved late little sister just to hurt her.

"You get out of the kit's body, where I am sealed I might add. As long as you're here I can see it all" He chuckled darkly. "Every little dark... Oh... Oh gods! What the hell is this?!" Red eyes widened in disbelief and disgust. "Just what how much weird stuff are you into?! Ahhhhh these fantasies of yours are just..! Why does that red headed armor freak appear in so many of those along with the kit?!"

Mira had the decency to blush; "I'm over Erza!" waving her arms wildly.

"Bullshit woman! You are in bigger denial than Naruto is! How much demonic nature ebbed into your personality!?"

Mirajane looked away and rubbed her arm awkwardly. She often asked herself it those 'darker emotions' of hers were a result of the demons she had consumed, or were all her. That was something she definitely didn't want answered.

Getting back on track, the former S class mage looked at the great demon fox. "Why did Naruto not tell me about you?"

"Well why do you think?" The fox replied sardonically. "Among those very twisted lewd thoughts and memories of yours, there is something that stood out, and after seeing it, I can tell you and the kit shared very similar childhoods"

Mirajane gasped in shock.

"Now leave! Gods I'll never get those images out of my head..."

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

"There I got it!" Levy exclaimed as she spoke the counter spell, having spent nearly all this time studying it before the spell became permanent.

Mirajane gasped and her eyes blinked several times. She looked at herself realizing she was within her own body again. And a very concerned, terrified Naruto was gazing at her; "Are you okay? Did you..." he whispered before her dainty hand covered his mouth.

"We are having a talk tonight," the white haired beauty said with finality.

The jinchuuriki looks at her with unease before letting out a sigh of resignation. Now way out of this one... Mirajane had found out about the Kyuubi, and she deserved some answers. He steeled himself, knowing she would accept him all the same, even if a part of him still remained fearful about the issue.

Maybe... it was time to finally stop it with the nonsense. He had no reason to hide it anymore, much less from Mira.

"Ah Levy-chan!" Lucy cried in joy as she hugged her friend. "Thank you so much!"

"Anything for my girl" Levy smiled as she closed her eyes, leaning into the blonde's embrace.

"Hmm, I like the sound of that~" A voice which most definitely not Lucy said, a pair of hands began wondering where they shouldn't.

Levy's eyes widened to see Lucy standing in front of her, instead of embracing her, looking just as confused as she was. Ever slowly, she shifted her gaze to see it was the elf who currently had her arms around her smaller frame.

The petite girl blushed as Claire rubbed her cheek on her own; "Hmm, honey, you should be flaunting the curves you have! Those legs, those hips." The elf purred.

"Umm... I'm flattered Claire, but I'm straight." Levy's blush brightened as Claire's hands roamed.

"Not when I'm done with you."

The elf yelped in pain when a metal gloved hand pulled her by the ear. "Alright" Erza grunted in annoyance. "That's enough out of you" Levy sighed in relief.

"You won't be there forever, Erza" The elf declared passionately as she was dragged away. "These beauties aren't safe from me!"

XxX ~ later that night ~ XxX

After the day calmed down and the guild closed for the night. Naruto sat quietly on the couch beside his roommate and friend since coming to this world. Before he could say anything Mirajane spoke first; "We... kept things from each other, both of us..."

She took a deep breath. "I met him, the demon inside you" Naruto tensed, it was so brief and fast it went unnoticed by Mirajane. "How long has he been trapped inside you?"

Naruto took a moment to answer, his gaze softly shifted to the ground before looking at her in the eye. "Since I was born"

The elder Strauss exhaled slowly. "I figured. He said you and I had very similar childhoods after all"

An incredulous look came from the blond's cerulean orbs. Mira sighed; "When I was little I just discovered my powers. I had absorbed some demonic essence and at the time I had no control of it..." Mira took a deep long sigh; "To any non-mage with no knowledge of take over magic, the people in my village thought I was demonized by my appearance..."

Her eyes glazed over, lost in the memories of her youth. "Our parents died when we were little, Elfman, Lisanna and I had to look after each other. When I was around thirteen, a demon had taken over the church, I defeated it... but I wasn't aware of my magic at the time, I absorbed some its power, my limbs became demonic as a result... And the people of our town chased us out, called me a monster, a demon... For a time I believed it"

Naruto stared at her in shock. Not since Gaara he had met someone who had gone through something like he did...

Mirajane stared right into his eyes. "Naruto... I never told you because I didn't think it mattered. I left that part behind me because I long since came to understand those things didn't have to define me. Even if people would still call me a demon I didn't care, I have family and friends who see me as I am, people I love so much..." She tenderly placed a hand on his cheek. "It's okay if you still don't feel ready, I understand"

The jinchuuriki stared at her for the longest time, various emotions surging inside him, conflicting with each other. "No..." He let out a long breath. "No Mira, you deserve to know, I won't hide this anymore like a coward. I've done it all my life, but no more" He took a deep breath, feeling encouragement and relief when she held his hand. "When I was born, a powerful demon attacked my village. Seeing no other choice, my parents sealed it inside me... that night they died"

Mirajane tightened the hold on his hand.

"Things were... more complicated than I'm telling you. But this is what matters now. I... I was just like you" He let it out, all the fear, all the pain of those years, he bared his soul to Mira and it felt right. "Everyone saw a demon, the looks the adults would give me, how they'd tell their kids to avoid me..."


"It got better with time. I trained, and I trained and I trained to prove to everyone I was myself, so other people would just acknowledge me. I got friends, family..."

"And you were forced to leave them behind when you were dragged to this world" The Strauss finished for him. She felt like she was understanding him for the first time, and could see how much he had lost. "Naruto... why didn't you tell me?"

He suddenly stood up from his couch, running his hands through his hair as he let out a growl of frustration. "Because I was afraid!" He paced around. "I know it was dumb and all but..! I never told anyone this Mira..." He confessed. "The people who knew either knew it since the beginning, or they found it out through other means. I never, literally NEVER, told this to anyone myself..." He looked at his hands with self-deprecation. "I... even avoided talking to them about it, I thought it'd never be a problem if it was never brought up... But I carried that fear with me all this time"

The blond did not care as the tears began falling from his eyes; "Because there could have always been the chance someone may think I was a monster. Mira, I met another like me who had a demon sealed within him, and for twelve years he was alone, he never had anyone. And worst yet his own father was trying to kill him. It drove him insane."

"Eventually it came back to haunt us, a bunch of people were looking for our demons for their damned plans" The memory of Asuma's funeral, visiting Jiraiya's gravestone, of Konoha reduced to a crater, flashed before his eyes. "People died, my village was destroyed. All because of something that was always beyond our control..!" So many people suffered to keep him safe...

His arms fell to his sides and his head hung low, feeling drained of all sudden. "And right now... they might be facing them still. Trapped in a war while I can do nothing... Being a jinchuuriki has brought me nothing but pain to me and everyone around me, to the point I pushed it away like I've been doing it always this time. If nobody else knew they couldn't be involved right? If they weren't involved nothing bad would happen to them. That's why I didn't want to tell anyone, especially you Mira..." He looked at her right in the eye. "Not after all you've done for me"

"Naruto" She looked at him pity and sympathy. "I-"

"You don't deserved that Mira" He breathed out. "Being burdened by knowing that, not when you've made me feel me at home, not when I have another home where they need me, to where I'll eventually have to go back. That's why I never told you, why I've always done my damndest to push away what I fe-" He quickly cut himself off. He cursed himself at his near slip out.

But it was too late now, Mirajane slowly stood up from the couch and looked up at him, her hands grasped tightly before her chest. "What you what?" She asked in the softest of hopeful filled tones.

Damn it why did she have look at him with those blue eyes that have held nothing but warmth for him. "What I feel for you," In said in almost of whisper. "H...How could I say that knowing I would have to leave this world..." She could hear his voice breaking; "How could I say the woman I fell in love with I had to leave her..."

Mirajane stifled a gasp, placing her hands over her mouth. Her eyes watered at his words, her heart was beating so fast she felt as though it might burst from her chest. Elation, sadness, and more mixed in a turbulent sea of emotions. "You... You love me?"

"How could I not?" He said it as though it was the most obvious thing. "You went out of your way to make me feel at home, whenever I felt down you always encouraged me, telling me I would find a way back. You were there for me every time I needed help when going through this crazy and amazing place, you and this awesome guild..." He lowered his gaze. "I didn't want to hurt you Mira, now when I have a place I must return too"

Slowly, Mira's bare feet took her till she was directly in front of the man who had become so important to her she did even realized when it happened. Neither spoke a word as cerulean and midnight blue gazed at each other. Her hands moved without thought as they held his whisker-marked cheeks. "...I don't care." As those words left her she kissed him.

This was a mistake, a huge terrible mistake that would only end up badly for them... But gods he wanted it, he needed it so much. Needed the comfort he felt whenever this wonderful woman was with him, wanted to experience more of the elation the feelings her lips touching with his brought him.

He returned the kiss with great intensity, his arms held her tightly as she pulled him closer by surrounding his neck with her arms.

Every second felt like an eternity, they passion which drove their lips increasing by the moment. The heat of their bodies, the need to feel each other even closer lead their mouths to open and their tongues to madly dance around each other.

They pulled away breathing heavily, leaning their foreheads against one another. "This is a mistake..." Naruto said.

"I know..."

"But gods I want it..."

"Me too" She whispered lovingly.

Their lips met again as hunger and passion surged through their bodies as Naruto's hands rose from Mira's waist to the straps of her dress. It was easy to slide off as it cascaded down to the floor, leaving the white haired beauty in nothing but her lacy blue bra and panties. His finger took the off the string that held her one bang up. "Never got why you did that" he said breathlessly as they kissed, she looked so beautiful with her hair down, so tantalizing.

The Strauss desperately grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, he lifted his arms to better help her, and she threw it over the couch. She ran her hands over his broad muscular figure, from his abs to his shoulders, savoring the feeling of finally having the body she had fantasized about beneath her finger tips.

Their lips clashed once more, she jumped unto him, wrapping her legs around his waist while he held her. They didn't know how, but at some point in their passionate frenzy they reached one of the bedrooms, they couldn't tell whose it was but they didn't care.

Mirajane giggled as she used a bit of her weight with Naruto's so she was on top. She straddled the blond's waist, their lips never parting. Expertly she took off her bra exposing herself to him; she felt a brief flash of embarrassment followed by arousal and anticipation. As far as Naruto was concerned, she was perfect.

Their lips parted as he gazed at her nearly naked form. Her body was well toned due to good exercise she did every morning. A well-toned flat stomach, her ample cleavage, her beautiful neckline, every inch of her was perfect in his eyes.

Mira lowered herself as their foreheads met. Their eyes showed nothing but passion and love for each other. Hungering for how long they had wanted this so badly.

XxX ~ Lemon start ~ XxX

Naruto marveled at the image of perfection before him. Her hair now fully loose, snow white locks cascaded down her back and in front of her chest, yet they did little to provide any form of modesty for her naked torso.

She was just, "Beautiful..." He whispered in nearly reverence. He moved to a sitting position so he could hold Mirajane in his arms, overcome by the need of being as close as physically possible.

Everything about her was a piece of art, crafted from fine marble. This body and enrapturing beauty that could only belong to an nymph, as her very curves seemed to sing to him, inviting him with promises of pleasure unlike any that could be found in the world. From her well-endowed perky breasts, her flat stomach, that very slim waist and glorious long legs, he couldn't find a single flaw in her. The fluster in her cheeks that look which screamed desire; those deep eyes were like pools in which he could drown if he wasn't careful. He could drown for all he cared.

The Strauss let out a pleased sigh when she felt the heat of his bare arms pulling her closer. The feeling of his hands wondering her body was intoxicating. It filled her with curiosity, the desire to answer in kind.

Her eager hands reached forward, exploring, discovering everything there was to touch. She ran her tongue over her dry lips as she dainty traced the edges of his body. She had always seen him from afar, whenever he trained, seen how his body moved and coiled, admired the work of his physique, the brief moments of closer proximity in which her curiosity could be further satiated were nothing compared to the access she now possessed.

Dainty hands wondered in amazement at the sheer hardness of his body, the sheers of training which had given him a fighter's strength. She traced down the eight magnificently shaped muscles of his stomach, the deep crevice between his strong chest, before admiring the muscles on his shoulders and the biceps which bulged out of his arms, none of the muscle groups would not budge no matter how much strength she applied on her hold.

She felt the lust for him become all the stronger, unconsciously she rocked her hips, grinding the hard erect member beneath his trunks with her wet folds which were still covered by her blue panties.

Mine, the darker more predatory part of her mind thought with hunger, all mine.

Naruto grunted in pleasure at the friction. He could not hold back his own want as he lunged for Mirajane's lips. Their lips clashes vigorously as their tongues danced upon each other with lust. His right hand wandered to her chest, feeling the soft yet firm mound of flesh beneath his palm, the erect knob of flesh pressing into it; he gave it a soft squeeze as he massaged it.

Mirajane moaned in pleasure, the heat of his touch was too much. When air was needed and they pulled away, he took his opportunity to trace his lips down her neck, briefly passing over her collar, which sends electric currents all over her spine, and settling on her breast.

Once more the Strauss moaned out, this time louder as Naruto capture inside his mouth an erect nipple. Sucking and softly nibbling it, spreading pleasure from her chest throughout her body.

His ministrations caused Mirajane's gaze to become clouded, a wild instinct and need overcame her. She pushed him down unto the bed and once more slammed her lips upon his. Like he had done before, she traced down a series of kisses from his jaw to his neck, taking her moment to slowly run her tongue over Naruto's muscular stomach.

Mirajane distanced herself from him a bit so she could have a better position. Her hand slipped inside his trunks, making Naruto moan as her fingers massaged his length. With her other hand she removed the trunks and threw them away, leaving the blonde completely naked.

The Strauss looked at his erection with a wicked smile, she wanted to make him beg, to be lost in the sea of pleasure she would inflict upon him. Naruto let out a sharp gasp when he felt something warm and wet began massaging the tip of his member, engulfing more of his length.

Mirajane's oral ministrations caused him to lose any semblance of focus, waves of pleasure surged throughout his body as his vision seemingly went white for a moment. She truly was a demon, making him succumb to her like this. Her wickedness was further proven when she removed her mouth from his erection and looked at him with an impish grin.

Naruto nearly growled. Shifting their positions, he placed her underneath him, and wasted no time to lower himself towards his target. He slowly removed the damp blue panties and took in the scent of her arousal. He restrained himself from claiming her right then and there, he need to take revenge first.

Mirajane gasped in pleasure, her hips shot upward but were stopped by Naruto's strong hold. She took a strong hold of the sheets and bit back a large number of curses. The blonde used his tongue to torture her just like she had tortured him. Her struggles to remain in control became even more difficult when he captured a sensitive node of nerves with his mouth.

She wanted to scream, telling him to continue, but she didn't want to admit defeat. She couldn't... They didn't know when this had turned into a competition, but their minds were too far gone to question it.

Naruto suddenly stopped his ministration and gave her the same smirk he had given her. He nearly laughed at the angry look on her face. Although he had leveled the playing field, he could not stop his own desire.

It was time to stop this game. He needed her, so badly, and he knew Mirajane needed him too. To feel each other closer than ever before, to finally share themselves completely to the other and further surrender to their feelings.

Naruto positioned himself so that he faced her entrance directly. He looked down and took hold of his erection. He grunted, gods he was painfully hard with wanton desire for her. He traced the lines of her folds, playing with her one last time.

Mirajane's pleasure filled heaves were a beautiful symphony. "I-I'm burning!" She gasped.

"Mira..." He grunted; he was burning too, he felt he might die.

"P-Please..." She begged with a long drawn out moan.

He softly gasped as he slowly entered her. The pleasure he had felt before barely compared to the sheer heat and stimulation her inner walls were providing. Naruto took a strong hold of her hips as he buried himself deeper with each thrust. Mirajane moaned loudly as his girth penetrated her, she rocked her hips along with his; soon both lost themselves in a sea of pleasure.

"Come closer" The Strauss asked of him, and Naruto was more than happy to oblige. He lowered himself so that he was on top her again, resting over his arms at her side, Mirajane ran her hands over strong muscles of his front before encircling his neck with her arms and pulling him closer.

They kissed great fervor and intensity. They smiled at each other; they were happy, so happy it came to this, of sharing themselves completely with the other.

"I love you..." He whispered.

"I love you too" She answered, her words were like audible gold, a treasure of immense worth.

Their lustful dance continued each second increasing in intensity. Both felt a pressure built up inside them, increasing their tempo even more to bring it closer.

"Mira..!" He grunted out, speaking her name like a prayer.

Mirajane moaned loudly, digging her nails into his broad strong back. "Don't stop..." She begged of him. "Don't stop..!"

The great build up suddenly burst in an unrelenting tide of ecstasy and euphoria. They cried out each other's names with their release.

XxX ~ lemon end ~ XxX

Mirajane sighed happily as she rested her head on Naruto's chest, her hand rested next to her face while one leg wrapped around his. Their bodies felt utterly depleted but they also have never felt more fulfilled and relaxed. "Well..." She started. "We just completely ruined our friendship"

Naruto pulled her closer. "You weren't complaining before"

She giggled. "True" Mira lifter her head as their eyes met; "And I never will regret it... If you find your way home and we never see each other again. I will always love you and find you in the next life. No matter how long it takes..."

Naruto smiled, he couldn't remember the last time he felt this happy. This amazing woman who made him forget about all his problems, he could make his heart flutter with just a smile and fill him with such joy he felt everything would be alright, he had found a place of comfort at her side. And even if live would eventually take them through different paths, he would never let go of this.

"Me too" He planted a kiss on forehead. "But let's not worry about that now ok?" He looked at her in the eye. "Just... let's be here and forget about everything" He leaned closer softly kiss her on the lips. "I love you"

She buried her face on his neck and smiled, feeling overjoyed. "I love you too"

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Upon a nameless forest walked an old mage, dressed in long blue robes with golden linings, he carried a simple wooden staff which tapped the ground with each step. His long white hair and beard spilled out from his hood and over his chest.

A chuckle came from behind as a smooth baritone voice spoke; "Hello my old friend."

The elder mage froze as blue eyes widen. Slowly he turned as he felt a shudder comes from his lips seeing a very familiar white fox looking up at him. "Inali..." There was a crack in voice as he smiled. Not minding the tears forming in his eyes. "So what I felt was indeed real..."

Inali nodded, the vulpine smiled widely; "Yes old friend, I am back."

The old mage kneeled before the fox. "I thank all the spirits of nature for this miracle" He bowed his head low. "This humble servant of the world has done as he was commanded. For thousands of years in a thousand lifetimes I roamed the world as ordered, watching over its children" His voice was dripping with emotion, passion and loyalty were the most prevalent at the moment. "If you'll have me... I shall continue to serve"

The white fox closed his eyes. "Rise, Olórin. Such etiquette is not necessary between friends"

The elder mage raised his head to stare at the fox in surprise, but he soon smiled and rose. "You have no idea how good it is to see you old friend. How much it eases this old heart to see one of the Loa fully awaken into the world"

"I am glad that accursed sleep is over" Inali said as he walked over the mage. "I've kept a close eye to the ones I owe my return, little time have I had to check over the current affairs of the world" The fox sat on his hind legs and frowned. "Is it as bad as I feel it to be?"

"I am afraid so" Olórin shook his head remorsefully. "Few deities remain active in the world, and those who do are severely limited, their senses and state of consciousness restrained by remnants of the curse influencing them, even if only partially. Greater deities act only when necessary and even then I doubt the righteousness of some of them..."

"Hmm" The fox closes his eyes, contemplating his old friend's words before opening them once more and looking up to the moon. "The world is changing once again, the return of the gods is close... as well as the coming of foes and challenges for the world, both old and new"

"Let them try" Olórin banged his staff. "One way or another they will find us strong and resolute against all odds"

The fox god smiled. "But you will not be alone again my friend, neither you nor the world. Come" He walked forwards towards their new destination, the old mage following close behind, feeling an elation on his chest he has not felt since many, many ages ago.

The world had changed, for the better or worse, but something once lost had returned at last.

"Not all gods shall be as compassionate as my old comrades, and our return will invite more danger in the days to come, we must prepare for the coming awakenings. It is time we seek out and awaken our friends. Come; let us first seek out the daughters of Scathach"