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With a sigh, Asuna sits down on the edge of her bed, excited that the month was finally over. The war was nearly done too. Two long years and they were storming onto the 75th floor in a week. (Let me know if I got anything wrong). Argo was amazing, the royal guard changed drastically, all for the better, thanks to her insight and leadership skills. With only training and preparations left to do next week, Asuna was looking forward to a break with her husband and daughter.


Kirito found some interesting details when conducting his investigation over the past month with a surprising resolution. He studied all the information available about monsters and one thing caught his attention, he discovered what could only be described as the monsters' 'queen bee'. It answered one big question had, "why did the monsters choose to attack now?" He who controls the queen controls them all. There was one man he could think of, Kayaba Akihiko. A well know traitor.

Akihiko used to be close friends with the king, Asunas father. One day the king was found dead in his room, his pregnant wife barely breathing. Her and her unborn child, Asuna, survived and Akihiko vanished. As the king's right hand man, he would've succeeded the throne had he successfully killed the queen and heir to the throne. The man was power hungry, seeking to subjugate and control everyone.

Another interesting fact was that only a few months after, a man appeared in Aincrad, just as power hungry. He climbed the ladder at an alarming rate, ending up working under the queen. He had been the captain of the royal guard since. Heathcliff was Akihiko, and Kirito was going to kill him.

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The army was exploring a cavern, looking for the legendary monster said to reside in the deepest part, the Skull Reaper. A ghastly skeletal monster incredibly powerful. The tunnel opened up to a large cavern, inside the monster was waiting for them.

Kirito watched as his men fell, breathing their last. Each hurt like hell, but he pushed on. He had to. The boss finally fell, alongside 14 brave soldiers, but it wasn't over yet. Kirito yelled out, "Kayaba Akihiko! Show yourself!"

Heathcliff emerged from the shadows slowly clapping his hands, "well done, but what will you do now?" Without verbally answering, Kirito pulled out his two swords and got into a ready stance. The two men charged at each other, attacking with vigor and incredible speed.

Kirito was bloody, cut, and panting by the time he made his final swing, Akihiko's head flying off his shoulders, face frozen in shock. It was over. Kirito explained what he had discovered a week ago to those in the room d cheers rang out, it was almost over. The one pulling the strings was gone.


Kirito and Asuna were having their monthly lunch as Argo and Agil watched the kids. The day was peaceful and the breeze was pleasant that day. They opted for outdoor seating at a small local café/bookstore. It was a cute little place owned by a girl named Mik, a cousin of Klein's. It was peaceful and then and there, they both knew everything was alright…. Until it was time to return to being parents.


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