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15 years ago


Kirito - 10

Klein - 10

Asuna - 11

Leafa - 7

Shion - 9

Tetsuo - 13 (twin)

Keita - 13 (twin)

Ducker - 11

Sasamaru - 12

Sachi - 9


"Kirito! Wait up!" Said raven stopped and waited for his best friend, No, brother, ran to catch up to him. Keita and Kirito had been best friends for years, and after Kirito's parents died, Keita's adopted him. Kirito's father was Sylph and his mother was Spriggan.

His little sister was taken in by their father's sister, Aunt Mayari. Aunt Mayari blamed Kirito's mom for her brother's death and refused to take in Kirito, who took after his Spriggan mom.

He was sent to an orphanage in Aincrad since there are no orphanages in Gun Gale or Alfheim. There he meet Shion. He befriended her quickly and soon considered her a sister. She got adopted by humans and was taken to back to Gun Gale, which is where she lived before her birth parents abandoned her.

He also meet Keida, the son of one of the workers at the orphanage, a bubbly and happy woman. She and Keita took a liking to Kirito and a year after being orphaned, Keita's mom, Lizbeth, adopted him.

That was one month ago, and now Kirito is walking to school with Keita, Keita's twin, Tetsuo, the middle child, Sasamaru, and Ducker, the other adopted kid. This was going to be Kirito's first day at school since being orphaned, and he was kind of nervous.

The five brothers lived near the school so before Kirito knew it, he was already walking into the classroom. None of his brothers shared a class with him so he had planned on just sitting alone, but a certain strawberry blonde had other plans.

She walked right up to him, crossed her arms over her chest, and looked at Kirito intently, a look that could almost be misinterpreted as a glare. "What's your name? I'm Asuna." Kirito smiled at her shyly, "I'm Kirito, nice to meet you, Asuna."

She smiled back at him, " My mom's the queen so when I succeed her, I'm gonna make you my general, ok?" "Kirito looked at her in confusion, "Why?" Asuna started waving her arms expressively as she talked, "Duh! Cause I like you. All the boys here are annoying and shallow, I may be a princess but it doesn't mean I can't beat each and every one of them up."

She ended her sentence with a 'hmph' and once more crossed her arms over her chest. Kirito chuckled and ruffled Asuna's hair. In response, she slapped his hand away. "Next time you do that, I'm punching you in the gut."

That was the beginning of a friendship that lasted all through their school years and into adulthood.


10 years ago

Lizbeth, her husband, Deiso, and their five sons sat in the living room waiting for Kirito's sisters to arrive. He had kept in touch with both of them throughout the years and invited them to come visit. He also invited Asuna, an old classmate and friend named Klein, and his girlfriend Sachi.

The first to arrive was Klein. They sat and chatted about random things with Kirito's family while they waited for everyone else to arrive.

Kirito stood up as soon as he heard the doorbell, quickly going to answer it, everyone else following close behind him. When he opened the door he saw Leafa and hugged her tightly.

Leafa laughed softly, "Miss me, Nii-chan?" Kirito pulled back and smiled, "Ya, come meet my family. This is my mom, Liz. This is my dad, Deiso. This is my friend, Klein, and these are my brothers: Keita, Ducker, Sasamaru, and Tetsuo."

Kirito gestured to each person as he introduced them. "Nice to meet you all," then she whispered to Kirito, "how do you tell Keita and Tetsuo apart?" She sounded nearly panicked, and due to being a loud person, everyone heard her, causing them all to laugh, Klein laughing the loudest of them all.

Keita spoke up, "I always wear red, Tetsuo wears purple, a bit of a dead give away once you know that." Leafa nodded in understanding. "Kirito, close the door, you'll let all the warm air out."

Kirito nodded to his mom and went to close the door but stopped when he saw Asuna and Sachi chatting as they walked up to Liz's home, Shion trailing behind them. Before Kirito asked, Asuna piped up to explain, "We meet at the teleport platform and struck up a conversation, turns out we were all headed to the same place."

Kirito responded with an 'oh' before introducing everyone to each other, ending with his girlfriend. "... And this is Sachi, my girlfriend." This earned a wolf whistle from Ducker and Klein, causing everyone to laugh.

Dinner went smoothly, at least smooth for this dysfunctional family. Leafa and Shion really hit it off, practically becoming best friends in a matter of a few hours. Klein got a good punch to the stomach for hitting on Shion, a sword to his kneck for hitting on Asuna, and a kick to his junk for hitting on Leafa.

Kirito loved how all his families came together and became one over home cooked spaghetti and burnt garlic bread.


9 years ago

Kirito meet up with Asuna for their monthly lunch to catch up and chill out. He wasn't expecting the future queen of Aincrad to rush up and hug him. When she finally pulled away, she excitedly announced why she was so excited.

"Shigure asked me to marry him!" The news didn't surprise him, since the six foot four man messaged him panicking and nervous the night before. They exchanged small talk on their way to a small cafe on floor 21.

Over lunch they talked about the rise in monster attacks and loss of the top floors. The royals were relocated to floor 50 for safety. On the way back, Kirito dropped the bomb. "My brothers, Sachi and I are going to form a guild."

Guilds were formed by individuals but monitored by an official organization that reported directly to the monarchy. Guilds are like separate teams in a single army. Though they compete for resources, pay, and recognition, they all serve and protect the people and the royals.

There are some guilds who go rogue, or "orange," and do crime.

Asuna was shocked to hear her best friend say that. She knew he took sword fighting lessons, as did his brothers and girlfriend, but she was close to them all, so of course she would still worry. "Will you be alright?" Kirito smiled, "I haven't been sitting on my butt all these years. I think I can handle it." Asuna sighed and let it go, for now.


8 years later

Asuna and Shigure's wedding was three months ago, Asuna is now a month pregnant, and Kirito and Sachi are finally engaged. Sachi and Asuna were having a girl's weekend when the news came.

A messenger ran up to the soon to be queen, her coronation taking place in two weeks, and told her something she would've never imagined possible. "My princess, your husband, Lord Shigure, was killed on floor 74 protecting a village."

Asuna collapsed, barely being caught by her friend, Sachi. Sachi turned to the currier, "Go get Kirito and his brothers." The man nodded before running off to get said men.

Asuna awoke to her own bedroom. She knew it wasn't a dream, because he would always wrap his arms around her at night. He was gone. She vaguely recognized the fact that other people were in the room, but paid them no need as she started to sob.

Arms wrapped around her comfortingly, but they weren't the arms of a lover, they were the arms of a best friend.

Asuna never really felt 100% "ok" after losing the love of her life, but her daughter helped her feel as close as she could get.


7 years ago

Kirito was aimlessly wandering around the recently re-claimed 50th floor and was surprised to see all the new shops. One in particular caught his eye. "Egiru No Mise" he read aloud to himself (I looked it up).

He walked into the small item shop, planning on just browsing around a bit. He was greeted by a tall man with a warm smile and a brotherly aura. "Welcome to Egiru No Mise, I'm Agil the owner of the shop. Can I help you?" Kirito shook his head, "just browsing." Agil nodded and went back to wiping down the counter.

The man was probably about as tall as Shigure was, if not then slightly taller. He had a large two sided axe strapped to his back, and incredibly muscled.

Anyone would be intimidated, if not for his friendly disposition. The two men struck up a conversation while Kirito browsed. He sold the man some things he got from killing off a few monsters.

From then on Kirito went to that shop to sell off his junk and maybe find a few trinkets for gifts and stuff. He planned on telling Klein about this little shop too. (I feel bad for not putting Klein in the back story much... I really love the dufus character... Anyways, Egiru No Mise means Agil's shop, BTW)


6 years ago

Sachi and Kirito's wedding day finally arrived. Klein was the best man, with all of Klein's brothers being groomsmen. Asuna was the maid of honor and Leafa and Sachi were bridesmaids. Yui, who just learned to walk, was a flower girl along with Agil's daughter, Ai. The ring bearer was Recon, Leafa's son.

The wedding was far from being as grand and showy as Asuna's royal wedding, but it was beautiful all the same. Liz cried while Deiso got dust caught in his eyes. The reception took place at the castle ballroom, Asuna insisted.

The best part was the love so obviously shared between the bride and groom.


5 years ago

"What's wrong? Will Sachi be alright?" Kirito nervously gripped his wife's hand and looked at the doctor, Sachi just as anxiously awaited the doctors answer. "Your wife is fine, she's pregnant."

The couple stared at the doctor in shock until his words sunk in. They had been trying for a month, but they were still surprised with the information. "I'd say she's about two weeks along, congratulations. I'll leave you two to celebrate." Kirito took his wife in his arms and laughed. He hadn't smiled or laughed much since he joined the war, so hearing his laughter and the news together made Sachi cry tears of joy.

The couple messaged their family and friends the good news after calming down enough to think coherently.


4 years ago

Sachi laid down in bed after taking care of 3 month old Yuki, practically collapsing next to her equally exhausted husband. He wrapped an arm around her and she snuggled up next to him.

"I love you." She looked up to her husband as he gazed at her with affection and love in his eyes. She smiled brighter, "I love you too." They were only able to sleep for another two hours before they were once again awoken by the sound of their fussy baby's crying.

Parenthood was not as easy as Asuna made it look.


3 years ago

Sachi was out grocery shopping since it was her turn to make dinner but they were low on ingredients. Kirito was watching over Yuki while she was out.

She came home and smiled at all the pictures hanging in their entryway. There was a picture of her parent-in-laws at their wedding, one was of her own wedding and her parents wedding. Then there was one from Asuna's wedding.

There was a picture of Yuki on his first birthday, a picture of Sachi and Kirito when they first started dating, a family picture they took that Christmas with all of Kirito's family. Then there was Sachi's favorite. A picture of Kirito and Leafa with their parents. There were many more pictures each with a wonderful memory attached.

She smiled as she entered the living room, planing on heading to the kitchen to the room's left. There on the couch laid her husband and son fast asleep. She smiled and took a quick picture to go up in the entry way with all the other pictures of her favorite people.


2 years ago

Asuna recently started dating again, she knew Shigure wouldn't want her to spend her life alone. She tried dating Klein, I don't need to tell you it didn't last long. She dated a girl named Rosalia until she realized a week later that she was a leader of an orange guild, Rosalia wasn't really good at hiding it.

Then Asuna started dating Agil. Everyone agreed he was the best one for her. He was kind and loving, he understood and respected both Asuna's boundaries and the woman. He treated her with upmost care and Yui loved him.

Kirito could tell they would get married when they were ready, and would be right there next to them both to support them the whole way.


1 year ago

The tradgety that ruins Kirito's world took place on an autumn day with a few sun showers and a small breeze.

The Moonlight Black Cats, Keita's guild, had been called in to scout a small dungeon discovered near a village on the 27th floor (yes I looked this up too, I prefer to get my facts straight no matter how long ago I watched or read something).

Yuki was left in Liz's care, which didn't bother the boy one bit. He loved his Nana, especially all the faces she makes.

Asuna paced in her office, knowing she sent her best friend into an unknown situation. She couldn't help but feel uneasy, like something wrong would happen. Agil walked onto Asuna's office to find his girlfriend pacing nervously. He hugged her from behind to stop her. "They'll be fine, Kirito is strong." Asuna nodded, but the unease remained.

Four hours later she found Kirito wounded, crying, and alone standing outside her office. One look and she knew. Sachi died, possibly his brothers too. Without hesitating, she wrapped him in a hug, just like he had done when she lost her husband. No words were excanged, there was nothing they could say.

She insisted they sleep in the same bed that night, she didn't dare leave Kirito to grieve by himself.


Hope this bit of back story helped answer some questions. Sorry it took me a while to write, I wasn't entirely sure how I was gonna do this. I had events vaguely planned out, I just had difficulty with details.

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