The Hogwarts Express Saves the Day

By: Inari Takahashi

Disclaimer: I don't own either Harry Potter or the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Series. Those belong to Ms. Rowling and Reverend Wilbert Awdry and Christopher Awdry. The only thing I do own is my collection of Trains. I have no intention of profiting off this story.

Chapter Four:

Hannah, like all the engines on the Island of Sodor, hated being delayed. She took pride in sticking to her schedule, and her driver and firemen kept her in tip-tip condition. In all the years she had been pulling coaches to and from Hogsmede, she had never imagined that she'd be stalled on a dark track surrounded by forest.

Not only was the tracks and woods dark, but it was growing icy cold. She could hear her coaches complain behind her. "Our windows are frosting up. It's not winter. Why is it so icy?"

Hannah blew her steam again. If she was not already a fine scarlet color, she would have been that color from anger. She could see the cloaked and hooded forms of the dementors pass her and head to the coaches.

Hannah was glad that her fireman had already sent the head boy to alert the professor riding in one of the coaches. She could hear the seventh-year student running back to report to the driver. "They are already searching the coaches!" the student said angrily. "Is there any way to report this to the Headmaster?"

The driver shook his head. "It would take too long by owl, and I never could cast a patronus. Let us hope that the new Defense Professor is able to do such. See if you can get as many children as you can to lock their compartment doors. That may delay them."

The head boy hastily agreed and hurried off to get the word out to as many as he could. Hannah could hear her driver say to the fireman. "If there is only something more we can do to help," he said. "I guess it is now out of our hands."

Hannah felt resolve fill her. It was now up to her and her coaches to save the children. Rescue might come too late for them. She blew steam again and spoke to her coaches. "We must stop the dementors. I know you can do it. I know you can do it."

Sorry about another evil cliff hanger. Also sorry it took so long to update. Real Life sucks, but at least I got a new job! Yes, I, Inari-Sama, was unemployed for all of one and a half weeks.