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Rory sat in an old, run down hotel room in some city on Obama's campaign. She had no clue which one because she was barely holding it together. She's getting her articles written, but barely. She was doing a horrible job hiding her heartbreak. She was miserable and she only brought it upon herself.

The man she loved more than anything gave her the world on a silver platter and she tossed it away, and for what? Stinky, run down hotel rooms and crowded buses. Really? She could be with him. She could be planning the wedding of her dreams right now. Why did she say no? A question Rory still can't get an answer to.

All she knew was that a month and a half of this was enough. She was done. Her heart won't heal like this. So, she calls her mom. Maybe Lorelai will give her clarity. No, no. Rory doesn't want clarity.

Rory needs to go back to Stars Hollow, to her mom, to Logan. She needs to find him. Find a way to apologize for breaking his heart and to make him hers once again. Rory realized the moment he walked away that no one could replace Logan Huntzberger in her heart.

It took a month and half to sink in, but she knew what she needed to do, to get her life back. She thought she wanted a career first, but she's nothing without Logan. She can have him and a career. Logan always supported her. Even when he proposed he was telling her of places she could work. He was being so selfless and she wasn't thinking about that at all.

So, she picks up her phone and calls her boss. She explained her situation and that she needs to go home. She tells Hugo it is homesickness, but that's only about 30% of Rory's issues. Yes, Rory misses her mom, grandparents, dad, Gigi, and Stars Hollow, but she missed Logan so much more. Rory was lovesick. Hugo was sad to hear this, but he understood. Rory also said she couldn't give her all to her writing when she was so unhappy.

So, after she ended the call with Hugo, Rory called Lorelai's cell phone.

"Hello, fruit of my loins", Lorelai chipperly answered her phone, knowing Rory had not been very happy the last time they talked.

"Hi mom", Rory replied.

"Awe, no snappy comeback, something is wrong. Are you ok, hun?"

"No, mom, I'm not. I'm miserable. What was I thinking? This life is not for me. Why? Why did I say no to Logan?" Rory began to cry really hard.

Lorelai was shocked. Rory was lovesick. Lorelai knew Rory was in love with Logan, and was shocked, but not surprised when she refused the proposal. However, it seems to have sunk in for Rory and it's making her miserable. "Rory, are you sure?"

"Yes, mom, I'm sure. I just keep thinking about if I had told him yes. I'd be planning the wedding and I have ideas on what I wanted. I can't believe I thought I couldn't have both Logan and a career. He always wanted me to achieve my dreams. I know he wouldn't have let me become Shira, but I guess it scared me. Logan truly wanted me to have a career and be his wife at the same time. He even said it when he told me about California. He noted places I could work. He got us a house, mom, a place for us to live and be together. Why? I know he said he loved me, but I guess it never sank in until now", Rory ranted.

"Oh, honey. I could tell he adored you, which is why I let him propose. Despite my hatred of Logan in the past, he really loved you. I knew he wouldn't hold you back, not after our talk when he was here during the hay bale maze."

"You actually talked to him? Like civilized?"

"Yes, over pie and ice cream. My thoughts on him changed that night."

"Wow, Mom. What am I going to do? I doubt he wants to talk to me. I broke his heart. When we first got together, he said I was his first girlfriend. I was the only girl he ever let himself fall in love with and I broke his heart."

"Rory, have you talked to his sister or his friends?"

"No, Colin and Finn probably won't talk to me. Honor might. She didn't want to lose our friendship after we broke up the first time, but she may not want to talk to the girl who broke her baby brother's heart into a million pieces. She was the only Huntzberger who approved for a while. Whatever happened to Mitchum, I don't know, but we were civil at the end."

"Well, things change, Ror, and Logan grew up; I saw it so I'm sure Mitchum did."

"I already called Hugo. I feel bad about leaving, especially since Logan helped get me this job, but I miss him so much. I'm flying home tomorrow. Will you be at the airport in Hartford?"

"With bells on. Text me your flight info and I'll be there. We will work this out, Ror. I want you to be happy and if it's Logan who will bring you happiness, then I will support you."

"Thanks, mom. I love you. I have enough money to last me a little while, so I'm not worried about that. I just hope I can get him to forgive me."

"If he loves you like I think he does, then he will."

"Alright. See you tomorrow, Mom. I love you."

"Love you, kiddo."

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